There comes a time when you simply have to stop explaining…

We are a growing breed.

Those who choose to walk alone.

The silence found in darkness smoothing frayed senses at the end of the day.

Velvet cloak nurturing sapped energy.

Happily feeling like the misfits,


in a world gone mad.

We are the ones who are misunderstood.

For the longest time,

I spent all of my breath,

all of my words,

trying to make others understand.

That my obstinance was not born from disrespect

but from questioning that which is accepted norm

and finding it truly fucked up and destructive of the human spirit.

I would talk for hours that distraction is not relaxation,

that your joy is not to be found at the bottom of a bottle,

that you can lie around like a lazy cow all day long,

it’s not going to make you feel more energised.

I used to write about the fact that goals have saved my life,

only to be criticised because ‘people get demotivated when they don’t achieve their goals’.

So hung up on the outcome

that they pin their worth on whether they succeed first time around,

or not.

Failure is not an identity, Darling.

It’s another step forward on your way to success.

I used to write about the exact steps I took to heal myself from the rage, the hurt, the hatred, that bled inside of me,

born of years of physical, mental and emotional abuse.

Yet people can’t make sense of my joy and love,

it doesn’t fit into the psychological processes describing what I SHOULD be feeling,

so they’re unwilling to hear the message under my stated words.

I have zero regrets of my life.

I have zero resentment for anyone who played their part to perfection.

I wish every person who has ever touched my life,

in exquisite pain,

nothing but love and happiness.

I used to try and explain my need to withdraw from the outside when shit hits the fan.

I used to apologise for the fact that I was unavailable to spill my drama on others.

I used to ask for forgiveness for licking my wounds in private.


no matter how much I tried to explain,

how much I opened up from the inside,

their veils of conditioning is so dense,

they are unavailable to allow me to do what’s best for me.

So they lash out.

They turn their backs on me.

They poison all who will listen to their drama, against me.

And still,

I continue to choose love.

More importantly,

I will no longer waste my breath, my words, my energy,

to explain myself.

I have made peace with the fact that even though we are a growing breed,

we are still rare.

We who choose obsession.

We who choose to continuously raise the bar for ourselves,

even when others feel intimidated by how high we’re already playing.

We who choose to stay focused,

finding joy and freedom in the movement of our bodies,

conquering insane adventures and feats.

We who love the challenge.

Who salivate when the obstacle seem insurmountable.

We who continue to rise.

Regardless of how many times we fall down.

Scraped and bruised knees will not stay bent.

For we choose to connect with that which is within.

Our true power.

Our inner wisdom.

Our inner drive.

And from this place,

we are unstoppable.

Yes, many of us choose a journey which makes no sense to the masses.

Those who only want it easy.

Those who only want acceptance and belonging.

From others,

even though they can’t accept themselves.

And I get it – how the hell can you accept yourself when you’ve abandoned your truth a lifetime ago?

How can you respect yourself when you lie every time you open your mouth

spewing forth lies in terms of what you’re going to achieve,

who you’re going to be,

what you stand for?

How can you love yourself when you’ve bought into the bullshit that you’re fucked up, broken and imperfect?

That you need a ‘better’ half to ‘complete’ you.

That you need to beg for forgiveness for your very breath because you’re filled with sin.


AAAAAARGH!  It drives me fucking insane to witness the suicide of so many around me.

Yet I absolutely honour their free will to choose their beliefs, their journey, their existence.

I honour their need to pin their little labels on themselves and everyone around them,

as this makes sense of everything.


They explain away their slow death with words such as depression and anxiety and overwhelm.


They explain away their choice to suffer with institutions such as marriage and school and the economy.


They justify their demise and suffocating daily existence with words such as greed and unrealistic and codependency.


If my refusal to buy into this system,

these labels,

these constructs,

makes me a misfit,


I will wear that little suite with pride and honour and love.

The more I give myself permission to speak my truth,

to own my standards for myself and not giving others a get out of jail free card in my space,

to release all that is out of alignment including relationships,

the more I dance in inappropriate places,

and use words in way that has my old grammar teacher cringe,

the more I connect with those who are misunderstood.

I currently have but a handful of these soulmate what do I call them?  lovers, friends, connections, co-creators, there’s no word to describe,

and our conversations are filled with delight, ease, love, growth, compassion, laughter, fun, flow, conscious creation at it’s most beautiful.

We who choose to walk alone.

We who choose to love always.

We who choose to create consciously.

We who choose to desire more.

We who choose to uphold high standards.

We who choose to raise the bar for ourselves.

We who choose incredible adventures.

We who choose to activate the trilogy of power which comes from body, mind, soul combined.

We who choose obsession.

We who choose success.

We who choose to be committed to our victory.

For only death is inevitable,

Thriving is the choice of the misfits, the brave, those who dare to be misunderstood.

With deep love and appreciation for you,


PS:  I am creating a space for those entrepreneurs who feel misunderstood.

Those who dare to hold on to their dream,

even if they’ve not yet cracked the $10k per month mark.

It’s just a number Darling.

It says nothing about you.

It simply tells you where you are on your journey and the fact that you have more to learn.

Those who are done listening to the naysayers in their lives,

and who choose to connect with like-minded obsessed business owners committed to their success.

The pilot program for Mindset, Business $ Money has started and we’re holding space for those who know this is their time, and they have the audacity to take the step forward.

Message me if this speaks to your soul and you KNOW that you’re committed to victory.






Speak with power or say nothing at all…

What is it going to take for this to sink in?

That you are creating your current reality with the thoughts you choose to think,

you know,

those stories you keep telling yourself,

of why people do the shit they do,

of what that says about you,

of what it says about them,

the words you use,

every time you open your mouth to re-tell your story,

every time you give a chosen answer?

How must I say this in a way that you understand?


Nobody else.

Nothing else.

It’s all YOU Darling.

When I first learned this,

the power of our word in creation,

I rebelled against the very thought.

How could it be?

I wasn’t responsible for everything that happened TO me!

BULLSHIT – I raged against the Universe.

I’m just a helpless little victim of my circumstances.

My background.

My ancestry.

The stars, the planets, the moon.

Which of course I then proved to myself,

by creating more of the same shit.

Until I opened myself to questioning,

to pay attention,

to find the correlations,

between the stories in my head,

and my external reality.

I discovered that the tone of the story dictated my emotional state.

When I was the helpless victim,

waiting to be rescued,

the stories elicited feelings of fear, anger, resentment, jealousy,

nasty shit!

My actions became a reflection of my emotional state of being.

Self-fulfilling prophecy in delectable manifested form.

When I took the SAME story,

but changed my perspective,

becoming the compassionate observer,

my feelings did a complete turn-around.

I would feel love, compassion, forgiveness, a desire to empower,

and my actions,


chalk and cheese of course.

The result was that my relationships started changing.

Now for the outside critic,

it might seem like abandonment.

A ton of them ended.

What they didn’t see or choose to understand was that the end of my relationships came from a space of unconditional love.

By healing my codependency,

and YES, I could have received a medal as a codependent,

I was able to release my NEED for certain people.

Which meant that the energy was finally cleaned up resulting in an opportunity to be true to ourselves.

Sadly, codependency is not a breeding ground for loving, empowering relationships.

The complete opposite.

And it’s sneaky!

You’ll focus on your ‘main’ relationship and think just because you’ve dealt with that one,

you’re now free of all codependent tendencies.

Not so much, Love.

How we do one thing, is how we do all.

Radical self-love and self-acceptance meant a radical release of that which no longer served me.

Yes I know,

the other people haven’t necessarily done the work,

and many of them are not feeling peachy towards me.

Not my responsibility.

If they choose to tell themselves stories which breeds contempt for me,

it’s their right to do so.

Next I started paying attention to the questions others were asking me.

How we, as a race, continuously recreate what is,

by only asking after current circumstances.

Which I understand comes from a good place,

but think about it:

if you know someone is going through some tough shit,

and you keep asking them to tell you about their struggles,

you are in fact asking them to create MORE of that in their lives.

Nobody ever asks me what I’m creating next?

Nobody ever asks what am I choosing to be grateful for today?

Nobody ever asks me what am I doing differently today from before?

As far as majority of humanity is concerned,

the only things that matter

is the past

and current conditions.

If you choose to speak only that which you desire to create,

they tell you that you’re delusional.

I no longer have any interest in talking about that which has already past.

It’s done,


I have received my learning,

integrated the new wisdom,

and using this information to create my next conscious desire.

And if that sounds obscene to you,

I will ask you,


Why does it sound insane to only speak that which you choose to create?

Does it scare you to think that you actually might be creating your reality?

Does it scare you to think that you might have to let go of the drama?


Does it scare you to think that if I’m right about this, that I might be right about others things as well

which will mean

you will have to start questioning everything too?

Does it scare you to think that life could be turned upside down when you change your internal and external dialogues, and you will have to release those codependent relationships, finally have to have those courageous conversations, finally have to get your act together?

Does is scare you to think that all your bullshit excuses will become null and void?

Yeah, it scared me too.

So I invite you to just be open to some experimentation.

To start paying a little more attention to your thoughts, your words, your feelings,

and how they impact your actions,

and most importantly,

the results you then receive.

Start paying attention to the questions your loved ones are asking you,

and if it is simply recreating drama in your life,

or painting the picture of your next desire

with such clarity and detail that it simply has to become.

And if you really want to have some fun with this,

change the questions you ask of others!

Instead of asking them what’s going on – why not ask them what’s great about today or what they’re working on creating next?

This entire process is even more powerful when you’re an entrepreneur and you start understanding just how you’ve been creating your current outcomes.

Or not.

You can choose to keep talking the same as you did yesterday and expect that tomorrow is going to be FABULOUS.

Except we both know that’s the definition of madness.

Just saying.

After all Darling, only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With love and appreciation,


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One who doesn’t wait to see the results of another?

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When you’re not feeling the joy in receiving

My Love,

I get it.

Probably better than most.

For I have walked in the shoes of self-preservation,


until there was more hole than sole.

It felt safer to be in lack,


than to receive.

Sounds so crazy doesn’t it?

The ego goes on the defensive,

saying that’s just stupid.

‘OF COURSE I am open to receiving all that I desire.

Why else would I say I want it?’


what we say,

and what our physical reality shows us,

doesn’t always align.

It’s been my experience that when I find this discrepancy,

it has very little to do with the external world,

and everything to do with what’s going on in my subconscious mind.

Let’s start with something small,

for everything is connected,

and sometimes when we start with the seemingly inconsequential

it’s easier to have the breakthrough

which we can then apply to the ‘big’ things.

I’ve historically not been good at receiving compliments.

For various reasons.

Compliments on my beauty  has resulted in rape by those who desired to claim me as a shiny object to possess.

Compliments on my intelligence has resulted in humiliation by those who felt less smart.

Compliments on my success has resulted in creation of chaos to resolve by those who had no desire to step up and create their own success.

Compliments on my strength has led to emotional abuse, bleeding me dry energetically, by those who refuse to train their own resilience.

Looking at all of this, it’s no wonder that I shrugged off compliments faster than a dog shakes excess water after a bath.

I choose to have compassion with myself.

There was also another side to the coin.

In receiving a compliment,

from those who came from a space of love, appreciation and respect,

I placed an expectation on myself,

to step up even higher so as not to disappoint.

The achiever in me continued to raise the bar,

even when the bar was already so high.

And considering how hard I was working,

how exhausted I was at night,

I wasn’t sure I could cope with more.

More compassion was required.

Now, the bitch comes when we discover that energy doesn’t compartmentalise.

It’s impossible to NOT be in receiving of compliments,

and then BEING in receiving of abundance.


Which meant that once I received the awareness there was some serious introspection to be done.

Where else was I not allowing myself to receive,

because of a fear of retaliation,

or an expectation of having to step up?



Not receiving support?

Well darling, the truth is that if you allowed yourself to be fully supported, you would HAVE NO MORE EXCUSES as to why you’re NOT showing up fully for your purpose work.

Not receiving money?

It’s in the receiving of money that we receive freedom of choice which means you have to let go of codependent, toxic relationships, you have to stop settling for mediocrity and only accept excellence, you have no excuse to NOT being well nourished, high vibe AF, happy and yes Sunshine, orgasmic.

Not receiving excellent health and high levels of energy?

If you didn’t have your excuse of being so tired all the time, you would have to take aligned action.

No longer would you be smothered by those sympathisers which means,


you would have to own your badassery!!!!!


Honestly, I have so much empathy for you.

Personally, I’m still working on receiving.

On feeling safe to receive.

On feeling worthy to receive.

On feeling enough even whilst I receive.

So that I can receive even more.

I’m also working on TRUST.

For if I don’t trust,

I will not feel safe,

I will not receive.

For 45 years, my life has been a masterful creation of contrast to safety, trust and receiving.

I’m choosing to be a little more patient with myself than my normal standard.

To receive a little more every day.

Until I feel ready,


and enough,

to receive a LOT!

In the interim, I’m enjoying this wonderful new awakening,

I’m choosing to make this fun,

I’m choosing to be proud of myself.

All of this to say that I have compassion for you if you’re not receiving your desires Darling.

But for things to change in your life, YOU have to start choosing to receive.

And you’re probably not going to do that by just chanting

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I know I can…”

Unless of course you’re The Little Engine.


how about growing a pair,

and figuring out WHY you’re NOT receiving?

What’s the fears lurking behind the blocks?

What’s the hidden benefits of your living in lack?

Sort out that shit first,

and then,

with a sense of excitement,

allow yourself to receive the little things available to you right now.

Setting the intention that your capacity will increase daily,

until you too can joyful surf avalanches of abundance.

Only death is inevitable,

as always thriving is the choice of the brave.

With love and appreciation for you,


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That seems an awfully long time to commit to a program…

To commit to building your business…

To receive THAT level of support, accountability and learning.

Which is exactly WHY it’s 6 months.

This is not another program you rush through,

having piles of notes taking up space in the cupboard,

half of which you never implement or even remember.

It’s NOT for the polyfilla entrepreneur who thinks they simply need to slap some white goo over the cracks, and then prettify business for sales.

Mindset, Business & Money is a continuous expansion of receiving,

a layering on of systems, structures, habits and awareness,


If you’re a purpose-driven entrepreneur not yet consistently receiving in excess of $10k per month,

this is the place to be.






Do you have the courage to look in the mirror of life?

Open your eyes.

If you  dare…

Open your eyes and see what you’ve created,

all around you.

From your thriving business or struggling hobby,

to your sexy AF body or fat, flabby layer of protection,

to your orgasmic lover or abusive codependent nightmare,

to your connected family or dysfunctional unit of resentment,

to your adventurous friends or energy vampires.

All of this,

is life,

loving reflecting back to you,

what’s happening on the inside.

Now you’re either sitting there,

smiling, patting yourself on the back,

feeling pretty happy with yourself – I salute you!


you might be sitting there,

shock and horror brining up a fierce desire to tell me that I’m delusional.

You’re not responsible for the shit storm representing your life.

It’s not your fault.

You’re just a victim of circumstances,

caught in the web of your upbringing.

That used to be me,

for the longest time.

And as horrible as I felt most of the time,

it felt good to push the responsibility of my misery,

onto the shoulders of others.

Who in turn placed the blame on the next person,

who put it on the next,

and the next…

You get the picture.

It’s been my experience that most of us don’t wake up because life is all sunshine and hopping bunnies.

The pain has to become pretty fucking intense for us to finally look up.

At which point,

responsibility is the last thing on our minds.

For we immediately default into a pit of shame.


How could I have allowed this to happen?

When did I become so weak?

When did I turn into this spineless piece of washed out cloth?

A downward spiral,

once again

reflected back to us,

by life.


it sucks nickerballs!!!

There’s another choice available to you today Darling.

You can drop all the shame, release the blame, and you can claim love.




This is the ONLY energy powerful enough to turn your life around.

Not medication.

Not therapy.

Not even rescuing.

You have to choose self-love.

And from this space,

you can finally take off those blinkers,

and curiously observe the manifestations of your internal state.

It’s interesting,

every time I think I’ve dealt with what was,

the abuse,

the belittling,

the humiliation,

the conditioning of unworthiness,

continuously being put in my place,

every time I think I’ve healed that part of me,

and that I’m finally honouring myself,

life has a way of showing me the sneaky little remnants of not feeling good enough.

Not feeling deserving.

Scared shitless to be in the presence of one that needs nothing from me.

One who holds an energy of acceptance,

so that I can let down my defences,

and reconnect with my vulnerability,

my heart-space,

not for others,

but for myself.

Terrified of truly showing up in the world from a space of thrive,

daring to be unapologetically radiant in my happiness,

when others feel low,

and then my guilt pulls my energy back down to their level.

Not daring to give myself permission to become successful,

to the level I know I was born to be.

Because the shambles others are creating,

through unconscious choice,

pissing away their potential,

has me shrinking back,

not wanting them to see me,

remembering the pain of them draining my energy,

with their vampiric tendencies,

to leech onto me.

I am beyond grateful for the fact that, for the first time in my life,

I can look at these reflections,

without critical judgment of myself,

but with deep appreciation and compassion,

becoming the curious observer,

and then lovingly,


What do I choose now?

For my choices of yesterday become irrelevant.

They simply served to get me to this place.

My evolution gloriously perfect.

Knowing as well that my pace might be slow,

but it is what you, the reader, are co-creating with me.

I know my journey,

my life,

is nothing more

than a reflection of what others require

to wake up in their own experiences of life.

So that they may choose consciously.

And if my fuck-ups can create a short-cut for you,

I will continue to screw up forward with unbridled joy and enthusiasm.

I have found that it’s in the reconnection with self,

the remembering of who we are,




from within,

that we can radiate a new way of being to others.

Today I invite you to put aside your ego,

to release all tendency to criticise,

and ask life to lift the fog from your mind,

so that you can truly see what is.

And then,

from love, compassion and appreciation,

ask yourself,

‘What is my life reflecting right now?

What are the stories inside my mind that’s creating this physical reality?’

Thank them.

Thank all of it.

So that you can fully breathe in the power of your intentions.

Which leaves you,

the author of your life,

in the perfect position,

to simply turn the page,

and choose what you will write next.

For only death is inevitable my friend.

Thriving is the choice available to those brave enough to love themselves.

With deep love and appreciation for you,


PS:  As entrepreneurs, our businesses are some of our most potent mirrors,

reflecting our level of self-love,



They show us where we feel afraid,

where we feel not good enough,

where we settle,

where our boundaries are weak.

They also serve as powerful reflectors of self-worth,



once we’ve done the internal work.

Mindset, Business & Money is for the entrepreneur who’s not yet reached the consistent $10k per month level of internal badassery.

Those who are determined to succeed,

for they understand that a thriving business simply reflects a thriving heart.

And thrive they will!

It will be my privilege to hold up the mirror in a space of non-judgement,

a space of deep love and acceptance,

so that you can connect with your true self.

The door is open Gorgeous,

you simply need to step through.





The power of your Yes and your No

If only you would take a moment to understand,

truly understand,

the impact of your words,

you would start paying closer attention,

than you are right now.

Your words


create your life experience.

It starts with two teeny tiny little words,

that has the power

to change


You already know this,

and yet,

you stubbornly refuse to take back control,

of your mouth,

your vocal chords.


you continue to obey,

using that which is gifted to you to create

all that you desire,

to strengthen the prison bars

which has you captured in your mind.

Thinking that the fickle approval of others,

which can change on the turn of a breath,

is more important

than the call from within.

The pull of true desires,

the expression of your art,

the expansion of your love,

for yourself,

which ultimately is

love for humanity.

From the moment I can remember, I was taught to say YES to that which others wanted me to say yes to,

and NO to that which I desired.

I was taught that the strength of my words were dictated by the receiver,

not me, the giver.

Instead of infusing my words with conviction, confidence, and command,

I would whisper,

praying to god that my stubborn spirit

would shut the fuck up

and not speak out,

as that, more often than not, resulted in punishment.

I was blessed with a variety of experiences that beautifully illustrated all the different tactics

used by those who desire dominion over others

because their egos are so fragile

that they still think obedience is required

for peace and harmony to exist.

There’s the physical punishment – in the name of love.

There’s the praise of your subservience – in the name of love.

There’s the withdrawal of intimacy – in the name of love.

There’s rape – in the name of fuck-all.

There’s humiliation – in the name of love.

All in an attempt to train me like Pavlov’s dog –

as if I’m a domesticated bitch you can put on your leash.

It took every ounce of courage to start reclaiming myself,

by reclaiming my


and my


Saying YES to that which I truly desired,

and NO to that which is not aligned for ME.

It took years of taking two steps forward,

another back,

as I kept on expanding my circle of personal influence.

During that time I received shit tons of resistance – both internally and externally.

Fear was my constant companion.

Even as I stubbornly spoke my truth on the outside,

on the inside,

I was hunkering down,

waiting for the ramifications.

I diligently kept practicing my Yes and my No.

Things started shifting,

as my confidence grew,

understanding that their anger,

could be used to strengthen my resolve.

As others insisted that I justify my decisions,

my conviction simply cemented into a deep knowing.

I am deeply grateful for all my teachers.

For I finally reached a stage where I get to decide,

from a space of soul,

what I say YES to,

and what I say NO to.

I have learned that I can trust myself.

I can say YES to anything that feels good inside,

even when I have no fucking idea how I’m going to get to the outcome.

I don’t have to think it over,

I feel into it.

And what if it gets me into trouble?

Well, then I get to grow whilst figuring out how to get myself out of trouble!

Which is such an incredible gift!

After all,

everything is in service to my growth.

Yet so often people only say yes to the things that they are comfortable with,

thereby plateauing their results.

Which is flatlining Darling –

you’re part of the walking dead.

Or they say no to what excites them,

thinking the energy in their body is fear rather than exhilaration,

and they’ve been taught to fear fear itself.

Thereby saying no to growth.


Or they say yes to what others want them to say yes to,

thinking this will give them love,

thereby saying no to self-love.


Honestly Sweetheart,

don’t you see that by taking back your


and your


you take back your LIFE???

Isn’t that worth it?

Aren’t YOU worth it?

You get to consciously create the masterpiece representing your experience,

instead of being another page

in the colouring book of another.


It might feel hard in the beginning,

as you practice this new muscle,

simply because it’s weak from not being used.

It might feel scary,

and others will most likely retaliate,

outraged by your challenge,

simply because you’ve trained them to treat you like a roll of toilet paper.

It might feel frustrating,

as you’ve forgotten what you actually desire,

and you’re likely to create some unpleasant outcomes so you can experience contrast,

from which to reconnect to your wants.

It’s all perfect!

Personally I would rather thrive in a self-created storm

than exist in a glass box.

But that’s just me.

You get to choose for yourself.

You can keep saying YES to flatlined existence –

death after all is inevitable so why not live it now?

Or you can find your courage and say YES to thrive.

With love and deep appreciation,


PS:  I’ve created Mindset, Business & Money for those who are ready to say YES to their success.

Those who are no longer available to say NO to the greatness of their desires, their vision, their purpose-work.

This is the culmination of powerful manifestation combined with practical structures and strategies required for building an empire – which includes your business, your health, your relationships, your lifestyle.  THAT is an empire!

It’s about having FREEDOM without going crazy from overwhelm, isolation, struggle.

This is not a program of information.

This is an experience of transformation.

We start next week.

What will you say YES to today?




I’m not here for your entertainment!

Those who know me well, will tell you that I’m not a very nice person.

I have zero tolerance for small talk,

my most used emoticon in my head is eyes rolling,

if you can’t grab my attention with an interesting conversation,

I will leave your presence so fast you won’t know what happened.

This is especially true for the online space where people seem to think it’s appropriate to spread their boredom,

by annoying others they don’t know from a bar of soap.


we’re conditioned, especially as women,

that we have to let these people down gently and easily so they won’t feel bad.

Oh puh-lease.

I think it’s important for you to know that I do the deep work,

every single day,

to stay connected to who I am,

to my purpose,

and to fill my cup from within.

I’m not one of those helpless maidens walking around with an empty container,

waiting for someone else to make me whole,

to complete me,

to make me happy.

If that’s your fairy-tale ending,

enjoy riding off into the sunset Baby.

Because seriously,

life is precious.

And I don’t understand why people insist on pissing it away.

I don’t get why people desire to have their global pity-parties day in and day out,

of how hard their lives are,

or how they are victims of their emotions,

which is running out of control,

destroying their happiness.

Moaning about how nobody understands them and how, insensitive cows such as myself, are responsible for their pain.

I don’t get why people are constantly scrolling away their time, hoping to connect with another lonely soul,

thereby having more empty words fill their empty lives,

with no impact, change or growth.

I’m confused at how people fart-arse around in their training, thereby training half-arsed results,

continuously multi-tasking because heaven forbid something should be important enough to receive their full attention.

Don’t they get that your energy


Have we truly forgotten how powerful we are

in our words,

our intentions,

our desires,

and that EVERYTHING in your life right now,


The good stuff,

and the bad shit.

And that as long as you externalise your results,

because you’re too chicken shit to go inside,

to address your fears,

to take control of your emotions,

your thoughts,

and then,

from a space of reconnected power,


you will always feel like a victim?

Instead, you can reclaim yourself and astound them with the love that radiates from a space of radical self-acceptance, self-appreciation, self-respect!

Why am I such an inconsiderate, insensitive, selfish bitch?

Because I bought into the prevalent BULLSHIT of the fairy tale love aka codependency, for most of my life and it suffocated me.

Because I bought into the professional labels of anxiety and depression for a long time and it drove me to literally sitting on my arse, staring at a bottle of pills, thinking that I was too weak, too pathetic, to ever be happy again.

Because I willingly bought into the blaming of others for my results because I was too much of a pussy to take full ownership of my life, to walk away from that which no longer served me, and take the actions which would ultimately get me my desired outcomes.

It’s way easier to do existence the way the masses do.

Spinning your wheels like a brainless hamster (FYI even hamsters know when to get off the fucking wheel!),

dragging your feet from Monday to Friday,

8 to 5,

waiting for the weekend,

so that you can drink a little more,

eat a little unhealthier,

sleep a little later,

for fucking what?

To start that shit again on Monday?

I see more and more people waking up to the fact that there’s another way to live,

and the awakening is excruciatingly painful,

because they don’t want to do the work.

They refuse to take the responsibility for their own happiness.

And yes,

I know,

it’s scary AF,

the first steps seem next to impossible,

because for the first time in your adult life,

you will have to believe in yourself.


You will have to take a running start

and leap off that motherfucking cliff

praying to God or whatever entity you believe in

to help you remember

how to fly

before you crash into a bloody heap at the bottom.

This seems too much to ask of most people.

Instead, they feel the pain,

and then go tell themselves the same old bullshit story of why they’re not ready,

why now is not the right time,

how they don’t have the money,

how they don’t know enough yet,

how they have other responsibilities,

others that have to come first,

so they go drown their agony with a bottle of wine,

another block of chocolate,

another ten hours of entertainment.

They get onto social media,

feeling drawn to the energy of achievers,

poking them for attention,

so that they can hopefully feel a little of what others display.

So just in case you still don’t get the message today:

I’m not here for your entertainment,

I have no desire to blow motivational hot air up your arse,

I take zero responsibility for your feelings.

I’m simply allowing the message to come through.


And at any given moment,

if you’re not deliciously happy with the results,


By connecting with your true desires.

By regaining control of your emotions, your thoughts, your internal state.

By taking the aligned action which you’ve been putting off for who knows how long.

Accepting the outcome with pride and dignity.

Even when the outcome appears to be a fuck-up at first.

Because I promise you,

that when you come from a space of complete personal responsibility, power and alignment,


It’s Monday.

It’s February.

If you’ve been dragging your feet for the past 35 days,

thinking you’ll ease into 2019,

that you’ll just wait for the sign that it’s time to take action,


Don’t waste it.

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With deep love and appreciation,


PS:  We are so blessed to be living in an era where we get to design business that creates freedom.

Freedom of time,

freedom of location,

freedom of choice.

Yet so many now approach business with an air of fluffing around.

As if having a hobby,

will create an empire.

It won’t.

For your business to create the abundance required for a truly opulent experience of life,

there’s certain structures, skills, strategies and processes that need to be in place.

Not negotiable.

Your business demands a level of respect from you as the owner,

to take her seriously,

in your approach to your clients,

in your approach to your team,

in your approach to your practice.

Don’t you deserve to surround yourself with those who take your business serious as well?

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Those who desire to be treated with respect, to be held accountable to a high standard, to do the work like a mofo.

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‘Why the hell did I just create this pile of shit?’

Sometimes I look at the unfolding of my life,

the current events,



and I’m a little dumbfounded.

I can’t help but shake my head,

a silent ‘what the fuck’ escaping my lips.

It used to be so easy to feel helpless in these times.

I could almost miss those days of ignorance.

When I thought I was simply a pawn on someone else’s board.

Believing that I’m being moved around by a force unseen.

All the time passively accepting my fate.

It used to be so easy to blame others decisions and behaviours,

for the results in my life.

Blame is such a potent card of cowardice to play.

Best of all – it is socially acceptable.

Or my other personal favourite –


Sacrificing my dreams, my desires, my happiness,

for the greater good.

Except, my soul had other plans for me in this life.

Clever little bitch decided that this time around,

I would wake the fuck up,

to the truth

of personal responsibility.

To the fact that I am the creator of EVERYTHING in my life.

Even the assholes.

So that I may constantly drop in, and reconnect to my desires.

That which light me UP!

That which has me dance with delight regardless of the sideways glances.

And yes,

every now and again I get lulled into complacency.

I forget to stay connected.

I get caught up in my ego bullshit.

And then life lovingly has the creeps crawl out of the underground.

Draining me with their insanity / stupidity.

Until I finally wake up, look up,

shaking my head,

‘what the fuck?’

I’ve learned that during times of interesting contrast,

we have choices:

We can stay sitting down,

feeling sorry for ourselves,

crying to all who will listen,

how hard it is,

how unfair,

how we just don’t know what to do,

because it’s not us,

it’s them,

those fuckers,

and we can become the helpless little victim that all love to console.

It works like a charm Darling!

I’m not even kidding.

Why do you think social media is overflowing with pity-parties?

But there’s another choice available to us.

We can choose to take complete responsibility for EVERYTHING in our lives,

grow a pair of balls,

swallow a good dollop of humour,

and ask ourselves,

‘why the hell did I just create this pile of shit?’

Be prepared to go deep,

to be uncomfortable,

to cry a little,

to curse a lot,

and to ultimately laugh with delight at what a dumb-ass you can be at times.

Not paying attention to when we go off track.

Not being conscious of what we’re saying,

and believe me,

we ALWAYS get what we ask for.

Except we can be a little lazy with our words,

and give incomplete instructions to the Universe of what we want.

Expecting our higher selves to fill in the blanks.


she does.

And she’s got a warped sense of humour.

I’ve come to the understanding that the Universe will give you exactly what you need to remember that you have unlimited power within you.

And the way to do that,

is by providing enough contrast for you to finally become specific.

For me personally,

and for a lot of people I’m meeting at this time,

it’s about finding the courage to speak our truth.

To be selfish in our mission to becoming our best versions self.

Unavailable for distraction.

Unavailable for settling.

Unavailable for rescuing others.

I believe that this is an era of the return to SELF.

You might call me disloyal.


Insensitive to the needs of others.

I call myself loving.

I’ve simply learned that the social structure and system of generations past,

no longer serves us.

It has made most soft,

like putty,

to be moulded by those in egotistical power.

It has stripped away the creative power that lies within.

It has replaced love with codependency.

It has duped us into believing that we need others for us to be whole and complete.

I’m choosing differently.

I’m choosing to be the change I desire to see in the world for my boys.

I’m choosing to have the bus stop with me instead of pissing away my potential and then telling my kids they have to do better.

I’m choosing to become the most beautiful, powerful, connected version of myself and sharing me with those who do the same.

I’m choosing to thrive.

For me.

Because ultimately I am the only person who will be with me from birth to death.

Which is why I’m choosing to take full responsibility for my life,

and drop into appreciation for the roles others play on my board.

Everything matters.

Everything is created by you.

It’s time you take responsibility for that Darling.

Not because you want to feel bad about yourself – unless of course that brings you a sense of warped satisfaction.

Personally, I don’t find pleasure in self-flagellation.

It’s time to figure out why you’re creating the unpleasant experiences,

so you can get back on track,

to fulfilling your deepest desires.

Or not.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always a choice available to the brave.

With deep love and appreciation,


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Those entrepreneurs who will no longer tolerate feeling like a failure, a victim to the current economic conditions.

Those who are done treating their business like a hobby.

Those who are done saying ‘I would love to but I can’t afford it’.

Zero excuses.

Zero pity-parties.

Focus, clarity, grit, aligned action, results.

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Hesitation leads to devastation.

Stop saying I will do it next time – there is only this time.


The chase is in service to all driven achievers…

Words can’t always describe

the sensation of feeling truly alive.

Blood pumping so hard that the echo in your ears drowns out the music.

Sweat dripping into the fresh cuts,

blood mixing with salt,

only the sting reminding you this is pain.

Lungs expanded from constant breath,




Fuck I love to ride.

As I exit the single tracks there’s a feeling of complete bliss.

For a moment I sit up,

take a long breath,

and smile.

It’s good to be alive.

Which is when I spot him,

coming up from the side,

and I think to myself,

let it be Anel.

Let it be.

Except my legs start increasing the pace just a little.

Okay, a lot.

I hunker down again and feel the muscles in my shoulders tense up as my core hardens to increase my output.

It takes him more than a kilometre to overtake me.

As he does,

I do a quick scan.

Huge motherfucking calf-muscles indicate this boy is in excellent condition.

The natural ease with which he wears his outfit,

combined with the fluid movements on his bike,

tells me this ain’t no roadie.

Mountain-biker through and through.

Which means

A – he is stronger, faster, than I am at this time of my training and

B – he is technically more advanced.

I could have let him go.

Just sit up.

No harm done.

ROTFLMFAO – not a fuck.

The chase was on!

I saw his fingers move,

gearing down,

increasing his speed.

And matched his movements.

He looked around,

clearly expecting to have dropped my arse,

and a slight smile was visible as he spotted me just behind him.

He knew.

And he loved the game as much as I do.

We continued for kilometres.

Him keeping the hammer down,

frequently looking back to see if he’d managed to break me.

Me telling the voice in my head to shut the fuck up and keep going.





As we approached a fork in the road he sat up.

Clearly this was his turn-around point.

Thank the holy goodness of peanut butter!!

I took the right, up the embankment,

gracefully swallowing the vomit in my mouth.

I would not give him the satisfaction of seeing my suffering.

THIS my Darling, is the world of high performance.

For most, it might seem insane.

Yet this friendly rivalry is exactly what keeps the game interesting.

It’s what keeps us sharp.

Instead of believing the horse manure that I’m frequently fed

that I shouldn’t be so competitive,

shouldn’t drive so hard,

shouldn’t bite off more than I can chew,

shouldn’t try and keep up with those who are further along,

I know that the chase is in service to us all.

For me, it gives me an edge to an already tough session which is now banked.

Gains Baby – it’s all about the gains.

For him, an unexpected push that he would otherwise not have experienced, plus he knows there’s new blood on his turf.

A little ego boost of confidence that he managed to keep in front of an Ironman athlete.

For those who will race us in future,

a little more competition.

Which they will take back to their training sessions.

Taking the results from the race and adjusting their approach so they can come back even stronger.

To win again.

Except the field continuous to get stronger.

Which means what had them winning today,

will not be enough to have them win tomorrow.

I believe in taking this exact same approach in business.

I have the audacity to look at the best in the field,

and chase their arses.

It doesn’t matter whether or not they are aware of me.

What matters is that I continue to raise my own standards,

keep improving my skills,

my service,

my output.

And in the process I raise the standards for those around me.

Which eventually causes those in the front to adjust their sails – determined to stay in the lead.

Taking it next level once again.

It comes down to personal responsibility Darling.

Yes, I can say it doesn’t matter.

That in the bigger scheme of things I’m just a little shrimp.

I could be that coward who just want to bumble along.

I’m not.

I want you to know today that those you look at,

those who you either admire or hate,

because you think they’re at the top of their game,

and that you can never compete with them,

have been where you are today.

Wherever that is.

Everyone starts at zero.

The only difference is that they DECIDED to become major league players.

They put in the work.

Day in and day out.

They chased those ahead of them at the time.

They silently cried when nobody was around.

Swallowing the bile.

Wiping off the sweat.

Relishing the blood.

They made a commitment to success.

Regardless of the price,

of how long it would take,

the sacrifices they would need to make.

Their drive is bigger than their fear.

Understanding that fear never goes away.

That’s a lie the average feeds you,

so that you think there’s something wrong with you for shitting your pants.

Courage is found in the presence of fear.

Nothing will change until you stop fucking around.

Nothing will happen until you commit to success.

Nothing will turn around until you see yourself as a serious contender.

And then show up.

What will it take for you to truly get hungry again?

What will it take for you to give yourself permission to show up?

To get your arse in the game!

Look, January is at the end of her breath.

What progress have you made with your goals?

You know – the ones you said that THIS is the year you’re going to crush.

The ones you’ve been talking about forever.

Have you truly made the commitment by finally getting the support you deserve?

Have you surrounded yourself with those who make you uncomfortable AF?

The ones you feel is so much better than you?

Have you started taking MASSIVE ALIGNED ACTION which you’ve not taken before?

Or are you still telling yourself the same bullshit as you did in 2018, 2017, 2016…

That you can’t afford it…

That there’s still plenty of time,

so you will do it next week, next month.

That you simply have to do what you’ve done before,

just a little harder.

Okay Sunshine,

Whatever works for you.

Personally, I don’t have time to screw around with talkers.

I choose to be in the league of the doers.

So you can keep telling yourself whatever you need to make yourself feel better.

Knowing that I won’t even be seeing you at the finish line,

because I will already be two races ahead.

Or you can get your arse on my field,

and we can play.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With deep love and appreciation for you,


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Written in the buff, under the light of the moon

Todays’ piece is written in the buff,

under the light of the moon.


It might be the power of the full moon,

she is feeling particularly potent this month,

that has me abandon my normal shyness,

allowing me to connect to the crazy a little more.

Who knows…

Who cares…

It feels good and it feels right.

It reminds me that this is why I left corporate all those years ago.

Not that corporate wasn’t fun whilst it was fun.

It was.

But within me,

there was a constant frustration.

A feeling of being in a structure which didn’t allow for my true flow.

For the muse,

to be expressed,

when her voice sounded sweetest in my heart.

I am her devoted slave,

here to obey,

when she desires to be heard.

It’s a role that I am deeply grateful for.

In all transparency though,

it took me a long time to understand the necessity of structure,

for complete flow.

To stop resisting the masculine pieces such as financial spreadsheets, google calendar, opt-ins, and whatever else,

and instead,

to embrace the power of having the creative feminine supported by the masculine.

A concept which is still foreign to so many entrepreneurs.

And don’t get put off by my woo-woo terminology –

this tree hugging, unicorn riding, bunny loving woman

knows how to get shit done!

What I’ve observed is that people are either leaving corporate,

and recreating corporate in their own businesses,

except there’s only one of them,

and they’re burning out left, right and centre.

Or they’re spreading their wings,

daring to do their own thing,

complete rejecting all they’ve known before,

thinking they can laze around all day long,

and then wondering why it’s not working,

why they’re always sweating buckets when it comes to looking at their bank balance.

Lying on the beach,

frantically worrying about how you’re going to pay that next blessing received (what you might still be calling a bill),

is not so relaxing after a while.

Creatives often think that having any form of structure

is going to prohibit the art from coming through.

Alas my friend,

it’s not true.

I’ve found that it’s this beautiful blend of structure and flow,

of taking aligned action and releasing,

of being disciplined AF and living in the moment,

that has resulted in the highest levels of creativity.

I also want to say again though,

the path of the entrepreneur

is not for sissies.

I’m bored listening to people complain about how hard it is.

About how unfair it is that they’ve been in business for six months and still not making millions.

It’s becoming a little tedious hearing people say they don’t have any money

yet they’re not prepared to invest in themselves

they’re not prepared to get over their shit

they’re not willing to get up early

they’re not going to practice

they refuse to do the internal work

they’re not willing to make sales

because somebody said they must stop selling

and it as easier to listen to that person

than getting uncomfortable and having another sales conversation.

And another.

And another.

Taking ten rejections,

or more,

for that sweet yes.

It blows my mind that people are continuously asking for free advise


as if that’s all it’s worth.

Are you kidding me?

Or they think that the cookie-cutter approach is still going to work

in a world that,

thank Thor,

is seeing more and more true artists re-awaken,

daring to burn the boats,

to colour outside the lines,

to blog in the buff.

Because we can.

And because it feels good.

And because it makes us happy.

Plus I know you have a smile on your face by now 😉

Or a frown.

Either works for me.

My point today is this:

if you’re a true artist,

a creative,

an entrepreneur,

what are you resisting that’s constricting the flow?

Are you rejecting the systems thereby floundering around


are you still stuffing your crazy into a suite because you care more about what they will think

than making an impact?

No judgement.

No shame.

Just creating awareness.

And then I would journal on that shit.

I would ask myself what would it feel like to be fully supported in my business and my life?

What would it feel like if I gave myself permission to be the diva,

the most important person in my world,

and have all the structures and people in place so that I may focus on my zone of genius?

And why would I resist having that?

On the flip side,

I would journal on what would it feel like if I allowed myself to be fully seen,

in the buff (okay you can do this figuratively),

nothing to prove,

nothing to hide,

just my beautiful, glorious self,

and sharing my gifts from this place of radical self love, self acceptance, self appreciation and self respect?

What would it be like to use the structure to create space for rejuvenation, creative flow, and self-care?

What would it feel like to break the rules and write my own?


from this space of clarity,

I would DEFINITELY journal on what my perfect day would look like.

For both sides of the coin.

And with perfect,

I do mean,

orgasmic Darling.

After all,

only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With love and appreciation for you,


PS:  Mindset, Business & Money is for the innovators, rebels and disruptors who have the audacity to challenge the status quo, doing what they want, when they want, where they want, how they want, and banking money.

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Six months of me guiding your sexy derriere into sweet alignment,





expressing yourself unapologetically.

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Results OR Excuses – there’s no in-between

I don’t want to hear it.

Not again.

I don’t actually give a shit.

About all the reasons you tell me you can’t do it.

Of how you have to put others first.

Of how you don’t have time.

Of how you’ve tried everything.

Of how you can’t afford it.

Of how you don’t know enough.

Of how you’ve got a block in your third eye.

I don’t want to fucking hear one more bullshit reason

as to why

on god’s green earth

you can’t have

EVERYTHING you say you want.

When will you finally get the fact

that the more you tell me

or anyone else

why you can’t



Stop that shit!

Why would you keep doing this to yourself?

Why would you choose to wake up every single morning


from the stories you tell yourself?

The hardest words I ever heard

was that all the results in my life

was a true reflection of my choices.

That all the pain

the toxic relationships

the overweight

the debt

all of it,

was my choice!

Even whilst I was outrageously denying it,

there was a voice inside of me,


‘Anel, you know it’s the truth.’

It took a long time for me to get over myself,

my egotistical desire to be right,

to finally admit it in the mirror.

By stepping out of the falsehood of my words

and into the reality of my calendar

my actions

my food choices

my word choices

my expenditure choices

that I finally got into reality.

It hurt like a B-EATCH.

Yet, without self-honesty,

we’re pretty screwed.

We sit there convincing ourselves that we’re these helpless babes in the woods,

at the mercy of our circumstance,

of our heritage,

of our DNA.

That you need natural born talent.

That you need money to make money.

That you’re born flawed.

And that you’re pretty much doomed to same shit different day

because that’s simply the way life works.

Don’t you see that this way of thinking is what’s keeping you separated from your true power?

The power to be, do and have


you truly desire.


you’ve become lazy

your jaw aching

from reciting your excuses.

You’ve convinced yourself they are true.

A broken record,


and quite frankly Darling,

it’s become boring to listen to.

Want the results?


Then change your story.


Not once you see the results.


Stop looking for reasons why you can’t do it.

Find the purpose that drives your passion and stay connected.

Stop looking for challenges you think you can’t overcome.

Start asking questions that will resolve the puzzle.

Stop taking the same actions,

making the same decisions,

kissing the same arses,

you did yesterday,

and start creating a new tomorrow.

Leave behind all the lazy, time-wasting, vampires,

be merciless,

fight for your dreams

as if your life depends on it.

Instead of constantly offering your space in the lifeboat to everyone else.

Whilst drowning.

Exhausted from treading water.

Be prepared to hurt.

There’s much pain in the journey of the achiever,

the artist,

those dedicated to creating different,


The pain is our place of connection,

where we draw inspiration,

unlike the mediocre masses,

who avoid pain at all costs.

Drowning it out with their whiskey and beer.

Numbing it with their pills and mindless entertainment.

We train pain.

Allowing the sensation to flow through us.

Driving us to tears.

Demanding a release through screaming agony.

And then,

the sweet magic flows.

You feel it


and you know


You eat humble pie,

putting your ego aside,

and you ask for the help that’s always available to you,

whether from soulmate connections,

a higher realm,

your inner self.

And you show the fuck up

in an energy that commands

the delivery of your desires.

THIS is the difference between those who get results,

and those who spew their excuses like bullets from a machine gun.

Today feels like a BRILLIANT day to make a new choice.

A PERFECT day to draw a line in the sand,

and step the fuck over,

leaving behind all your excuses,

all your empty words,

all your lies.

A day in which to sit your pretty self down and ask,

what do I TRULY desire?

Not the shit you tell everyone else because you think it makes you look good.

Not the things you see others have and, because they’re smiling on Instagram, you think it will make you happy.

The real stuff.

The experiences that has tears dripping down your chin,

because the mere thought of them

has emotion flooding your body to overflowing.

Give yourself permission to DECIDE




Be willing to sacrifice



false friends

shutting out the naysayers

and staying manically focussed

on your goal.

Until you achieve it.

Prepared to go back to the drawing board again and again

failing over and over

without shame

zero blame.

You get up,

you dust off,

you keep going.

With the knowing that the moment you receive your desire,

a new one will already be waiting for you,

which will start the process all over again.

So best you fall in love with the journey Sunshine,

because as an achiever,

this will be your life,

until the day you die.

What they will never understand,

is that you won’t want it any other way.

If this is feeling completely unrealistic,

that it’s simply too much to ask of you,

then carry on Sweetpea.

With your excuses,

with your suffering.

I respect your choice,

your life.

I’m simply not available to listen to it anymore.

There’s those who are committed to thrive,

those who choose happy every day,

regardless of what happened yesterday,

THOSE are the people I am committed to supporting.

Only death is inevitable,

tick tock bitches.

Do you have the courage to choose thrive?

With true love and appreciation for you,


PS:  Are you ready to go from excuses to results?

Building the business you’ve been talking about,

but have not yet brought to fruition?

Are you ready to be held accountable,

to show up every single day regardless of how much sleep you’ve had,

which phase the moon is in,

where Mercury is finding herself?

This one is for the misfits, rebels and troublemakers.

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We start February.

Excuses or results Darling.

You can’t have both!