Are you eating fear for breakfast, lunch and supper?

Of course
you can keep telling
yourself, me and everyone else
how things are going to change.

Of course
you can keep telling
yourself, me and everyone else
that you’ve made the decision
that shit is about to happen.

Of course
you can keep telling
yourself, me and everyone else
that inspiration is pumping hot through your veins
which is how you ‘know’
this time around is going to be different.

The planets are aligned
your guides gave you feathers
the moon is full
and your period is about to finish.

Of course you can…

And you, me and everyone else knows
you’re lying.

Just another girl
talking sweet candy floss
completely void of substance.

you back up your words
with aligned action.

Aligned action
always entails

It’s the emotion which turns girls into women,
victims into warriors,
princesses into goddamned QUEENS
who have the audacity to build empires of impact
in a way that feels
terrifyingly lifegasmic!

When last have you felt it Darling?
You know,
pulsating pussy as you sit on the bench,
muscles burning hot in sweet torturous pleasure
feeling so ALIVE
you can hardly contain the howl in your throat?

When last have you felt
the moisture growing in your lacy briefs
as you connect to the vision of the empire
waiting for YOU to show up
and birth her into this time-space reality?

When last have you felt the ache
as his whispered words leaves you breathless
anticipating his touch
when he finally allows you to experience the fullness of him
and you cum home?

THIS is available to every single woman who chooses
to finally grow up and
eat fear for breakfast, lunch and a little dessert after supper.

Your fear is the seed to your power!
Except, you keep putting off the action
the real action
that will actually shift the needle.
Instead allowing your fear to grow in illusion
like shadows in the setting sun
and then you tell me it’s too late today,
you’ll do it tomorrow.

Stifling your brilliance
your true original creativity,
because you first have to go do another course,
you first have to go learn another way,
you first have to go hold hands and sing god-knows-what,
you’re going to go read up more about it,
before you’re ready to take the leap of faith.

What are you really afraid of Sunshine?

I’ll tell you.

You’re TERRIFIED of appearing a fool, spoiling your good track record of being a high achiever!
You’re TERRIFIED of failing, feeling your cheeks burn red with embarrassment as some fool says “I told you not to do it”.
You’re TERRIFIED of doing something extraordinary, leaving the little people clueless as to what to make of it and in their egotistical defence they will call you crazy.
You’re TERRIFIED of finally succeeding and in the process, all the bastards from your past will either crawl out of the crevices, demanding payment for a skeleton in our closet, or your near and dear will leave you because ‘you’ve changed‘.

So you choose to stay stuck,
talking a big game with all the other cowardice women,
sipping wine at the kitchen counter
bitching and moaning about life
criticising those who actually live with pride
gossipping about those who are building empires
or blowing smoke up each others arses
and never doing what needs to be done for YOU
to leave behind a legacy that will have your lineage thrive.

Alpha is NOT a personality.
Alpha is a CHOICE to eat fear to unlock more power which has you vibrating on the FREQUENCY of your BEST SELF
from which you UNLEASH your true genius.

Alpha is NOT a title.
Alpha is an unmistakable VIBRATION which is felt through LOVE and TRUTH.

I do believe that every single woman is born with the choice to be Alpha.

I do believe that every single woman has a responsibility to be Alpha.

And yet, sadly I know that not even 1% in 1% in 1% of women will choose to do the work to be Alpha.

Today you get to choose:
will you be one of the very few who brings back love,
or will you be one of the masses who continues to play the helpless damsel thereby damning future generation to suffocate in mediocrity?

We’re out of time, and I’m out of patience with women dragging their feet instead of leaping in faith, as I FEEL the suffering of so many who rather choose DEATH than be in our world a moment longer.
It’s time to raise the bar ladies.

Live with honour,