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  I was recently privy to a guided meditation around the impact of continuously saying “sorry”. I have to confess, when I first sat down I pulled my nose up smugly. After all, everyone knows I don’t apologise. I live a life of conscious choice. I live a life aligned with my personal values – […]

There’s only ever ONE acceptable standard

No more excuses. No more sabotage. YOU my Darling, are a born leader. Yet the leaders seem to have been stripped from their pride, from their standards, from their truth. Living in a society where excellence is frowned upon, pride is sinful, and we have to fucking save everyone too lazy to do the work […]

When you’re at the top, you’re in fact on the bottom.

High Achiever:  “a person who achieves more than the average person in their work.” Google – Dude – what a shitty definition. It nowhere near accurately describes who high achievers are. In fact, one could say this is an average definition. One that really annoys me. For it’s bullshit definitions such as these that keep people achieving […]

What would you do if you had a reset button?

My husband woke up this morning, all crumply from his sleep he turned to me: “I had the most bizarre dream.  I dreamt we had a reset button.” Interesting.  So I asked him what the reset button was for. “Anything we wanted to do over.” Hmmmmmm, my first thought was that in all honesty, I […]

Who do you need to liberate with your thrive?

As I sat under the full moon on Saturday, asking for clarity on what to release, I had no idea what I was in for. Then it hit me yesterday. It’s time to burn my precious journals. Decades’ worth of my life experiences captured on pages. Some of those words were written with great joy and […]

Warrior Smack-Down

If you’re feeling a little tender and teary, close this right now and walk away from this piece. If you enjoy wallowing in misery right now, go eat a tub of ice-cream and get fat so you have more reason to complain about how tough and unfair life is. This piece is not for you. […]

It’s time for a Self-Love Revolution!

I’m not a feminist. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I happen to adore men. I love their often dry sense of humour, wicked and clever. I admire the way their bodies respond to training with bulging muscles and lean corners. I thrive when they allow themselves to be powerful, decisive, clear and to the point. […]

Perfection – the assassin of your dreams and gifts

As I reach my right leg back, feeling the cramp curling into life in my hamstring, I can’t help but think what an ass I look like compared to the gorgeous creature at the front of the class. She makes it look so easy. So effortless. So perfect. Bitch. The emotions that rise inside of me […]

You keep telling yourself that Sunshine

Yoga has been an interesting journey for me. A true gift. It’s been a journey of learning to bend not break. A journey of getting out of my ego and into my heart. A journey of changing my story. A reconnection with silence without the need of creating immense amounts of pain to drown out the […]