Are your dreams going up in smoke because you’ve forgotten who you are?

People are so easily distracted.

From their lives.

From their goals.

From themselves.


Probably because they’re starving for true connection, love, appreciation and thrive.

Continuously looking for it in all the wrong places.

Thinking other people will give them that which they’re unable to give themselves.


When in fact connection, love, appreciation,


is to be found from within.


How do I know this?

Because for decades I fell into the same trap.

I truly believed that being alone would mean loneliness.

That I had to find someone to ‘complete‘ me and then I would know true happiness.

That being popular meant that somehow I was ‘worthy‘ of attention and then I would know true success.


I played the game like everyone else.


the more I was surrounded by others,

the lonelier I felt.


I remember when I first started riding.

Being out on my bike,

earphones pumping Eminem,

dancing on the peddles,

it was the most FREEING feeling in the WORLD.


It’s the place I could go to finally hear myself think!

The place where I could remember who the hell I am.

The place where I could grow a pair.

The place where I would start RESPECTING myself once more.


In the beginning, majority of my thoughts were, I hate to admit, atrocious.

Drama and complaint,

whining and bitching,

about all those ‘loving’ people in my life.

Except of course, I didn’t experience them as loving.

I found them suffocating.

I found them demanding.

I just wanted to get on my bike and



Looking back, I realise that actually, it had NOTHING to do with them.

I simply didn’t like, respect, appreciate, never mind love, myself.

I wasn’t trying to get away from them.

I was desperate to escape the creature reflected in the bathroom mirror.

She was pathetic.


Worn-out, arse-kissing, people-pleasing, dishonourable, domesticated pussy!

I was being whatever I thought everyone else needed and wanted,

in the process,

I gave away my voice,

swallowing my opinions like mouldy camembert,

suffocating my SOUL so that I could belong.


As my fitness increased, my rides became longer.

There was an exquisite  transition from the ‘complainer’,

where the voice would start saying,

Fuck this hurts like a beatch!‘,

and once the pain became intense enough to demand focus –



Brilliant ideas started pouring through.

Answers I’ve been seeking for years.

Wisdom infused my thoughts.


I would disconnect from the outer world,

and found that EVERYTHING I have been craving,

was always inside of me.


I stopped pretending to be a follower, and owned the fact that I’m a born leader without the need for others to follow.

Not one that pleads or demands,

not one that makes promises or threats.

One that simply chooses a direction to go into,

the direction of the vision,

the direction of my goals,

bundu-bashing with no clue what’s coming next,

simply believing in myself,

the power of my mind,

the unquestioning belief that it ALWAYS works out FOR me,

having the time of my life,

and those who choose adventure,

get to make their own way.










Understanding that this way is not for everyone.

Few will find true alignment on this path.

Most people believe they need that ‘one and only’  in their lives to be happy, and they will hate where I dare to tread.


My question is,

do you actually know yourself well enough to say with all certainty what YOU need to be fully alive?

Have you taken the time in isolation to hear your inner voice?

Are you creating situations where you have no choice but to remember who you are?

Before they started to fuck with your mind,

before they scared the bejesus out of you so you can fall in line,

before you started marinading your brain with booze,

before you fell for the fairy-tale lies?


Understanding that until you know yourself completely,

until you look at that reflection filled with immense love, pride and a sense of completion,

you will ALWAYS give away your power.

You will want to make others happy even when you’re miserable in the process.

You will allow others to take your time with their empty conversations about the weather and the colour of your dress (are you fucking kidding me??), even though time is your MOST precious commodity.

You will put poison in your mouth because that’s what they choose, even though it makes you sick to your stomach.

Tell me who you are.

The real you.

The powerful you.

The YOU raging against the indoctrination of conformity and codependency,

designed to eat your dreams up alive,

shitting them out into an endless ocean of un-lived potential.




You can continue to hold your tongue so as not to upset the apple cart.

You can continue to abandon yourself so that the ‘tribe’ will accept you.

You can continue to lie to yourself,

and to everyone you claim to love,

because you’re too fucking afraid to OWN your brilliance,

too timid to stand up for your standards of excellence,

too tired to run as others are walking so why not just stay in the crowd,

nobody will ever know…


But tell me:  why even bother looking in the mirror,

when you look like everyone else?


Do you remember who you are?


Or are you allowing everyone else to dictate your behaviour?

Letting them set the bar as low as the laziest arse can roll over?

Giving away your time, your attention, to every Tom, Dick and Francis, bored with their own lives?


Or worse…


Are you being Dick???


We’re halfway through 2019.

This is the time to actually start taking your goals to the next level.

This is the time to get into the zone.

Shut out distractions.

Shut down the noise.

Connect with yourself.

Your TRUE self,

for that is the only version of you that will succeed.



Or not.


You can remain the same another year.

You can keep telling yourself this piece doesn’t apply to you.

You can say this is not your time – the kids are too small, your partner is too busy, you just need to be patient.


While you’re at it, why don’t you go roll patience with some weed and let your dreams go up in smoke?


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.


Live with honour.



PS:  This is the final week of enrolment for the Alpha Coach Apprenticeship.

One year intensive certification program for revolutionary coaches ready to BE the change they seek in the world, calling in their true following, building an empire of impact and becoming LEGENDARY.


The Apprenticeship is for those BORN to be a radiant lighthouse for others.


The one who’s been feeling for some time now that this is YOUR time,

Except looking around the steps they preach seem incredibly boring and you simply can’t be fucked.

I know.

That’s because coaching is not about learning some systems like a monkey and then regurgitating ‘the one and only way’ like a brainless parrot.



From within YOU.

It’s about YOU BEING a coach.

By doing the work every day,


Because not doing it would be like not showering or brushing your teeth for a year.

It’s about an unwavering BELIEF in the magnificence within people,

And ONLY speaking to that part of them until they can connect and live from this space.

Message me for details.