Alphas are, and will always be, beautiful freaks.

Okay then,
I’m finally ready to admit it,
to myself first and foremost,
but to you as well.

I AM a goddamend freak.

I move through the world
most of the time thinking to myself
that somewhere I missed the exit
and ended up in the wrong dimension.

I simply can no longer relate to most of what I hear.
I simply can no longer relate to most of what I see.
I simply can no longer relate, and will not pretend to do so anymore.

I’m outspoken and you can call me judgemental because I do judge ALL THE TIME.
How else will I DECIDE what is right and wrong FOR ME??
I don’t expect ANYONE else to think the way I do or believe the way I do or choose the way I do or say the shit I do,
as I honour myself,
I honour you.

But for me to keep quiet
just because the crazy in me contradicts the ordinary of the average masses
would mean I might as well press the restart button right now.
And I’m only getting started Darling
because there are millions of Alphas
ready to
who they truly are and to answer the call of their soul to


I can no longer relate to people literally KILLING themselves
day in and day out,
poisoning their bodies with shit food in the name of filling the empty void inside,
willingly inhaling tar eating up their insides in the name of calming down,
drinking substances to the point of drowning away their humanity in the name of relaxation,
sitting in front of screens draining their ability to think for themselves in the name of escaping the chaos of their lives.
I can no longer relate.

I can no longer relate to good people
struggling to drag themselves out of bed in the morning
so fucking exhausted
from mundane soul-draining existence
born from a horrendous lie of responsibility
for EVERYONE else

whilst they are shrivelling up
walking around with dried out pussies no longer turned on by life in and of itself.
Yet NEVER finding the BRASS OVARIES to say
walking away from conformity
and choosing a life of thrive.
I can no longer relate.

I can no longer relate to the masses choosing torture
above questioning
and giving themselves access to the answers already inside.
To live in a constant state of fear to the point where they make their worlds smaller and smaller
clinging ever more desperately to those around them
even whilst sitting in a sinking ship.
I can no longer relate.

I can no longer relate to the idea that poverty is somehow more honourable than wealth and abundance.
I can no longer relate to the idea that we are victims of our circumstances.
I can no longer relate to people feeling soooooo fucking sorry for themselves all the time
yet appointing themselves as the saviour of others.
I can no longer relate.

I mean,
for sure,
I went through those experiences as well
but the one thing I NEVER stopped doing
from the moment I was born
was to QUESTION.

I continuously question
the system
the family

I use what life shows me,
the mirror of my relationships,
the feedback from my body,
allowing myself to go through the ‘human’ experience.
I used it so that I could hit the ground with wretched sorrow
crying for the abandonment of myself
and from the lowest low
choosing a

Reclaiming the importance of me.
Reclaiming the power of me.
Reclaiming the desires of me.
Reclaiming my thoughts.
No longer making my emotions something to be classified as good or bad.
No longer needing the approval of others.
Walking away from the clan
because the clan was NEVER going to protect me,
NEVER going to accept me,
NEVER going to appreciate me
as they never accept or appreciate themselves,
choosing ‘conformed belonging’ above the celebration of individuality.

I listen to the stories others tell themselves and when I ask if this makes them feel empowered or hindred,
they can’t answer.
Instead rambling into another tale,
and I can see the spinning of the web
as the ego desperately clings to the bullshit
so as to ‘stay safe’
because heaven forbid you should choose a narrative where you don’t need others
to feel fulfilled
to feel happy
to feel badass
so they never answer the question.

I hear them quote the great philosophers
with NO understanding of the words
as what they say
and what they live
is such a stark contradiction.
I hear them regurgitate motivational quotes
with NO intention of ever
stepping the fuck up to the level of the phrase

as this would require walking away from those who are currently in their surroundings.
So they keep spewing empty words
void of energy and intention.

I used to think that SURELY they can hear themselves.
SURELY there must be times when they quiet their minds
turning inside
for a deeper wisdom in the silence.
I used to think SURELY all people look in the mirror
and question daily
‘am I living my best life, am I striving to be my best self, how else can I improve today?’

I no longer think this.
I’ve come to understand that the insatiable hunger of an Alpha is unique.
I’ve come to understand that the never-ending internal drive of an Alpha is unique.
I’ve come to understand that our incredible levels of pain-tolerance for the purpose of growth is unique.
I’ve come to understand that the lone nature of an Alpha is unique.

As I look at each of these characteristics I now understand how they serve me well.
To explore.
To rise.
To create.
To love.
To thrive.

if you’re an Alpha,
and if you have to ask the answer is no,
but if you are
then it’s time for you to just embrace the fact that you ARE a beautiful freak and that nobody is EVERY going to think the way you do, feel the way you do, play the way you do, work the way you do.


Oh they might say they do,
but when you take a step back and listen to them
you easily pick up the constant intricate contradictions.

It’s not about convincing anyone of anything.
It’s not about saving anyone else.
It’s not about thinking your way is the right way
and that everyone else is wrong.
But it is about honouring yourself in the understanding that the Alpha way is RIGHT for YOU!

It’s about living with honour and integrity,
staying hungry and humble,
showing up for yourself
with every meal you choose to eat
every activity you choose to take part in
every piece of content you create
every exercise session scheduled where you leave it all out on the floor
every orgasm
every conversation

There can no longer be half-measures.
For your time is NOW
and you’re ready to take that step.

Only death is inevitable.
Thriving is a constant and continouos choice available to all.

Live with honour and badassery,


Anel is the Instigator of a Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females.

Her work is aimed at empowering women to trust themselves and their intuition, reclaiming their authentic voices, and creating a life they’re madly in love with.

Through enhanced self-love, self-worth and self-confidence they know the satisfaction and pride of a woman who lives unapologetically aligned with her purpose.

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