Are you ready to call bullshit and join the thrive evolution?

I’m instigating a thrive-evolution.

For Alpha Females ready to call bullshit.


Women who are ready to question the system,

the roles we’ve been so neatly placed into,

the behaviour that we’ve been saddled with,

by anal men and insecure women who simply can’t handle our unbridled enjoyment of life.


Women who have no desire to burn their bras.

We love the soft caress of satin and lace on our sensitive nipples.

We love our feminine desires and complexities that men will never figure out.

We have no need to fight the boys-club,

we have no need to be a man’s equal,

wanting to be an equal indicates lack of personal worth.

I’m not equal Darling,

I’m fabulously unique.


Women ready to drop the struggle,

the bullshit story that we’re here to help and support everyone else.

The lie that we have to suffer on earth,

to receive heaven in the after-life.

Heaven Or Hell is happening RIGHT NOW!

The fallacy that we’re happy when they’re happy.

The fable that for us to be fulfilled,

we need to be in a committed relationship,

till death us do part.

Even when the union is so often what causes a woman’s demise.




Personally I’m DONE behaving ‘properly’.

I’m DONE with the self-criticism.

DONE with the self-loathing.

DONE with the self-sacrifice.

DONE with the comparison.

DONE with the pain.

DONE with the idea that for me to be successful as a woman,

I have to do it like a man.

DONE shaming my body.

DONE starving my soul.

DONE living in their fear-laced institutions and policies.

DONE being reasonable.


I’m instigating a thrive-evolution.

For Alpha Females ready to say ‘THANK YOU UNIVERSE, MORE PLEASE!’


Women who give themselves permission to speak their truth.

Women who give themselves permission to only do what feels expansive, gorgeous and fun.

Women who give themselves permission to dance anywhere, anytime.

Women who give themselves permission to succeed in every area of their lives on their own terms.

Women who give themselves permission to increase their receptivity.

Women who give themselves permission to be happy,

regardless of the current mood of those around them.

Women who give themselves permission to walk away from relationships which no longer serves them.

Women who give themselves permission to find pleasure in every hour of the day.

Women who give themselves permission to drop into the now and ask themselves:

“What would feel really juicy to do next?”

And then actually doing it!


For Alpha Females to thrive,

we have to change our narrative!


What I know for sure is that if we wanted to have a uniform existence,

if we truly wanted to experience life the same as men,

do life the same as men,

and the only function of our sexual organs was reproduction,

we would not be so exquisitely different on an emotional level.

Men and women would think the same.

Would speak the same.

Would desire the same things.

Would be wired the same.

Would be driven by the same things.


But we’re not!


Yet women,

at some stage,

decided that they wanted to do it like the boys,

wanted to infiltrate the old-boys-clubs,

wanted ‘equality’,

as if

a man could ever take away our power.


Oh please.

I know most don’t want to hear this but the way I see it, women GAVE away their power by believing it was taken away from them.

They GAVE away their independence by believing it was the man’s responsibility to take care of them,

whilst they were reproducing and keeping house.

Women GAVE away their freedom of speech by swallowing their truth,

and then teaching their daughters to do the same.

Women GAVE away their confidence by leaving it up to the man to make their decisions for them.

Constantly asking for permission,

asking for support,

from the one they’ve put into the role of protector to keep the fears at bay,

and then wondering why they’re not making progress.

And yes, I did it too!




There is simply no greater force than a woman full of her glorious self.

She is magnetic.



Her delight brings a lightness to every person in her presence.

Her creativity knows no bounds.


When a woman gives herself permission to be her first priority,

only being available for that which feels in full alignment of her thrive,

she is quite simply



And no man would want to put her in a cage.

I’m saying man,

not petulant and frightened little boy in a man’s body.


I’m instigating a thrive evolution.

For Alpha Females ready to leave behind the drama and the old stories of what we can or can’t do.

Can or can’t have.

Can or can’t be.


For as long as we keep retelling the old wife’s tales,

as long as we keep singing the same song of victimhood,

as long as we try and prove ourselves,

we’re imprisoned by the bullshit in our minds.


This is my invitation to the Alpha Females of the world,

and the Alpha Males who are oh so ready for powerful partnerships with confident women,

to choose THRIVE.


Stop blaming the system,

stop claiming you’re stuck because of what was,

when you and I both know

that the external world is inconsequential

when you take control of your internal world.


Mindset IS the key to unlocking your freedom.

And it starts with a decision!



The end.


Only death is inevitable.

Are you joining the thrive evolution?


Live with honour,




There’s way more to thriving than meets the eye, and yet, when you look around, all people are showing you is the surface level stuff.
Well Sunshine,
I’m passionate AF about the thrive.
I used to buy into a prescribed masculine way of setting goals, taking massive amounts of action, achieving the outcome and then starting all over again.
And I definitely achieved some epic results.
But it wasn’t until I decided to break the rules, connect with my deepest desires and created a NEW methodology for having it all, that I truly started living in a state of daily lifegasms and today, I’m that irritating bitch who has her cake and eats every delicious crumb,
And you bet your sweet ass I lick my manicured fingers and then say ‘Thank you Universe.  More please’.
I want that for you too!
I’m going to be working side by side with you as you get CLARITY like you’ve never had before and identify the best next thrive-stones (think milestones except yummier) that not only light you up, but create the biggest return on investment for your time and effort.
You bloody deserve it!
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