We are who we choose to be...

Here's a little something most lose sight of - we are who we choose to be from one moment to the next! That's right Darling - you get to choose multiple times a day. So who you choose to be right now is actually all that truly matters.

The ripple effects of thoughts gone by.

Today I'm inviting a new perspective so you can move through life FASTER by understanding what's happening and giving yourself permission to have a human experience.

Are you allowing the merging of energies through the dance?

There's so much power in the DANCE of life. Sadly, most have forgotten or rejected the dance for public applause and recognition and approval, thereby creating the beauty of a solo which, although stunning in her own right, can never give the range and depth of a duet.

Creating your toolbox of THRIVE!

Have you figured out how to enjoy playing your game of life? Have you figured out your preferred tools for thrive? If not, now is the time to give it some thought.

Lifegasms are Received, not achieved...

It's time to understand that you're in a dance with the Universe and that for you to finally receive ALL you desire, you have to reclaim ALL of you and release to receive.