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What would life look like if you allowed yourself to BE more?

I’m a three on the Enneagram – the high achiever.  The goal driven personality who sets the goals, puts her head down, takes shit tons of action and makes it happen. No matter what it takes. I’m built for endurance Baby. I keep going when others hang their heads down in defeat. They call us […]

Surface level work will get you surface level results

I adore my clients. Their courage. Their determination. Their passion. Their vision to building empires.  Visions that rock this world to it’s very core.  Visions which they relentlessly pursue. Regardless of their current circumstances. Regardless of their challenges. Regardless of their bullshit. Which is exactly why they work with me. For they have always reached […]

You don’t get what you do, you get who you are choosing to be…

Shit, how blessed are we? To be living in a time when humanity is being turned on its head and people are forced to stop and finally think again! Questioning the meaning of it all. Questioning the systems. Questioning the beliefs they were told had to be accepted at face value because someone stated “Because […]

You have to just let that shit go!

As I sat in bed yesterday there was a deep feeling inside of me that it’s time to let go of all that is no longer serving me. The next level of shit that is clogging up my mind, my energy, my drive, my impact. I’m going to be frank, my first thought was “Oh […]

Are you done flirting with the idea of a business?

In a world where so many claim to follow their passion, building their dreams, going all out, there’s surprisingly few truly successful entrepreneurs. In the past decade meeting and working with hundreds of entrepreneurs I have come to realise that there’s those who talk big and there are those who walk big. The talkers are […]

You simply cannot build an empire with a slave-girl mentality

Did you know that becoming an entrepreneur is in fact, about embarking on a journey of astounding personal growth? It has fuck-all to do with money. Sorry to burst your bubble. Which means that there are a few home truths that you need to get at a cellular level if you’re serious about doing this […]

The destructive power of “I know”

Today is going to be a bit of a smackdown. It’s the 9th of January and I’m still seeing people fluffing around! I’m still seeing people keeping themselves stuck in their habitual destructive thoughts and behavioural patterns that simply don’t serve their greatness. Not taking action. Not getting the support they need to thrive. Struggling. […]

The beliefs I adopted which changed the game.

I am obsessed with personal growth. I am obsessed with mindset. And for good reason. For the first few of decades of my existence I was forever looking to others to save me from myself and my bullshit stories of who I am and what I am capable of. I would search for the gurus […]

I am so sorry if I ever made you feel like you’re alone!

Shit, life is a rollercoaster. As I slid under the covers of my cozy duvet, feeling content, feeling like I’ve made a real difference today, I am pulled to my phone to check in one last time before cuddling into the arms of the Sandman. OF COURSE I FELT THE PULL. Because, right there in […]