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Stop DILUTING your vision with their loss of belief in themselves.

TAKE A STAND! For yourself. For your vision. For your motherfucking LIFE!   I’ve noticed most people find it challenging to stay in my space for prolonged periods of time. They say I scare the shit out of them, my relentless passion, my obsession with liberating others from the fear-laced BULLSHIT they’re fed on a […]

Is ‘saving their feelings’ costing them their lives?

Shit, I’m feeling so much resistance to step aside after that title popped up on my screen. Clearly, this is going to be one of those “insensitive” pieces that will probably be taken up with hatred by majority.   Except, it truly comes from love.   As I sit next to the field, watching kids […]

Is it truly insane to make it hurt sooooooo good?

Lying on the floor, sweat dripping, every fibre screaming in agony, a smile spreads across my face.   Fuck, that hurt sooooo good!   Exhausted, yet fully alive. The sweet spot few will ever experience.   This is where I release every lady-like mannerism, and turn pure beast.   For the mundane, it’s ugly, it’s […]

Without honour, you have nothing.

What are you hiding behind? Your spouse? Your kids? Your job title? Your bank balance?   What?   What are you using as your socially approved bullshit excuse for NOT showing up fully? For NOT raising the bar? For NOT taking a stand for that which truly matters to you?   What?   What is […]

To what degree would your life transform if you stopped settling?

What are you available for? I’m not talking about the amazing things you SAY you’re available for. I’m referring to what’s actually showing up in your physical reality.   The depth of your relationships. The shape of your body. The quality of your work. The stimulation of your conversations. The state of your home.   […]

If you think you HAVE to do it, don’t fucking do it!

Whoa, it took FOREVER for the penny to drop – I’ve heard it said in so many ways for years, but I have this weird tendency of wanting to figure shit out for myself. And until I do, I stubbornly experiment with the theories creating evidence for both sides. Until I get to the tipping […]

Honour and respect to those committed to the art!

 I’m just going to get straight to the point.   ENOUGH OF RAPING THE ART!   There’s an art in everything. A particular skill-set mastered through years of continuous practice. Mastery that is obtained by those willing to dedicate their lives to the practice. Not willing to bend to the demand from the masses […]

It’s about bloody time you bring all of YOU to the table!

Wow, we’ve created quite the illusion haven’t we? Of what we are. Of who we are.   All because someone chose the frequency of fear as the foundational fabric on which to build modern society.   Clever bastard!   For in the presence of fear, there is an absence of love. Which, by the way, […]