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What if… today WAS in fact your very last day?

Ready to stop fucking around? Ready to actually get real with yourself?   Understanding that every single breath is gifted to you to create an EPIC experience.   Or are you looking at the question hypothetically? Because that’s the only way your fragile ego can even begin to cope.   #RiseAlphaFemales   The truth is […]

Are you playing to win, or not to loose?

Yes, I know. You’re setting the goals the way they told you to. You’re taking the action exactly as they told you to. You’re doing it all! Meditating. Journaling. You might even train every now and again.   Still, you’re not receiving the results you so desperately crave. At this stage of the fight, even […]

Dearly departed toenail… What are you not releasing?

Focus Anel. Clear your mind. Breathe in. Breathe out. Ugh, my toe hurts. Shuffle a little. Change position of my foot.   Okay, now focus. Clear your mind. Breathe in. Breathe out. It’s still hurting. Fuck.   Another 15 minutes of interrupted meditation goes by. This is simply getting ridiculous!   I get out the […]

“I love you, but I love me more…”

I might have a little girl-crush on Samantha Jones.   I’ve come a far way in the last year or so, finally admitting to myself and the world that I do better as a free woman, and still, I have a long way to go.   Which is probably why “Sex and the City” came […]

There’s nowhere left to hide… why would you want to anyway?

Whether you like it or not, life is changing Darling.   There’s a shift in consciousness such as never before. Which in all honesty, is scary AF for most. Especially those for whom the illusion of certainty is their primary preference.   Now, you can choose to cling to the old ways of wearing the […]

When they tell you to be your real self…

People are simply delicious… I love how they always presume to know what’s good for me. What will make me happy. What will make me successful.   I particularly delight in people telling me who I really am. What I really want to say. How I really want to say it.   Of course, they’re […]

Right now, is as free as you’re going to get…

Sit up. Pay attention. Shit is about to go down on a g-string.   Home truth Lover.   As free as you’re feeling right now, in this breath, is as  free as you’ll ever get…   Unless you stop your shit, thinking your freedom lies on the other side of the fence.   Whaaaaaat???   […]

Are you ready to call bullshit and join the thrive evolution?

I’m instigating a thrive-evolution. For Alpha Females ready to call bullshit.   Women who are ready to question the system, the roles we’ve been so neatly placed into, the behaviour that we’ve been saddled with, by anal men and insecure women who simply can’t handle our unbridled enjoyment of life.   Women who have no […]

Do you want to know the secret to your lifegasmic experience?

 What are you pushing against? What are you fighting to the point of exhaustion? Where is it that you feel you have to prove a point? That you have to prove your worth?   Just fucking stop it!   Stop looking at everyone else, attempting to be different from them, whilst fully immersed in […]

The problem is that there’s nothing wrong with you…

Fascinating…   Apparently it’s easier for us to believe that we’re broken, incomplete, fucked up, sick, in need of healing, in need of saving, in need of someone else, who holds the key to our well-being,   than it is to believe we’re spectacular, whole, powerful, thriving, in need of nothing, except to accept, appreciate, […]

It’s either all of you, or not love at all.

It’s kinda fucked-up, isn’t it? How we’re living in a time of deprivation underwritten by martyrdom.   Men and women believing sacrificing their true desires, will somehow lead to happiness. Bloated with bullshit beliefs and thoughts, of how they are not good enough, how there will never be enough for everyone, how they have to suffer […]

Are you actually ready for a fuck yes life?

I can’t stop smiling. It’s ridiculous. The energy coursing through my body feels like Christmas lights in full glory.   Can you believe that a mere nine months ago I was at rock bottom of my thrive?   When you’re lying on wet grass in an isolated park, sobbing your heart out, because you’re so […]

Keep your diamonds Darling, I’ll take the stars!

4:30 am. My first steps out of my front door has me pause, looking up at the night skies, black.   WTF? Where’s my stars? This is simply unacceptable.   Since starting my Appreciation Walks a few weeks ago, one of my favourite parts, has been the stars. Some mornings I look up and there’s […]

When you’re ready to reclaim all of you – #RiseAlpha

Holy SHIT, What a FABULOUS time to be alive!   A time of change. A time of chaos. A time of re-awakening. A time of LIBERATION.   Are you paying attention darling? Are you waking in the morning, checking in with yourself, pushing out your tentacles of consciousness, connecting with the vibrational charge of emotion […]

What’s the quality of your statements to the Universe?

Can we go there? A little beyond the academic realm. To where your wisdom resides.   Which, I’ve found, takes all that they tell us is TRUTH, because, you know, research shows this to be so, and blows it to hell!   It’s no wonder that most Alphas find themselves to be lone wolves. What […]

If you get hooked on the applause, you’re done for.

You see it happen all the time, artists, performers, creatives, leaders, getting addicted to public applause, recognition, appreciation, even the haters.   It’s a rush like no other. And lethal to the muse.   As with any addiction, it makes you vulnerable. What was once your fuel, becomes your Achilles heel.   When the applause […]

Do you remember who you truly are?

Shhhhhh, don’t say a word. Just drop into the beautiful silence. The rise and fall of your chest as you breathe in renewed life. The welcoming dark as you close your eyes and shut out the world.   Simply allow your attention to drop from your head, into you heart, feeling into the deep sense […]

What do you value more than your freedom?

Freedom. Liberation. Joy. Words. Just words…   And for most, it feels like a far-off dream, an impossibility.   Trapped in the illusion of commercialised needs and old ideas of what will bring fulfilment, they’ve created a bog filled with quick-sand, convincing themselves it’s worth trading their thrive for credit cards. Numbing the pain of […]

When it’s more than a G-string riding up your arse.

We like to think we’re so clever. When in truth, we are simple creatures of habit.   It goes way beyond our habitual actions, although they’re the most obvious. Everything that we get to perceive externally originates in the mind. Until you start paying attention to your habitual thoughts, you’re pretty much a slave to […]

Are your dreams going up in smoke because you’ve forgotten who you are?

People are so easily distracted. From their lives. From their goals. From themselves.   Probably because they’re starving for true connection, love, appreciation and thrive. Continuously looking for it in all the wrong places. Thinking other people will give them that which they’re unable to give themselves.   When in fact connection, love, appreciation, FUCKING […]

Snap the band of resistance by stacking more desires.

Naaaaah, poor baby… It’s feeling too hard? You’re feeling frustrated? Like maybe you should just admit defeat and give up?   Because it’s not happening the way they said it would. You’re ticking all their boxes, taking all their steps, and still… Nothing 🙁   It’s taking way longer than everyone else. That must mean, […]

When you’re done living like a timid mouse, do this…

I’m starting to suspect that I’m the only person who LOVES talking about fear. Maybe I should change my area of specialisation: The F-Coach – LOL. Just kidding.   Here’s the thing Sunshine, I have intimate knowledge of fear. For most of my life she had me bent over a barrel, giving it to me […]

Time to blow this pity party the fuck UP!

Are you quite done?   Listening to your continuous whining of how hard it is. How you’re just not feeling it.   The moon is in the wrong quarter. The planets are not aligned.   Nobody likes you. Everyone is leaving you.   You don’t know what to do next because clearly you just. can’t. […]

Have you handed Fear a butcher’s knife for mass destruction?

Life is truly a thing of wonder my friend.   I’ve been gifted with some pretty severe opportunities for choice lately. Opportunities to either continue on the familiar path, or to take a moment, slow down, for a deeper level of introspection, a higher level of insight and clarity.   It’s been simply awe-inspiring.   […]

Stop DILUTING your vision with their loss of belief in themselves.

TAKE A STAND! For yourself. For your vision. For your motherfucking LIFE!   I’ve noticed most people find it challenging to stay in my space for prolonged periods of time. They say I scare the shit out of them, my relentless passion, my obsession with liberating others from the fear-laced BULLSHIT they’re fed on a […]

Is ‘saving their feelings’ costing them their lives?

Shit, I’m feeling so much resistance to step aside after that title popped up on my screen. Clearly, this is going to be one of those “insensitive” pieces that will probably be taken up with hatred by majority.   Except, it truly comes from love.   As I sit next to the field, watching kids […]

Is it truly insane to make it hurt sooooooo good?

Lying on the floor, sweat dripping, every fibre screaming in agony, a smile spreads across my face.   Fuck, that hurt sooooo good!   Exhausted, yet fully alive. The sweet spot few will ever experience.   This is where I release every lady-like mannerism, and turn pure beast.   For the mundane, it’s ugly, it’s […]

Without honour, you have nothing.

What are you hiding behind? Your spouse? Your kids? Your job title? Your bank balance?   What?   What are you using as your socially approved bullshit excuse for NOT showing up fully? For NOT raising the bar? For NOT taking a stand for that which truly matters to you?   What?   What is […]

To what degree would your life transform if you stopped settling?

What are you available for? I’m not talking about the amazing things you SAY you’re available for. I’m referring to what’s actually showing up in your physical reality.   The depth of your relationships. The shape of your body. The quality of your work. The stimulation of your conversations. The state of your home.   […]

If you think you HAVE to do it, don’t fucking do it!

Whoa, it took FOREVER for the penny to drop – I’ve heard it said in so many ways for years, but I have this weird tendency of wanting to figure shit out for myself. And until I do, I stubbornly experiment with the theories creating evidence for both sides. Until I get to the tipping […]

Honour and respect to those committed to the art!

 I’m just going to get straight to the point.   ENOUGH OF RAPING THE ART!   There’s an art in everything. A particular skill-set mastered through years of continuous practice. Mastery that is obtained by those willing to dedicate their lives to the practice. Not willing to bend to the demand from the masses […]

It’s about bloody time you bring all of YOU to the table!

Wow, we’ve created quite the illusion haven’t we? Of what we are. Of who we are.   All because someone chose the frequency of fear as the foundational fabric on which to build modern society.   Clever bastard!   For in the presence of fear, there is an absence of love. Which, by the way, […]

YOU were born to lead Babe- RISE ALPHAS!

Within each and every one of us there is a deep seated need for security, safety, certainty.   A need which goddess balanced by a desire for adventure, change, daring, challenge, uncertainty.   I’ve observed how our current social model is feeding the need for certainty and starving the desire for risk. When I say […]

Why I will never treat my clients with kid-gloves – HTFU.

I’m always intrigued by the criticism I receive from those new to my space, regarding my approach to my clients.   Messages expressing their concern for the emotions of those who choose to work with me. Feeling that I need to maybe cut them some slack. That a softer touch can do wonders for those who […]

Whose beliefs are you allowing to run the show?

Coaching is not for pussies. It’s raw. It’s real. It’s confronting. It challenges every thought you’ve used to built your life on thus far. And then, demands that you choose what you will believe moving forward.   Well, the way I coach anyway.   Yesterday I took a courageous group of women into the underground of […]

Excuse me Sir, I think you might have dropped your balls.

This message is by no means directed exclusively at those with a physical pair of testicles.   Average people often ask why women don’t get upset that it’s called “Iron Man”. Why we don’t insist on being called “Iron Woman”. Not understanding, that when you choose to live the life of an Iron Man, every […]

Will you ever burn those bullshit stories to the ground?

This one is for my global soul-family, my highland soul comrades-in-arms, you know who you are – thank you!   What if today I came face to face with my Creator? What if she asked me why I played so small? Why I held back? Why I neglected to use the force which creates worlds, […]

Are you being an energy vampire or a high vibe thriver?

Okay Okay this is HUGE so pay attention.   You know how I’m always going on about the importance of who you surround yourself with? That you become the AVERAGE of those with whom you consistently interact? And how you keep telling me that you can handle it?   Well, here’s what I want you to […]

I can give you the keys, but you have to get in and drive!

Argh, FFS, I wanted to write you a nice piece today seeing as how it’s the first of May. Soul played along for a while, and then she rolled her eyes and deleted it all.   BEATCH!   So sorry, not sorry, let’s get down to work.   We’re almost halfway through another year. Are […]