Are you frustrated with setting goals?

At first I thought this is a redundant topic, but the truth is that goals are one of those immensely enjoyable and powerful tools that can lead to a deep transformation, IF done properly.

Sadly, as with the child’s game ‘telephone’, most of it has been lost in translation which has people feeling frustrated, filled with shame and at the point of saying ‘to hell with it!’

Now, it could well be that it IS time to ditch goals.

  • Maybe there’s no real value to you setting another goal at this time.
  • Maybe there’s no one thing that you’re passionate about.

Then simply don’t set a goal.

Going through the motions for the sake of doing, is massively destructive and will lead to you becoming weaker rather than stronger.

In this video I’ll be sharing with you six elements you want to take into consideration before setting your next goal which, when all six are in place, will ensure that you not only set the ‘right’ goals for yourself, but that you have fun with this.