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What if you dropped the struggle and BE who you came here to be?

As the LinkedIn Top Voices 2018 list was released, the response was humbling to say the least. Most look at me and think I’m this outgoing bragging bitch, those who know me, will tell you I’m the complete opposite. I’m that introvert who simply committed to my purpose. The one who shows up regardless of […]

Are you asking yourself the best questions?

I love biting off more than I think I can chew. I love waking up in the morning, deciding it’s time to step up, and then saying YES to whatever the Universe decides to dish up. I love closing my eyes in denial of my insanity when I hit the enter button. It keeps me […]

True endurance comes from falling in love with the process, the journey.

I struggle to understand most people. Those who are constantly complaining about life. Moaning about doing the work. Unhappy – unless disconnected from their physical reality through booze or drugs or porn or online gaming. I struggle to understand why everyone is so goddamned impatient with themselves and their growth. I see them get angry […]

If you’re done with your bullshit, let’s get started.

Are you quite done yet? Have you had enough of your own excuses as to why you can’t go for it? All of it? Are you bored with the reflection of your ‘reality’ indicating a mind, weak like a newborn? Are you fed up with the bitter taste of mediocrity that continuously washes up from […]

Who is fucked up – me or the world?

You might want to grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine for this one. I’m not sure where we’re headed… All I know is that I’m sitting here pondering the current state of affairs as mirrored to me by life, and I keep coming back to the fact that society as a […]

Isn’t it about bloody time you stop being so coy?

When did you stop being the baddest bitch on the block? The one who unapologetically pissed on the ground – leaving her unmistakable mark? The one who struts in, chin lifted in defiance, daring any and all to challenge your greatness? When did you stop arriving with a loud roar of pride? When did they […]

Turn haters into peanut butter to your jam!

Soooooo, You say you’re here to bring change. To disrupt the system. To heal the sick, poisoned masses. You say you’re here to BE the motherfucking change. And then… you shrink before them. The haters. Those who publicly criticise your point of view. Spewing their venomous acid onto your work. Or, in the absence of […]

Do you even remember what it feels like to thrive??

HOLY SHIT – I’M ON FIRE!! Literally and figuratively. Sweat pouring down me whilst writing to you. The passion inside feeling like an out of control furnace, and this time around, I don’t fear the fire. Fuck, I AM THE FIRE. What’s happened? Ten years of mindset work has kicked my arse, next level. Peeling […]

Will my madness upset you enough to inspire introspection?

As I headed out on my own, lazy mist swirling above the lake, enjoying the silence as thousands around me still lay sleeping, I dropped into deep appreciation for who I choose to be today. It’s been a decade since first making the decision to break free from the cult of mediocrity, to reclaim my […]

How much longer will you choose mediocrity?

You have a choice to make. Every single day. You can choose to listen to the bullshit. The fears of those who will never rise to the ranks of legendary. Those who choose to stay hidden in the folds of the masses. Little cowards whispering their actual truth when nobody is around. Shrunk up testicles […]