Would you like to theorise, or experience thrive?

#RiseAlphaFemales It's time for a return of wisdom, which means it's time for a return of those courageous enough to not only learn from books, but creating experiences from the learning which enhances the wisdom of the collective.

2020 - The year which will see the rise of Alpha Females

#RiseAlphaFemales It fills my heart with joy to see more and more alpha females going through the change, their re-birth into their true selves. 2020 will see the rise of the alpha females. Yet it's still a conscious choice you will have to make.

That which you fear holds the key to your desires.

#RiseAlphaFemales Right now, people are terrified of the most powerful force in their lives: themselves. Most do everything they can possibly think of to keep their focus externally, to avoid moments of deep introspection and connection, and our current system celebrates this. As the only way the cult of mediocrity can increase its reach, is by making you afraid of you. Fuck 'em.

In retrospect...

#RiseAlphaFemales Every day is an opportunity for introspection, growth and transformation. Transformation through change. Yet so few people are willing to release in order for this to occur. Will you choose to be one of the few?

Are you hiding your gifts in a blanket of shame?

#RiseAlphaFemales Time to release the pain you've held on to for so long from the projected insecurity of others. For when an Alpha Female chooses to love herself, she raises her standards to a level of true deserving. For you are good, you are love, you have value, you are enough.

The most important evidence you WANT to find!

#RiseAlphaFemales It's the end of another decade and my question is - how many decades will it take for you to start questioning the way things have 'always' been so that you can create a new way of how things will be for you going forward?

Are you done fighting the wrong war?

#RiseAlphaFemales The tides are turning and it's about bloody time! As more and more Alpha Females remember who they truly are, thereby shifting their focus from fighting themselves, to fighting perceived bondage and mediocrity.

Feeling guilty for having too much fun???

#RiseAlphaFemales This might come as a surprise, but for Alpha Females the challenge is NOT overcoming more pain, it's NOT outworking everyone in the room, it's the guilt we feel about the fact that this is actually FUN and instead of giving ourselves permission to have MORE fun, we feel we have to suffer to make everyone else somehow feel better about their choices.

Isn't it time to reclaim your YES and your NO?

#RiseAlphaFemales I'm kicking the hornets nest today and putting it out there that YOU are creating your life energy through your thought energy. You can choose to pay attention to what life is reflecting to you, or you can choose to cling to a story that might be causing you pain.