When you’re at the top, you’re in fact on the bottom.

High Achiever:  “a person who achieves more than the average person in their work.”

Google – Dude – what a shitty definition.

It nowhere near accurately describes who high achievers are.

In fact, one could say this is an average definition.

One that really annoys me.

For it’s bullshit definitions such as these that keep people achieving lower levels of success than they’re truly capable of.

The true high achiever doesn’t give a rat’s ass what the average person does in their work.

A high achiever doesn’t even look at the job description.

A high achiever is incapable of relating to average anyone.

And true high achievers know that work is simply one aspect of their lives.

That everything is connected and related.

They know that being a high achiever means epic accomplishments in EVERY aspect of their lives.

Their fitness.

Their health.

Their relationships.

Their impact.

YES, for high achievers it’s never about doing a job.

It’s about being the best of the best of the best in everything they do.

They’re never satisfied.

You know what I’m talking about Darling – that insatiable hunger that no matter what you’ve just achieved, you want more.

Your tummy still grumbles for greater.

You know that you’re never at the top.

You’re always at the bottom.

For your life is a spiral which means each time you’ve crushed your goal, crossed the finish line, reached the top, you’ve simply taken the first step in the next adventure.  You’ve reached the bottom of the next climb.

This is the life of a high achiever.

And it’s fucking spectacular.

When you take this perspective of a high achiever you start understanding that they’re truly as scarce as chicken teeth.

That’s because most people love labelling themselves high achievers.

They might have the courage to set a goal to prove it.

A stunning goal.

A challenging goal.

A goal that fills their loved ones with pride and admiration.

Some of them will even do the work to achieve said goal.

Few will even go as far as to invest in their goal – bringing on board the coaches, mentors, experts to ensure success.

Fewer still will strike gold.

Yet the taste of success is so foreign to them, such a shock to their bland palate of average, that they’re satisfied and go back to being average.

A one hit wonder.

They don’t have the stamina, the desire, the grit, to create the next level goals, the next level hustle, the next level epic, again and again.

True high achievers do.

True high achievers start setting the next level goals BEFORE they’ve even crossed the finish line.

They know that the euphoria of victory is short lived and that if the next challenge is not already lined up, they will sink into the dark well of depression.

You see it all the time.

People achieve a goal and then they sit down, shoulders slumped over, head hanging, wondering ‘what now?’

True high achievers don’t settle for tired.

They keep going past exhaustion.

When they fall to their knees, they go inside, dig deep, find their drive, find their passion, connect to their fucking rage, and they rise.

They always rise.

Until their bodies are completely spent and they have to be carried away on a stretcher.

And once they are healed, they go back onto the battle field.

They keep coming back for more until their soul departs from their body.

Death is the only force that stops a high achiever.

High achievers have a bottomless pit of energy which is beyond average comprehension.

People think they need to rest when they are in fact ready to speed up.

Stop comparing yourself to the average person.

Stop living by the principles of normality.

Stop thinking that your body, your soul, responds the same to lying on the beach, to sitting down, to resting, as the average Jo.

It doesn’t.

It took my cycling coach almost three months to figure out that my body DETESTS rest.

To understand that when he thought he was making me stronger, he was draining me of my power.

He had to go back to the drawing board and create plans that kept my body working seven days a week.  365 days a year.

He had to get clever and figure out a way to work her in a way that includes active recovery, next level.

My body thrives in work.

My soul thrives in hustle.

I don’t want to lie in a fucking bath every night.

I know that for some this is heaven.

For me it’s hell.

Give me an invigorating shower and let me get back to that which lights me up like hellfire.

Give me the next challenge.

The next goal.

My next thrive.

Are you still so eager to call yourself a high achiever my friend?

Are you still hungry for more?

Are you willing to sacrifice peace of mind for exhilaration of adventure?

Are you willing to release the people who are lovingly keeping you at average?

Are you willing to stop sabotaging your epic with bullshit habits?

Then it’s time to take an honest look at your levels of achievement this year and to see where you’re still holding yourself back.

Where you can do more, be more, have more.

It’s time to get off your high pedestal and embrace the bottom.

To become the beginner at your next level.

This is the life of a high achiever.

For death is inevitable.

Thriving is an epic choice.

With love eternal,


PS:  I work with high achievers.  Men and women who are never satisfied.  Always hungry for more.  Willing to do the work that has the average person walk away before they’ve even started.

I know for a fact that high achievers require focus, structure and challenge.

They thrive with goals.

They rise when the goals seem impossible.

They understand that in order for them to achieve their desired results, they have to take a holistic view of life and get real with themselves.

This is exactly why I’m offering Ignition Sessions for the months of November and December.

To keep your momentum. To raise your vibration to higher than ever before.

Ninety minutes to take a real look at your life categories, your habits, your desires.

To nail down your next level goals and to support you in your achievement with clear direction to your finish line.

Book your session if you’re ready to get uncomfortable, to get excited, to thrive.