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Stop changing your position, instead outgrow it!

Whether you’re in business for yourself or in the employ of someone else, there comes a time of dissatisfaction. This is normal and it’s good. Because as human beings we are hardwired for growth and change and expansion. Unfortunately most people have become lazy bastards who misread the feeling that indicates time for growth, as […]

Smashed into a million pieces – I choose how I break.

I’ve always been fascinated by the human psychology. By the complexity of our psyches. By the immense power of the human will. By the fragility which seems to, at times, unravel at a whisper. I devour books which explains why we are the way we are. Why we are successful because our parents were well […]

Ego will never win the race – not bike nor business

As the familiar burn spread through my lungs I couldn’t help but pause for a moment. Do I keep pushing? Do I slow down and recover? Do I connect with something stronger than myself? What would be the purpose of letting the burn consume me? So many questions… In that moment I remembered who I […]

You are NEVER powerless – NEVER!

I know that instinctively you want to disagree with me. You want to shout in my face that I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about. That I don’t know YOUR circumstances. That I don’t know YOU. Maybe not. Maybe we’ve never met in person. Maybe you’ve never had the opportunity to tell me […]

How aware are you of your creations?

Stop! Just for a moment I want you to drop into your body. Feel into it. Feel into your gut area and ask yourself, how is it feeling in there? Is it feeling strong? Light? Heavy? Is it maybe even feeling a little queasy? How is your posture feeling right now? Are you slightly slumped […]

There can be no excellence without discipline.

Holy moly we’ve become a society of lazy turds! When did being lazy even become such a virtue? When did being undisciplined become a sign of freedom? Of success? I call BULLSHIT. I’m yet to meet a truly successful person – I’m talking successful in health, in relationships, in business – who is not disciplined […]

What is the real commitment about?

Once again there’s a lot of speculation on whether or not goal setting is indeed effective and powerful. There’s a rumour that we’re too hard on ourselves when we set the goals and don’t always hit them first time around. That there’s too much shaming in the process. It’s not the most loving way to […]