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Screwing around with change is screwing you over.

Change is a beautiful thing. Scary as hell. It demands total commitment. And let’s be honest here Darling, very few people exhibit true commitment in their lives these days.  It could be out of fear that they will be labelled as obsessed, weird, anal, boring. We both know that the culture of mediocrity adores labels. For […]

Are you feeling like your engine has run out of juice?

It’s almost the end of the year. I get that. People have been through the ringer. I get that too. But I also get the fact that it’s time we stop living our lives according to the calendar, to the digital watches on our wrists, to the demands of a faceless machine called industry. That […]

It’s time for the lies to stop.

It’s time we start talking about the lies. This is something that I’ve become sensitive to lately. Listening to what people are saying and not saying to each other. Politely. PC. “How are you doing?” “Fine” “How was your day?” “Good and yours?” All such a waste of time and complete bullshit. Conversations as devoid of […]

What are you waiting for now?

Every now and again a song gets released that has people sit up and take notice of their lives. An artist that combines the beauty of words with the power of sound to stir up a heightened level of emotion in a time when majority of people are doing everything they can to numb out that which […]

You can feel like a victim or you can rise like a victor.

I was going to write about something else today. I thought maybe it’s that time of the year when people just needed to lick their wounds a bit.  Lie down for a little while. Maybe it’s time for some warm and fuzzy. A little end of year cheer. But then a client reached out and […]

Successful People Know Their Big Why

The training had started. And it was intense! I have a series of motivational talks on my iPhone which I play when training sessions become truly challenging. You know when I’m talking about – those sessions when your legs feel like led and you wonder how the hell you’ll ever finish this run today? The […]


  I was recently privy to a guided meditation around the impact of continuously saying “sorry”. I have to confess, when I first sat down I pulled my nose up smugly. After all, everyone knows I don’t apologise. I live a life of conscious choice. I live a life aligned with my personal values – […]