What if you dropped the struggle and BE who you came here to be?

As the LinkedIn Top Voices 2018 list was released, the response was humbling to say the least.

Most look at me and think I’m this outgoing bragging bitch,

those who know me,

will tell you I’m the complete opposite.

I’m that introvert who simply committed to my purpose.

The one who shows up regardless of how much I squirm in my pants.

And being put in the spotlight sees me squirming a lot.

Which is why I don’t do what I do for applause or recognition.

I love being the coach BEHIND the top achievers.

What’s really interesting for me though are the comments of deserving after all the hard work.

Which left me reeling with guilt.

Because honestly,

I don’t experience my work as hard.

OMG it’s the complete opposite.

Last weekend I finally listened to all the care-bears and took two days off,

disconnecting from ‘work’,

trying to ‘relax’.

By Saturday night I was going out of my motherfucking mind!

By Sunday morning I secretly pulled out my laptop and started creating, writing, planning, behind closed doors.

Resisting who I am, denying my very nature in an attempt to conform to the expectations and demands of others, fitting what I came here to do into a work-life mentality where days and activities are dictated by calendars and clocks,


Allowing myself to do my soul work is the easiest thing in the world.

To let the message flow through me.

Getting out of my head and drop into my heart and then to create from a space of love.

Giving free reign to my badass bitch who thrives in the hustle, the push, the grind, the sweat, the tears.

When I am in my zone others step the fuck out of the way for the focus and intensity is raw and primal and wild.

This is where human potential meets spiritual potency in creating an intense experience of life.

I don’t do it for accolades, recognition or money.

I do it because it’s who I am.

Who I choose to be.

I do it because when I chose to release the shackles of depression, victimhood and misery,

I chose to show up authentically for all who choose to be inspired by my insanity,

to wake up from the drudgery of existence,

and to consciously choose to thrive.

What’s hard for me is trying to fit in!

OMG going to cocktail parties and talking about completely irrelevant bullshit and niceties sees me hiding in the bathroom waiting for the clock to strike ten so I can make my escape.

Speaking vanilla fills me with the urge to defecate (thank you for the artistic expression Pink Floyd).

Sitting on my arse doing nothing is excruciating.

As a high achiever I find conforming to the expectations of an average world hard.

I find compromising tough.

Because people want us to slow down not understanding how draining it is for us to move at their snails pace.

They want us to wallow in their miserable ideas that the hustle is a struggle.

They want us to lower our standards and expectations because apparently it’s too high.

It’s not fair on everyone else for us to say step up or step out.

It’s not realistic of us to choose excellence in our lives, our companies, our work.




What if instead you stopped the struggle of being less than who you know you are?

What if you stopped the hardship of holding your inner beast back on strained leash?

What if you broke free from the prison in your mind that has you smiling in public and screaming in agony in private?

What if my friend,

you made the decision that all those who are not willing to embrace the beauty of your full potential,

can stay behind.

Honouring their choice and free will,

as you honour your own?

Who would you be?

How would you show up?

Who would you walk away from?

Fuck, who would you run from?

How will you fill your days with magical experiences?

What would you do to celebrate your victories?

Someone recommended yesterday that I celebrate the Top Voice recognition.

I did an hour long FB live in my group sharing deeply from my heart, my soul, my purpose!

It was the most rewarding, most joyous expression of my gratitude and appreciation of life.

THIS is available to you if you just stop pretending you’re anything but


It’s not about what you do Darling.

It’s not about the action work that you take.

It’s about who you choose to be and how you choose to define the experience.

Yes, you will trip up.

I still do.

Just look at this past weekend.

I mean seriously, what was I thinking believing them that doing NOTHING would recharge my batteries????

Yet part of the human experience is contradiction.

It’s about disconnecting from yourself, your truth, every now and again,

looking at the experts and doing what their research confirms,

and then deciding for yourself.

If it feels fabulous, easy, in flow, for your soul (not necessarily your body),

do more of that.

If on the other hand it feels draining, depressing, restless, shit, for your soul,

stop it!

Just stop it!

My invitation to you today is to sit down and to CHOOSE who you desire to be.

In full glory.

Celebrating your best potential.

And then,

if you’re really committed to your thrive,


It won’t be easy in the beginning.

There will be fears roaring rage inside your mind.

There will be people who plead, threaten and lash out at you.

The temptation to sit back down will be great.

You simply have to be stronger than all of that.

Because when you think about it,

the only person who is guaranteed to be with you your entire life,

is YOU.

Why not choose to have the best of you along for the ride?

Of course, it’s always a choice.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the truly brave.

With deep love and appreciation of you,