Are you allowing the merging of energies through the dance?

I think you’re in for a treat.

you might not experience it as such.
You might be a little confused by the change of pace,
the change of rhythm,
especially since the prevalent culture demands we climb into a neat and tidy little box,
with a pretty lable stuck on our fannies,
so they know what to expect from us,
as apparently predictability makes us trustworthy.

I’m a WOMAN.

I’m about as predictable as the weather,
and even with all their fancy instruments and technology the weatherman only gets it right about half the time 😉

As I’m preparing for the start of Clearance2Clarity,
I’m releasing,
making space for
the next layer of creative inspiration
so that
the program will be even better than before.

I’m increasing my personal nurturing and self-care
so that
I may be in the best energy for those who choose to participate in this round of clearing and clarity
and deliver beyond expectation.

Which is also what has me connecting deeply to the power of the dance.
The dance which most have forgotten
or rejected
so caught up in the hustle, bustle, busy
of modern day society.

the busy
is what’s keeping you out of the creative flow.
And as an Alpha Female
you can’t afford to be caught in the mindless hum-drum of the masses.

It’s time for you to reconnect to your personal rhythm,
to beat your own drum,
and from this space,
enjoy the delicious unfurling of your thrive.

So much of what I’m talking about can be found in high performance living.
Unfortunately most are only aware of one side of truly high performing people.
They only see the hustle,
the grind,
the push,
the effort,
which quite frankly,
is so much fun for us.
It comes so easy and
easily becomes addictive.

You know what I’m talking about right?
The adrenaline rush you get every time you put your head down and get epic amounts of shit done.
The victory every time you’ve had to dig deep to find the answers, the way out of, the way over the obstacle.
That sweet flood of pride every time you’ve done what you’ve never done before and left all the average people in your wake.

I know.
I eat that shit for breakfast too.

The REAL challenge for Alpha Females,
which most is unaware of,
which is what takes them out of their best game without them ever suspecting a thing,
is the ease,
the recovery,
the release,
the receiving.

This morning I swopped out my hard-core ride for yoga,
and as I came to the end of my practice,
I knew
it was time for Shavasana – corpse pose.
The HARDEST of ALL the asanas.
Lying there,
completely relaxed,
feeling the support of the earth
and ENJOYING this
instead of jumping up and straight into LIFE,
takes ENORMOUS levels of discipline.

THIS my Darling Alpha,
is the dance I’m talking about today.

It’s the dance of exertion AND recovery.
The dance of doing AND being.
The dance of masculine structures in business AND feminine creative shenanigans.
The dance of strength AND flexibility.
The dance of focus AND zoning out.
The dance of being hard on yourself AND adoring yourself.
The dance of baking your cake AND eating it.

It was fascinating, and not surprising to me, that the previous participants bitched and moaned about the TASK-driven activities in C2C, such as
the planks,
the push-ups,
the squats,
the furpees (affectionally named by one creative woman for F(ucking) (B)urpees),
but they did them EVERY DAY,
with relish and dediction second to none.

The CHALLENGING activities were the pampering,
the self-care,
the self-love,
the receiving of compliments and appreciation for who they are.

Which is exactly WHY the four weeks is a complete integration and dance between DOING and RECEIVING.

It’s the delicious coming together of masculine and feminine energies,
spiraling upwards
in the process creating MORE energy
as the sum of the whole is greater than that of the parts.

Do you get this on a deeper level today?
Do you get that the hustle, the drive, the push,
as much fun as it is for us,
is one-dimensional application and will only EVER get you to a certain level of
but never to the level of your true potential and

Do you understand that the recovery,
the zoning out,
the self-care,
the introspection,
the long walks on the beach to feel the sand and the water between your toes,
the meditation with the sun warmly caressing your skin,
is NOT you being LAZY,
even though that’s what you’ve been brought up to believe,
but in fact the missing element of so many driven Alphas?

Do you understand that if you only ever do stregth-training exercises and never bring in flexibility training that your muscles shorten and you become slightly disfunctional?
Your STRENGTH becomes your WEAKNESS.
Why do we do Shavasana at the end of a yoga practice? To allow for energetic integration into your muscles of the work you’ve just done, for the new levels of strength to settle into your body.
This is where you get the GAINS.
Well think of your performance in EVERY area of your life in the same way.

This is you tapping into your well-being and infusing your action with the spirit of love which brings forth your blossoming life.

  • Have you forgotten the dance?
  • More importantly, do you remember what she looks and feels like?
  • Even more importantly, will you choose to dance from this point forward?

Only death is inevitable,
thriving comes to those who choose to dance.

Live with honour,

PS: Do you want to dance Darling?

Be honest with yourself,
is your life clear of the old,
of that which you’ve outgrown long ago,
or maybe just this year?

Have you allowed for the integration of all that you’ve gained through your efforts this year,
and released that which no longer serves you,
so that you can have complete and total clarity on who you are now,
what you desire to create next?

Chances are,
you haven’t.

The simple truth is that most women are so caught up in the doing of life,
that they hardly ever create a sacred container for this work.

Which is why they roll from one year to the next,
exhausted and frustrated and more confused than ever before.

Clearance2Clarity is me creating and holding the space for you,
and making it SUPER simple and easy
with daily mischiefs,
journaling prompts for introspection,
accountability and support from your personal coach,
and a collection of women who are as dedicated to themselves as you are to you.

We are starting November 4th and if you’re ready to gift yourself this experience, it will be my privilege to guide you through Clearance 2 Clarity.

Creating your toolbox of THRIVE!

As I lightly puke into my mouth
the thought crosses my mind
-spit or swallow-
the only thing that matters
the ONLY thing that actually matters
is that I finish what I started.

Finish the interval.
Finish the session.

Rain-splattered glasses making every turn in the road an act of faith.
Faith that if today is my last day, that it will be swift.
Faith that if today is not my last day, that I will instinctively be guided to look up, to swerve, at the critical moment.
Faith that the drivers are wide awake,
seeing the slight swerve of my bike as the wind keeps pushing and pulling me out of my line.

Most people will look at this and think I’m bat-shit crazy,
irresponsible even,
not understanding that my body is my most powerful instrument for remembering and reconnecting to my true self.

I have trained my body to push to the point of no return and when she has nothing left to give me,
when my human self is no longer enough,
I release
and my higher self takes centre stage.

They call it being in the zone.
Time slowing down.
Senses heightened so that everything comes into sharp focus,
a deeper appreciation of what this world has to offer.

And the more often I allow myself to get into my state of bliss,
the easier it becomes for me to release my human tendency of micro-controlling life.
For if you think about it Darling,
you have ZERO control
and ALL the control.

after all,
is your life.

Which you are creating through your choices yes,
AND there’s a larger part of you at play
which most will never tap into.

I’ve come to the realisation that we are all eternal and universal energy having a human experience.
Part of this human experience is various instruments for a richer sensation such as
our minds
our bodies
our emotions
our sexuality
our spirituality
our insatiable hunger to grow and create more.

Think of life as this big scavenger hunt,
just for fun.
You came here to create new treasures through your desires,
and then to find those treasures and bring them into manifested form for everyone to enjoy.

Your soul knew this before you were born.
She also knew that she wanted to be your partner in thrive,
so she put little tools along the way for you to find
and use to help get you to the next delicious treasure.

Not that I play video games,
but kinda like what I see my kids do.

They’re always looking to unlock some tool or armour or whatever that will help them conquer what is on this level and go to the next.

Now one of MY tools
is my body,
more specifically,
extreme physical training.

It’s getting out on my bikes
or into a mountain
and pushing myself to the limit
and beyond.

My mind goes through this incredible journey
of enthusiasm,
more hope,

It’s really fun.
Plus you get to create so much evidence of what a powerhouse you actually are,
so quickly,
which you then carry with you into every area of your life.

Why do women become more confident when working with me and doing their squats?
Because they FEEL the strength in their bodies,
they amaze themselves of what they can achieve with a little consistency and dedication,
plus who doens’t feel sexy with a tigther derriere???
You should try it some time 😉

Another one of my tools is my mind.
Especially through mindset work which will include my training,
and also my journaling where I DECIDE
WHAT I am creating next,
WHO I choose to be,
WHAT I choose to receive,
WHAT I now choose to believe,
do you see I never say HOW?

Then there’s meditation – okay in all honesty, this is a HUGE work in progress.
But hey,
I’m improving every day which is what matters.
So I’m not perfect.
So I don’t have it all down like a ‘guru’.
Bite me.

I could go on and on sharing all the trinkets in my little box of tricks and tools,
but who cares?

I’m more interested in YOU filling YOUR toolbox with instruments of power activation.

How do you find them?
Well Hunny,
you have to get curious as to what is available out there.
You have to be willing to experiment without NEEDING shit to work.
You have to give yourself permission to use various tools, tweaking what others have and making it your own, and then practicing them every day.
You have to start participating in your scavenger hunt with an air of childlike enthusiasm instead of being such a grumpasaurus.

Seriously Buttercup,
what’s the worst thing that could happen to you if you gave yourself permission to say
fuck it,
and just start having fun????

You could lose some ‘friends’ – good riddance I say.
You could fail a few times – well halle-fucking-lujah. You’re finally out of ego and opening yourself up to learning.
You could have some sore muscles – hahaha, welcome to my world.
You could meet some extraordinary people who live from a space of radical self-acceptance, self-appreciation, self-love, and self-respect and feel what it’s like to be surrounded by Alphas.
You could wake up in the morning with your toes curled in delightful anticipation of what the day has in store for you.
You could find out you lurv something that you’ve never even considered before.
You could live a life of thrive!

Fuck me georgie –
can you imagine????

Now tell me again why you want to hold on to your stifling old ways and bullshit limitations?
Tell me again why you want to tippy-toe around in life so that nobody will stop dead in their tracks and pay attention to you?
Tell me again why you will allow your fear of death prevent you from fully living?

blah blah blah.

Death is inevitable.
Will you choose to thrive?

Live with honour,

PS: Clearance2Clarity is open for enrolment.

As the idea for C2C came through, I knew that I wanted to create a program that will give women results again and again and again.
ALL women.

I knew that I wanted to create something so effective that women who invest privately with me will receive next level results,
whilst making it super affordable for women who can’t work privately with me.

I invited some high level alphas to participate alongside those who have never worked with me before, and the results spoke for themselves.

Every single woman walked away with more energy, more confidence, more clarity, more self-love, more enthusiasm, more of themselves.

This four week program WILL create immense shifts in your life if you work it.
This is a journey of body-activation, internal and external environmental clearing, radical self-care, reconnection with who you are and what truly matters for you,
and once we’ve scraped off the dirt and cleared out the clutter,
your vision is brought into focus,
and you’re ready to lock’nload.

Find the details at

When you’re ready to get dirty and un-fuck yourself.

Hmmmm mmmm mmmmm
Do you feel it Darling?
Do you feel the renewed energy flowing through everything?
Do you feel the expanded passion coursing through your veins?
Do you feel the increased clarity in your mind of what you desire and what you’ve had enough of?


Well then maybe it’s time for you to pull out that god-awful drip of mediocrity pumping poison through your system.

Jesus woman,
what will it take for you to say
‘enough and no more’
and from a space of absolute reclamation
rise alpha female???

Just how much more will you tolerate,
continuously numbing the pain of disbelief in yourself,
with more BS philosophies and strategies and tea parties and everything that takes you further and further away from who you truly are?

How much longer will you settle for anything less than
fucking spectacular
because of the ludicrous ideology of scarcity,
the absurdity of the happiness of another can make you happy,
the insanity of self-sacrifice in the name of the little children,
when you and I both know
that you NOT living your absolute best life,
you NOT being your absolute best self,
in whatever form that takes for you,
is screwing the little children over royally????

Whatever the fuck.
Here’s what I want you to think about today Darling:


You’re not a consumer.
You’re not an immitator.
You’re not one of them.
So why on frog testicles
would you play by their rules
and think that anything they say will ever make you happy?

Now just to be clear here,
I’m not saying that I hold the key to YOUR joy
and that I will give you the blueprint to YOUR success.
I’m not going to sprinkle fairy dust on your head and turn you into a queen.
I’m not going to slay your dragons for you and kiss your arse to wake you up from slumber.
I’m not going to save you from yourself.

I would NEVER disrespect you in that fashion.
I do NOT see you as this pathetic damsel in distress.

I see YOU,
right in the core of your being,
and I am in awe of your magnificence.

YOU are so perfect.
YOU are so beautiful.
YOU are so magnetic.
YOU are so brilliant.

The only reason you’re not seeing it,
is you have a muddied view of yoursef
as you’ve chosen to believe all the fuck-nutts who didn’t want to focus on themselves and their own disfunctioning beliefs,
so instead
they look at everyone else,
all the time waiting for a gap to criticise and tell you how you’re broken, imperfect, and you know,
screwed up.

Are you ready to let that shit go?
To let it just wash off you?
To see clearly once more???

Well, if I was with you today here’s what we would do,
and since I’m NOT there with you,
I’m going to invite you to do this for yourself,
but only if you’re actually at a point where you don’t care how silly this might look to others because you’re committed to your happiness.

Are you?
Do you want to play with me?


Step One

BWAHAHAHAHA I’m giving you steps, wtf?
Get a bucket, put in dirt, add water and mix to a sloppy muddy consistency.
I’m not kidding.
You want to come clean?
Then you have to get dirrrrrty first.

Step Two

Get a BIG mirror and place it on some grass or if you don’t have one, go stand outside in front of a window where you can clearly see your own reflection.

Step Three

Take a handful of mud, think of a shitty lie that someone told you,
where they told you that you’re full of yourself,
where they told you that you’re not that clever,
where they told you that you’re never going to be successful,
whatever they said,
speak it out loud into the mud seeing the thought, the pain, the energy of that leave your mouth, leave your body, leave your mind, leave your heart, infusing the mud,
and sling it straight at your reflection.


And Again…
And Again…
Over and over again…
Go wild.
Scream that shit out of your body because that energy is stuck in your cells and it’s time to UNFUCK YOURSELF.

Until there is NOTHING left in the bucket.
Not a smudge of mud.

Now look at your reflection Darling.
How much of yourself can you still see clearly?
I bet that if you allowed yourself to fully commit to this, there’s not much left.

And this is how most people go through life.
Day in and day out,
muddied and hidden by the insentive bullshit of others.

Oh we’re not going to go into the blame game.
You’re a big girl,
take responsibility for your life experience,
appreciate them for getting you to this moment,

Step Four

Get out the hose-pipe and wash the mud off your reflection.
Literally see how all of that pain, all of the lies, all of the obstruction to YOU
simply slides off and returns to the earth to be transmuted into love once more.


Welcome yourself back as you are revealed.

And when you’re done,
just stare into your eyes
the way a lover looks at you in the most tenderest of moments,
touch your face and affirm:

‘There you are.
Thank you for always being here,
even when I didn’t see you.
I appreciate you.
I honour you.
I love you.
Thank you.’

By the end of this process you’ll either feel completely elated, energised and bouncing off the walls,
in which case I would invite you to put on some music and dance until you drop,
you’ll feel absolutely exhausted having cried and released,
in which case I would invite you to set the intention to reintegrate,
go curl up under a soft blanket, and give yourself permission to sleep.

Both of these are perfectly normal and both are perfect.

I have to admit,
I didn’t intend to write this today and sadly not even 0.000001% of people who read this will IMPLEMENT.
But it’s the message that came through which means that somewhere in the world
a woman,
or a man,
is going to read this and decide to give it a go,
and at the end of the day,
they will have powerfully changed the trajectory of their life forever and end up on a higher point than would have otherwise been possible for them.

It is my wish that that person,
will be you.

After all Darling,
death is inevitable,
but thriving is the choice of the Alpha committed to doing the work that others won’t.

Live with honour,

PS: Enrollment for Clearance 2 Clarity is OPEN!

Just to be clear,
I don’t do things the way others do.
I don’t do polly-filla to fill up the cracks whilst the foundation is still broken.
I don’t fill the cake with icing so that nobody will see the hollowness in the middle.

I don’t do that shit.

Clearance 2 Clarity is for the woman who is ready to clear all that is obstructing her view of herself and what she desires.
From her panties to her beliefs to old resentment to complacency.

It’s for the woman ready to take hold of her thoughts, to turn herself into her greatest ally and from a space of absolute responsibility, gain clarity on who she desires to be and what she desires to create.

We start November 4th so get the details at and let’s end your year clear.

What will it take for you to get off the struggle-wagon?

I understand that this message will resonate with very few.
Most will be utterly disgusted by the potential thought of joyous success.
Others will be outraged by my audacity to hold up the mirror and putting the power right back into their hands.
Others still will throw insults like hot potatoes, freaking the fuck out as their so-called ‘identity’ is threatened.

That’s okay,
I’m not speaking to them,
instead I’m speaking to you Darling.

The biggest conundrum I see my clients struggle with
is the immense guilt and shame they experience
once they’ve connected to the simplicity of life
and everything just flows,
feeling so easy
it’s almost laughable.

And yes,
they laugh a lot,
once we’ve moved past the curses and tears.

At first they put it down to a fluke,
you know,
random luck.
Except it happens again and again!

Everything they desire starts appearing in their experience and it’s never when they push and struggle,
but whilst distracted from their old stories through dance and orgasms and riding bikes and chasing ducks and whatever is FUN for them.

They’ll get on a call,
sharing all the magical synchronicities and opportunities that ‘randomly’ popped up,
and then the inevitable statement:
“It’s not supposed to be this easy!”

In this exact moment I see the shadow pass over,
and I know,
I know because I’ve experienced it myself,
the instance guilt is rearing her dark little head.

If not nipped in the butt,
this inevitably leads to self-sabotaging behaviour
so that she can return to the status quo
merrily singing on the bandwagon of struggle and misery.

What a crazy society we have created Sunshine…

I get it,
we seem to have put struggle and hardship on a pedestal to be admired and applauded.
She who endures the most,
she who has it the hardest,
is the most deserving.

It’s as though we’re considered boring, bland, unworthy, if we choose ease.
And I’m not saying that we’ve not had it hard as nails getting to this point in time.
our battle scars criss-cross every part of our bodies, minds, and hearts.
I’m not discounting this in the least.
And I get that sharing our stories is instrumental in connecting with others who are still in a state of war.
It makes us relatable.

I get all of this.

But I also want to put this into perspective for you today Alpha.

This thing we call life,
is nothing more than a game,
an adventure,
that you create through your decisions.

I’m #sorrynotsorry to tell you but I believe in


You’re not a pawn on the chessboard of the gods,
here to be moved about by a giant hand in the sky.

that hand,
is constantly poised to deliver to you all that you wish and desire.
Paying attention to your thoughts,
it brings evidence all day ever day
to support the story you’re telling silently,
and sometimes not so silently.

There’s NO judgement of good or bad thoughts.
You think,
hand delivers.

So if you’re thinking that this is soooooo fucking hard,
that you have to be exhausted to receive crumbs,
that’s what you will get.

If you’re thinking that this is so much fun you can hardly contain your excitement,
jumping up and down like a 5 year old at the fair,
then that’s what you will get.

It’s all a choice.

before you say
“But Anel, you’re always taking action.
You’re always writing and working and creating.
Doesn’t this contradict what you’re saying?”

Well, no.
Because writing and working and creating is FUN for me!
It’s FUN for all Alphas.

We THRIVE in taking action,
it’s how we roll,
how we rock,
how we play.

Sitting on the beach,
drunk on cocktails,
which is apparently the ultimate dream of the little people,
for us.

The difference is that we GET to take action
because we WANT to take action,
not because we think we HAVE to take action.

We take action in the energy of delight and excitement and joy,
we can’t wait to see what the results are going to be,
not attached to the outcome,
which means we really can’t get it wrong,
for even if the outcome is not as anticipated
we simply take more action and on and on it goes.

For us,
this is what really makes life interesting and exceptionally lifegasmic.

How do you slowly kill an Alpha?

Tell her to go sit on her arse all day.
Tell her to go take hour long baths every day.
Tell her to let go of her grande vision and settle.
Tell her to slow down,
tone it down.

And it saddens me to no end!

I meet so many Alpha Females,
drained and grey and BLEEDING ENERGY TO DEATH!

I see them LIGHT UP when I connect them to their vision,
when I hold a space for them to go




Renewed life flowing into their washed out cheeks.
They’re literally arse-dancing in their chairs.
And then…
They go home and their enthusiasm terrifies the little people who immediately douse them with ‘reality’ talk.

She puts that leash back on,
hands it to her keepers,
to be led like a domesticated dog to her grave,
broken in once more.

Free will Baby.

I don’t do the convincing sales talk with them.
I don’t tell them they’re making a ‘mistake’.
There are no mistakes made.
They choose.
The Universe delivers.

Here’s what I want you to remember today Alpha:
YOU are the CREATOR of your experience.
Nobody and nothing else.
YOU get to CHOOSE how you’re going to experience life.
You can stay in the ‘popular’ group of struggle and misery and addiction and excistence and self-sacrifice and codependency.
You can walk the hell away from the masses to where you can unleash your free wild spirit that’s been starving for playful creation and abundance and thrive!

Whichever path you choose,
you will still end up dying one day.

But one path will have you exhale your last breath in relief and gratitude that the torture is finally coming to an end,
the other path will have you exhale in deep satisfaction with excitement at the prospect that you just might get to do this all again.

Live with honour,

PS: Anel partners with Alpha Females ready to give mediocrity the middle finger and choose a life of thrive.
If you’re ready to create your personal thrive evolution, visit to see how we can play.

Alpha Female – Time to choose LOVE

Hey Sugar,
pull up a chair,
grab a coffee,
and let’s have a chat.

Just you and me.
There’s nobody else here.
Things might get a little steamy.
And it’s about bloody time,
don’t you think?

My Darling Alpha,
when did you stop romancing yourself?
When did you stop adoring who you are?

What happened that you fell out of crazy love with yourself?
What did they say to you that made you think that you are not worthy of,
everything your heart desires?
What did they do to you that had you pull your head in like a tortoise,
thinking that it’s not safe to be seen,
not safe to walk proud,
not safe to be in your skin?
What happened that you swallowed your voice,
acid scorching your throat
every time you don’t speak your truth?


More importantly,
how long are you going to allow your past
to control your present
thereby creating your future?

I realise that I might sound like an insensitive bitch right now,
and I want you to know that it comes from a space of deep and unconditional love for you.
I want you to know that the reason I don’t wear kid-gloves is because I suffered for DECADES,
imprisoned in a story of I am not good enough,
that I deserved to be humiliated when I shone brighter than him,
that I deserved to be torn apart,
left lying on the floor,
not wanting to take another tortureous breath.

I believed them when they said that I’m too full of myself and that my mere presence was the cause of discomfort for others.
I believed them when they said that who I am at my core, what I stand for, is responsible for the mental diseases in others.
I believed them,
and in the process,
I hated myself.

And I cannot in all good consiousness sit here and shut up when I witness MILLIONS of people suffering in the same state of self-abandonment,
when I KNOW
that the key to get out of their self-imposed hell
is right there,
in their hands,
more specifically in their minds,
more specifically in their hearts.

So here’s my bitch-slap to shock you out of your complacent misery:


Stop believing bullshit.
And you KNOW it’s lies because the buttholes who tell you this crap are miserable snails simply not proud of their own efforts.

Stop defining yourself by the standards of others when those who judge you are nothing like you.

Stop looking at yourself and only ever seeking evidence of what is wrong according to the distorted feedback you’ve received, when it makes you feel like horse manure.


It’s madness and quite frankly it’s not serving us anymore.

Why am I instigating a thrive evolution?

Because you’re worth waking up in the morning,
connecting to the fullness of who you truly are,
and from this space
have an exquisite day!

Every day.

You’re worth looking in the mirror
and falling in love all over again
with every wrinkle
every stretchmark
every muscle
every curve
your smile
your eyes
your hands
your breasts
your hips
your crooked little toes.

You’re worth seeing yourself,
delight coursing through your veins,
becuase you’re just so incredibly beautiful and feeling fully athrive.

You’re deserving of bringing this radiance to the world
and allowing those on a similar vibration to greet you with a hearty
And for the rest to just,
you know,
go about their lives.

You’re deserving of sharing your amazing gifts unique to you
with those who will appreciate them.

You’re deserving of falling into the arms of your lover at the end of a satisfying day,
having him safely and confidently hold your hands above your head,
delighting in every inch of your body,
and having waves of pleasure wash over you
until you release in ecstacy.


You don’t have to do anything to receive it.
You don’t have to change who you are to get it.
You don’t have to be anyone other than who you are.

it’s YOURS!

I don’t give a belly-button ring about what happened before this smoking hot moment.
And I would recommend you stop caring so much too.

I would recommend that right now
you lift that stubborn chin of yours
pull your shoulders back
draw a line in the sand of time and say:

“Fuck it!
From this moment forward I choose to ONLY see the brilliance in myself.
From this moment forward I choose to ONLY speak that which I desire to experience.
From this moment forward I choose to ONLY see the gifts and appreciate everyone and everything that’s gotten me to this place and space in time and I now choose to release EVERYTHING and step forward with love.
From this moment forward I choose to romance myself,
every part of me,
every single day,
because I AM an Alpha Female.
I take full responsibility for myself and my life.
I take full responsibility for my thoughts and I guide them to better feeling destinations.
I say what I mean.
Mean what I say.
And do what I say.
I choose to fully embody the energy of my Empress self: Queen, Warrior, Lover.
And so it is done.
And it is fucking fabulous.”

put down that cup of coffee,
get out of the chair,
and go build your empire.

Death is invetable,
choose to thrive!

Live with honour,

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If your words are threads, what patterns are you weaving in your tapestry of life?

Ready for us to rip off some band-aids my Love?

Just a heads’ up,
I’m going to count to ten, so brace yourself for the pain.

One –
YOU are a magnificent being created from love through love of love for love with love.

Two –
YOU are perfect, whole and complete.

Three –
YOU have the blueprint of your success inside of you.

Four –
Stop fucking around, wake up and show the hell up for yourself Alpha!

so I don’t have the patience to go all the way to ten, and quite frankly, life is too short, I’m getting old and you’re tough enough to handle a new line of questions to ponder today.

Last night I had a power call with my apprentices.
What really stood out for me was the fact that humans have become sloppy with their language.
Programmed with seriously retarded sayings,
of which we never question the validity
or true impact on our lives, of the beliefs they foster,
and from this space
we get imprisoned inside our minds
with BS creating a maze most never find their way out of.

First and foremost I REALLY want you to finally understand that a belief is nothing more than a thing you keep telling yourself over and over again,
assembling evidence of this along the way,

and yes Darling,
we ALWAYS find evidence for our beliefs which is why I pay no attention to “emperically proven” whatever,
give it some time and someone will prove the opposite.

I would invite YOU to start questioning the usefulness of your words and beliefs.
I would invite YOU to start questioning the emotional impact of your words and beliefs.
I would invite YOU to start questioning if those words and beliefs open you up for expansion, or closes you down to opporunity.

It’s been my observation that most of what most people walk around reciting like a nursery rhyme, is causing untold suffering and preventing them from seeing the joy and abundance that’s always available to us.

Bullshit like:
‘I’ve lost myself.’
Are you kidding me???
You’ve lost yourself???
You haven’t lost yourself Darling. You don’t have to go find yourself somewhere in the world, because wherever you go, there you are!
Which is also why when people are constantly running away from uncomfortable situations, they find more shortly after they arrive at the new destination. You keep taking YOU with, and YOU are the creator of your experience.

Bullshit like:
‘I’m broken.’
You’re not made of porcellein.
You can’t shatter.
You’re made of some flesh and bone and blood and organs,
but mostly you’re made of badass ENERGY!
Energy cannot be broken.
Whoever started saying people are broken simply wanted something to fix!
Now we have billion dollar industries based on the premise of fixing people.

Bullshit like:
‘Love hurts.’
Love doesn’t hurt!
Love feels fucking FABULOUS.
What hurts is YOUR stories and rules of what has to happen for you to feel loved which normally involves other people.
Those poor sods never stand a chance!
When others have the audacity to NOT play by your rules, because you know, they have their own lives to live, you call them incosiderate assholes and now ‘love hurts’.
When in fact it’s your WITHHOLDING of love that hurts!
Because point number one – “YOU are a magnificent being created from love through love of love for love with love.”
THAT’s what’s hurting like a mofo!
It’s you and you – it has nothing to do with anyone else.
Bring it back home Sugar.

Are you picking up a pattern?
Are you seeing that all these popular one-liners we’re raised with is nothing more than a conditioning for disempowerment and seperation from our truth?
Are you seeing that these beliefs takes you from the driver seat of your life,
puts you on the pavement,
thumb out,
hoping to the gods that someone else will pick you up,
put you in the back and along with all the other scared shitless passengers,
you think you’re being driven to a Happily-Ever-Fucking-Never destination when in fact you’ve just given away your freedom, your power, your creative thought!

Don’t you want to feel free Alpha?
Don’t you want to feel joy upon waking?
Don’t you want to feel satisfaction in your creations every day?
Don’t you want to feel excited for what’s going to pop into your awareness next?
Don’t you want to feel full?
Don’t you want to feel in love with yourself, with your life?

Because honestly,
all you have to do is to start paying attention,
question your words,
and choose the ones that feels best!
You have to be willing to release your need to look ‘right’ and to be ‘acceptable’ to others and to be ‘pleasing’ to everyone else.
You have to be willing to bring it back to YOU.

Here’s a little experiment for you to do today,
if you’re wanting to change your results of course:


Not the ‘business’ conversations where you’re on your best behaviour.
The ones behind closed doors, when you’re with your besties.
The ones you have with yourself in the bathroom whilst putting on your make-up. Speak out loud.
The ones you have with yourself when things didn’t quite work out the way you thought you wanted them to.

LISTEN to yourself with an openness to see the patterns you’re weaving into the tapestry of your life.
QUESTION the impact of your words on your emotions, your actions.

That’s all.

And then let me know – are your words pleasing to you?
Do they make you feel invincible?
Do they uplift you?
Are you satisfied with the picture you’re weaving as your legacy?

Without self-judgement or self-shaming.
Time to get curious.

For death is inevitable.
But thriving is the choice of the Alpha open to proving herself wrong.

Live with honour,

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Lifegasms are Received, not achieved…

As a driven
high achiever,
I relish in the hustle,
the push,
the overcoming of massive obstacles.

It’s the thrill
that keeps me coming back for more.

I love waking in the morning
going to war with that little bitch in my head
saying I’m not good enough
not smart enough
not pretty enough
not young enough
it ALL
with a cherry on top for no real reason other than the fact that I love cherries.

I love going out on my bike
in bat-shit crazy weather
raging into the storm
unnecessarily proving to myself once again
that I can do whatever I put my mind to.
Even if that means getting home,
in all appearance a drowned rat who’ve gone to hell and back.
Yet my smile radiating through my exhaustion.

I love being a warrior,
always ready to fight for all that I love, respect and value.
Taking a stand against the cult of mediocrity
which lies at the outskirts of my empire,
keeping the sheople in the fields where they belong.

I love ALL of this
I love gasms.

As an Alpha Female
it took me decades to finally connect to the knowing
that for me to activate my full pleasure and potential
I have to reclaim,
and appreciate

ALL of me.

That means that I get to be the hustler
I get to be the empress.
Commanding my desires and then
relinquishing control,
allowing myself to receive exquiste pleasure
oh my god YES!

Thank you Universe.
More please.

For the Universe in all his might and glory
my ultimate lover.

I have come to understand that he delights in my delicious allowing of joy.
I have come to understand that he thrills in my exhiliration.
I have come to understand that as an Alpha Female
it’s about partnering with the Universe
in creating my thrive evolution!

You see Darling,
Alphas didn’t come to this life to be precious princesses,
lying around on a chaise-lounge,
nibbling little cucumber sandwhiches
whilst having manicures as the highlight of our day.
I respect and appreciate for some that is Eutopia,
for me,
it’s fucking torture.

When people tell me to go sit on my arse all day and relax
I feel as though they’re giving me a prison sentence.
I simply don’t understand why I’m being punished,
and then they say
it’s because they care
and they want to stop me from burning out.

Alphas love rolling up their sleeves,
getting elbow deep into the creative process.

Think of life as sculpting pottery.
We love being given the ingredients for the clay,
mixing it to the imperfectly perfect consistency for us,
and then
with unpracticed hands,
craft what was supposed to be a masterpiece
yet looks like a toddler lump of clay with a hole in the middle.
We delight in the absurdity of it all,
hearing the soft rumble of laughter of our lover in our ear
as he brings his arms around
guiding our fingers
and through this co-creative process
a gorgeous cup makes her appearance.

Even whilst clapping our hands in childlike delight,
we desire something bigger so
we start making a vase.

I now understand that the Universe has no wish for me to change.
He has no intention for me to go against my very nature,
which sees me embracing and activating both masculine and feminine energies inside of me.
He has no inclination for me to pretend to have fun doing nothing
when he knows
that my thrill comes from participating.
Just as I now know that I can play on the journey of bringing my desires to fruition,
I can hustle,
I can grinde,
yet when it’s time,
I release
I let go
and I allow myself to receive in deep satisfaction!

Are you starting the see the dance Alpha?
Are you starting to understand that right now you’re probably working way too fucking hard for what you desire
and in the process you’re actually just pushing it away?

You might still be thinking it’s all up to you
and maybe you’ve had to figuratively masturbate for so long
that you’ve forgotten the extreme pleasure available to you from the touch of a conscious lover.

Today I invite you to just imagine what it would feel like
if you didn’t have to do all the work
for your lifegasms?

What would it feel like to partner with the Universe
in receiving all that you want?

What would it feel like to know that you are safe
and fully supported
so that you can relinquish control
and let pleasure wash over you in waves
without any shame or guilt or concern?

What would it feel like?

It’s been my experience that the more I allow myself to connect to THIS feeling,
AND give myself permission to play full out,

because it’s fun for me,
the faster my desires come to manifested form.
For my Universe truly celebrates my pleasure.

Alpha Female,
it’s time for you to reclaim ALL of you
and to enjoy ALL of you
and to love ALL of you
and from this space
choose to thrive!

For death is inevitable,
but oh dear god
lifegasms are SENSATIONAL!

Live with honour,

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that you’re not willing to settle for one more moment,
and you actually meant it.

You’ll know this is the right time because you’ve had enough of the struggle
and you’re craving the sweet release,
to have relief and abundance wash over you,
and feel fully alive once more.

You’ll know this is the right time
because you just know.

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Alpha Female – RECLAIM yourself!

You can keep pretending
you don’t know the answers.
You can keep pretending
you don’t think you’ve got what it takes.
You can keep pretending
you’re confused,
not ready.

You can keep that shit up for however long it serves you,
to play small and weak,
for whatever reason.

Maybe you’re finding yourself in a situation
surrounded by under performing friends and family
who don’t appreciate your drive and ambition.
Constantly ‘teasing’ and warning you to calm the fuck down,
you’re going to burn out,
you first need to heal,
need more therapy,
need to slow down.

Maybe you’re finding yourself in a company
that don’t exactly welcome your passion and conviction.
Built on red tape, traditional practices and old-boys values.
Constantly feeling the frustrating push and pull as on the one hand you’re dying to speak out,
stand out,
make a motherfucking difference,
and on the other
finding yourself in front of HR’s door once again,
the naughty child summoned to the principals’ office.

Maybe you’re finding yourself in bed with a man who has nothing left to bring to the partnership.
The once bright flame of passion dulled by his lack of personal development and sense of achievement,
so now everything that once excited him about you,
is a painful daily reminder of how he’s disappointed himself,
the prince never growing up to be a king
and in his pain
he lashes out at you.

Yes, I know –
it sucks like a never-ending sour nickerball.

Or you can finally drop the pretence,
reconnect with the inner knowing
that’s been brewing for years and

#reclaim yourself.

Know this Alpha,
there are NO victims in this life.
Not human,
or plant.
We all came to this time-space reality as consiousness
knowing what we’re in for
and we said

You arrived as an all-mighty BEAST
in a teeny tiny body
and from your very first infant howl
you made your presence known.
All around you
souls pressed pause for a moment
smiling in celebration of your arrival.

It’s called the MIRACLE of life for a reason.


I get it,
life turned out to be a bit of a pain in the arse at times.
We didn’t exactly enter stage left to a planet filled with bouncing unicorns and talking bunnies.
We didn’t exactly arrive at a time when humanity has worked through the mediocre indoctrination of conformity and mind-less obedience.
We didn’t exactly come through at a time when all men are already kings and women are all creating empires of impact.


You and me Darling.
It’s up to us.


It’s up to us to see past the smoke and mirrors to the heart of the matter.
It’s up to us to see past the addictions to the excruciating pain of the human.
It’s up to us to see past the systems keeping the masses in line through mind-fuckery and distraction.
It’s up to us to see all of this,
and instead of being another ‘saviour of the masses’,
turn our backs on the norm,
and stride off into the wilderness.

Where we shut out the noise,
creating space to breathe,
to reconnect to our bodies,
through touch and movement,
to reconnect to our inner guidance system,
through our emotions,
to reconnect to our voices,
through our art.

It’s up to us to sit and sift through all the beliefs and the stories running rampant through our minds,
to keep that which feels aligned with our heart-space,
and lovingly release the rest of the shit
for it no longer serves us.

How do you know if it has to go?
It feels restrictive.
It feels sad.
It feels bad.
It feels hard.
It feels tedious.
It feels boring.
It feels as though you’re choices are limited through the process.
It feels like imitating.
It feels like you need an enema!

I’ve come to understand that majority of driven Alpha Females are NOT completing their journey!
They start the same as all the boys – the hero’s journey of going into the big scary world,
seeking their answers,
achieving amazing results,
and then teaching others this new approach to creating success.

This is where most women stop.
they still feel unfulfilled.
They wake each morning feeling exhausted from suppressing their true desires.
They walk around overwhelmed by their immense boredom.
They huddle in their little circles of dissatisfaction complaining of deep loneliness disconnected from themselves.

For the journey of the Alpha Female only truly starts at the masculine finish line.

This my Darling
is where you wake up in the morning
there is so much more to life than this…

This is where you stop your irritating shit
of setting more and more soul-void goals,
where you take those long to-do lists and flush them down the toilet,
where you finally reconnect to
the power of your pussy
the power of your heart
the power of your emotions
the power of your voice
the power of YOU!

OMG woman,
don’t you get it???

We never came to this life to ‘save’ anyone but ourselves.
And it’s done through a reconnection
a reclaiming
of who you are
at your very core
the fibres of your being.

THIS is the work you’re here to do.

And as you finally
remember who you are
and you reconnect with your joy
your passion
your unending MAGIC,
you walk back into view of those who are ready to take the journey for themselves,
your throw your head back
and you fucking let rip with an earth-shaking


The sheople will look up startled
starting an out-of-control stampede
running as far as their furry little legs can take them,
and your alpha pack
will raise their heads in acknowledgement

of your return,
of your presence,
of your miracle,
and they will walk proudly to meet you in the middle of the field.

Welcome home Alpha.
I’ve been waiting for you.

Live with honour,

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You’ll receive it once you’re willing to release it

Let go Alpha.
Let it fucking go.

This need for it,
this desperate,
white-knuckled clinging,
as if
you’ll die if you don’t have it,
is so fucking unattractive and honestly Darling,
you’re better than this.

Get off your knees woman.
Stop begging like a street dog.
Raise your motherfucking head with deliberation.


Can’t you see how caught up you are in the illusion?
You’ve bought into the idea that you have to grovel and grind
for crumbs
and then
you have to do some more.

Can’t you feel how your insistence that you can receive
oh sorry
all your desires
by enforcing your actions on the world and everyone around you
is exactly what’s keeping you apart from your dream?

So disconnected from your true power.
Your true energetic flow.
Of receiving.

Not exerting.


In order for that to happen
you have to let go of your NEED for it.
This ridiculous idea
that you need ANYTHING
to validate you
to prove your worth
to be perfectly okay
takes you from creator

  • bringing to physical form that which already exists energetically brought to life by your desires –
    to being just another leech in a culture where the lazy ones have stopped creating abundance, instead they sit on their fat arses, waiting for others to create more so that they can suckle at a tit and then wonder why they believe in scarcity.

By joining their ranks you have gone from Alpha to Slave,
chained by your own humiliation
at the feet of one who hasn’t bothered to wash the dirt from his toenails in decades.


The energy of need is absolutely repulsive
and everything you desire
is running away from you at a hundred miles an hour.

Whether it’s your soulmate lover,
your soulmate clients,
your empire of impact,
your thrive-style,
NONE of it wants to be captured by you
and smothered to death
by your need.

At the end of the day you only think you need it
because you don’t believe in yourself Darling.
You simply have gone on the same journey as myself and hundreds of thousands of women just like us,
who have grown up in a patriarchal society
where we were taught the same philosophies,
as men.

we’re not men.

We have all they have with a ‘wo’ extra 😉


We’re programmed differently.
We’re driven differently.
We’re gifted differently.

We simply don’t receive lasting satisfaction
through social achievment.
For us, there is a deep purpose and when we’re seperated from this, NOTHING feels good!
Not their academic accolades.
Not their financial success.
Not their harem of lovers.

We can endure way more pain than men yet we’re told we’re motivated by pain.
Bitch please.
We pop watermellons out of lemon holes.
We stay in abusive toxic relationships for DECADES.
We stay loyal even when treated like the bacteria in the shit on the bottom of a shoe.
We break down, sobbing on the floor in the dark of night,
dry off our tears,
put a smile on our faces,
and serve our families by dawn.

We can tolerate the presence of fear way more than men yet we’re told that we’re afraid of failure and afraid of success and afraid of loneliness.
They have no idea how saturated we’ve been in fear.
Never knowing when some asshole is going to make up for his lack of balls by thrusting his testicles in our faces.
Never knowing when some desperate broken drunk is going to decide today is the day to prove his manliness.
Never knowing when brute force will overpower.
Yet we keep rising.
And god helps anyone who threatens our children.
Even if we don’t win the fight,
we are prepared to die fighting.
Fear don’t scare us.

Yet you sit there
and you keep listening to the same stuff men listen to,
and you keep doing the same stuff men do,
and you keep pushing,
and then wondering why the actual fuck life stinks to high heaven.

Wake up and smell the desperation lover,
THAT is stench of manure you’re inhaling.

Would you want to be with you?


So here’s my invitation to you today Alpha:

  1. Write down all you desires.
  2. Identify what you actually want and here’s the mystery clue – you DON’T actually want the stuff, the people, the whatever, you want what you think it will FEEEEEEEEL like!
  3. Decide to feel that today REGARDLESS of whether or not you have it.
  4. Go enjoy life for it’s already DONE.

NOW you’re an energetic match for your desires and it can finally run to you, jump into your lap and plant a big fat wet kiss on your lips because you’re fun to be with.

Sounds too easy?

Well, that’s a story.
You can choose to see it as a true Belief System or BullShit.
My question to you is – which one feels better?

Life was never meant to be this hard and miserable.
Which means whatever feels BETTER, is closer to your TRUTH.

Another golden nugget for you.

Over to you Darling.
What will you choose today?

For death is inevitable,
thriving is the choice of the Alpha willing to be her Female self.

Live with honour,

What if it’s never been done before?? How would you do it then?

Let me ask you this:

How do you want to feel every day?
How do you want life to work?

if you actually believed in yourself the way you say you do,
if you actually believed in the Universe the way you say you do,
how do you want it all to work for you?

Because right now,
I’m not seeing it.
I’m still seeing you sitting there,
insecure AF,
tippy-toeing around your dreams,
as if they’re going to blow up in your face at any moment.

Half the reason for this is
you’re doing it all WRONG FOR YOU!

You still think that someone else holds the secret to your success.
You still think that someone else is walking around with your blueprint for happiness.

if you’re one of the sheople
who came here to consume
and replicate
that’s perfectly fine.

All they ever wanted was to colour by numbers.
They only wanted certainty.
Even if that certainty was being broke and miserable.

Are you one of them?

I didn’t think so.


It’s time for a motherfucking THRIVE evolution of epic proportions
and that is going to take Alpha Females to
wake the fuck up
to who they are
what they desire
having the audacity
to have it all
on their terms
in a way that feels absolutely

Nothing less will do.

And yes,
that means that you have to stop being such a precious little princess
walking around doing what you’re told
when it feels like a prison sentence
drying up your sexual juices
and leaving you absolutely

It means you have to give yourself permission
to experiment without expectation of first time success,
to fail without humiliation,
to say ‘Fuck no’
‘Fuck yes’
and nothing in-between.

It means that you actually start reconnecting with what you desire to
in your life.

I’m referring to the EMOTION behind the journey on the way to your next desire.
When you understand that you want a
you can start aligning your actions and thoughts and relationships to match this.

If you think that doing things the way another is,
all the while hating every single second,
will ever get you to delicious,
you’re a fool.

I could feel responsible for some of the suffering,
as I so openly share what works for me,
inviting others to give it a go,
I expect people to think for themselves and to take responsibility for their lives.

I expect people in my space to be adults
and to give themselves permission to say my way is not their way.

Holy Mother of Custard,
if it doensn’t FEEEEEEEL good,

Can’t you see how I genuinely LOVE the hustle?
How I LOVE the exquisite burn of my muscles,
even whilst puking on my bike,
I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else
or have it any other way!

I LOVE setting goals and thrive-stones and aiming way too high.
I LOVE failing spectacularly again and again,
always learning,
always laughing at myself,
always moving forward.

I LOVE getting up early and getting more done than most do in a week before they even get up.
I LOVE eating clean
until I eat dirty.
And oh yes,
mamma lurves dirrrrrty.


I give myself permission to stay open all the time.
I give myself permission to try it a new way without thinking that there’s ONE way.
I give myself permission to prove myself wrong.
I give myself permission to change my mind frequently.
I give myself permission to do it my way
even if it takes me ten times longer to get the result
because the experimentation is the FUN part!

I mean seriously,
what’s the worst that can happen?
I could find I don’t like it,
and in the contrast I will gain more clarity on what I do like.
I could fail and have to start over again.
So what?
It’s not as if I’m in a race with anyone else.
I could die.
Well, actually

how do you want to FEEL every day?
How do you want YOUR life to work?
If nobody else had ever done what you want to do,
how would you want to do it?

You have to get out of the comparison game.
You have to get out of the shaming and blaming game.
You have to get out of the appearance game.

This is your LIFE we’re talking about.
Not your money.
Not your physique.
Not your car.
Not your clothes.

Journal this:
What would you do differently if you stopped keeping score, and stopped feeling responsible for everyone else, and stopped worrying about what others will think and say about you?

How would you live differently?

Why wouldn’t you?

death is inevitable.
Will you be one of the very few who choose to thrive?

Live with honour,