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The Silent Warrior – Finding your wisdom

This is my personal truth. It is said that we are living in the age of information.  So isn’t it amazing that in a world where there is an over-flow of information that so few people live in a state of wisdom?  What’s the difference you ask?  Knowledge is knowing, wisdom is living it.  I like to […]

The Silent Warrior – Calling My Tribe

This is my personal truth. Dear Warrior Maiden It is time to take up your arms and fight to heal the Earth! For so long have our voices been suppressed by a society where conformity is enforced and those who dare stand out are viciously pulled back down. Those with fire and purpose persevere and […]

The Silent Warrior – You called me a what?

This is my personal truth. I’ve always known that I didn’t conform to the average by which I was surrounded.  I have never been able to just do what I’m told if it didn’t make sense to me, or if there was a deep knowing inside of me that what I was told to do […]

The Silent Warrior – What if?

This is my personal truth. With the SkyRun no longer happening this year, and with the move to New Zealand, I have taken the last couple of weeks a notch down replacing my rigorous training with relaxed runs with my puppies.  No heart rate monitor, no tracking of time, distance, speed.  Nothing.  Just running for […]

The Silent Warrior – Remembering My Balls

This is my personal truth. When you find yourself sitting in front of your journal at 1 am, merely hours from driving to the Sky Run training camp, you know that you had better dig deep because your Soul is trying to get through to your mind. Ever since I had faced my demons at […]

The Silent Warrior – The Kitten Finds Her Roar

This is my personal truth. 43 today.  Fuck, it feels amazing. Journaling this morning was given to reflection of what it took for me to get to this point. Strangely, I have always felt that I was born in the wrong place, into the wrong culture.  It is really no wonder that I was constantly […]

The Silent Warrior – Players and Spectators

This is my personal truth. The rugby world cup has started again which makes for some pretty interesting times in our home.  To see how excited we all get whilst watching the game would probably have most people rolling on the floor with laughter.  Yet, we take the sport of spectatorship really serious – well, […]