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Why I will never treat my clients with kid-gloves – HTFU.

I’m always intrigued by the criticism I receive from those new to my space, regarding my approach to my clients.   Messages expressing their concern for the emotions of those who choose to work with me. Feeling that I need to maybe cut them some slack. That a softer touch can do wonders for those who […]

Whose beliefs are you allowing to run the show?

Coaching is not for pussies. It’s raw. It’s real. It’s confronting. It challenges every thought you’ve used to built your life on thus far. And then, demands that you choose what you will believe moving forward.   Well, the way I coach anyway.   Yesterday I took a courageous group of women into the underground of […]

Excuse me Sir, I think you might have dropped your balls.

This message is by no means directed exclusively at those with a physical pair of testicles.   Average people often ask why women don’t get upset that it’s called “Iron Man”. Why we don’t insist on being called “Iron Woman”. Not understanding, that when you choose to live the life of an Iron Man, every […]

Will you ever burn those bullshit stories to the ground?

This one is for my global soul-family, my highland soul comrades-in-arms, you know who you are – thank you!   What if today I came face to face with my Creator? What if she asked me why I played so small? Why I held back? Why I neglected to use the force which creates worlds, […]

Are you being an energy vampire or a high vibe thriver?

Okay Okay this is HUGE so pay attention.   You know how I’m always going on about the importance of who you surround yourself with? That you become the AVERAGE of those with whom you consistently interact? And how you keep telling me that you can handle it?   Well, here’s what I want you to […]

I can give you the keys, but you have to get in and drive!

Argh, FFS, I wanted to write you a nice piece today seeing as how it’s the first of May. Soul played along for a while, and then she rolled her eyes and deleted it all.   BEATCH!   So sorry, not sorry, let’s get down to work.   We’re almost halfway through another year. Are […]

Why are you allowing their fear to steal your dreams?

Want to know what truly grates my tits?   FEAR-MONGERING!   It’s fucking pathetic how many dreams are buried alive every single day, because change-makers are cowering before the fear of their near and dear. Wrapped in cotton-wool, preventing them from ever having an ouchie.   Because, you know, from a space of good intention, they […]

It’s you against your personal brand of bullshit.

If you’re in a prissy mood, scroll away from this piece right now. Don’t read this.   I have no patience for tantrums today.   Today is for those COMMITTED to success. Those who have had ENOUGH of their own excuses. Their own feelings of defeat, exhaustion, whimpery.   Those ready to rise to VICTORY. […]

How DARE you pretend you’re average?

Well, well, well, just look at you… Sitting there, shoulders rounded over, pretending to fit in.   Are you happy now? Now that you have ‘friends’ who smile at you when they’re satisfied with you average existence, and scowl at you when being in your presence makes them feel uncomfortable. You know, the times when […]

It has everything to do with the stories.

We are so clever. Don’t you think? We’re always about figuring out the answers.   Which is how we’ve been designed. Little solution-finders. Making sense of this fabulous journey.   Except, most people appear to have disconnected with their brilliant narrative talents. Well, in all honesty, most are so fast asleep in life they don’t […]

They only BOO from the bleachers so keep your head in the game.

Haters – you gotta love ’em.   There was a time when they really got to me. Especially as I first navigated my way onto the online scene.   I am naturally shy. Back then I was also unsure of myself, of my message. I would admire all those social media ‘celebrities’ with their gorgeous […]

When will you stop suffocating yourself with those masks?

Looking back I sometimes wonder how the hell I pulled it off! All those masks. All those roles. All those personalities. All those carrot-up-my-arse conversations.   In truth, I probably wasn’t very successful, which is why I was always in some form of trouble. Always berated for my embarrassing and inappropriate language and behaviour.   […]

How much longer will you choose to be a sheople?

Beware the sheep in lion’s clothing. For they will feed you fear-laced pudding. Sapping you of all belief in yourself, so that you will be part of their flock. The allure of this is that people who have lost faith in themselves, will always look for the biggest flock, thinking that clearly THAT ‘leader’ must […]

How do you know that this time around it’s going to be different?

I know Darling, entrepreneurship is one of those journeys nobody really prepares you for. Like parenthood, there’s no comprehensive handbook. A lot of what you experience has you feeling so out of your depth, at times you wonder if it’s all worth it.   Quite frankly, if you think it isn’t, then it’s not for […]

If you’re serious about success, stop asking what to do!

Holy shit man, how old are you? Are you 4 or are you 40? Because right now you’re a disgrace to yourself. Tippy toeing around your potential, taking one step forward, one mile back.   Why? Because you’re scared you’re going to fail?   FAIL FASTER!   The stench of your fear is attracting every […]

There is no sympathy here for you.

How much longer do you think you can keep up this charade? Pretending to be this little bitty person, in a big bad world. The odds stacked against you, and you, the helpless little victim, waiting to be saved.   How much longer do you think your pretence to be timid and weak, will get […]

I’ll say it again – Knowledge without execution is delusion

I suspect that the era of information is biting people in the arse. Millions stuck in their heads, paralysed in doubt, never converting knowledge to wisdom.   Wisdom which can only be gained through repetitive implementation, leading to a new way of thinking, a new way of doing, a new way of being. a new […]

Your piss poor decisions will not create iconic results!

When did you become, this? This half-baked version of your brilliant, name taking, radiant self?   When did you think it was remotely acceptable to become NORMAL????   When did you convince yourself that it was worth turning your back on ALL OF YOU, just so that one more asshole could like and approve of you? […]

Winners aren’t groomed with kid gloves

We were about halfway through the ride when I started paying attention. He’s a competitive little shit. And he’s strong. In fact, his power is far superior to mine. Thank fuck at this stage I still have experience and endurance on my side.   What if we could bring our best to each other? With […]

Greeting the morning with a deep sigh of contentment…

I felt my soul enter my body. Slipping into my consciousness, like a silk dress effortlessly flowing over curves. I smiled. My first thought of the day: “Hmmmmmm, good morning world. I’m so happy to be here. What mischief can we get up to today?”   It was quite the delicious wakening.   What makes […]

Are you in a habit of winning, or losing?

“Did you win?” “That’s the wrong question to ask Anel.  I always win.  Winning is a habit.  You should be asking, by how much did I win?” FUCKING LOVE IT! And how true. Yes, winning is a habit. As is losing. Except, most people never have this realisation. They never take the time to figure […]

Are you done showing up as a scaredy cat?

Have you had enough? Have you had enough of pretending to be this… Done slinking around in the dark alley-ways, hunkering in the shadows like a pussy? Are you done with your constant motherfucking wailing like a cat in heat on a hot summers night? Because quite frankly Darling, it’s a little insulting to the […]

When you’re not getting what you say you want…

Okay Sunshine… You’re frustrated AF, I get it. I’ve watched you struggling for weeks, months, years on end. Saying you’re determined to succeed. Every day, taking action. And still, it’s just not happening for you. So you get a little more desperate because the final hours are near. You take more action, even though you’re […]

There will always be days when you’re just not feeling it.

I’m sitting here laughing at myself. It’s one of those strange mornings where it simply doesn’t feel like flow. In fact, the two year old me is feeling petulant, bordering on a tantrum. My foot hurts. A lot. The infection from my adventure last week is spreading and the doctors are fully booked till late […]

It’s not about changing the rest of the world – it never was.

Fuck, I’m seriously resisting writing this piece today. I know that regardless of my intention, it’s going to trigger most. I respect thousands are still reeling from the horrendous events which took place in Christchurch last week, likely not ready to receive this yet.  Words cannot even begin to describe… I also know that I […]

It’s never the actions that will determine your success…

STOP! Sit your ass down, close your eyes, and just breathe! Your frantic chaos is creating a hurricane of disaster around you, and it’s all so futile. You’re fucking exhausted. You’re not thinking clear. You’re talking crazy – saying how you just can’t do it, you just don’t have it, you just don’t know anymore. […]

Come out, come out, wherever you are – if you dare…

Isn’t it absurd how ‘visible’ we have become? How our lives have become open to scrutiny for all and sundry via the world wide web? Just last week I commented on the fact that I’m sooooo grateful there were no modern cellphones when I was young. God, I would have been in constant shit if […]

Do you have the brass ovaries to allow yourself to succeed?

God, you must be exhausted… The strain of holding yourself back, day in and day out, leaving you trembling with exertion. They tell you that it’s because you’re taking too much action. They tell you that it’s because you’re burning out. They don’t understand you Darling. I do. I know you wake some mornings, pausing […]

The bullshit that’s stopping you from showing the fuck up!

Oh my lord, what are you doing? Sitting there in the corner, waiting for someone to see your shyly raised hand, to give you permission to speak. Are you kidding me Sunshine? When did you decide that another has authority over you? When did you start thinking that it’s okay for you to slink around […]

Everything that you say you want, starts with you…

Oh I know you don’t want to hear it. I know how much it sucks to look in the mirror and finally understand that the buck has to stop here. That in order for you to have EVERYTHING you say you want, you first and foremost have to OWN the fact that YOU, and only […]

You think you’re the only one pissing your pants?

Frozen in fear. I can’t see the way. I can’t see the next step. FUCK! I CAN’T SEE THE NEXT STEP! “You stupid bitch! How the hell did you get here again? What were you thinking? Going up the mountain. Unprepared. Knowing that you’re terrified of heights. You should have known better. You stupid bitch.” […]

There comes a time when you simply have to stop explaining…

We are a growing breed. Those who choose to walk alone. The silence found in darkness smoothing frayed senses at the end of the day. Velvet cloak nurturing sapped energy. Happily feeling like the misfits, outcasts, in a world gone mad. We are the ones who are misunderstood. For the longest time, I spent all […]

Speak with power or say nothing at all…

What is it going to take for this to sink in? That you are creating your current reality with the thoughts you choose to think, you know, those stories you keep telling yourself, of why people do the shit they do, of what that says about you, of what it says about them, the words […]

When you’re not feeling the joy in receiving

My Love, I get it. Probably better than most. For I have walked in the shoes of self-preservation, self-deprevation, until there was more hole than sole. It felt safer to be in lack, invisible, than to receive. Sounds so crazy doesn’t it? The ego goes on the defensive, saying that’s just stupid. ‘OF COURSE I […]

Do you have the courage to look in the mirror of life?

Open your eyes. If you  dare… Open your eyes and see what you’ve created, all around you. From your thriving business or struggling hobby, to your sexy AF body or fat, flabby layer of protection, to your orgasmic lover or abusive codependent nightmare, to your connected family or dysfunctional unit of resentment, to your adventurous […]