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Are you frustrated with setting goals?

At first I thought this is a redundant topic, but the truth is that goals are one of those immensely enjoyable and powerful tools that can lead to a deep transformation, IF done properly. Sadly, as with the child’s game ‘telephone’, most of it has been lost in translation which has people feeling frustrated, filled […]

Are you seriously faking orgasms with the Universe?

The truth is that you simply don’t get to fake it with the Universe for it receives your vibrations, not your words.
This is a message from your soul – it’s time to raise your standards for yourself and the Universe so that the games can begin.

The time to set your intentions is now…

As another year slowly draws to a close, it’s time to connect to your next intentions and to state them proudly. For if you’ve surrounded yourself with those that has you living in a space of hiding, it’s your responsibility to leave and be who you came here to be.