The Alpha Females’ Guide to Buying a Car – and anything else in life.

This one is for my amazing friend Dave who thought writing about buying cars would be boring.

Hmmmmm, as I allow the topic to brew a little in my body,
there’s such a sensational thrill of delight running through me.
Kinda like when you’re getting ready for date night with the man who makes your toes curl in bed.

Whether buying a new car,
sexy lingerie,
the laptop on which you’re going to write your best-seller,
signing up with a coach,
seeking to connect with your soulmate lover,
soulmate clients,
delightful new friends,
it’s all the same Darling.

First off,
fuck practical.

The moment people tell me to be practical in my decisions,
my soul rolls her eyes
knowing that what they’re referring to
is mundane living
leaving no space for creativity, magic, opulent thrive.

At this stage of my life
I’m only interested in surrounding myself with those things and people which causes my bloodcells to have mini orgasms every time I get to touch, view, lick, embrace, slide into and push the pedal doooooooown to the floor.
Vroom vroom baby.

For it’s when we allow ourselves to be delighted in the impracticality of what is available that we continue to say
“Thank you Universe, more please!”

THIS is how Alphas create abundance in the world.

So it’s time to buy a car (replace car with whatever you’re wanting next)?
Well Darling,
first things first is clarity!

Not just on the car,
but on your desired THRIVE-STYLE!
Creating the BIG vision of your empire including your body, your lover, your business, your friendships, your family, your home, your travel, your car, your training, your eating.
All of it.

How do you want to feel when you wake in the morning?
How do you want to feel as you move through your day?
How do you want to feel climbing into bed at night, ready to celebrate and rest?

What is the energy you desire to live in?
What are some of the words that will capture the experience of the life you desire to have?
Is it
a little badass with a swirl of danger?

Maybe it’s

Nah – that sounds way too vanilla for me,
But hey, each to her own.

Next it’s time to connect to the WOMAN living this thrive.
Her internal environment including her beliefs, her thoughts, her conversations, what she simply does NOT tolerate.
What does she KNOW without a shadow of a doubt of what is available to her at any given moment.
How she gets to be supported.
How her life works.
Her decisions.
All of it.
You want to saturate yourself in her energy,
writing it all in your voice as if she is you,
because of course she is.

From this energetic space,
drop into appreciation of your current mode of transportation.
Find every single thing about your car that you truly appreciate.
DO NOT focus on what is grating your tits in any way. We’re not giving that energy.
If you’re serious about finding your Alpha Car,
take out some paper,
spritz on perfume,
and write your current car a love letter from the heart,
praising all her good parts,
thanking her for all the trips she’s taken you on,
infuse it with genuine love because seriously,
she’s brought you to this point in time.

Now you get to play in an energy of delight
thinking of all the things that would be

A little heads’up:
so often when women get to this stage they feel guilty for asking for more.
They think that appreciating what they already have means they should keep it.
What the actual fuck?
How does this create MORE abundance in the world???
It doesn’t!
Just as you expect yourself to keep growing,
to keep improving,
so life in and of itself desires to keep growing, improving, expanding.
It’s the law of thrive.
The habit of holding on to shit from a space of guilt is what’s causing so many people to die on the inside whilst suffering through life.

Are you feeling excited yet?
Are you allowing yourself to open up to the possibilities?
Do you feel the expansion caused in every particle of you????

THIS is how we connect to our desires,
and Alpha Females are INSPIRED through desire.

Action time Sunshine.
Call in your partner in crime,
aka the Universe,
and give him instruction to seek and bring to your attention
ALL possibilities that will match the vibration of your desired experience in a car.

The next part is essential:
your work is to PAY ATTENTION!
You’ll be blown away by how the Universe is EAGER to please and cars will catch your eye whilst driving, whilst browsing the internet, whilst closing your eyes in slumber.
Allow yourself to remain in a playful energy.
If you’re just getting ready to be ready,
this is where you allow yourself to be.
Once you know the time is NOW
start test driving every car that seems a match to your desired experience.

As you slide behind the wheel,
how do you feel?
As your fingers curl around the steering-wheel,
how do you feel?
As you look in the rear-view mirror,
how do you feel?
As you start the engine,
letting that big machine purr into life with a simple turn of your wrist,
slowly pushing down on the accelerator
the purr growing into a roar,
how do you feel?
As you let down the hand-break and he rolls forward,
how do you feel?

If you’re NOT getting the feeling you connected to in your thrive-style vision,
it’s a fuck no!
Get your arse out of there with even more clarity on what you truly desire.

The moment you hit that sweet spot,
the one where energies are aligned,
and you just FEEL the

connect within you,
it’s a hell yes!

And THIS is how Alpha Females buy cars
and everything else they desire in life.

Death might be inevitable,
thriving happens when you create your fuck yes life.

Live with honour,


Anel is the Instigator of a Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females.

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