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Just because you act like them, doesn’t make you one of them.

I know you think you’re fooling us. Hell, maybe you’ve surrounded yourself with those so far down the path of existence, barely putting one foot in front of the other, constantly numbed out by their poison of choice, that they’re not paying attention, so you think you’re getting away with it.   But you’re not […]

Where are you giving your soul the finger?

Within us there’s a feeling, a knowing, of who we truly are.   Normally, in a world insisting on the average, it feels WAY TOO BIG. ‘Who the hell do I think I am thinking that I could be all THAT and then some?’   God knows the small-minded can hardly cope with you showing […]

Anel, how do I know I’m an Alpha Female?

OMG would you please stop this insanity? Would you please stop sitting there, doubting yourself. Who you are. What you desire. What you are capable of.   You already know. You’ve always known.   And yes, they’ve done their utmost best to confuse the daylights out of you. They’ve told you their stupid fairytales of […]

Who the hell do you think you are? Time to REMEMBER Alpha.

Hey Sugar, what do you think you’re doing, half-assing your life and then trying to convince me that you’re doing your best?   Puh-lease!   Do you think I was born yesterday? Do you think I’m the same as all those lazy bitches you’ve surrounded yourself with? All too happy with your lame attempts at […]

There’s absolutely NOTHING else that needs to happen right now.

Damn girl, you must be so exhausted, keeping up this charade.   Pretending to be the same as those you’ve surrounded yourself with, just because you’ve conveniently convinced yourself that wool blanket wrapped around you makes you a sheople.   When you and I both know nothing can be further from the truth.   #ShowMeYourTeethAlpha […]

What if… what you want IS what you need?

 I’m going to invite you to lovingly put aside your judgement, your guilt, your shame, the conditioning that tells you that you shouldn’t want for too much because that would make you greedy and as we are told that is one of the BIG sins.   Don’t worry Mom, Satan called and said I’m […]

It’s okay not to want it anymore…

As I continue clearing out my home, it’s astounding just how much I’m releasing in the process.   Not just material things, but old stories and beliefs resident in my mind.   More noteworthy, most of these beliefs and limitations were given to me in childhood, more than four decades ago.   Of how I […]

Lifegasmic Simplified.

Oh dear lord. I’m feeling a little whimsical this morning so who knows which direction this will take…   I had this ‘click’ sensation last night as I read a paragraph I’ve read countless times before. Taking the time to reflect, finding evidence of this in my own life, and then letting it infuse into […]

Revealed: the TWO assets levelling the playing field.

Just to be clear, you weren’t born into anything.   You were born. Period. The end.   You were born with a powerful mind, which levels the playing field of whatever layout social structures have formed.   It’s the asset with which you CREATE who you choose to be how you choose to show up […]

Live with intention, lead with conviction

Let’s shift gears…   Yesterday I lit a fire in your belly, and then what? What did you do with the renewed warmth coursing through your veins?   This is the catch 22 with all that is available to you at this time. There’s simply NO lack of information, of inspiration, of resources, free via […]

Time to Release Release Release in love!

6 am Already the sun is sneaking over the horizon. Be still my beating heart.   You know what this means? OMG YES!!!!!!!! I survived another winter and spring is around the corner.   Wooohooooo motherlickens!!!   What this also means is it’s time to release to cut back to let go of EVERYTHING that’s […]

Your unwillingness to commit, doesn’t impress in the least…

Have you truly forgotten what it feels like to want something so bad that you’re willing to do ANYTHING to have it?   Have you truly forgotten what it feels like to have the fire burning inside of you consuming all your fears your insecurities your thoughts your feelings your waking moments, fuck, even your […]

The journey IS the rainbow! Life IS the gold!

I don’t get it anymore. I’m sitting in the coffee shop, the sun is shining brilliantly outside, the music is not too bad for a coffee shop, life is fucking spectacular.   Yet as I look around, I’m the only person smiling. Sitting on my own, just smiling from within because my happy energy has […]

Lip-service will get you kissing arse, but never kicking it!

 Like most Alphas, I have no problem being alone. In fact, it’s my preference.   To run through the wilderness with nothing but the loud exhalation of my breath, slow-burn fire in my muscles, thirst in my throat, THIS is my zone.   It serves my Muse well, for she detests contamination that will […]

If today is YOUR day, then it’s time to make it so.

 How much longer are you willing to stand there, stupified, petrified?   Big eyes staring into the obis. Tears silently rolling down your face.   As your human form has transformed into a shell of what you once were, stepford wife, pleasing them, saying the right thing at the right time, and then bending […]

Alphas – it’s time for a new order! RISE!

Good morning Sunshine, today is a bloody spectacular day to be alive.   It’s a good day to take a full breath, close your eyes, and connect to your magnificence.   It’s a good day to look at your life, with pride. To bring love, acceptance and appreciation to every decision you’ve ever made. Every […]

The difference is – level of commitment.

Standing behind the goal posts, watching his every move, it’s so easy to spot, the moment his commitment falters.   There’s a slight drop to his shoulders, his hands soften, and every single time, the opposition, hungry for victory, strikes at the PRECISE moment, and scores 2 seconds after he gives up.   What makes […]

Stop throwing your money at the symptoms!

What The Actual Fuck?   You’re way smarter than this. Yet you still have the nerve to show up pretending to be another ignoramus.   You still have the audacity to tell me that actually you just need an eating plan you just need a training plan you just need a business strategy you just […]

The gangrenous effect of settling.

You keep telling yourself that it doesn’t really matter. It’s just a phase and that it will pass. You keep telling yourself that maybe, this is simply part of the journey, and you have to stick it out. As apparently stickability will determine your ultimate levels of success.   Except, there’s a difference between being […]

Have you turned your greatest asset into your biggest weakness?

    Do you realise that you have been gifted with the greatest power in the universe?   Free will.   That’s right Cupcake. Your ability to decide for yourself, to choose for yourself, is what makes you the equivalent of a god (don’t take this out of context).   I do wonder when society […]

What would you be thinking about, if it wasn’t for the drama?

You hear them too don’t you? It’s okay, you can tell me. I won’t think you’re crazy.   Those voices in your head. Running on repeat in the background every waking moment. The narrative sometimes going unnoticed, except for how you feel.   How are you feeling most of the time? Are you feeling light, […]

How will you allow their words to influence your authentic self?

People are fascinating creatures. They all seem to get to a certain level of financial success and then decide that they have the universal gospel truth.   With respect, and I truly have immense respect for every individual who conquer their inner demons and rise to where they desire to be, we all live in […]

Which energy are you feeding today – bitch or beast?

You know the story about the two wolves within every man – one is supposedly good and the other bad, and which wins depends which we feed the most.   Well, I’ve also noticed that people have two energies inside them: one is being a little bitch and the other bring it on beast!   […]

When shit hits the fan, I just choose to HTFU!

  **HTFU – Harden The Fuck Up**   For alphas, life is always happening at a million miles an hour. People coming and going, sometimes at such a rapid rate it feels as though there’s a revolving door and they don’t even get more than a hasty ‘hello’ in. Creative geniuses, there’s NEVER a cap […]

#sorrynotsorry I don’t speak Average

 I know I’m not the only one. I know there are others like me, who at times listen to the questions being asked, the advise being given, tilting your head to the right thinking to yourself “I don’t understand”.   How do I stay motivated to achieve my goals? I don’t understand You have […]

The wolf does not lie with the poodle.

#SoulSmackDown!   Really? You want to do this again?   Standing there looking all sheepish, because you know, you fucking KNOW, that YOU have once again let YOU slide.   I can do this all day long Sweetheart. I can give you the punches, the ‘failures’, the uncomfortable situations, so you can choose to shape […]

Inconsiderate, unsympathetic bitches or empowering badasses?

 Okay Sunshine, let’s talk.   I’m just so over you sitting there thinking that you have to settle for ANYTHING less than spectacular. When you were born for absolute MAGNIFICENCE.   You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise.   Would you agree with me that right now someone else already has the level of success […]

There is only ONE answer to lasting change.

Ugh, I’m fighting the message. I can feel it. This is not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about mindset and empire building. I want to talk about fitness and all things that inspire. Yet who the hell do I think I am to stand in the way, when I believe […]

The difference between wanting and DECIDING…

This message could be a little more challenging to receive for most. As always, it might come across a little confrontational, chances are there will be triggers. Well, I’ll leave that in your hands.   I do feel it’s important for us to have this conversation as I’m just kinda over women, and men, behaving […]

Respect is not given, it is earned.

    What do you see when you look in the mirror? WHO do you see when you look in the mirror?   Do you see a woman of influence? One dedicated each and every day to being better than yesterday. One who lives by her word. Who says what she means, means what she […]

The answer lies in being your best self.

Focus. Shut out the noise. Rid the distraction.   Listen.   The answers to everything you seek, lies in your best version self.   After two decades of exquisite learning in a marriage that took me so far from myself, that I finally chose ME, it’s been a process to reclaim all of me.   […]

Motivated AF – or not… It’s your choice.

I wasn’t planning on writing today. Except as I switched on my laptop my inbox was flooded with people seeking advise on motivation.   How do you stay motivated to achieve your goals? I’m not feeling motivated to achieve my goals – what do I do? How do I remain motivated when I’m going through […]