Birds of a Feather…

This is my personal truth.

It is strange how many deep wisdoms I am discovering in fairy tales and sayings in my ‘old’ age.

My focus this month is on the people we surround ourselves with and the very deep impact they make on us.

If you have been following my work for any period of time you will know by now that you become the average of the behavior of the five people you spend most of your time with.  Not the BEST of their behaviour – the AVERAGE.  If you take a moment to think about this you will understand how crucial it is for your success to spend your time with other high vibrational, successful people!

For the greater part we live in a ducked up society (no, this is not auto-correct).  I love ducks as much as the next person – there is a certain calm in the way they drift on the water, their slow and swaying waddle.  The way they’re always found with other ducks.  Hypnotic.  Deadly.

Remember the tale of the Ugly Duckling?  It is all true.

Most people are born and they look around see ducks.  Automatically they think “Oh wow, I’m a duck!”  So they stay with the ducks, they try and talk like a duck, they try and walk like a duck.  Most of them turn out to be ducks.  But every now and again something else is born and the ducks know that you’re not a duck!  So they become nasty.  They start hurting you.  Trying to break you.  Pushing you to the side.  Why?  Because you my darling, are way more than a duck and it makes them uncomfortable.

Yet it’s hard to leave the known.  Especially when you look around and you see all the ducks happily waddling together.  Sitting idly for hours, they look so content.  And you crave that because every morning you wake up and you’re dissatisfied with this life.  You believe you want more!  You know you truly desire more!  But every time you raise the topic of wanting more you are told that you should be grateful for what you have.  You should stop making waves because the other ducks want a smooth surface to float on.  So you sit.  Desperately unhappy.  Watching the swans from afar and wishing that you had the big strong wings to fly with them.

It took the Ugly Duckling to get to a point of defeat to hang his head, ready to die, before he saw his reflection and realized that he was in fact that which he most admired – a swan.  A phenomenon I see in so many women.  Hitting that point where they simply cannot tolerate the death of existence anymore and in THAT moment they discover their greatness.  They embrace their brilliance and they stop living like a duck.

The really good news is – you don’t have to wait to hit rock bottom before embracing your true nature.

Sit down today, close your eyes, and imagine your absolute BEST life.  No limitations.  No interferences.  Success is guaranteed.  What will that life look like?  And more importantly, what will YOU look like in this life?  Where would you wake up?  What will you do first thing in the morning?  What will you wear?  Where will you go?  Who will you serve in your business?  Who will you spend your time with?  How will you feel?

Write all of this down in great detail filled with tons of emotion!  Read every morning and feel that woman.

And viola!!  You have taken the very first step towards the rest of your life!

Robin Sharma stated it so beautifully when he said that you can’t be a leader and a victim.

Well darling, you can’t be a swan and a duck.  Time to choose.

Like many other women, I knew I was not a duck.  When the time came for me to take flight I struggled to find other swans so I simply created my own bevy.  If you’re a swan looking to surround yourself with like-minded women who are raising the standards of life, then join us at Get Out Of Your Head.

Because death is inevitable.  But thriving is a choice.