At which stage do you stop asking for permission?

On the one hand I get it,
we’re raised to ask for permission.

Permission to leave the table.
Permission to speak.
Permission to stand.
Permission to go pee.
Permission to run.
Permission to be seen.

“May I please have permission to…”

But for the love of proud testicles woman,
at which stage are you going to stop asking for permission,
and start living life on your own terms?

When will you decide that you’re no longer a child and you can have your own bloody thoughts, your own mind, make your own decisions and take full responsibilty for your life?

What will it take for you to understand that living a life of thrive is NOT selfish,
it’s the ONLY loving thing to do?

What will it take for you to understand that you have a right to be heard?
That you have a right to be seen?
That you have a right to take up space in the world?
That you have a right to receive your true desires?
That you have a right to look sexy AF?
That you have a right to be lit up with joy?
That you have a right to lifegasmic???

These are NOT rethorical questions.
Sit yourself down and figure this shit out!
What is the evidence your mind needs for you to flick the switch?
For until you do
whilst you treat everything like it’s just another question to be left wafting around in the neverlands

You will not show up for your dreams.
You will not show up for your children.
You will not show up for your life!

You will be the slave of ballsackdom
sulking like a schoolgirl
secretly hating the world
even throwing a rebellios act every now and again
before putting that bottle back into your mouth and
yourself back into complacency.

It’s fascinating how often I hear women say they desire to be equal to our male counterparts,
yet they first have to discuss everything on God’s green earth with a man before they can make a decision.
They first have to consult someone,
get their input,
for they don’t trust themselves to make the right decision for them,
they think they need someone to tell them the practical decision,
the safe decision,
and nine out of ten times
they then say no to their desires.

For your desires are born from Soul
who operates in the realm of miracles and manifestation through your turned on pussy

But let’s just be honest here,
it’s safer to hide behind permission
than to take a stand against your own fears.

It’s easier to be treated like a child
and having a reason to sulk,
a reason to say
“I’m sorry Miss but my daddy said I can’t have this, I don’t need this, we can’t afford this”
than to risk failing like a woman.

And so fucking what if you fail?
So what if you don’t get it perfect the first 100 times around?
Who cares what the neighbours or the bitches in the schoolyard says?

If you care more about the opinions of others than your PURPOSE you’re NOT alpha.

I would much rather fall a thousand times off my bike
than miss out on the incredible life-changing adventures I’ve had on them.

I would much rather fail a hundred times learning how to build my empire of impact
than sit in a suffocating cubicle wishing for the weekend so that I can get drunk pretending to be happy and then bitch about Mondays.

Failure is a natural and beautiful part of life.
Failure is the opening up for questioning, opening up for a new way of seeing
you can create something NEW.

The ONLY reason you don’t really want to fail
is because of how that teacher had you feeling like a complete idiot when you were eight years old
and the trauma of the experience is still infused in your body so the mere thought of failure now has the blood rushing to your head going red in the face, shaking in your g-string, your voice crackling with humiliation and so
you go ask for permission
and you get EXACTLY what your energy is REALLY asking for:
Please protect me from the big bad world, protect me from myself, protect me from my potential greatness.

You know,
and they know,
that when you give YOURSELF permission to rise
they will have to up their own game to stay in your lane

and that will require effort from them.
Those who are playing full out will respond with
“Why are you asking me?”
Those who choose a life of average will say
“Not now hunny.”

Now tell me this Sweetheart:
Which would you rather have –

the fleeting embarassment of failure in front of people who are so busy with their own lives that they’ve forgotten about it tomorrow,
and the only ones who will ever laugh or tease you are mediocre assholes anyway as Alphas don’t do that shit,


the eternal regret of getting to the end of your life with the KNOWING that YOU didn’t show up for YOUR dreams, YOUR desires, YOUR purpose.

Be honest with yourself.
And if it’s option two,
then keep on asking for permission for they will always tell you no.

Death is inevitable,
regret is optional,
thrive is a choice.

Live with honour,

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The time for asking permission has come and gone Alpha.
Now is the time for decision.

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