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The Silent Warrior – Players and Spectators

This is my personal truth. The rugby world cup has started again which makes for some pretty interesting times in our home.  To see how excited we all get whilst watching the game would probably have most people rolling on the floor with laughter.  Yet, we take the sport of spectatorship really serious – well, […]

The Silent Warrior – The storm is building

This is my personal truth. If there is one thing I have learned by now, it is that nothing ever goes the way you planned.  This is one of the key reasons why my Inspired Action Plans are not written in stone.  And I most certainly do not write them down once and then never […]

The Silent Warrior – Fairy Tales Are True!

This is my personal truth. Do you ever wonder where fairy tales come from?  I believe they come from wisdom.  From ancient truths which find their way into our hearts without us knowing. I love fairy tales.  Always have.  In fact, I still have some of my favorite fairy tale books which my mom bought […]

The Silent Warrior – Meet The Incredible Miss C

This is my personal truth. When Adriaan told me that he would not be able to do the Sky Run with me this year, I was more than just a little disappointed.  Not only did I lose my training partner 3 weeks before the event last year, which means I know how tough those long […]

The Silent Warrior – Moving Into The Pain

This is my personal truth. I hold her soft warm body gently in my arms.  Cleo looks up at me with her piercing emerald green eyes, filled with love, filled with trust.  Not understanding why the tears are silently running down my cheeks.  Not understanding why we are in this strange place and why they had put […]

The Silent Warrior – Finding Inspired Action

This is my personal truth. The cursed hows… When embarking on the journey of any goal, the first thing people tend to ask me, is how?  What do they need to do in order to achieve the goal?  In fact, it has been my experience that the majority of people will stop right here if they […]