Are you showing up as queen or princess in your life?

Holy Mother of Hot Fudge Sundays,
I’m hurting like a mofo LOL.

Sunday I climbed a mountain,
Monday I did my FFF max test,
Tuesday I pushed on my bike like a demon,
and two hours later,
as I started doing my squats,
DOMS hit me like a truck!

There was a fraction of a moment
when the petulant toddler in me opened her eyes wide as saucers,
a tad incredulous,
surely I wouldn’t push on?
Surely I would say
Not today… I’ll just take a little break… Nobody will know…’

And in full confession,
for a fraction of a moment,
I toyed with the idea of sitting down.

I’m not a fucking princess,
and I know when it’s time to rest
and when it’s time to just suck it up!

This was NOT the time to rest.

Here’s what I invite you to connect to today Hunny:
right now,
our world is crammed with soft-minded toddlers in the bodies of adults.

Wounded little boys and bitter little girls,
sulking all day long
because life didn’t quite work out the way they were told it would.

Waking each morning
hating what they see
yet so wrapped up in their disempowering beliefs
that all they can do to cope with another day
is finding escape in whatever form is socially acceptable and readily avialble to them.

Prescription drugs.
Online gaming.
Binge-watching TV.

There’s nothing wrong with any of these
when used in celebration and experience of how good life is.
There’s a HUGE problem when these are used as a form of escaping what YOU’RE creating and then telling me that you’re just doing it for fun
all the while
letting your REAL life
go for a bag of horse-manure.

I believe part of the infestation of stupidity,
keeping adults stuck in tantrum toddler mode,
is the insistence on learning knowledge
whilst sacrificing gaining wisdom.

Our system is breeding mass conformity
by forcing children to sit in classrooms,
where a hunger for experience and experimentation
as cause and effect is studied through the senses
thereby creating pathways in the mind
whereby the individual can question and reason,
is beaten to death through fear and shame.
‘Failure’ is deemed an insult to your parents,
often leading to depression and suicide,
yet we continue with the insanity in the name of a ‘progressive society’.
real fucking smart.

Our culture is breeding mass obedience
by saturing children with guilt in the family,
having them believe that they have to honour their father and mother
by upholding their traditions,
even when said traditions are often violent, abusive, and fucked up.

I’m not interested in blaming the system or society or politics or the economy or whatever,
I’m simply observing and thanking my sweet bottom that I’m curious enough to look at what is,
and from a space of self-love

This entire planet is your playground from which to experience and observe contrast,
and in the process,
without needing to be the same as anyone else,
figuring out what feels best for YOU
and choosing more of THAT.
Always staying open for more contrast so that you can know even clearer what you want next.

For you to start having fun with this thing called life,
it’s time for you to open your MIND Darling.
And the fastest way to do that,
is through your BODY.

Your body is wired and filled with EVERYTHING you need to have an exquisite experience.
The way to tap into this,
is by moving your arse.
Allowing your body to BE in her environment,
fully present,
fully turned on.

When last have you delighted in the exquisite pleasure of lightly caressing the palm of your hand?
When last have you experienced the burn as mass amounts of oxygen flood your being whilst out on a run?
When last have you connected to the power of your mind in determining when you give up?
When last have you closed your eyes savouring the deep flavours of your coffee or your lunch?
When last have you inhaled a fragrance deeper than ever before, taking the time to let it light up the pleasure centres in your mind?
When last????

Because if the answer is more than 24 hours ago,
you’re not LIVING!
You’re existing.

What the actual fuck Love?

It’s time to decide if you’re going to be a princess or a queen.
From this moment forward.
Simply because yesterday is irrelevant in your choice today.

A princess is constantly running around
trying to look cute
seeking attention and approval.
A queen stands grounded,
soaking up her environment,
inviting those who are on a similar path to join her party.

A princess is available for abusive behaviours
in the name of love
whilst wondering what she did to deserve this horrible treatment.
A queen is simply not availalbe for anything less than respect
as she knows her worth.

A princess never questions,
simply obeys,
because she’s told that’s just the way it is.
A queen lives in a constant state of curiousity,
allowing herself to stay open to being wrong
so that
she can replace a current belief with something even better.

A princess feels the DOMS and sits down.
A queen feels the DOMS and HTFU,
feeling even MORE empowered as she smashes out the last rep.

A princess reacts to her life.
A queen consciously creates her life.

You get to choose.

For death might be inevitable,
but thriving is the choice of an Alpha Queen.

Live with honour,


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