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What if… what you want IS what you need?

 I’m going to invite you to lovingly put aside your judgement, your guilt, your shame, the conditioning that tells you that you shouldn’t want for too much because that would make you greedy and as we are told that is one of the BIG sins.   Don’t worry Mom, Satan called and said I’m […]

It’s okay not to want it anymore…

As I continue clearing out my home, it’s astounding just how much I’m releasing in the process.   Not just material things, but old stories and beliefs resident in my mind.   More noteworthy, most of these beliefs and limitations were given to me in childhood, more than four decades ago.   Of how I […]

Lifegasmic Simplified.

Oh dear lord. I’m feeling a little whimsical this morning so who knows which direction this will take…   I had this ‘click’ sensation last night as I read a paragraph I’ve read countless times before. Taking the time to reflect, finding evidence of this in my own life, and then letting it infuse into […]

Revealed: the TWO assets levelling the playing field.

Just to be clear, you weren’t born into anything.   You were born. Period. The end.   You were born with a powerful mind, which levels the playing field of whatever layout social structures have formed.   It’s the asset with which you CREATE who you choose to be how you choose to show up […]

Live with intention, lead with conviction

Let’s shift gears…   Yesterday I lit a fire in your belly, and then what? What did you do with the renewed warmth coursing through your veins?   This is the catch 22 with all that is available to you at this time. There’s simply NO lack of information, of inspiration, of resources, free via […]