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Sticking your head in the sand will never bring you success.

Change is inevitable. Regardless of how much you resist it. NOTHING STAYS THE SAME. It is either growing, or it’s dying. And it’s scary Darling. OMG it’s so scary. To continuously lose people To lose stability To wander into new territory not knowing what lies ahead. It takes so much courage to keep going when […]

Nice never made me stronger.

Shit storms are flying globally. People are breaking down. Relationships falling apart. Rock bottom seems to have plummeted to a new level. I can’t help but look at it all and thinking to myself that there must be something BIG coming. A time in history that will be known as a turning point. A time […]

It ALWAYS comes back to the burning desire.

What are you denying? What are you hiding inside of you in the darkness of a grave marked “Regret”? What is there within you that you remember as a HELL YES that you’ve somehow made a Fuck No? What is that thing, that desire, that you are trying so desperately to abandon, that it’s tearing […]

It’s about bloody time for you to be misunderstood!

When did your desire to be liked start dominating your desire to thrive? When did you become placid and timid for the sake of approval? To be part of the cool gang. Those with inflated egos who truly have zero desire to do the seemingly impossible. Those who simply want to exist from day to […]

There comes a time when you just have to decide.

There’s this cancer in modern society – it’s called shame. You can literally see it drip off people like black tar dragging them to a stand-still! You see it in the way their shoulders are hunched, desperately trying to protect their hearts. You see it in the way they apologise for their desires, apologise for […]

Stop changing your position, instead outgrow it!

Whether you’re in business for yourself or in the employ of someone else, there comes a time of dissatisfaction. This is normal and it’s good. Because as human beings we are hardwired for growth and change and expansion. Unfortunately most people have become lazy bastards who misread the feeling that indicates time for growth, as […]

Smashed into a million pieces – I choose how I break.

I’ve always been fascinated by the human psychology. By the complexity of our psyches. By the immense power of the human will. By the fragility which seems to, at times, unravel at a whisper. I devour books which explains why we are the way we are. Why we are successful because our parents were well […]