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Stop being such a selfish bitch and instead choose to thrive!

You were born for greatness. Of this I have no doubt. That’s because out of the billions of people walking around, you are completely unique. You have something special that nobody else has. Whether that be a specific talent, or your vibrant energy, or massive ability to express love, or a wicked sense of humour. Unique. […]

What would you do with a clean slate?

How often have you either heard the words or uttered them yourself? If only I could start over. If only I could wipe the slate clean. If only… This is not a philosophy I personally buy into. For two reasons: I do believe that each and every night the Universal slate gets wiped clean and […]

What is the real cost for your lack of discipline?

Today is a bit of a smackdown. I received a beautiful one from my coach yesterday and I do so love sharing the love. That’s because I believe every now and again we have to get real. We have to get over the bullshit stories we tell ourselves to justify our shitty choices and OWN the […]

What it takes to have an indestructible mind-set.

We’re three weeks away from 2018. More and more people are slumping their shoulders, desperately waiting for a holiday so they can recharge their batteries and do it again next year. Giving up on dreams that have not yet come to fruition. Walking away from unfinished goals. Telling everyone that next year will be different […]

Nothing ever happens until you give yourself permission.

For me, one of the greatest gifts of my vocation is the constant growth that I receive each and every time I have the privilege of working with a client.  OOOH and I do work with the best clients in the world! Such as the gift that I received this morning. It really started yesterday. […]

It’s actually not about having blind faith…

I don’t believe in having blind faith. When I say it’s already done, it’s because I’m a fucking control freak. I’m a control freak who woke up one morning feeling completely out of control. Helpless. Tortured. A pathetic victim being shoved around by ego-driven people who tried their best to break my spirit.  To bend me […]

What is your brand of self-sabotage?

I fucked up. Again. Fuckit. Why do I keep doing this to myself? Why do I continuously step out of alignment with my true self? Why do I keep losing focus at the end of the day and unconsciously reach for the packet of M&M’s. Popping them into my mouth one after the other. Not even […]

Hell NO – I won’t be that girl.

I almost caved. I almost gave into the temptation to fit in – just a little. What harm could it possibly do to give an inch to the system? The system which I have taken a stand against the day I chose NOT to drink the pills. To fucking fight for my life. To reignite the […]

Are you hypnotised by impending disaster?

As I cut through the single tracks I’m once again amazed at just how much nature continues to change the path. This is probably one of the aspects of mountain biking I enjoy the most. You have to really stay alert and expect the unexpected.  Even though you’ve ridden the path a hundred times.  The […]