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The power of your Yes and your No

If only you would take a moment to understand, truly understand, the impact of your words, you would start paying closer attention, than you are right now. Your words ultimately create your life experience. It starts with two teeny tiny little words, that has the power to change EVERYTHING. You already know this, and yet, […]

I’m not here for your entertainment!

Those who know me well, will tell you that I’m not a very nice person. I have zero tolerance for small talk, my most used emoticon in my head is eyes rolling, if you can’t grab my attention with an interesting conversation, I will leave your presence so fast you won’t know what happened. This […]

‘Why the hell did I just create this pile of shit?’

Sometimes I look at the unfolding of my life, the current events, people, circumstances, and I’m a little dumbfounded. I can’t help but shake my head, a silent ‘what the fuck’ escaping my lips. It used to be so easy to feel helpless in these times. I could almost miss those days of ignorance. When […]

The chase is in service to all driven achievers…

Words can’t always describe the sensation of feeling truly alive. Blood pumping so hard that the echo in your ears drowns out the music. Sweat dripping into the fresh cuts, blood mixing with salt, only the sting reminding you this is pain. Lungs expanded from constant breath, flowing, more, burning. Fuck I love to ride. […]

Written in the buff, under the light of the moon

Todays’ piece is written in the buff, under the light of the moon.   It might be the power of the full moon, she is feeling particularly potent this month, that has me abandon my normal shyness, allowing me to connect to the crazy a little more. Who knows… Who cares… It feels good and […]

Results OR Excuses – there’s no in-between

I don’t want to hear it. Not again. I don’t actually give a shit. About all the reasons you tell me you can’t do it. Of how you have to put others first. Of how you don’t have time. Of how you’ve tried everything. Of how you can’t afford it. Of how you don’t know […]

If you truly want to transform the world, transform yourself.

We keep talking about what’s wrong with the world. All the hardship, The suffering, The lack, The abandonment, The obesity, The addiction, The psychological diseases, The scarcity. Still not understanding that every word we utter, spins the web of all these conditions even tighter. For what we give energy to, grows. We’re feeding the beast […]

What my soul wants you to know… Not for the faint of heart!

Ugh, it’s one of those days. When the message wants to come through and it’s feeling really uncomfortable, I keep backspacing, wondering how I can say it in a way that doesn’t feel like such a slap through the face? How about I step out of the way and allow myself to receive the message? […]

What if your emotions are not the real enemy?

Okay so maybe I just love stirring shit. Maybe I enjoy freaking out people by taking everything the ‘experts’ say and turning it upside down. My intention is not to say I’m right and they’re wrong, that would be a real dick move of me. Instead, my intention is to share the insanity raging inside […]

What I ACTUALLY mean when I say there are no victims…

 I suspect it must be challenging to live life thinking THIS is all there is. That you’re nothing more than skin, bones and muscle. It must suck to wake in the morning and think that what you see with your eyes IS universal truth. I can’t even imagine…   Periodically I allow myself to […]

Will this be another year of delusions and false starts?

This is not a motivational piece. It’s not in keeping with the celebratory atmosphere currently prevailing. Everyone high on hope-amine with the potential of 2019 lying ahead. And maybe you’ve even started taking action on those New Years Resolutions you so love setting! Maybe you’ve not had a drink in two days. Maybe you’ve thrown […]

Want a different future? Change your past today…

Let’s keep today short and sweet as I’m sure you’re wanting to get on with your party plans. It’s the final day of 2018. As I sat with my journal this morning, revisiting my wins, my accomplishments, my learnings, I was proud AF. 2018 has been like no year before. It’s the year I reclaimed […]

Are you ready to shed some skin for your game?

Transformation. Until this morning, as I’ve thought of this concept, the image of a butterfly came to mind. After all, it’s rather magical when the worm encases herself in her silky cocoon, and then emerges a butterfly. So romantic. Except, who the fuck wants to go into hiding for growth and transformation? Instead, this morning, […]

Are you quite done killing yourself?

Ugh, is there ANYTHING worse than seeing a high achiever pretending to be happy with the slow life? Skulking around with your smile painted on your face, nodding your head whilst silently rolling your eyes. Because everything you do, everything you say, everyone you’ve surrounded yourself with, is sooooooo ordinary, you want to choke. Yet, […]

What would your life in full integrity look like?

Confession time: I’ve been slipping. It’s been so gradual that I’ve not taken notice. Shit, in truth the slope has been there since the time of my birth. Greased for ease of the downhill slide by cultural norms. Compared to most I’m still looking pretty good, but in my heart, I know, I’m nowhere near […]

When last have you made your yes, YOUR yes?

Two of our most POWERFUL words, the ones opening and closing doors, the ones that has us expanding or constricting, is: yes and no. It’s because of the power they have over our experience of life, that those who live in fear, those who feel they have to dominate and oppress others so they won’t […]

Stating a case for discipline…

I’ve been intrigued by the increase of coaches who are slamming the concept of discipline. Highly successful leaders who I personally follow and respect. More importantly, I’m watching the effect this has on those who mindlessly absorb everything they say, adjusting their own behaviour accordingly, and getting matching results. Results which smacks of failure. Leading […]

The hardest part is watching them die…

The day I decided to step out of the way and allow people to have their own experience, was one of the hardest ever. The levels of frustration, anger, hurt, is indescribable. Yet that is part of the deal in coming to this life. To mind my own business. My responsibility is to continuously focus […]

Your life reflects your level of mind-mastery

I was writing you this witty piece but fuck-it. Let’s get straight to the point. What does a life well lived look like to you? If it’s a big party with booze and music and drunken mates, stop reading. Walk away. This piece isn’t for you. If on the other hand, it’s about leaving behind […]

Is it true that our goals start holding us back in life?

‘Is it true that our goals start holding us back in life?’ This was an actual question asked by an actual human being. Astounding. Todays piece is not for you if you want to continue setting ‘safe’ goals. It’s not for you if you want to defend the choices which has you asking bullshit questions […]

Feel like an imposter much? Welcome to the achievers club.

You have to love labels. The way in which humanity attempts to make sense of the complexity of this fabulous experience called life. Which OF COURSE means that someone had to give us a condition to call the unreasonable fear of high achievers of not being good enough in the company of fellow achievers. And […]

The fundamentals of high achievement being

I suspect this piece can potentially come across as a tad harsh. It’s not my intention to be overly critical but simply to share with you some of the unspoken fundamentals which achievers often take for granted, thereby creating a moment to pause and reflect on your own behaviour and habits. It might be an […]

What if you dropped the struggle and BE who you came here to be?

As the LinkedIn Top Voices 2018 list was released, the response was humbling to say the least. Most look at me and think I’m this outgoing bragging bitch, those who know me, will tell you I’m the complete opposite. I’m that introvert who simply committed to my purpose. The one who shows up regardless of […]

Are you asking yourself the best questions?

I love biting off more than I think I can chew. I love waking up in the morning, deciding it’s time to step up, and then saying YES to whatever the Universe decides to dish up. I love closing my eyes in denial of my insanity when I hit the enter button. It keeps me […]

True endurance comes from falling in love with the process, the journey.

I struggle to understand most people. Those who are constantly complaining about life. Moaning about doing the work. Unhappy – unless disconnected from their physical reality through booze or drugs or porn or online gaming. I struggle to understand why everyone is so goddamned impatient with themselves and their growth. I see them get angry […]

If you’re done with your bullshit, let’s get started.

Are you quite done yet? Have you had enough of your own excuses as to why you can’t go for it? All of it? Are you bored with the reflection of your ‘reality’ indicating a mind, weak like a newborn? Are you fed up with the bitter taste of mediocrity that continuously washes up from […]

Who is fucked up – me or the world?

You might want to grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine for this one. I’m not sure where we’re headed… All I know is that I’m sitting here pondering the current state of affairs as mirrored to me by life, and I keep coming back to the fact that society as a […]

Isn’t it about bloody time you stop being so coy?

When did you stop being the baddest bitch on the block? The one who unapologetically pissed on the ground – leaving her unmistakable mark? The one who struts in, chin lifted in defiance, daring any and all to challenge your greatness? When did you stop arriving with a loud roar of pride? When did they […]

Turn haters into peanut butter to your jam!

Soooooo, You say you’re here to bring change. To disrupt the system. To heal the sick, poisoned masses. You say you’re here to BE the motherfucking change. And then… you shrink before them. The haters. Those who publicly criticise your point of view. Spewing their venomous acid onto your work. Or, in the absence of […]

Do you even remember what it feels like to thrive??

HOLY SHIT – I’M ON FIRE!! Literally and figuratively. Sweat pouring down me whilst writing to you. The passion inside feeling like an out of control furnace, and this time around, I don’t fear the fire. Fuck, I AM THE FIRE. What’s happened? Ten years of mindset work has kicked my arse, next level. Peeling […]

Will my madness upset you enough to inspire introspection?

As I headed out on my own, lazy mist swirling above the lake, enjoying the silence as thousands around me still lay sleeping, I dropped into deep appreciation for who I choose to be today. It’s been a decade since first making the decision to break free from the cult of mediocrity, to reclaim my […]

How much longer will you choose mediocrity?

You have a choice to make. Every single day. You can choose to listen to the bullshit. The fears of those who will never rise to the ranks of legendary. Those who choose to stay hidden in the folds of the masses. Little cowards whispering their actual truth when nobody is around. Shrunk up testicles […]

But is your relentless complaining getting you epic results?

One of the human behaviours I truly struggle with, is complaining. It irks me to no end. Probably since, like so many other ‘normal’ behaviours, it simply doesn’t compute for me anymore. Yes, we all have shitty days. We all go through times when it feels as if the entire universe has smoked weed, doing […]

Understanding the relentless voice of doubt

Oh for the love of all that is holy on planet earth. I can hardly believe I’m here, again. The voice is back. The one that fills me with dread. You know the one, or is it just me? She starts off all sweet and tender, telling me how well I’m doing, considering, all that’s […]

Fuck their cookie-cutters, you’re NOT dough!

 Trigger alert. My inner bitch pulled her soap box out from under the bed. This could potentially be nasty. Quite frankly I’m so fucking over the fear-based marketing in an industry that I adore with every cell in my body, an art I truly believe in. I’m so done with coaches telling people they […]

Let’s just be perfectly clear, YOU get to decide.

To say that there’s been some RADICAL changes in my life this year, is an understatement. It’s taken me a long time, short time, to get to this point. Reclaiming my independence. Reclaiming my power. Reclaiming my choice. Reclaiming my voice. Reclaiming me.   A process which was brought to the cliff-edge on Friday, as […]

Change your viewpoint to get a new perspective

Today is moving day! It’ so much more than just moving day though, and as I was busy packing up boxes yesterday, I decided to press pause, take a step back and evaluate where I’m at. I had the inspiration to take it further, knowing that we have some powerful filters in the way we […]

The proof is in the evidence of you

It’s time to get ego out of the way and allow yourself to see without your goggles of bullshit. To put aside your fragility, take a step back and be honest. About what you SAY you want versus what you’re DOING. I’m a little over people bitching and moaning that life is so fucking unfair, […]

You’re never too old to play in discomfort

I woke up this morning, stretching into the day, thinking how wonderfully blessed I am. Each day. I receive All that I need to create my dreams. In the most delightful and unexpected of ways. Take last night for instance. One of my goals this year has been to start painting and as I revisited […]

Empire building on singletracks

I invite you to take out your journal and pen and translate each lesson into your business as I share my remembering with you: As I hit the entrance I bring my bike to a standstill. Check in. What’s happening in my body, in my mind? I’m feeling tired.  Maybe I should just turn around […]

It’s time for the real sacrifice to commence

Letter to self – whoever self is… Okay bitch, so you’ve been telling me for the longest time that you’re hungry for the next level of success. I’ve been listening to your whining about how you’re sick and tired of feeling less than good enough. Of how you desire freedom above all else. That you’re […]

How do you complete a marathon?

One motherfucking step at a time. I’m currently unfit AF. After weeks of being sick with the flu and having to pull-back to mere yoga every day, my body feels robotic, unresponsive, wading through peanut butter with every step I take. ‘1 kilometre’ the voice on my app states. Only one kilometre. And I already […]

The true power of freedom that is available to you.

 So you’ve hit rock bottom. Again. The point where you’ve just had enough. Again. Of the pain. The discontent. The frustration. The loneliness that you can never shake, regardless of how many ‘friends’ you make online. Lying, sobbing on the floor, thinking to yourself ‘What the fuck? What’s happened to me? What became of […]