Are you ready to admit you feel as though you don’t belong with the walking dead?

I’m curious…

How much longer are you going to suffer in silence because you’re ashamed to admit that the system is fucked up and broken and you feel like a freak, a factory reject, as everyone else seems to be getting this ‘life’ thing right and you’re just not feeling it?

How much longer are you going to suffocate your truth because people make you responsible for their feelings and apparently everything you say is politically incorrect so you rather just shut up or spew lies so that you can belong somewhere?

How much longer are you going to kill youself softly by pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion and then,
keep going because they told us that THIS is the mark of a good woman worthy of admiration even though most of those ‘good women’ are lubricating their pussies and their minds as it’s all dried up, barren and close to dead?

How much longer are you going to pretend to be a ‘nice girl’ because they preach that people want to buy from, want to be with, want to work with, those they ‘know, like and trust’.

Oh just hold the bucket whilst I vomit up my DISGUST at these limiting statements that has alphas hide in the corner because quite frankly it goes against our very fibre of being.

Most people don’t even know THEMSELVES,
so busy running away from the screaming souls withering inside,
distracting themselves so they don’t have time to look in the mirror
yet you want to tell me you can possibly know anyone else based on their ‘social profiles’, branding and marketing messages?

You don’t think this concept is ludicrous? Seriously???

Like???? Who the fuck has time for like??
I don’t even like my best friend.

I love her crazy, direct, no bullshit approach, her deep soulful message to the world that is almost ready to receive it, well maybe 0.0001% are ready and the rest want to live with their heads up their arses.
I love her quirky unpredictable ways, her raw power, her incredible sense of humour which 99% of people will never get,
but she’s not NICE.
She’s pure ALPHA.
She’s the first one to give me an unexpected fanny wax if I even think of having a pity party on her watch.
Within minutes I receive a message from the other side of the globe
not a whiny little bitch”


I don’t work with coaches I like,
I work with coaches I respect,
the ones who trigger the holy bejesus out of me,
the ones who are running up a mountain and I will cry, curse, fall, get up to join them along the way as they inspire me by not looking back.

I choose to work with clients who step UP to partner WITH me.
If you think that I must stop, go back to pick up everyone too lazy to find the strength within themselves because you know, apparently they are the underdogs (how fucking insulting to them), you are CRAZY!
I would NEVER do that to another person.
I would NEVER take away their journey from them.

Does that make me likeable? Irrelevant.

Do you want to like me or do you want to UNLEASH the potential power within you?

Trust – don’t make me laugh.
People buy from people they ‘trust’ because they don’t trust themselves so they’re putting it on another to get them to the finish line.

I don’t have to trust anyone but myself.
I trust that I always make the right decisions.
I trust that I always take the right action.
I trust that everything happens for me.
I trust that wherever I am is perfect for where I’m going.
I NEVER read testimonials because THEY are not ME.
When people guarantee me specific results,
I run the opposite way for what they’re telling me is that if I buy into THEIR thinking, THEIR doing, I will get what THEY get.
So you want me to be a copy of you?
I don’t think so.

Yet you, ALPHA, sit there and you listen to all this crap being preached day in and day out,
and since everyone is singing the same chorus you think that you must be crazy,
that maybe you should just give in,
switch off your beautiful mind,
and go with the flow of the masses.
You keep taking relentless action from a space of fear and limitation and panic not understanding that enslavement is only possible in those too exhausted to think for themselves.

You get so caught up in the numbers and the algorythms and the rules of the ‘gods of the cloud’
that you insult your CREATOR by putting her in the corner,
NOT allowing her to be your CEO,
NOT allowing for miracles,
NOT allowing your radiance to pull in your soul-people,
NOT allowing for an ounce of magic.

You choose to shut out your voice of intuition,
you choose to shut down your feminine juicyness,
you choose to take all you truly are and lock her up in the basin so that you too can become a ‘successful Stepford Wife’.

So I’m curious…

Just how much longer are you going to sit there and feel like you don’t belong
before you realise
that you DON’T.

You didn’t come here to belong,
you didn’t come here to fit in,
you didn’t come here to feed the machine.
You came here to CREATE A NEW WAY.
You came here to SPEAK A NEW TRUTH.

I’ll be creating a sacred space for a small group of women who are ready to question EVERYTHING,
an intimate group of women who are ready to see things DIFFERENTLY,
who are ready to stop rescuing everyone else and start taking full responsibility for themselves allowing others to do the same,
who are ready to stop talking about love as though it needs TWO people,
who are ready to take out the gag and speak their truth from a space of radical and unconditional self-love, self-appreciation, self-acceptance and self-respect.
There will be no testimonials on the page.
I will not guarantee you any specific results.
I will tell you that if you do the work with me, you’re in for one helluva ride, one incredible awakening, and one kick-ass community.

Message me at if you’ve had enough of the ‘safe well laid out path of the masses’ because your soul is ready to be UNLEASHED.

Death might be inevitable,
fuck most people are walking dead anyway,
thrive is the choice available to you today.

Live with honour,