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A moment for connection

For every Alpha
who craves
just a moment
of deep
and true

I highly recommend that you close your eyes and listen to the reading of this piece.

I love you.

Who even knows what to call this?

This is nothing more than the internal conversation as my Inner Child demands that I step up and acknowledge that which I see and to remember why I chose this path in the first place.

This could well be the Inner Child Revolution reminding us what is at stake if we continue to choose mind over heart and machine over human.

Alpha, THIS is why you will not thrive…

The life area which you cannot achieve,
the one that Alpha Females long for,
is the one where nothing she DOES can ever create deep satisfaction.
For it’s the One who requires that she strips back EVERYTHING and allow herself to be received for who she truly is.
And until she can receive HERSELF through unconditional love, she is incapable of receiving the One.

May the real Alpha Females reveal themselves…

Are you ready to acknowledge who you truly are?
Are you ready to take off your mask – whether that mask was pretending to be ‘normal’ or pretending to be alpha?
For Alphas are those who are willing and able to work in the dark, through the dark.
It’s time to have the conversations they’re trying to hush so we can bring REAL change.

Alpha Females – step back and observe the insanity

It’s time to slow down,
to take a step back,
and to see how the masses are creating more destruction faster through their mindless fear-based behaviour.
This is NOT about blaming.
This is about observing.
From a new perspective.
So that we can see that which people have not been willing to see, to extract the wisdom of the collective, and to record herstory.

Alpha Females – You get to choose how herstory will be remembered…

Alpha Females, this is the time you were born for. To be the tellers of HerStrory from a space of wisdom, hope and inspiration.

And yes, there’s work to be done. Healing to receive. Energy to be cleaned up before sharing.

It’s where we choose to acknowledge the pain and release the suffering for the impact we have on the collective consciousness.

You are not alone in this.

Alpha Females – time to share herstory

Herstory is not just about speaking your truth. It goes way deeper than that.
It’s the RESPONSIBLE sharing of your truth from a space of having done the work.
The deep work.
So that, your story, your truth, is one of loving wisdom with the intention of uplifting the frequency of humanity. It’s the compassionate sharing of the impact of action taken without heart so that the empowered masculine can complete their quest and our children can have a better future story to tell.

It’s in times of darkness that we are called to lead! RISE ALPHA FEMALES…

Alpha Females are being called to RISE, to LEAD, to be SEEN.

Which, in truth, is a big ask.

So big, that few are setting aside their fear, their pain of past rejection and ridicule, instead choosing to keep their heads down and keep reciting stories of old of why they’re nothing special.

In the process, the cult of mediocrity grows stronger as they have no issue milking the cow whilst she stand immobilised.

This one if for the Alpha Females ready and WILLING to rise.

Why Alpha Females Are SO Misunderstood…

It’s time to put the puzzle pieces together as crazy as they all sound.
For now IS the time for Alpha Females to rise and you’re NOT going to do it by setting different goals or taking different action.
Today for the first time I speak about the truth that being an Alpha Female, is about vibrating on your true frequency.

You were born for a time such as this – will you rise Alpha Female?

Just because you were BORN for a time such as this,
does NOT mean you’re going to rise.
For that will mean releasing your hurt, your anger, your bitterness and putting LOVE first.
It will mean you move through the pain FASTER so that you can lead BETTER.
It will mean that you either stop hiding who you truly are,
or be swallowed up with the masses
and meeting our Inner Alpha at your grave knowing that you chose to say no…

Prepare for the worst and expect the best

It’s time for us to have the uncomfortable conversation as NOT doing so, would be completely irresponsible of me.

This is about making the choice to prepare for the worst and expecting the best ALWAYS, not just in times when the shit hits the fan.

Forgiveness is selfish AF – I approve!

I don’t care about the other people, I only care about YOU.

Quite frankly, life can be challenging enough without having the shitty behaviours of others keep you imprisoned in suffering.

This piece is about why I recommend forgiving everyone so YOU can release yourself from the resentment and find your vibe of thrive.

At which stage do you stop asking for permission?

Legends don’t ask for permission.
Alphas don’t ask for permission.

For you have to DECIDE to become legendary just as you have to CHOOSE to be Alpha every day.

Know this, as long as you’re asking for permission, you’re hiding behind your fear.

You had the faith to ask, but do you have the faith to receive?

Women ask ALL the time.
Yet, it’s in the RECEIVING that they really struggle.
For one, receiving your NEXT level desires, always entails NEXT level faith and NEXT level action.
Plus, when you believe you have to ACHIEVE for you to be DESERVING of receiving, it’s a mind-fuck to then allow yourself to BE WORTHY of your desires.

First, you have to CLAIM YOU!

There is nothing you have to ACHIEVE before claiming who you choose to BE.
Once you CLAIM it,
you have to ACTION it.

Now tell me again, why you can’t be what you say you deeply desire to be?

Will you go beyond lip-service for your children?

This will feel like a confronting piece, especially on the heels of ‘Woman’s Day’.
It’s for the woman who is ready to see the bigger picture to the true impact of her choices.
For the woman who is ready to BE the woman who lives the life she desires for her children.
For the woman prepared to take a stand for radical healing across generations because her love for her children is more than lip-service.

What will be your state of arrival at your feast?

THRIVE is the choice of courage.
For we’re living in a time when exhaustion is praised and a woman who prioritises herself is rejected and cast out of the ‘clan’.
We’ve put ‘achievement’ on a pedestal, and enjoyment in the bottom drawer.
In truth, our society is set up to keep you tired, so you won’t think for yourself, so you won’t create the exceptional, so you won’t BE your BEst self.
Time to see things differently, don’t you agree?

How you look at life will determine your richness…

How we experience life, has nothing to do with our external ‘reality’, but the angle we take from the inside.

Yes, I know – it sucks when you bought into the stores that YOU are a helpless victim of circumstances. That YOU are not responsible for what’s happening right now. That YOU don’t have a choice and you DESERVE to suffer.

My question is: What do YOU want?

How many will you be taking down with you because you choose to ‘live for others’ and not yourself?

This piece is not for anyone who choose to live in shame and blame. This piece is not for anyone who choose to hold on to the past and hide behind the regurgitated stories which breeds victimhood.
This piece is for the woman who is committed to thrive, the one willing to see things differently, the one willing to acknowledge the TRUE FORCE which is woman!

What will it take for you to truly step up?

I’m often berated for my blunt approach.
As if, it’s better to allow others to suffer in their daily misery whilst pretending everything is ‘fine’.
In my world, fine is not fucking good enough!
So if you’re done pretending you’re fine, and you’re ready to be your TRUE self Alpha, then this message is for you.

True champions celebrate winners

I simply don’t understand the current mentality of fear, scarcity, jealousy, breaking down of another
and the lack
of applauding the winners.

Then again, this is one of the signs of a true champion.
For a champion is NOT what you DO, but WHO you choose to BE.

I have no idea what to title this…

Just to be clear – this is NOT an inspirational or motivational piece.
This is my soul kicking my arse for you to see.
It’s time to raise the bar.
It’s time to release the last of the excuses.
It’s time to rise alpha females!

‘Where are all the alpha females?’ she asked…

This is a compassionate piece as I understand the safety in hiding.
Hiding behind socially approved masks.
Hiding amongst the others whilst dimming your own light.
Hiding in the camaraderie of men.
However the time for hiding is done, it’s time for the rise of the alpha females.

Love does not settle

It’s time for a radical soul smack-down as way too many Alphas are STILL playing in the pit of average.

Either you are prepared to RISE in love, or you’re keeping all those whom you claim to love under. For you were born to lead, to evolve, to see things differently. And as long as you’re choosing to ‘fit in’ you’re selling out your purpose and your true potential.

Now that I choose to love myself…

You keep asking me to only talk mind-set,
and I’m saying NO!


Because mind-set will NEVER get you to heart-set and it’s only when we choose to do the mind from a space of love that incredible transformation occurs.

You’re either all in, or you get out!

Ready for some real talk?
The kind that you don’t want to have but know you HAVE to have if anything is going to change?
Time is speeding by like a jet-plane, yet most are still dawdling along as if they have another 100 years. More importantly, they’re distracting everyone else in the process.
I KNOW every woman has a powerful message, a powerful story, so what will it take for you to share THAT instead of being white-noise?

‘Slow down’ they say. And die…

If life is not feeling absolutely fabulous right now,
and if you’re an alpha,
pick up the pace!
For you’ve clearly forgotten who you are and fallen into the thinking that life is about staying safe instead of thriving.

When will you start living for YOU?

I understand that we’re told that this life is all about how valuable and helpful we can be to everyone else.
But what if the ONLY way to be of TRUE value to humanity is in fact you living for YOU to be your best YOU?

Will you FINALLY surrender to the muse?

Not sure which one of you got me up at 3:30, but that’s the way life works when you say YES to your purpose.
Someone prays for a sign, a message, a glimmer of hope, and as you’ve raised your hand to say that YOU will show up, YOU will surrender and allow the message, the work, the art, to come through,
not when it’s ‘convenient’,
but when it damn well needs to,
so you get your sweet arse out of bed at 3:30, switch on your Mac, and let the message through.
Now tell me again that you ARE one of the 1% willing to surrender to your muse…

A nice girl doesn’t make people uncomfortable…

It’s time to stop fooling yourself into thinking that being a nice girl is going to bring positive change to the world.
It’s time to stop fooling yourself into thinking that you can break the habit of people-pleasing all by yourself.
It’s time for you to stop fooling yourself into thinking that you can take all the time in the world with baby-steps whilst thousands are dying on our watch.

You are fucking good enough

In the moments of doubt and thoughts of not being good enough, I want you to know that all of that is simply programming to keep you away from the truth.
The truth that not only are you good enough, but you are worthy, you are perfect, and you ARE the fucking point of life.

When will you remove the chastity belt off your muse?

Today I invite you to start paying attention to any rules or beliefs you’ve bought into that’s stifling your true creativity, your unique message and voice, your muse.
For you’re either living in the energy of love or you’re living in the energy of fear.
Choose wisely.

Which victim label is ready to be released?

It’s time for you to get out of the cage you’ve created with your words. The cage you’ve created with your old patterns. The cage you’ve created with your old beliefs.
For it might feel safe, but it will never create freedom and THRIVE!

Why are we clinging to the rules?

What is the reasons we cling to all the rules when majority of the time, they’re a vice on creativity? In fact, I’m observing that the more rules we make up, the less people choose to think for themselves and instead, live in mindless obedience. Mindless does NOT create thrive. And I’m taking a stand for thrive.