Are you done hitting the snooze button Darlin?

Okay Sweetheart,

let’s have some real talk here.

You and me.

Because I look at you and do you know what I see?

I see this incredibly powerful, beautiful person of infinite potential,

waiting around,

for something to happen,

something to change,

to give themselves permission to finally stop holding the reigns in.

I see this restless stallion,

shaking with adrenaline,

sweat sheathing your body,

frustrated with the feeling of helplessness,

being trapped,

broken in,

by an outdated system that told you that you’re a work-horse,

pulling a load of stinking shit on the wagon behind you.

What you don’t seem to remember is that you were never bred in captivity.

Not you.

That’s the pain you feel,

every single day,

that niggle inside your slumbering mind,

a memory of another time,

when you ran free.




When you close your eyes you go there,

in your heart,

and it feels




that you don’t want to open your eyes.

So you press the snooze button,

again and again,

in a desperate attempt to escape the suffocating mediocrity of your daily existence.


your back killing you from pulling around that which doesn’t even belong to you,

hardly able to get your feet on the ground.

And you tell yourself it’s because you’re working so hard,

doing the responsible thing.

Getting confirmation from all those around you,

sympathy and appreciation of your dedication and your sacrifice.

But it’s all a lie!

Nothing but brainwashing of an outdated school of thinking where codependency is mistaken for love.

A way of living where average masses keep each other feeling okay by agreeing to be average.

Killing you softly,

every day,

just a little.

All the time,

you press snooze,

not because you’re tired from doing too much,

but exhausted from living too little.

Do you have any idea just how much energy it takes to restrain yourself?

Think about holding the power of an entire universe within the confines of a business suite!

It’s ridiculous!

Suffering is optional in this life.

So today I offer you a little of what I witness through my work with people who are just like you.

Maybe it will resonate with a part inside of you, and you will choose to go a little deeper, uncovering more and more of an ancient wisdom waiting for you to remember.

Maybe it will trigger the fuck out of you, and you will choose to get really pissed at me, rejecting it because the pain feels unbearable and instead you will go and find more evidence contradicting my words.  Numbing yourself with whatever your drug of choice.

Either way is fine with me.

Your journey is perfect regardless of what you choose.

It’s true that I don’t work with just anyone.

My clients are ‘ordinary’ people who have a deep-seated desire to do extraordinary things.

They are the courageous ones who reached a point where they’ve just had enough of settling for anything less than their best version self, for where they’re at and with what they have available to them.

So they come play in my pen of limitless possibilities,

setting the goals that has them laughing at me,


saying I’m fucking looney to think they can possibly achieve all of THAT in so little time,

yet they know,

in their soul,

that it will be.

Because for the first time in decades they feel fully ALIVE.

You might identify this feeling as fear,

and because they told you that fear is bad,

you walk away from it.

But my clients don’t have the luxury of being a little bitch.

That’s part of our agreement – they have to be willing to feel the fear and take a step forward anyway.

So they do.

Not believing in the beginning,

but it’s okay,

because my belief in them is enough to keep toeing over the line.

Slowly but surely those hesitant baby steps become leaps of faith.

And you know what happens?

There arrives a tipping point where their belief in self matches my belief in them.

They become unstoppable.

They become victorious.

They remember who they are and what they’re here to do.

They stop trying to save everyone else.

They stop waiting for every Tom, Dick and Sally to catch up,

and they start running.

With the wolves.

Knowing that as they leave behind the lightbulbs of the masses,

the darkness brings clarity and silence and power.

That’s right Darling,

we are not afraid of the dark.

For it’s in the shroud of black that we learn to trust ourselves.

Taking the steps believing the ground will be waiting for us even when we can’t see.

And it always does.


Because YOU are the creator of your entire world!

And if there’s no ground underfoot, you simply manifest it.

Pretty fucking cool don’t you think?

This is why my clients and I don’t hit the snooze button.

Shit, we don’t even set the alarm because Soul wakes us up whilst others still desperately escape their lives through slumber.

We’re THAT excited about each day.

Taking full responsibility for every single event and turning it into a creative celebration of brilliance.

You see Hun, when you embrace your true power,

you understand how everything is connected and you unleash the energy from within the trilogy of your essence:




The three combined is what charges your vibration.

Not sleep.

Not pressing snooze.

So what are you going to do right now?

Are you going to press snooze again?

Filing this piece under the ‘oh that was pretty cool’ or ‘pretty shit’ categories and carrying on with your day as per normal,


are you going to take immediate action?

Maybe that action is walking away from your desk, taking your journal and committing to a goal that you will achieve by the end of this year and immediately take the first step.

Maybe that action is having an uncomfortable conversation that you’ve been resisting for years so you can clear the air.

Maybe that action is finally registering that website of the business you’ve been talking about for a really long time.

Maybe that action is writing the introduction of the book you’ve been feeling inside you forever.

Maybe that action is booking a consultation with me to see if I’m the coach to hold you accountable to your dreams.

Whatever it is,

today is the day.

Throw out your alarm.

No more snooze.

Commit to whatever the outcome before reading my name.

After all, only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

With deep love and appreciation,