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How long can you hold the excitement?

Remember when you were a little kid? When only two months really mattered – your birthday month and of course Christmas if your family practiced this holiday? When a year seemed like an eternity because you were constantly counting down the days to presents? I sometimes think this feeling of excitement is what slowed down […]

WTF? Is this pity-party season?

I highly recommend you only read this if you’re ready to stop feeling sorry for yourself and reconnect with the warrior that’s always inside your soul. I get criticised for my pain tolerance all the time. Shit, I even criticise myself. For staying on my bike long after I hurt like a mofo. For picking […]

Mirror Mirror Oh My Soul

Fascinating – how we trick ourselves. Telling ourselves that our academic knowledge makes us wise. Except wisdom is the training of knowledge. It’s when you take that which you’ve learned and you train it into the very fibre of your being. Training involves repetition. When others say it’s boring, they’ve done it before, they want […]

Change your perspective, change your experience

Find the silence. Shut out the noise. The voices of everyone telling you who you are. Telling you what you should want. Telling you what you should feel. Telling you what you should do. They don’t know you. Shit, do you even know yourself? Have you taken the time to figure out who you are, […]

Are we addicted to the pain?

Now hold on, before you dismiss the question because it doesn’t make logical sense, Before you tell me I’m crazy, Before you turn away from the mirror, You’re looking at an addict who created her own designer brand when life couldn’t give me enough. Like most people I was in complete denial. Who on earth […]

But what about your dreams Darling?

I’m feeling a lottle (a lot of little) sad today. I’m feeling a lottle sad because yesterday in a room full of people, only four raised their hands when I asked who had a dream. Now maybe they all had a dream but they were just too shy to admit it, not wanting others to […]

I will sleep when I’d dead

It’s 4:30 am. I’m already 90 minutes into my day. No, this is not my norm. I’m a 5 am girl. But today is different. I had the opportunity to be mentored by an extraordinary man at 3 am. I have my HIIT training to do. I have the privilege of sharing my story with […]

Sometimes you just have to say ‘fuck this shit’

You get what you tolerate. Let me say that again because this is a game changer. You get what you tolerate. Not what you’re striving for. Not what you’re working for day in and day out. You can put in the most insane amount of hours, but as long as you tolerate bullshit, you won’t […]

How do you become an IronMan? One training session at a time.

As you stand on the beach, anticipating the canon fire, the oldies tell you the hardest part of the journey is behind you. That the real challenge is not getting to the finish line, but to the start. When I heard this I thought they’d been smoking pot. They weren’t. The journey to becoming an […]