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Just when you think you have nothing left to give.

I’m going to fess up here – doing three hours of yoga a day is seriously challenging me. As is my normal habit I’ve bitten off way more than I think I can chew and both my body and mind is feeling the increased intensity. But a promise is a promise.  And ultimately I have […]

At which stage does knowledge stop being power?

I adored my grandfather.  I remember him encouraging me to always be open to learning and continue my education for as long as possible.  “Knowledge is power which nobody can ever take away from you Anel” he would say in his gruff voice, the skin by his eyes permanently wrinkled from his contagious laugh and wicked sense […]

The tools doesn’t make the man – but can it hinder him?

Look what I received yesterday!  Aren’t they just gorgeous??? Yeah Baby, a brand new pair of mountain bike shoes. I suspect my previous ones had probably been my companions in excess of eight years.  And after thousands of kilometers of mud, sweat and puppies they were exhausted. But you know what – they served me […]

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

So often I look at people and wonder when the hell they stopped thinking for themselves? When did humanity in general get so damned lazy to work their minds? Oh not YOU of course!  You’re special.  After all you’re in my space and we both know that already makes you a born leader and creator. […]

Happiness is… bruised knees and yoga mat burns

I love pain. I’m serious – I think I might be addicted to the shit! Somehow until this morning I’d just never connected the dots. For one thing there’s no way in hell that you can be a dancer and not have pain.  Which means my addiction probably started around age six. As an adult doing […]

The voice of reasoning that is nothing but a blatant lie.

Have you met Freddy? Maybe you don’t recognize Freddy by that name.  Maybe you call him by another. Freddy is that scared little ego who lives inside your head.  A cave creature who believes in dinosaurs, scarcity of resources, that your tribe is going to stone you to death if you speak your truth which always seems […]

No more Mrs Nice Guy.

I wish I could make you feel better by saying that there was a time when I was really a nice girl. Truth be told I was probably just born a little rebel who didn’t conform and so was labelled a bitch as far back as I can remember.  The times that I was ‘well behaved’ […]

The hardest part is NOT getting started.

I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one who never stops questioning?   It’s like this relentless infantile voice in my head but instead of asking the annoying “why” that every two year old gets stuck on at some stage, my voice asks “is that really true?” The really interesting part is not that I’m always asking […]