Are you energetically constipated?

This is my personal truth.

The beauty of being a woman is the fact that I’m so complicated and I have more emotions than hairs on my head.  I love it!

Yet with this brilliant complication I can create a lot of stories and drama in my life – and I’m not the only one Sister.

Research shows that women are three times more likely to suffer from constipation than men.  In other words, we’re more full of shit.  I have noticed that constipation normally comes from loading food with meaning instead of what it is – fuel for your body.

Let me demonstrate by use of my favorite – chocolate.  Man eats chocolate because he felt like one and it tastes good.  He throws the wrapper in the bin.  His body uses the energy and that which he does not consume he stores as fat or shits out.  Done.  He will even slap his fat ass whilst looking in the mirror and say “Looking good Handsome”.

Woman (who has been starving herself to loose the last 500 grams) eats chocolate because apparently she is emotionally insecure which means that now the chocolate is a sign of weakness.  She feels guilty “OMG I ATE A CHOCOLATE!  I’m such a failure!!”  So needs to punish herself by skipping supper.  Her body reacts by throwing her metabolism into starvation mode “Oh FFS here we go again, hold on to everything you’ve got girls because who knows how long it will be before we get something again!” and she holds on to everything, even the shit that was supposed to go out.  As she gets more constipated, she feels more and more bloated (I’m being punished for enjoying the chocolate!) and whatever she now puts into her body makes her feel worse.  So she stops putting anything in.  It’s a vicious circle.

I see the same pattern happen in business and hell yes girl, I can see it because I have lived it!

Business is tough and you are going through a financially challenging time.  Finally you open yourself up to receive some money and immediately think “OMG this is too good to be true!  I have to hold on to this for dear life because I don’t know how long it will be before I get anything again” and you become constipated because you are blocking the flow.  Thing is, energetically we require flow so this holding on due to a belief in scarcity (and fuck, who can blame you?) makes your soul feel unwell and bloated.  So you start pushing away money thereby reinforcing your belief in scarcity.

There is a flip-side to the coin as well.  Money comes in and you get such a big fright that you immediately spend it on meaningless shit that brings instant gratification but which in no way supports you to grow to the next level.  Now the guilt kicks in and you block the flow because you need to be punished for your frivolous spending and you are not clever enough to manage finances.  Blah blah blah.

Both of these lead to energetic constipation aka you’re full of shit.

When I train and food is fuel, my body goes like clock-work.  I’m not kidding.  I can even eat a slab of chocolate and not a gram of weight is put on.  My body is simply this efficient machine which uses the energy and discards the rest.

When I’m in flow in my business and finances, the same applies.  Money is simply an energetic means to an end.  It supports me in my journey of growth in order for me to live my life purpose.  So money comes in, I use it to get the support I need in my business and personal life, I use it to do the things that lights me up and increases my vibration so I can serve on a higher level, I ensure that I invest some because this makes me feel like a financial powerhouse and that feels fucking awesome, and all of this opens me up to receive more.   And by receiving more I can give more.  I win, you win, the Big U smiles.

So if you are feeling energetically constipated I want you to take a deep breath, sit your sexy ass down, and write down all you desire to have that will really support you in taking your business to the next level.  This could be a VA, a cleaning service, an Au Pair, a coach, maybe even a regular massage.  Write it down then do the research to find out how much it will cost.  Then comes the fun part – start calling in the money!!  You know what I’m talking about – the dream board, the goal, the affirmations, taking inspired action.  This shit works.

KEY!  When the money comes in, use it for the purpose you have manifested it for.  Believe that more will come because it will.  Plus you will have the support you require to get to the next level and make even more.

This is not magic girls.  It’s Universal Law and it works!

If this resonates with you I invite you to come join my tribe of kick-ass women who do it in stilettos or sneakers but who do it embracing their own style without apology.  Find us Get Out Of Your Head.

Until next time, walk with honor!