Calling the Silent Assassins of Mediocrity

it’s time for us to become

It’s time for us to retreat
from the dazzling lights
the public applause
into the dark halls
unwalked by the masses.

It’s time for us to leave
the marching bands of discontent
who intimidate through bullying noise.

It’s time for us
to become
the silent assassins of mediocrity.

Slaying the demons of average
in our own lives,
allowing the change in frequency to overflow
into our sphere of influence.

Understand that we will always be judged
for respecting free will and choice
no longer trying to rescue the masses
who, quite frankly, refuse to learn how to swim
beause they are scared of the sharks.

Well, I’m not exactly going out LOOKING for sharks either, yet I don’t allow their existence to prevent me from doing what needs to get done to cross the finish line.

We will always be judged
for leaving behind those who have no pride left in themselves,
those who have no ambition to create a masterpiece of their lives,
those who don’t give a shit about the impact of their action or inaction on generations to come,
those who choose to neglect their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves and then degrading those who make the effort.

We have wasted enough time and energy
in an attempt to inspire, motivate, help
those who do not desire
to run with wolves.

Not everyone loves the burn of passion in lungs and muscles.
Not everyone loves the tendrills of adrenaline which comes from exploring the dark.

Some want to stand and chew mushy cud
for all their lives.
It’s not worth our energy to judge them
or change them.

Change happens from WITHIN which means the desire to change has to come from WITHIN.

But know this as well,
their excess faeces is polluting our waters
their mindless over-feeding is destroying our world
and there will come a time when they run out of resources
and they will perish.

My question to you is:
how much of the world will you save for the next generation
by increasing your sphere of excellence?

It’s time for you to FEEL
in your essence
in your core BEING

It’s time for you to FEEL
in your essence
in your core BEING
that we are created equal and that the only difference in our life experience
is our life CHOICES.

It’s time for you to SEE
that behind your FEAR
lies your POWER
and that all your fears
are based in the infantile tribal consciousness
currently dominating humanity.

It’s time for you to SEE
that in order for you to RISE
to your true potential
you have to literally BURN through your fears,
alchemising the essence
into energy,
from which to CREATE your ART.

This does not happen in isolation,
as we’ve been tricked into idolising the
lone wolf persona.
For you’re unable to see your shadows
when you’re hiding in the closet yourself.

It is in the presence of the pack
where passion burns bright
that shadows are revealed
and by connecting to the energy of love
you find the courage
to free yourself from your fear
and unleash your genius.

This takes courage Darling.
You have to become humble,
knowing your limitations and asking for support.
You have to become vulnerable
in the energy of trust and faith,
so that you can bring to the surface
all your hidden shames
and from a space of radical self-acceptance
find the nuggets of your true brilliance
in the exact things society has made ‘bad’ and ‘wrong’.

This call is for the less than 1% in 1% in 1% of women
who call themselves alpha,
still thinking it’s a description of personality
already suspecting it’s so much more than that.

Your pack is gathering
in front of the gates of hell
ready, willing and able to claim the demons
holding them at arms length of their empires.

Will you enter with us?

Live with honour,