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What lies in the darkness that we’re being told to fear?

Darkness… What is being hidden in the succulent depths that has the puppeteers fill us with fear so that we will stay away? This is the question which haunts me today. It might have something to do with the energy of the full moon as she continuously calls me outside to dance in her radiance. I’m starting […]

Are your decisions being driven by your true self?

For me, one of the favourite things of my chosen path as a coach, is that the work on myself is never-ending. It stems back from my core value that I will never ask of others that which I’m not prepared to do myself. A belief that’s seen me scrubbing many a toilet. As I’m designing my […]

It’s not just what you say but how you say it.

I’ve been called insensitive. A lot. People seem to confuse sympathy with caring.  I don’t. If you want sympathy go to the choir who thinks you’re a loser. I think you’re fucking awesome and I will treat you as such. So I don’t coo and ooh more when others are continuously telling me the drama which […]

Exhale and let that shit go…

Who ever taught us to be so hard on ourselves? To be so critical of ourselves? To never feel good enough? To compare ourselves to unrealistic social images of what is considered beautiful? Who the fuck cares. That’s who. The fact is that we can continue to blame our parents, our spouses, our boyfriends when […]

What would you do differently if you had a gazillion bucks?

As I’m planning out my day ahead I can’t help but be filled with absolute joy and excitement. Meditation and journaling is being followed by blogging.  After this I’m off to run through the forest and seeing how many bunnies I can spot before they burrow down for the day.  This will be followed with a […]

Reclaim your power from within the silence

I currently have the impression of myself on a rocket ship of personal growth, healing, empowerment, revelations, remembrance. It’s scary as shit. Not all that pleasant most days. I have a deep inner knowing that this is the right time, that I’m finally ready, and the Universe is lovingly gifting me with all the support I […]