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Action inspires action – so you keep talking…

I can’t help but grin. Seeing the post on Facebook of my delectable parents doing another Park Run – both of them having exceeded the 50 mark and still going strong. Well, secretly I’m smiling like the cat who just ate the canary but don’t tell them. Because these are two of my toughest customers […]

The unspoken conversations clogging up our arteries.

A few years ago I was invited to a school to address the forgotten art of communication. As I connected teenagers with the power of words, emotions rose and more than one tear was shed for the first time in years. I witnessed understanding sink in that our words create and that we have to use them […]

When it feels like you’re losing your fucking mind…

We, my friend, are living in interesting times. A time when more and more light workers have agreed to awaken to their purpose. A purpose which we all agreed to before we were born in human form. Somewhere between then and now, we also chose to forget all of this. A little moronic if you […]

You’re so fucking worth it!

I’m having the best morning! Yesterday the weather was supposed to be shitty and overcast.  Yet during journaling I was advised to go down to the beach and do yoga. I was sceptical thinking maybe I heard my guides wrong, then again what the hell do I have to lose other than freezing my tits […]

It’s time to eradicate all the lazy energy vampires.

There comes a time in every leader’s life when they have to start getting real about what walking in front actually entails. It would appear that most of us still have this ingrained belief that we have to help and save those who are sitting on their asses on the sideline waiting for someone to […]

How much further will you pull your head in?

It’s been an interesting week. Turmoil everywhere. Uncertainty everywhere. People fleeing their homes, others hunkering down. Waiting for the storm. Riding out the storm. Wondering what will be left behind in its wake. And everyone else anxiously waiting for updates. Even if you weren’t following the upheavals caused by Mother Nature and the shaking of […]

Are we being called to feeling human again?

Waking up is not an easy thing. One day you’re all ‘happy’ living in the drug induced unconsciousness of mediocre existence, The next you start questioning everything. Including yourself – your beliefs, your behaviours, your path. People start looking at you sideways. Friends start unfriending you because nobody wants to admit they know the ‘weird’ one. […]

Which self-sabotaging behaviours are you ready to let go of?

In my explorations in learning how to work in conjunction with the flow of the moon (stay with me), I’m starting to understand that it’s not about blaming the planets and the phases of the moon for not taking action or not succeeding.  It’s not about becoming a helpless spectator to life and the universe. […]

Full Moon Forgiveness Ceremony

On the night of the full moon, sit quietly for ten minutes or so and mentally forgive anyone against whom you hold any kind of grudge or resentment. If there’s anyone who’s getting on your nerves or really upsetting you, ask them to forgive you for your bad feelings and send them love. Then do […]

I never said it would be easy – I said you’re worth it…

These are the moments that light up my life… As I watch her twirling around the kitchen floor laughing and dancing with her squealing toddler in her arms my heart overflows with joy and more than a little pride if I do say so myself. It’s been a year since we started working together. A […]