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The voice of reasoning that is nothing but a blatant lie.

Have you met Freddy? Maybe you don’t recognize Freddy by that name.  Maybe you call him by another. Freddy is that scared little ego who lives inside your head.  A cave creature who believes in dinosaurs, scarcity of resources, that your tribe is going to stone you to death if you speak your truth which always seems […]

No more Mrs Nice Guy.

I wish I could make you feel better by saying that there was a time when I was really a nice girl. Truth be told I was probably just born a little rebel who didn’t conform and so was labelled a bitch as far back as I can remember.  The times that I was ‘well behaved’ […]

The hardest part is NOT getting started.

I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one who never stops questioning?   It’s like this relentless infantile voice in my head but instead of asking the annoying “why” that every two year old gets stuck on at some stage, my voice asks “is that really true?” The really interesting part is not that I’m always asking […]

The Will To Win In Every Area Of Your Life

Are you sick and tired of sitting down and trying to figure shit out? Are you done with feeling like you keep following the steps that’s so clearly working for others yet which delivers no results for you? Are you still hungry for success? Are you ready to win? Then I’m going to give you […]

Is your beast asleep?

Ready to get your buttons pushed Darling? I mean really pushed. I mean having you walk away from this calling me a bitch. If not, then don’t even read any further. Cause I tell you what – I’m going to write this just for me (yes, I’ve had my ass handed to me and I’m […]

What’s the real deal with discomfort?

Why are we keeping people docile? Why’s there a prevalent fear to speak personal truth knowing that feathers will be rustled but, on the other side of the coin, passions will be lit? I believe it’s time that we as leaders start standing up and speak our truth to give people the discomfort to stop and think. […]

Harnessing the power which resides within your pain

I’m not really sure how many people will truly get this piece.  Everything that I’m about to share with you sounds completely insane to the average person. I believe we’ve got this amazing feedback system residing within us which brings all the information that we need to go to the next level in our lives, […]

Hesitation Leads to Devastation

I remember the first time I heard the expression “hesitation leads to devastation” was standing next to my  then coach, looking at what seemed at the time a rather insane rocky drop-off.  I suspect he intended his words to be soothing and encouraging, yet what I wanted to say to him was “Easy for you to say […]

Boundaries speak the truth louder than your words

I can’t help but think that humanity has lost the plot when it comes to boundaries.  Like so many other powerful tools it’s been warped and twisted into a tool of egotistical cock-fighting. Personally I believe strong boundaries are expressions of love. True love which starts with self. It’s about putting in the work to gather […]

The mind-set that changes the playing field.

There are moments in life where you’ve earned the right to redefine yourself. Moments when you’ve endured more than anyone deserves to know.  Where you chose a private hell to burst through the glass ceilings that held you in place of mediocrity. All to achieve a goal others consider insane and a little irresponsible. April 7, 2013 […]