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Are you serious about changing your life this year?

Brand new year. Whoop whoop! Oh how excited everyone is! Everywhere I go people give a hearty “Happy New Year!” It’s as if they received a dose of hope injected straight into their main artery and everyone is hyped with expectation. They start telling me how THIS is going to be their best year ever. […]

It’s not about the results but what they represent.

Do you ever wonder why we get so emotional when we witness high levels of success? Whether financial success, professional success or physical success. We stand in awe of those who have achieved an exceptional level of achievement in their chosen field of focus. Some feel jealousy. Some feel anger and resentment. Some feel the call, […]

Show me your will to win!

It’s January second. Have you made the first count? Really count? Have you set your sweet ass down and committed to your outcomes for the next year, the next ten years with absolute resolve and faith that it will be so regardless of the road ahead? Have you reconnected with your purpose for drawing breath?  Have […]

What are you prepared to sacrifice for your thrive?

As I sit facing the rising sun, my legs curled under me for support and connection to Gaia, I open myself up for a deeper level of introspection. It’s time. It’s time for me to get real with myself and my Creator and see the clues of alignment that I’ve missed along the way of […]

My final message for 2017

Wow, what a year it’s been. As I connect with my breath and exhale, I know it’s time to honour my body and mind and to rest. It’s time to go within, to connect, to heal on a deeper level, to hear the eternal wisdom so that I may be of greater service to you. So […]

Have you made yourself proud this year?

Two weeks. Two weeks and all the hype of I January 2017 will be forgotten, only to be replaced by the hype of 1 January 2018. Looking back, 2017 has been one of the most empowering, most transformational, most insane times of my 45 year existence. It’s the year I will always remember for facing my […]

It’s time to find the nuggets of golden learning.

We’re in the home stretch of 2017 and I find it fascinating to see how few people are still moving forward. Most are sitting down. Exhausted. Slightly defeated. Throwing themselves vigorously into mind numbing activities just so they don’t have to do the introspection, take responsibility and heaven forbid, change. They break the routine for […]

Are you sending God half-assed telegrams of desire?

You know the saying “Ask and it is given”? Well God wants to know why the fuck you’re not asking properly? She says that all she’s getting from you is half-assed telegrams and she’s kinda confused as to why you’re bitching and moaning so much about your results (or as you state it, lack of […]

Are you living in a perpetual state of pain or pleasure?

When I first heard that we all have two main driving forces – getting away from pain and heading towards pleasure – I thought, how wonderful and simple. To have a phenomenally happy life all I needed to do was identify what causes me pain and run the fuck away from it and pinpoint what will […]