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Are you in a habit of winning, or losing?

“Did you win?” “That’s the wrong question to ask Anel.  I always win.  Winning is a habit.  You should be asking, by how much did I win?” FUCKING LOVE IT! And how true. Yes, winning is a habit. As is losing. Except, most people never have this realisation. They never take the time to figure […]

Are you done showing up as a scaredy cat?

Have you had enough? Have you had enough of pretending to be this… Done slinking around in the dark alley-ways, hunkering in the shadows like a pussy? Are you done with your constant motherfucking wailing like a cat in heat on a hot summers night? Because quite frankly Darling, it’s a little insulting to the […]

When you’re not getting what you say you want…

Okay Sunshine… You’re frustrated AF, I get it. I’ve watched you struggling for weeks, months, years on end. Saying you’re determined to succeed. Every day, taking action. And still, it’s just not happening for you. So you get a little more desperate because the final hours are near. You take more action, even though you’re […]

There will always be days when you’re just not feeling it.

I’m sitting here laughing at myself. It’s one of those strange mornings where it simply doesn’t feel like flow. In fact, the two year old me is feeling petulant, bordering on a tantrum. My foot hurts. A lot. The infection from my adventure last week is spreading and the doctors are fully booked till late […]

It’s not about changing the rest of the world – it never was.

Fuck, I’m seriously resisting writing this piece today. I know that regardless of my intention, it’s going to trigger most. I respect thousands are still reeling from the horrendous events which took place in Christchurch last week, likely not ready to receive this yet.  Words cannot even begin to describe… I also know that I […]

It’s never the actions that will determine your success…

STOP! Sit your ass down, close your eyes, and just breathe! Your frantic chaos is creating a hurricane of disaster around you, and it’s all so futile. You’re fucking exhausted. You’re not thinking clear. You’re talking crazy – saying how you just can’t do it, you just don’t have it, you just don’t know anymore. […]