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Hesitation Leads to Devastation

I remember the first time I heard the expression “hesitation leads to devastation” was standing next to my  then coach, looking at what seemed at the time a rather insane rocky drop-off.  I suspect he intended his words to be soothing and encouraging, yet what I wanted to say to him was “Easy for you to say […]

Boundaries speak the truth louder than your words

I can’t help but think that humanity has lost the plot when it comes to boundaries.  Like so many other powerful tools it’s been warped and twisted into a tool of egotistical cock-fighting. Personally I believe strong boundaries are expressions of love. True love which starts with self. It’s about putting in the work to gather […]

The mind-set that changes the playing field.

There are moments in life where you’ve earned the right to redefine yourself. Moments when you’ve endured more than anyone deserves to know.  Where you chose a private hell to burst through the glass ceilings that held you in place of mediocrity. All to achieve a goal others consider insane and a little irresponsible. April 7, 2013 […]

Get your head in the game

Fear – I can feel it everywhere in my body. She feels tense. Where once there was certainty, faith, trust, there is now stiffness caused by the simultaneous contraction and movement of muscles. Even my fingers feel like giant lolly-pops without purpose or direction. My head is filled with so many voices distracting me. Story runs over and under […]

The hidden power of failure

You’ve heard me preach it before – fail often, fail hard, fail forward. Which seems such an absolute contradiction for someone who is performance and achievement driven. Failure is one of those super powers that’s given a bad rap by a culture of prevalent mediocrity. A power that gives us something to aspire to, to grow into, […]

Friday Thrive – The Voices In Our Heads

The mind is our most powerful asset but it can also be the seed of our destruction.  It dictates the way in which we interpret life and gives meaning to everything our senses perceives. Whether we admit it or not, we all have stories running the show of our lives.  The script running in the […]

Friday Thrive – The Value of your Values

It seems that this is a topic that keeps repeating – yet when you understand the enormity of the impact your values have on your results, I’m sure you will agree with me it’s worth talking about even more. In this Facebook Live I highlight the importance of taking the time to figure out YOUR […]

Reflections of Self

Coach:  ” You are balls-to-the-wall and it scares the fuck out of people. They don’t think they can hang…” Me:  “ROTFLMAO” This was an actual email exchange last week. I laughed because I know that’s not true.  It’s not that my approach to life that scares people.  There’s nothing that I can do that every other person […]