Nothing will ever change until you start believing in yourself.

It’s Monday morning.

It’s the last week of Winter.

Time to make new choices.

Time to set new goals.

Time to create the next level thrive.

Time to get your sweet ass moving Sunshine for hibernation is over.

I’m not just talking about the seasons.

I’m talking about life.

I’m sitting here looking at the awesome life I’ve created in the last couple of years and I know it all started the moment I decided to become an IronMan. The moment I stopped limiting myself by the beliefs of others.  When I stopped being ‘realistic’.  When I stopped setting goals based on my past performance.

There is a change in the air, in the energy, in the expectations that the Universe has of us.

There’s renewed magic rising and with it a return of the old ways where women were revered as the bringers of life and health and the empowered masculine stand by her side supporting her, protecting her.

That’s right Hun – it’s time for women to stop pretending to be helpless maidens in distress and to start kicking ass!

But this can only happen if you start believing in yourself.

If you start understanding that those dreams that you have at night that light you up are not only possible for you, they are actively seeking you out.

You have to start thinking differently.

You have to start showing up differently.

The time of pretending to fit in is officially over for those of us who came here in this lifetime to be catalysts of change.  For those of us who came here in a time when chaos is rife and millions are held in the deceptive hell called existence.

And I’m not talking about doing this for yourself.

It starts with you.

But it doesn’t end with you.

You are simply the domino who has a responsibility to start a ripple effect that causes waves of impact thereby giving all in your sphere the opportunity to wake the fuck up and start making the powerful choices that lead to a life of joy and health and thrive!

What the hell are you still waiting for Darling?

Are you waiting for someone to show you the way?  The seven steps?  Because let me tell you that those seven steps do not apply to you.

I was running through the forest yesterday following a path winding through trees and pine needles when all of a sudden it vanished.  As I turned around I realised that it was never a path to begin with.  Once again I had managed to go off the beaten track.

Which is a theme in my trail running.

I’ve never been able to see the path that everyone else follows.

Instead I see ways that don’t exist, until I stop seeing them.  That’s when I find myself in magical spaces untouched by humans where life takes on a special glint with sun streaks highlighting moss and the smallest of flowers undisturbed by feet.

That’s when I get to climb over fallen trees and duck under low branches and explore that which the Goddess has created.

This is my way.

The way of the forgotten.

It is not for the faint of heart and in all honesty I used to shit my pants every time I got lost.  And I still don’t enjoy getting lost in cities or on highways.  It freaks me out.

But when I’m in nature, Oh My God, my heart takes on a new lightness of pure exhilaration.

It’s when I understand that mine is a solitary journey of remembering that I’m always safe and taken care of.

I have this deep knowing that as long as I keep moving I will eventually come out somewhere epic.

And then when I keep going I will eventually find someone who will guide me back home if I really need to.

I completely trust and believe in the Universe in this way.  And I have absolute belief in myself that no matter how unfit I might be at this stage I will be able to walk a hundred kilometres if I have to.

I have absolute fait and belief in myself.

It didn’t come easy.

I fucking worked for it.

I did IronMan for it.

I did SkyRun for it.

I did all that shit so I could share with you my learning so you can get there without taking the long way around as I have.

Not that I would want to take the short cuts.

I don’t buy into this instant bullshit that society keeps squashing down our throats.

I have no desire to get ‘there’ in a flash.

I’m having way too much fun with this journey called life.

Maybe the whole drive for overnight success is because are simply not following their hearts desires so they’re fucking miserable and they think that the finish line is going to make them happy.

Man, are they in for a rude awakening??

So what would happen if you had to really start believing in yourself?

What would life look like if you stopped selling yourself short?

Which goals would you set if you stopped trying to figure out the how and just knew in your heart that you’ve got what it takes regardless of your current shape or circumstances?

What would your life and business look like if you operated from this place of utter trust and belief, fuck the systems and steps that everyone preaches?

What would you create if you actually stopped looking at everyone for the answers and instead put on your creative panties and started bringing to life unbelievable results that blows people away with it’s ingenuity?



Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter


Can you even imagine the freedom??

Can you imagine the sense of complete and utter accomplishment?

Can you imagine the excitement coursing through your veins when you look up and there’s no fucking footprints in front of you??


I’m so excited for you.

Because this is the life I’m choosing and let me share this with you Darling:

People think I’ve completely lost the plot.

They see me howling on my bike and they look the other way terrified of making eye contact with me as they pass me with their shoulders hunched over.

They see my howling in my car and they shake their heads in confusion because they simply don’t get the fact that there’s so much life energy coursing through my veins that it’s impossible for me to keep it inside.

I howl a lot these days.

They see me out living a life of choice and they jealously call me a lucky bitch.

Hell yeah Baby.

Because I make my own luck.

I believe enough in myself that I can live life on my own terms.

What will it take for you to start believing in yourself today?

What the fuck will it take?

To throw out the rule book?

To break the chains of mediocrity?

To leave the path and make your own?

To go on adventures such as you’ve never gone on before?

What’s the worst thing that could happen?  You could get lost.  You could scrape your knees.  You could fall down a long forgotten mine shaft.  You could scream and nobody hears your voice.  You could die.

Yip, you could die.

You’re going to die anyway FFS.

On the flip side you could get lost.  You could discover natural beauty that takes your breath away.  You could find there’s a fire that rises in your body that lights it’s way all the way out of your throat and you can fucking HOWL Darling.  You could howl!!!!

You could start living life on your own terms by your values doing what you came here to do and this could bring so much joy in your life that you simply don’t understand why on earth people still choose existence when all of this is available to all of us.

Because they’re too fucking scared to  do the work.

Know this – YOU ARE SPECIAL!

Not everyone is like you.

You are courageous and inspirational and magnificent and powerful and driven and here to bring change.

Stop waiting for everyone around you to take the next step.

Leave the fuckers behind.

Eventually they will look up and see you in the front and then they can make the choice of catching up or staying where they are.  It’s their choice.  You can’t make it for them.

But you can start making different choices for yourself.

It all starts with a deep belief in yourself.

I believe in you.

I know you.

There’s a reason you’re reading this.

Because you know what I’m saying is true.  It speaks to a spark inside of you that you’ve been trying desperately to hide because others have judged you in the past.  Their fear of your power had them telling you to keep it quiet, a secret, that it’s not safe for you.

Well Sister, fuck that shit.

You’re as safe as you choose to feel.

Your power needs to come out and play.

And so do you.

Start playing and watch the magical transformation of your life.

Lose your way and then keep moving forward.

You will never know what you’re truly capable of until you start living outside of your comfort zone and start smashing that glass ceiling held in place by YOU!

That’s right – nobody can keep you small except for yourself.

Aren’t you tired of it yet?

Aren’t you exhausted by the farce of a life where you pretend to be normal?  Average?

Fuck average and normality and mediocrity.

You my Darling came here to thrive!  To shine!  To inspire.

Stop your shit.  Believe in yourself.

Let’s go.

For death is always inevitable.  But thriving is a choice.

With love always,

Anel Motherfucking Bester

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