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The gold of your business lies in the details of your life.

In my world, everything matters. Your thoughts. Your beliefs. Your actions. Your business. Your relationships. Your spiritual practice. Your health. Everything is a beautifully woven web forming a dazzling miracle called life. An appreciation which can easily be missed out on when you’re in the thick of things. Let me ask you Darling, have you ever […]

But what if I don’t want easy?

I adore my life. I love the fact that I came out of the ‘perfection’ closet a long time ago and can now freely speak my mind knowing that nothing is set in stone. I love the fact that as I stay open and curious I can question not only what everyone else says, but […]

Just how close are you keeping the enemy?

Oh what an amazing experience we have chosen. What a wonderful adventure. Powerful souls disguised as helpless babies volunteering to forget we’ve co-created galaxies. Because forgetting who you are and what you are capable of seemed like such a fun idea at the time. Reminds me of entering my first IronMan. When you press that button […]

Are your words and your actions aligned?

  I live in a world largely constructed by words. A world in which everything I witness, caress, inhale is created by my thoughts, my written and spoken words. It took me a while to remember this. To remember my true creative abilities. To remember truth. For most of the first half of my life […]

Just in case tomorrow doesn’t come…

Hey Beautiful It’s the eve of my birthday. I’m feeling a little pensive. A little sad. A tad emotional. As I look back on my life I see forty five years filled with some of the most exquisite life lessons and experiences. Lessons in love. Lessons in courage. Lessons in belief in self. Lessons in […]

There’s no fine in thrive

Isn’t it a little disgusting how we’ve been socialised to conform in the desperate yearning for acceptance? Isn’t it a little absurd how the culture of mediocrity has managed to take our most powerful tools and turned them into tools of enslaving us in average? Tools such as goals. Tools such as emotions. Tools such as words. We’re […]

Is this how you want to be remembered?

I still get chills. Every time I hear it. “All I want to do is trade this life for something new” Each time I get taken back to that Thursday night at Virgin Active Randburg. We were riding. We were sweating. Some of us were cursing, using whatever we had to just to get to […]

The truth of you

I’m going to keep this to the point. You might disagree with me. You might tell me to go fly a kite. You might unfollow me. As long as I trigger that ugly AF ego of yours, I’ve achieved my aim. Here’s why: I see people hurting. Badly. I see people walking around miserable. Fat. Depressed. […]