Are you willing to release anything that is NOT aligned to love of the highest vibration?

It sounds like a no-brainer doesn’t it?
Especially since as women,
we’re ALL about the LURVE thing.

I’m going to invite you to pause for a moment,
to go within,
and to ask yourself:
Are you truly willing to release ANYTHING that is NOT alignd to love of the HIGHEST vibration?

Let me put it into perspective for you:

Love of the highest vibration entails that which grows and flourishes.
Love of the highest vibration entails that which is powerful, empowered, strong, and in which you have complete faith.
Love of the highest vibration entails health and vitality.
Love of the highest vibration entails truth.
Love of the highest vibration entails respect.
Love of the highest vibration entails belief.

It entails you seeing the BEST in people,
the incredible strength and creativity,
and speaking into THAT part of them,
not the drama, weakness and victimhood which is the norm today.

It entails you appreciating yourself to the point where you become unavailable to poison your body, poison your mind, poison your heart with all the low vibrational shit which is abundantly available and which quite frankly is designed to keep people weak and dependent on the system.
From the food they eat,
to the violent games they play on the internet,
to the revolting things they watch on the telly,
to the pathetic conversations being had everywhere.
Weakness is NOT love!

It entails you respecting yourself and those you are here to serve to the point where you don’t buy into their stories of why they can’t live the life they say they dream of,
of why they can’t afford you,
of why they don’t have the time,
of why they’re good to just be fine for now.
You don’t buy into it and you don’t try to rescue them from their own bullshit.
You don’t buy into it and you don’t give them discounts thereby affirming their stories.
You don’t buy into it and you don’t try and convince them of anything, instead, holding strong in your faith and belief until they match it, or not. Their choice.
You no longer work with low vibrational people who desire a magic pill.
You no longer let others stand on you so they can get higher.

It entails you loving yourself enough to walk away from any relationship that is not of love of the highest vibration.
You become unavailable to be the emotional dumping ground of another.
You become unavailable to be the emotional punching bag of another.
You become unavailable to be surrounded by those not willing to do the work required in this life to build an empire of impact.
You become unavailable to be in the presence of those who choose to live in fear and drama.
You respectfully bow out and allow them their journey.

Does this sound selfish?
To the well-indoctrinated it sure does.
It sounds as though I’m saying you should just about leave behind 99% of what’s currently in your space,
and if you’ve been duped into believing that love is
being a stepping stone

you probably will have to.

Love does not buy into the stories of fear.
Love does not buy into the stories of scarcity.
Love does not buy into the stories of revenge or vengence.
Love does not buy into the stories of sacrifice of thrive.

Which is why
not even 1% of women are prepared to release all that which is NOT aligned to love of the highest vibration.

How can they,
when they don’t love themselves?

Instead they convince themselves they love their partners, they love their kids, they love their friends,
and because this is not true,
for you cannot love another if you don’t love yourself,
they poison those they ‘love’ with unhealthy food, toxic conversations, guilt-laden threats if you don’t behave, fear-laced warnings and continuous dumping of their drama onto everyone willing to listen.

Tell me this Darling,
how is bringing less than your best self to another
and then expecting them to accept you and adore you just as you are
even though you know
you know
that THIS is not your best,
how is that loving to them?

How is it loving to your clients when you tell them that they’re right,
they’re NOT worth an incredible investment in themselves,
they DON’T have the resourcefulness to make it happen,
they SHOULD put themselves last in their lives and dance to the tune of those who, from a space of self-loathing, pull their strings?

How is it loving to stay in that relationship void of passion, void of compassion, that stopped mentally stimulating you years ago,
in the process creating a grey and boring atmosphere leading to bathrooms and porn sites and then you want to bitch about the internet bill?

Now, you can tell me that what difference does it make if only YOU start releasing that which is NOT aligned?
What difference does it make when billions are holding on to the current status quo?

And I’m going to say this to you:
The difference will be YOUR life experience and personally I believe you deserve an extraordinary fucking life.
Plus, ripples start with a single pebble.

So how dare you NOT be the change you say you want to see in the world?

Death might be inevitable,
but will you choose to be the instigator of thrive?

Live with honour,

PS: Unleashed through Love

This program is really for the Alpha Female who knows that she is born different, that the normal rules don’t apply to her, that she has an important message, an impact to make, and she’s willing to see things differently to allow herself to FINALLY unleash herself with conviction, fun and thrive and most importantly, from LOVE.

It’s going to require you to have an open mind especially as much of what we’ll be doing is ‘out of the box’. Look, as a typical achiever I know you can outwork anyone, but when last have you played? Because quite frankly, when alphas play, it’s roughs and tumbles and shenanigans and EPIC results are created. So are you willing to play?

Are you willing to drop the ideology of perfection and instead allow yourself to be perfectly YOU knowing that you can’t get this wrong from where all your answers will appear as you know they’re always there?

Are you willing to be vulnerable in my space knowing that I’m on your side and will say what I’m guided to say, even when at times it might sting?

If yes, then I know you’re born for this as I’ve been guided to create this for a very specific woman.

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Any other questions or does this feel like a soul yes?