The mentality of an Alpha Female.

Ready to scrape off all the bullshit from the mirror so you can take a real hard look at yourself?
Ready to shut down the noise in your head
which has you so confused as to what to do next,
spinning your wheels,
spraying mud all over the place?


Because honestly,
enough already of all the yada yada talk
of how you don’t know what to do – you always know;
of how you don’t know who to believe – you always know;
of how you just can’t seem to please everyone – only please yourself;
of how you’re sooooo fucking stuck – you’re not stuck, you’re holding yourself back.

For Alphas it comes down to one thing and one thing ONLY:


The end.

You need to start looking past the smoke-screens Darling.
You need to start seeing that we’re living in a time largely void of honour.
Majority of people have no integrity.
They have zero ambition for excellence.
They just want to scrape by doing as little as possible as quickly as possible,
spending their money on their drug of choice to numb the pain of mere existence,
spending their time on mind-numbing ‘entertainment’ to deny the pain of living out of integrity,
screw the journey,
the art,
the mastery.

And you know what Sunshine,
that’s perfect for them.

Believe it or not,
that’s ALL they really want,
even though EVERYONE says they want to be successful.
They don’t even take the time to figure out what success means to them.
They think the number in your bank account says
about who you are
what you take a stand for
and your level of true success in all of life.

Would we have any inventions and timeless art if everyone only did what made them money instantly?


Stop thinking like them.
Stop listening to them.
More importantly though,


YOU are an Alpha.
Take back your pride woman!
Get off your arse.
Pull back your shoulders.
Raise your chin.


Remember who you are.
Remember what is important to you.
Remember that you made a commitment to your mission, your journey.
That you came to experience contrast from which to make new choices and decisions,
and then allowing your light to shine for those who desire a similar path.
Regardless of how long it takes.
Regardless of what everyone else is doing or saying.

As an Alpha,
you have a built in compass pointing directly North.
When you walk the path of true North,
refusing to get distracted by everyone else,
you can’t go wrong.


You know that Alphas want everying yesterday,
and are willing to do the work for as long as it takes.
Our impatience stems from our desire to impact more lives whilst alive,
yet we’re absolutely dedicated to the muse and we’re in it for the long run meaning,
we don’t quit!

Alphas invest with professionals, working through our personal shit and demons in private, so we may serve powerfully in public and bring our best selves to our close relationships.
I’m #sorrynotsorry but I can’t wrap my head around everyone spewing their shit all over humanity, asking faceless people on the internet to make them feel better or give them ‘life-changing’ advise, or dumping their garbage on their so-called friends and then getting their panties in a knot when the friend speaks their truth instead of what they want to hear.

Alphas want to be the very best in our chosen field
by continuously improving ourselves,
NOT breaking down others the way most dicks play today.


I don’t care a testicle if you think it makes you look more genius by pointing out the flaws of others and ridiculing them on the internet.
The pure fact that you spend your time finding fault in the work of another instead of creating your own, tells me you’re not an alpha.
I don’t care to hear about your piss poor results and then blaming another for it. Alphas take full responsibilty for their results and we NEVER put it on another.

Alphas are competitive to the bone baby,
and we LOVE it.
Competition is nothing more than a playful manner in which to test our own current levels of competency by pitting ourselves against our peers.
It has nothing to do with winning and losing.
It’s all about personal growth and an unending hunger for improvement.

Alphas believe in abundance for all,
and that the more abundance we create for ourselves,
the more abundance we create for all to enjoy.
The fact that others don’t want to receive that abundance,
cutting themselves off from personal well-being,
is their choice.
The only scarcity which exists is in the minds of people.
The idea that we must all settle for pittance
so that a single pie can feed billions
is quite frankly
mind-boggling to me.

As an alpha, you know who you are and how you get to be treated.
We don’t tolerate the codependent falacy that says we’re responsible for how others feel or hold others hostage to make us feel better about ourselves.
We don’t believe in staying in a toxic environment just to prove a point.
We don’t try and ‘help’ aka rescue everyone else, instead we come from a space of deep belief and respect for them, we present empowering choices and then leave it to them to step up or step out, and we do the same for ourselves.

Alphas understand that true wisdom is to be found from within. That all the answers truly required for our joy, lies within ourselves.
We make it a priority each day to connect to our mission, what we desire to receive next, what we desire to create next, who we desire to be next,
and let THIS
guide our actions and decisions throughout the day.

Above all Darling,
Alphas live proudly
not in what they have
but who they choose to be.

Death might be inevitable,
but will you choose to thrive?

Live with honour,

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Life doesn’t show you what is true. It shows you what you believe to be true!

do I really have to get up?
Can’t I just stay in bed a little longer?
Just pull the covers up over my head,
pretending to be asleep,
then maybe the world will leave me alone,
and I can
from all I don’t want to face.

I’m sooooo tired
all of the time.
Exhausted from the struggle,
the pretence of being happy,
and having my shit sorted,
Little Miss Perfect,
the way they expect me to be.

I don’t want to have this responsibility,
sooooo much fucking responsibility,
for their lives,
their feelings,
their responses,
their choices.

I don’t want any of this anymore.
I just want to press the snooze button
on my life
and never get up again.

Can you relate?

Nah, me neither!

But if I have to think back,
which I don’t often do as honestly,
what is the fucking point of reliving the past,
thereby making it my current reality once more,
but if I have to,
to relate to the suffering I see and hear all the time
from others stuck in a horrible pattern of

this is how I used to feel in the mornings.

What changed?

Let’s see,
I woke up to the fact that the misery
came from inside of my own head.
That there was a voice running the show
and she was a pathetic little whiney victim
thinking that she had no other choices available to her
due to legal contracts and social responsibilities.

She honestly believed that my life is in servitude to others.
That I am responsible to keep everyone else happy,
swallowing my truth so that I wouldn’t accidentally upset them,
dimming my light so that I wouldn’t have anyone stand in my shadow,
living in an environment that made my skin crawl.

A shrink told me that I had issues wanting my home to be neat and tidy.
That I had an obsession by not allowing my kids to draw on the walls.
That I needed more therapy so I wouldn’t be triggered by shit strewn all over the floor.

Another shrink said I was responsible for my husbands drinking.
That I was just too much for any man to handle so who could blame the poor man for drowning his sorrow of ever putting that ring on my finger.
That I should be grateful that he had did the honourable thing by staying with me.

Another shrink told me that I should stand behind my man.
That I should tone it down.
That I should make him feel successful.
That I should be obedient.

Another shrink told me that I should go back into my past,
reliving the unspeakable shit I’ve encountered
in a patriarchal society
where men repeatedly tried to put me in my place
and show me that my body
was there for their delight
regardless of my wishes.

Oh yes SugarPie,
I attracted some real gems to create evidence for my little voice.

And please,
before you think I’m sitting on the feminist bandwagon,
I’M NOT!!!
This is NOT about men,
it’s about taking responsibility for MY own thoughts and beliefs.

At the end of the day,
it’s all fucking bullshit.

you have to start understanding that you are a powerful bloody creator and you will always create what you believe you deserve.
Which means,
if you have a core belief that you deserve to be treated like a floorwipe,
you will attract people, situations, bank balances, clients, you name it, that is ‘evidence’ and you will feel like all you do all day every day is wipe up the floor after others.

If you have a core belief that life is a battle,
that you have to fight for everything you want,
then you will attract opponents, obstacles, blood-splattered relationships, assinine colleagues and bosses, tough clients, that is ‘evidence’ and you will feel scarred and bleeding every night when you fall into bed.

If you have a core belief that you’re a badass ALPHA,
that you’re here to build an empire of impact in a way that feels gorgeous, aligned, in flow, fun AF,
that you know who you are and how you get to be taken care of,
that you only attract soulmate lovers, friends, clients, team-members,
well then guess what you get to experience?

That’s right.
You get to wake up each morning,
a little shiver of excitement running through you before you’ve even opened your eyes,
a small smile spreading across your lips in the dark,
and you quietly whisper
“Good morning life,
OMG I’m so delighted to greet you for another day of wonderful surprises.”

You get to kiss your own shoulder first
because you fucking adore yourself,
you respect yourself,
you’re proud of yourself,
you deeply appreciate yourself,
and you’re BEAUTIFUL.

Now my darling creature,
how do you want to wake in the morning?

And I’m going to invite you to be really honest with yourself,
because choosing the path of the Alpha
seems really lonely to the outsiders.
We don’t huddle in throngs
and we often choose to wake alone in our beds.
alone is NEVER lonely.
Living in the crowd,

I want you to know that the reason people choose misery
is because they love company
regarless of the quality of the company.

Most can’t even relate to my words,
they think I’m smoking pot,
because it sounds impossible.
To actually wake EVERY day
feeling content,
hungry for MORE
regardless of how much you already have.
Because we come from a space of SERVICE
to our soulmate clients
who we choose to partner with
in creating their own empires of thrive.

When you make the choice to wake lifegasmic,
you’re going to have to tell that little voice to pack her bags and vacate the premises.
You will feel guilty because where is she supposed to go????
You will feel scared because she’s been your constant companion for years,
who the hell will guide you now????
You will feel you can’t do this!
That it’s too much to ask of yourself.

It’s all a choice Darling.
Either you want thrive,
or you want to stay the same.
In which case I simply invite you to make peace with it.
Just consciously decide that you choose misery, suffering, mental slavery and imprisonment in your cage of fear.

YOU are the only one who can change your life experience.
Nobody esle is going to save you.
Nobody else is going to make you happy.
Nobody else is going to love you more than you love yourself.
Nobody else is going to respect you more than you respect yourself.

Just keeping it real for you.

At the end of the day
death is inevitable.
Thriving is the choice of the Alpha Female.

Live with honour,

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Right now I’m connecting with women from all over the world,
exploring the possibility of partnering in their thrive.

As this is my birthday month I’m meeting you halfway
but you still have to step up Darling.

You have until the 19th of October to take me up on this offer.

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LOVE – the fuel that runs the passionate engine of the Alpha Female

Dear Alpha Female,

It’s time for you to remember.
It’s time for you to remember who you are and what you’re made of.

It’s time for you to stop,
and roll the fuck away
from all the bullshit lies,
the outdated beliefs that has you feeling miserable,
the fear dripping from you,
the stench attracting the vampires from a mile away.

It’s time for you
to take back your

Just to be clear,
I’m not referring to your physical or financial freedom.
I’m talking about the ONLY real freedom,
which takes place in

The freedom to choose your stories wisely.
The freedom to connect to your emotions,
and to start trusting yourself again,
knowing that you ARE worthy of joy,
and to choose that which feels good.

Without the fucking guilt.
Without the self-inflicted punishment.
Without thinking you have to prove yourself.
Without this insistance that everyone is against you
and that the male species is out to get you.

Can we please
for the love of tits
move past the damsel in distress saga.
It’s just so old.


Here’s what I want to remind you of today,
and I’m asking that you put aside your pain,
your anger,
your ideology of suffering,
and open yourself up to receive.

Do you remember how to receive Darling?
Or are you so used to being closed off,
as you give and give and give,
even as you feel your soul shrivel up inside?

this is important,
so I’m going to ask my Soul to take these words,
infuse them with magic,
so they can find their way to your heart.


your essence,
your truth,
your power,
lies in love.

It’s the energy gifted to us from which to create universes and empires of impact.
It’s the energy gifted to us from which to create human life.
It’s the energy gifted to us from which to blossom and thrive.


Not anger.
Not hatred.
Not resentment.
Not retribution.

All those emotions
stem from fear.
And fear feels like desperation,
it’s out of control,
it doesn’t think,
it simply lashes out and reacts.

In the process,
you lose all of your true power.

I also want to highlight that when I talk love,
I’m not thinking the soppy Hollywood fantasy polony.
I’m not talking about romance and I’m definitely NOT talking codependency.
most people no longer recognise love when it bites them in the arse.

Love is fierce.

She doens’t tolerate fools and speaks her truth courageously without white-washing, in other words, PC is NOT love.

Love is not blinde.

Love CHOOSES to see the good which always exists, regardless of how big the ‘bad’ is.

Love does not hurt.

Love feels wonderfully delicious because it is.
Tolerance hurts.
Allowing others to treat us like dog doodle because we don’t value ourselves, hurts.
Clinging to another when the relationship has run it’s course, hurts.

Love is not scarcity.

Love is creative, expansive, abundant, opulent.
She’s pro-growth and pro-life which means she is pro creating MORE for you and everyone else.

Love is not the enemy!

When you’re holding on to the past,
logging it with you day in and day out like a statue of god knows what,
stating that you’ve closed your heart off to the world becuase humanity sucks,
you’re closing yourself off from yourself!
You’re disconnecting yourself from your essence.
Wondering why you’re so grey and unattractive.
you’ve gone from sunflower to cactus and nobody wants to cuddle a prickly, hard, bland, sticky thingy.


Right now the world is running rampant with angry, bitter, resentful, women.
And I get it.
It’s your choice if you want to feel like a victim.
It’s your choice if you want to feel sad and lonely.
It’s your choice if you want to be remembered as a martyr.
I’m not judging.

I just want you to know it’s a choice
and just because you see everyone esle doing it
doesn’t mean there isn’t another way.

In the ‘wilderness’
away from the noisy crowds and masses of sheople
where we can roam free
there’s a breed of women
called Alphas
who operate from a space of love.

We choose to leave the past in the past
understanding that everything happens for us,
that every single incident and relationship has brought us to this divine moment.
We take the learning,
we grow,
we release,
we move forward.

We choose to play by our own rules
of appreciation
of abundance
of creativity
of bliss
of joy
from a space of deep self-acceptance, appreciation, love and respect.

Wo choose to live with honour and integrity,
taking full responsibility for our lives,
trusting that we always make the right decision,
and moving forward from where we land.

We choose to keep our word to ourselves first and foremost
and to partner in relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

We choose to allow the natural rhythm of everything into everything.
No longer needing to hold others hostage to stay with us until we die.
We choose to surround ourselves with our kind
and to play full out
every single day
because it’s fun!

We are the Alpha Females
who have the audacity to choose to be happy.


Today I’m presenting you with a conscious choice:

You can choose to hold on to whatever armour you think you need to get through this life,
weighed down,
exhausted from carrying all the extra weight,
and I understand why,
for one thing the process they tell you is necessary to be happy again
is quite frankly
fucking torturous, tedious and ridiculous!

Or you can choose to choose love.
You can choose to just DECIDE that you’re worthy.
You can choose to just DECIDE that your happiness is the most important thing in this life.
You can choose to just DECIDE that today is the day you break the shackles in your mind,
liberating yourself from the chains of indoctrinated fear,
release the anger and resentment,
and float forward unencumbered.

Yes Sweetheart,
it really IS that easy.

Freedom is available to you right now.
All it takes is one single decision.

Death is inevitable.
Thrive is the DECISION of the Alpha Female.

Live with honour,

PS: Will my birthday month be the birth of your liberation?

Right now I’m connecting with women from all over the world,
exploring the possibility of partnering in their thrive.

As this is my birthday month I’m meeting you halfway
but you still have to step up Darling.

You have until the 19th of October to take me up on this offer.

This is for the Alpha Female ready to choose

If you secretly know you’ve been playing small becuase of old beliefs that’s a pain in your beautiful derriere, and you’re ready to reclaim your true Alpha power, let’s get on a call and see if this is the right fit for both of us.

Are you truly feeling safe, or are you feeling certain?

First thing that I really want you to start getting today, is that your results stem from your habits.

Do you understand this?

Really understand this?

Part of those habits creating your results, is your language.

Except, most people have stopped listening to themselves a long time ago as they’ve been programmed to give lip-service. Which basically means, they know they’re talking BS so they don’t pay attention to themselves.

Majority don’t actually believe a word they’re saying, leading to a vast legal industry, supposedly enforcing ‘honour’ through documents, which normally ends up in a dramatic fight in court to decide who’s the biggest liar anyway.

This is where we see ‘leaders’ waiting for others to lead, before committing to a course of action. You know: ‘Oh, I’m definitely doing ABC, as soon my my client does DEF, or a new client does it first…’

Erm, okay……

Personally, I believe in honour. When you say you’re going to do something, just fucking do it. No excuses. No extenuating circumstances. Just fucking make it happen! Or don’t say it in the first place.

More importantly, start keeping your word to yourself, so that YOU can live in integrity once more. This is particularly crucial around the little things because your ego doesn’t distinguish between big bullshit and little bullshit. For her, either you keep your word or you’re a liar. There’s no grey areas.

Sadly, the meaning of words have become confused and lost on the masses, which wouldn’t be a huge issue except, WE CREATE OUR LIVES THROUGH WHAT WE SAY!

And when what we say is NOT what we mean, we run around like confused little bunnies, continuously frozen in anxiety and allowing the truck to run us over.

Case in point, my client last night.

The only reason I’m sharing this with you is because this is NOT a unique situation. In fact, if you’re honest with yourself, this might highlight a pattern for you as well. I’ll be the first one to raise my hand and admit that I am NOT exempt of doing this crazy shit at times.

I was interested in her curious behaviour, as patterns were not being broken and quite frankly, it simply wasn’t making sense to me in the least.

If you say you want to be successful,

if you say you’re passionate about your work,

if you say you’re super excited about this STUNNING new program you’ve just created ESPECIALLY for your ideal clients,

why in the name of dandruff would you pull the plug on it

two seconds before launch

when I’ve NOT seen you show up with passion, gusto and excitement in any of the place where your ideal clients hang out?

First reply: I discussed it with my ‘mastermind buddy’ and she said if it was her, she would rather cancel.

Question: Why would you ask for her advise?

Reply: Because she’s in the same boat as me.

Question: So what I’m hearing you say is that you’re sitting in a sinking boat and so the logical action to take is ask the other drowning rat what she would do???

Reply: Stunned silence.

Question: Why would you ask her for business advise if she’s not ahead in the game?

Reply: Because it feels safe.

Question: Does it feel safe, or does it feel certain? You’ve been telling me you’re continuously anxious about your financial status, does that feel safe? Or do you feel certain that by asking someone who is currently in the same boat with the same thoughts, the same beliefs, the same patterns, that you will be taking the same action as before and will be guaranteed failure?

Reply: Shit! It feels certain. It doesn’t feel safe at all! It feels certain.

As we continued to investigate her behaviour in every area, her first habitual response was always “it feels safe”,

and upon deeper introspection

“it feels certain because I KNOW that I will get the same results as before aka I won’t succeed!”

Here’s the thing lover,

if you ‘re serious about success,

if you’re serious about being your best version self,

if you’re serious about breaking the chains that’s been holding you in the same place regardless of the exhausting amount of work you’ve been doing,

you have to start paying attention to your patterns!

You have to STOP wanting to feel SAFE all the time, for two reasons:

  1. SAFE IS AN EMOTION WHICH MEANS IT’S AN INSIDE JOB! Nothing and nobody can make you feel safe. You simply have to decide that you’re safe.
  2. No growth or adventure takes place in your comfort zone, which is what most of you are referring to when you say ‘safe’. You’re feeling so fucking ‘safe’ that you’re boiling to death in complacency.

You have to STOP wanting to feel CERTAIN all the time.

If you truly ONLY want certainty, you’re going to be bored AF!

Why do we crave adventure?

Because of the uncertainty!

Except when it’s an adventure you’re consciously choosing such as a race, you call the feeling ‘nervous excitement’ at the start line. So you not only fully embrace the uncertain experience, you lean into it, you relish it, you fucking pay an entry fee for it!

Imagine bringing THIS level of delight to all the uncertain areas in your life? Knowing that REGARDLESS of what happens along the way, you will ALWAYS choose to feel safe, you will always be okay, because even if you do croak, it’s perfect!

Look Sunshine,

you’re going to die!

In the name of grey pubic hair,

stop living as though you can prevent that from happening.

What, do you honestly want to tell me you would rather EXIST for 90 years, bored, dull, boring, frustrated, ashamed of what a pussy you’re being most days, never risking anything, never failing followed by the exhilaration when you finally succeed, never speaking your truth, never disrupting the status quo, never feeling stretched to where you think you’re going to break only to find another level of strength you never knew you had?

Or would it feel more aligned with who the hell you TRULY ARE to wake up each morning with excitement of what life is going to bring your way to challenge you and grow you and stimulate you and having you fall down, eat dirt, spit it out, eat chocolate, solving puzzles, celebrating achievement, all the while not knowing exactly what to expect next or if this is going to be your last day on earth?

THIS my sweetheart,

is why Alphas never quit.

We embrace the certainty of death,

and choose thrive, born from uncertainty, whilst alive.

Will you?

Live with honour,


PS:  I’m calling in my next soulmate client.  Is it you?

October is my birthday month, and as always, I’m paying my miracles forward to empower more Alpha Females just like you, to reconnect with their power and FREE themselves from the prison in their minds.

So from today until the 19th of October, I’m creating a special space for my next soulmate client.

I’m not telling you what I’m doing,

as quite frankly it’s irrelevant if you’re not determined to step up.

If you know that you are an Alpha Female,

and you’ve not been showing up as one due the tough lessons you’ve created in this life,

but you’re ready,

I mean really ready,

to do the work,

the internal work,

to take back your power,

pm me and let’s get on a call.

During this time of uncertainty, how will you know you’re ready?

What will it take,
really take,
for you to finally stop this boring dialogue of uncertain victimhood,
and instead, believe?

Believe in the feelings flowing through you
from one moment to the next
vying for your attention throughout the day
as you’re continuously allowing your thoughts to run rampant,
round and round in circles of insanity,
creating a whirlpool of chaos and drama.

And then you wonder why you’re feeling so anxious all the time.

It has nothing to do with your relationship.
It has nothing to do with your business.
It has nothing to do with your money.
It has nothing to do with your sagging boobs.

It has
to do with your lack of disciplined mental focus.

What will it take for you to truly
that the Universe has your back?
That miracles are unfurling in your life
every single day.
Most occurring behind the scenes
as the big U requires no public applause.
Your delight is all the appreciation she requires.

What will it take for you to believe
that you are safe?
Regardless of how much money you have,
or where you live,
or where you show up online,
or what’s happening behind closed doors right now.

For you are an eternal being my friend,
gifted this life experience with the power of a god.
Even when their hands bruise your body,
even when their words lash out and burn like a forest fire,
even when you’re lying on the floor begging for mercy,
for the torture to stop,
they can NEVER break
your heart
your mind.
For these are muscles
and muscles DON’T break.
They tear and then,
as they heal,
they become stronger.

and we have become stronger my Darling.
So much stronger.

But you have to start believing for you to finally
reclaim your truth
and start infusing your action with intensity and conviction.

I mean, sure,
we can keep having this conversation.
I can keep showing up in your face
rude old bitch,
and you can keep turning away from me
clinging to your excuses
as if
you’re ever going to hide the fire in your eyes,
your soul
burning brightly,
furious at your audacity
to continue to show up as
of who you came here to be.

You can keep telling your friends how I am all this,
you can keep telling yourself that we’re simply not alike,
you can keep pouring another glass of wine at the end of the day,
you can keep eating another spoonful of sugar,
you can keep doing all that.

That’s your prerogative.

I’m just wondering
how long it will take for the penny to finally drop?

For you to wake up
and realise
that you
are so outrageously spectacular
that you can build and rule an empire of impact,
disrupting the current cult-ure of mediocre everything,
with your pinky finger?

How long will it take for you
to finally take up your rightful place
in the front
leading your (R)Evolution of excellence
in your zone of genius,
eradicating your domain
from the energy vampires
sucking you dry?

I see.

You don’t think you’re worthy
because when you look in the mirror you just see an ordinary woman.

You think you’re not brave enough because you’ve been knocked down a few times and your knees are feeling pretty bruised and wobbly.

You think you’re not magnetic enough because your voice sounds a little mousey at times as it breaks in courageous fear.

You don’t think you’re capable
because you’ve made some decisions before
which appeared to be the wrong ones,
you’ve lost some money in the process which proves that you’re clearly not financially savvy or trustworthy.

You think that because you keep buying into the
business in a box
only to procrastinate like a motherfucker,
you’re convinced you have blocks
aka you’re constipated
aka you’re full of shit,
that clearly you just don’t have what it takes.

You think that because you’ve made some interesting choices
with regards to partnerships,
in all areas of life,
which haven’t quite worked out as you anticipated,
as those who were once excited to be in your presence and full of life and appreciation of who you are
seem to have lost their spark
and now you’re walking around like a firefly
without her fire,
because apparently when you achieve what you set out to,
like a ROCK STAR,
it makes them feel bad about themselves
causing them to have a lack of self-esteem,
poor helpless little infants void of confidence or motivation,
which the ‘experts’ now say is YOUR fault
because you’re not showing your struggle and imperfections
and you’re not joining into the choir of continuous complaining,
and the guilt becomes unbearable
so obviously
this is simply not your time.

I see,
I understand.


My mistake.

I thought you were actaully an Alpha
but apparently you’re not.


Of course you’re a bloody Alpha woman.
Get off your sorry-arse little stool of misery


You are not the only one
who had to go through all you have
to get to where you are today
so that
you can finally get to your point of
enough and no more
and in the energy generated by being
pissed the fuck off
you can make a new decision
from a space of radical
and break the cycle of dumbing-down
for yourself
and generations to come.

It’s your time.
You’re ready.
End of discussion.

You can choose to keep listening to all the naysayers and pussies
telling you to ignore me and keep singing kumbabloodyjah with them,
or you can choose to finally leave the toddlers sandpit and come play with your kind on the field of creative excellence.

it will get rough at times.
I can almost guarantee things will get dirty.
Who doesn’t love a little mud on their face??
There will be times when you scream in frustration
and others when you scream in delight
and others when you will holler in victorious achievement!
There will always be more challenges
and you will curse in puzzlement with zero self-consciousness
for on our field
we applaud failure on the way to success
and yes
that entails always jumping in at the deep end,
always biting off more than we can chew,
always tumbling down and getting back up.
At the end of the day
you will go to bed completely spent
having left every ounce of your soul out there
and your face will involuntarily smile
with deep pride and satisfaction.

Welcome home Alpha.

I’ve been waiting for you.

Death might be inevitable.
But fuck,
thriving feels lifegasmic.

Live with honour,

PS:  I’m calling in my next soulmate client.  Is it you?

October is my birthday month, and as always, I’m paying my miracles forward to empower more Alpha Females just like you, to reconnect with their power and FREE themselves from the prison in their minds.

So from today until the 19th of October, I’m creating a special space for my next soulmate client.

I’m not telling you what I’m doing,

as quite frankly it’s irrelevant if you’re not determined to step up.

If you know that you are an Alpha Female,

and you’ve not been showing up as one due the tough lessons you’ve created in this life,

but you’re ready,

I mean really ready,

to do the work,

the internal work,

to take back your power,

pm me and let’s get on a call.

Just be honest with yourself – if it’s not today, it’s never!



it’s time to stop this culture of whimpering bullshit.

It’s more than just a little ridiculous

how we’ve taken a perfectly normal emotion such as fear

and use it as the biggest excuse


to not show up for our dreams.


We pretend fear is something new and unique to modern society.

When in fact the only thing new and unique to this society

is that we’ve become incredibly fucking weak of mind

and focus and celebrate all the wrong shit.


I’m sick and tired

of hearing people

saying they’re scared

and then

not take action.


As if fear is the enemy.


Fear happens

inside your head

which means

YOU are the enemy.


Imagine if the hunters of old said

“Oh I’m too scared to go out and hunt

because if I fail

I’m going to be eaten by the prey



I’m afraid of failure so let’s just all sit in the cave and


to death instead.

Huddled in the arms of the decaying as they rock me and sooth me and tell me it’s all going to be okay.

That I don’t have to do anything if I don’t feel like it.

That I can just wait until I’m ready.”


Imagine if the hunters of old said

“I’m too scared to go out and hunt today

because just now I succeed!

And because of that everyone will turn on me

as my natural strength and commitment to the hunt

will make them jealous and feel insignificant.

I’m afraid of success and abandonment

so let’s just all sit in the cave and


to death instead.

Happy that we have something to complain about,

as life seeps out of our bodies and we lose the will to live,

we can justify our victimhood by pointing out the animals have teeth so we’re doomed by our circumstances.”


You’re laughing

and yet isn’t this EXACTLY what’s happening right now?


Not even 1% within 1% within 1 fucking % of Alphas are living true to their nature!

The rest,

still whimpering amongst ‘the others’,

stuck in their horsecrock stories around fear,

instead of mounting that big boy

slapping his arse

and riding him like the stallion he is with a loud



Just fucking stop it!


Stop living by the lowest standard of your excuses

and surrounding yourself with those who not only ALLOW you to get away with it

but feed it with their personal



Stop hiding in the masses

and then using


as your excuse as setting for


whatever you even call this.

Because it’s definitely NOT spectacular Darling,

which means

it’s fucking SHIT!

Saying you love someone when you’re not committed to being your best self

and making your dreams come true

is not love!

It’s fucking cruel and sick.

Oh, you can’t love yourself enough to actually RISE to your potential

but they must settle for your worst self?

AND they better show you some fucking appreciation for your sacrifice

and they better make love to you regardless of the shape of your body

and they better respect you even when you don’t respect yourself

and they better do it better than you because you said so.

You call that love????


You call it love when you’re not allowing the object of your attention

to rise

to their best potential.

Because you NEEEEED them,

and you want their attention

even when this is the time for them to focus on their dreams

as should you.

You think it’s love to warn them against failure

when you and I both know that failure is part of the journey to success.

You think it’s love to protect them from their decisions

when you and I both know you simply don’t want them to become truly successful

just in case

they then leave you

or worse

expect you to pull up your own socks and create something spectacular.




This is NOT love Darling.




Stop playing into their insatiable appetite

for witnessing struggle.

What the actual fuck people???


I’m so sick and tired

and quite frankly bored to death

of this idea that we have to be ‘vulnerable’ in public to be truly powerful

and share our struggle with the world

so they can relate to us.




This is NOTHING more than another perfect example

of how artists

are being asked to be part of the crowd.


Do you truly think the ballet would be as enchanting

if dancers took off their pretty tutus and ballet pumps

and the lights starkly shone

on bruised knees,

bleeding feet,

ripped off toenails?

Do you think you would enjoy the performance if you heard their cries of pain

and saw their make-up run down their faces in a wash of tears

as they stretch further than their screaming muscles want to go?

Do you???


Do you think THEY would want to perform

if that is what was required of them?

When they are so committed to their art

to creating the illusion of weightlessness and magic

that they show up seven days a week

to practice the same move for decades

always striving for improvement

with the tenacity of a lioness

and bringing heightened emotion and joy for applause?


How absurd…


Yet this is what’s happening in the entrepreneurial and online spaces.

EVERYONE wants to hear about the struggle

as apparently it gives them hope.


This is why most are wasting their lives

scrolling away for some inspiration and motivation and ‘the answer’


you can EVER 

find lasting motivation externally.


And then,

they say they don’t have time to take the action required for success.

It’s actually laughable and tragic at the same time.


Goodness woman,

start believing in yourself,

Start connecting to your dream,

to your vision.

Shut out EVERYTHING else.

Show up.

Do the work.

Make it happen!




We are officially in the final quarter of 2019!


What have you accomplished this year that you’ve never done before?


What have you learned about yourself this year when it comes to

your relationships

your body

your money

your empire

your standards

your habits

your thoughts, beliefs, stories,

your emotions

your patterns?


What have you observed and you


is keeping you out of your zone of



What have you come to understand

when it comes to how you’re excusing yourself

from the table of excellence?


Where are you still settling?

Where are you still tolerating?

Where are you distracting yourself?


Because if you’re not asking yourself these questions today,

you and I both know it’s because you won’t like the answers

and as long as you live in denial

you think you can tolerate the pain you feel every time you look in the mirror:

traitor to your ALPHA.


When will you draw the line if not today Darling?

When will you finally say

fuck this shit

and finally commit to your dream

with a fierce obsession

because you know

in your heart

you’re here to disrupt the status quo

and become




if not today?


Death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the zero-excuses Alpha.


Live with honour,



PS:  Will you make 2019 your best year ever?


This offer is ONLY for the Alpha Female ready to take full responsibility for herself.

The Alpha Female fully committed to herself and saying


to her desires.

The Alpha Female ready to become unavailable to her own stories and traditional excuses.


90 days from now you can change


by completely transforming


from the inside out.


It will take a new level of willingness than ever before.

I don’t play ‘nice’ and I’m known to slay bullshit faster than you can sneeze.


If you’re THAT Alpha Female,

if you’re no longer willing to settle for what you can create on your own

because you DESERVE better than just that,

then I invite you to PM me today.


ONLY serious players ready to say YES need apply.


Motivated AF – or not… It’s your choice.

I wasn’t planning on writing today.

Except as I switched on my laptop my inbox was flooded with people seeking advise on motivation.


How do you stay motivated to achieve your goals?

I’m not feeling motivated to achieve my goals – what do I do?

How do I remain motivated when I’m going through a rough patch?

Is motivation even a thing?


Here’s my two cents worth,

you can take it or leave it.


Motivation is a choice!


It’s internal.

It’s a given in the realm of the Alphas.

Maybe if everybody stopped expecting sympathy from others,

having smoke blown up their arses,


they would actually connect with what is available to them on the inside.


If you’re NOT feeling motivated,

I would take it a hundred steps back.


Here is the most powerful question you can EVER ask yourself:

which incidentally is the question we’re most often told NOT to ask growing up…




This one question WILL transform EVERYTHING in your life if you start asking it on a consistent basis.


So let me ask you:


Why are you setting goals?

Don’t tell me because research shows…

Don’t tell me because it’s just the done thing…

Don’t tell me because they told you to…

Don’t tell me any of that shit because you’re not a mindless monkey!

Think for yourself.


Why are YOU setting goals in the first place?

Because if you don’t absolutely LOVE the process,

if you don’t love the exhilaration that comes from zoning in on what seems HUGE and probably CRAZY AF,

if you don’t love the sweat pouring down your sides when you think about what it will take from you,

if you don’t love the obsession that comes from connecting to soul goals,

if you don’t love ridding yourself of distractions SO THAT you can discipline your arse,

if you don’t love the rollercoaster ride of personal growth required for goals achievement,

stop setting goals.


Why are you setting the goals you’re setting?

Why are they an absolute NON-NEGOTIABLE for you?

Why would you die for your goals?

Why would you sacrifice EVERYTHING for your goals?

Why would you get up at 3 am and go to bed at 9 pm for your goals?

Why would you walk away from toxic relationships for your goals?

Why would the cost of giving up be too great a price to pay in life?

Why are you willing to invest EVERYTHING:  time, money, energy, emotions, into your goals?

Because if you won’t,

then stop ‘setting goals’.


In fact,

you’re not setting goals.

You’re simply giving lip-service.

You’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

You’re creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that says you don’t have what it takes,

you’re not a woman of your word because you keep breaking it to yourself and others,

your’e a failure.



How do you stay motivated?


You start taking your life a little more serious.

You take FULL responsibility for your life.

You stop living by everyone else’s rules and expectations.

You have the audacity to connect to what is true for you,

what is important to you,

what is aligned for you,

and then you become selfish enough to live life on your own terms.




You stop bitching and moaning and seeking sympathy from the world.

You toughen the fuck up.

You shut out the noise.

You work with the coach and mentor who challenges the shit out of you.

You surround yourself with those who are ten steps ahead and you do whatever the hell it takes to keep up.

Even when you puke.

Even when you bleed.

Even when you curse.




Because for Alphas,

this thrive-style

is FUN!


It makes NO SENSE to anyone else.

They call us crazy.

They say we’re going to burn out.

They say we’re pushing too hard.


It’s not push Darling.

It’s bloody exhilarating!!




How do you stay motivated?


You live in integrity with your true nature.


For the Alpha remains hungry,


and THAT my Love,

is all the motivation we need.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the motivated AF Alpha.


Live with honour,



PS:  I’m interviewing new potential clients for their liberated thrive.


Hungry Darling?

I mean,

seriously hungry for more?


Are you salivating thinking of your next big vision?

Are you ready to do whatever it takes?

Are you ready to connect to YOUR inner power,

YOUR motivation,

YOUR resilience,

YOUR desire,

YOUR thrive?


Send me a mail


What if… today WAS in fact your very last day?

Ready to stop fucking around?

Ready to actually get real with yourself?


Understanding that every single breath is gifted to you to create an EPIC experience.


Or are you looking at the question


Because that’s the only way your fragile ego can even begin to cope.




The truth is that this message will only land for 1% of the people even bothering to read.

For the other 99%

it will just be a breath of motivation

or irritation

depending on where they find themselves today.


This message will only shift 1% in the 1% of people reading this.

For the other 99%

it will be remembered for a day

maybe lead to one aha moment

or not

and then they will slide back into the cesspool of mediocre existence.


Counting the days

until they expire.




This question is for the 1% in the 1% who are ready to actually get real with themselves.


First off Darling,

drop the motherfucking self-shaming that’s preventing you from connecting to the reality of what you have created thus far.

Drop the blaming of others,

their behaviours,

their addictions,

their perceived power over you,

understanding that YOU are 100% responsible for EVERYTHING you see around you.


Your stories,

your unquestioned beliefs,

your untapped emotions,

your feeble actions,

is what is in manifested form right now.


The faster you OWN this shit,

the faster you will OWN your true power and

FOCUS relentlessly on what you desire instead.


I want you to know right now

that you might have been your worst enemy leading up to this moment,


you can become your greatest ally

from a space of





and above all



The reason you’ve not done so before

is because you’ve been numbing the pain of self-abandonment for so long

you’ve disconnected with the truth that


could very well be





Close your eyes

Connect to this

FEEL the heart-wrenching sorrow

as your soul departs from your human form.

FEEL the reality of the dreams you’ll selfishly be taking to your grave.

The love you did not express because you were so afraid of it not being returned.

The time you wasted with BULLSHIT because you didn’t want to deal.

The clients you did NOT show up for because you were terrified of not being good enough.


FEEL it.

And then


what you will do with today…


Who will you say “I love you” to?

Say it.

Who will you gift a precious hour for deep, lasting connection?

Gift it and stop wasting your time with the rest.

What is the piece of content you would want to leave as your legacy?

Create it and post it without it being perfect.

Who is the client you would want to shift 1 degree knowing that it will change the entire trajectory of their lives?

Show up for them gifting them the opportunity to make a different choice for themselves.

What is it that you want to say to the world,

for those ready to receive,

and for those who will stumble upon it in their time of need of your words?

Say it regardless of tears streaming down your face or your fingers trembling with fear.


Make every breath COUNT.

You do not know when it will be your last.

And quite frankly,

this pissing around,

is becoming really tedious and boring.




As I connected with some extraordinary women from around the globe last night,

the one thing we all agreed on,

was that 2019 is a year of PHENOMENAL potential personal growth,

or demise.


Never before has it been so important to surround yourself with your KIND.

Those committed to success.

Those unavailable for gossip, complaint or sympathy.

Those who don’t judge others but instead judge actions as good or bad for themselves.


For the masses are desperately clinging to a system causing mass destruction,

clinging to everyone who shows an ounce of strength,

too fucking lazy to find their own.

Leading to the drowning of alphas in the sea of average.


They are NOT your responsibility

and this insistence on rescuing others

is INSULTING to the true potential within them.

Not only that,

but in your helping everyone else instead of focusing on becoming your BEST self,

they NEVER have the opportunity to strengthen their own mindset muscles.

It’s like giving money to an addict and then convincing yourself that they’re going to buy spinach instead of alcohol.

Whatever the fuck Sunshine.



What if today was your last day?

Would you want to inspire

or would you want to disempower others?



What will you do with your today

if there was no tomorrow?

I’m not interested in the stories you tell around what you will do,

nobody is.



For death IS inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the Alpha courageous enough to rise.


Live with honour,



PS:  Right now I’m interviewing new potential clients to partner with for 90 days to liberated thrive.


If you’re committed to success,

if you’re ready to face your fears and take action anyway,

if you’re up to epic in the world,

if you’re willing to DO THE WORK – body, mind and soul,

and if you’re not precious,

because honestly Darling,

I have no time or patience to cajole,

then drop me a mail and let’s talk.


PPS:  I do play with alpha men as well, if you have the balls to be challenged 😉


Time to go all in – and that will require ALL of you…



You know it’s time.

Time to choose:

Will you continue playing at 10% of your capacity,

or will you finally go all the way in?


Sounds like such a no-brainer,

and you might even hear yourself affirm that you’re in it to win.

But what’s your actions saying?

What’s your energy indicating?


Truth is most people SAY they desire success,

yet they’ve not even taken the time to decide for themselves what success looks like.


Instead, constantly playing the comparison game.

Looking around at what everyone else is doing, having, saying.

And if their actual desires are not the same as another,

they criticise and throw stones,

instead of keeping their head in their own game.


Majority of people don’t really want too much.

They simply desire a comfortable living.

To pay the bills.

Have time with the kids.

Maybe go on a couple of holidays every year.

And that’s perfect for them.

But is it perfect for YOU?


Or do you know from the bottom of your Soul,

that you were born for GREATNESS?

Do you dream of global impact?

Do you secretly harbour a desire to live in extreme luxury,

as is your birthright

and quite frankly,

ordinary simply looks like shit on you…




it’s time to go all in.


And for you to do so,

I need you to know today,

that it will require ALL of you.






This is where we see the potential of the empowered feminine embodied.

The grace of her darkness.

The magnetism of her rawness.

The power of her wildness.

Tamed by the unshakeable love that is her cloak in a fear-drenched world.


We are but few,

yet our numbers are growing,

as more and more alpha females are remembering who they are,

finding their voices,

and rising in the name of true love.

Daring to defy the system that has kept our kind in the shadows,

as the masses continue to attack that which they don’t understand.


We are redefining social media platforms.

We are creating empires of impact.

We have no desire to change the masses.


we have no desire to change anybody.

What we focus on, is continuous and consistent self-improvement,

which we share with those who resonate with our message.

Providing them pockets for introspection

and new possibilities from which to choose.


As for the rest,

c’est la vie…


Are you ready to go all in Alpha?


Are you ready to finally embrace ALL of who you are,

as anything LESS than your fullness will not get you to where you belong.


It will require that you finally stop pussy-footing around,

get in the zone,

activating the nuclear effect of body, mind and soul alignment.


You have to become unavailable for distractions.

Unavailable for your own bullshit excuses.

You said you’ll do it,

so fucking do it.

No debating with yourself.

No extenuating circumstances.


I don’t care if the moon is dripping blood.

I don’t care if your muscles are sore.

I don’t care if you’re scared.

I don’t actually care.


And neither should you.


For the Alpha Female to rise,

takes a non-negotiable commitment to success.


It means that you stop eating for comfort and you start fuelling your engine.

It means that you stop taking mindless actions and you start consciously creating experiences.

It means that you’re unavailable for gossip.

You’re unavailable for the venting of random strangers.

You’re unavailable for pity or sympathy or complaining or ANYTHING that robs you of your true power.

Your integrity.

Your honour.

Your self-respect.


All in means that you seek out your own kind,

understanding that for the longest time you won’t feel that you belong,

that they’re so far ahead of you.

That’s an egotistical story that will keep you exactly where you’re at.




You wake up earlier than anyone else and DO THE WORK.

It means you connect to your BODY to train your MIND.

It means you have the discipline to go to sleep when you require recovery.

It means you speak your truth,

in your voice,

regardless of whose tits you grate.

For there will always be those for whom your voice will sound like honey,

and those for whom it will be vinegar.


Stay the course.


And victory will be yours.




Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the Alpha who proudly reclaims ALL of who she is.


Live with honour,



PS:  Are you ready for some hard-core clearance and connection so that you can finally have the clarity to make your next move with certainty?


It’s coming.


Message me to be put on the VIP list and be the first to receive all the details.