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Dearly departed toenail… What are you not releasing?

Focus Anel. Clear your mind. Breathe in. Breathe out. Ugh, my toe hurts. Shuffle a little. Change position of my foot.   Okay, now focus. Clear your mind. Breathe in. Breathe out. It’s still hurting. Fuck.   Another 15 minutes of interrupted meditation goes by. This is simply getting ridiculous!   I get out the […]

“I love you, but I love me more…”

I might have a little girl-crush on Samantha Jones.   I’ve come a far way in the last year or so, finally admitting to myself and the world that I do better as a free woman, and still, I have a long way to go.   Which is probably why “Sex and the City” came […]

There’s nowhere left to hide… why would you want to anyway?

Whether you like it or not, life is changing Darling.   There’s a shift in consciousness such as never before. Which in all honesty, is scary AF for most. Especially those for whom the illusion of certainty is their primary preference.   Now, you can choose to cling to the old ways of wearing the […]

When they tell you to be your real self…

People are simply delicious… I love how they always presume to know what’s good for me. What will make me happy. What will make me successful.   I particularly delight in people telling me who I really am. What I really want to say. How I really want to say it.   Of course, they’re […]

Right now, is as free as you’re going to get…

Sit up. Pay attention. Shit is about to go down on a g-string.   Home truth Lover.   As free as you’re feeling right now, in this breath, is as  free as you’ll ever get…   Unless you stop your shit, thinking your freedom lies on the other side of the fence.   Whaaaaaat???   […]

Are you ready to call bullshit and join the thrive evolution?

I’m instigating a thrive-evolution. For Alpha Females ready to call bullshit.   Women who are ready to question the system, the roles we’ve been so neatly placed into, the behaviour that we’ve been saddled with, by anal men and insecure women who simply can’t handle our unbridled enjoyment of life.   Women who have no […]

Do you want to know the secret to your lifegasmic experience?

 What are you pushing against? What are you fighting to the point of exhaustion? Where is it that you feel you have to prove a point? That you have to prove your worth?   Just fucking stop it!   Stop looking at everyone else, attempting to be different from them, whilst fully immersed in […]