Being TOO much – our natural state, our secret shame…

This piece is going to be hard to swallow for most.

So indoctrinated to believe that we are all the same,
that we all have to cross the finish line together,
anything outside of the ‘norm’ has been labelled as abnormal, to be feared and shameful.

If you’re honest Darling,
as a potential Alpha
you’ve NEVER fit into the ‘normal’ category
in any shape or form.

you’re soooo fucking powerful
that you can literally uglify yourself
just so you will be a little less intimidating
to those choosing to vibrate on a lower frequency.

I know.
I’ve done it too.

It started the moment I can recall
being told that I am too loud
too energetic
too happy
too cheeky
too willful
too much
that I should just be a little quieter
walk a little slower
talk back less
“shrink motherfucker
for you are the reason everyone else feels like shit in your shadow.”

So I did whatever I had to do to ‘fit in’.
For the love of god
let me just fit in
because wherever I turned
I felt as though I didn’t belong.

I didn’t understand…
I didn’t understand what the hell I was doing that was so wrong?
I didn’t understand why my father could not tolerate the sight of me.
I didn’t understand why my brother felt the need to constantly beat me.
I didn’t understand why my grandmother would continuously corner me with her angry eyes and curled up fingers as years of resentment formed thick arthritis knuckles.

I didn’t understand why I was given a test with little blocks to tick
which seemed so fucking moronic
that I played a joke on them
purposefully answering some of the questions wrong
and then
still being pulled out in front of all my friends and enemies
because I was intellectually ‘gifted’
and the school thought that it would be a good idea
to show EVERYONE
that whilst they’re barely coping with the curriculum
I was bored AF.

Thank goodness we moved soon afterwards
as nobody ever treated me the same
and having learned the lesson
I did a better job at the next school
at being ‘normal’.

Even in the field of psychology and coaching
we’re told that what’s holding us back
is the belief that we are not good enough,
that we are not enough.

I know – I believed them too.

because this is an outright LIE
and my soul
my ego
my entire being kept thinking
“Oh FFS, she’s going to shrink even smaller????”
my shame
continued to grow.

I kept dropping my standards for myself ever lower.
I kept compromising.
I kept putting on too much weight,
then dropping too much weight.
I would perform on command like a well-trained bitch
and when my master thought I was taking the spotlight
I would be beaten back into the corner.

Nothing I did could ever please those around me.

In the process
I was NOT being Alpha.
For Alpha is the frequency of


They set a standard
a medium
an average
by which all have to conform.

They tell us that we’re all in it together
that we all have to work together
for the greater good of humanity.

Every year
the standards drop a little more.

Look at the standard for coaching plummeting right now because people are freaking the fuck out about money
and instead of committing themselves to the ART of coaching,
they’re learning manipulative marketing, slapping the title coach on their profile,
building a funnel of indoctrination,
promising to make others feel better,
regardless of the fact that ‘feeling better’ does not help us ‘become better versions of ourselves through growth’
and the masses are eating that shit up like candy…

Society has taken a profession of mental and emotional SURGERY and said there’s zero point of entry.

What breaks my heart
is the long-term impact this is going to have…

Yet, I’m not here to save the masses.

I’m here to instigate a THRIVE EVOLUTION for ALPHAS.

What this means
is partnering with those
who are willing to stand apart from the crowd
who are willing to hold their lives up to their blueprint of truth
and from a space of ABSOLUTE COMMITMENT
obliterate their secret shame
elevating their frequency

It’s time for us to see that we’re not
‘all in this together’.

Society as it stands,
has become weak and lazy.
They are relying on the 1% within the 1% of what they call
to carry EVERYONE else who is quite simply NOT WILLING to do the deep and tedious work required for mastery of anything.


It’s not that anyone is NOT capable of creating a life of thrive.
It’s simply that most don’t WANT to create a life of thrive because ‘it’s too hard’.

They want to suffer
rather than experience the sharp growing pains required for ecstacy.
They want to feel better now
rather transmuting their bullshit into fertilizer for greatness.
They want to be saved
rather than being the powerful warriors we are born to be.

For the greater good of humanity
is not
rescuing every human from themselves…

Mark my words,
we’re only seeing the beginning of our evolution.
This little virus
turned up the heat
and a couple of frogs woke the fuck up
and jumped out of the cauldron.
The rest
well, they’re already adjusting to the new temperature,
bubble bubble boil to death.

They’re already dropping the standards of what is acceptable,
taking them further out of integrity
which means
it’s time for us to RAISE OUR STANDARDS

and snap the motherfucking band!

It’s what we came here to do Darling.

you will cry many tears as you witness their demise.
You will have to go through the pain of guilt,
thinking you’re strong enough to carry ONE MORE PERSON,
that no man, woman or child should be left behind,
but there will be no space for the weak where we’re heading.

Right now,
humanity needs those willing to admit that they don’t belong among the masses,
those who are willing to do the deep work of releasing shame,
those who truly desire a BETTER future for our children,
to bring back honour, integrity, mastery, love and truth.

Death is only of the human body.
Thrive is a choice in frequency.

Live with honour,