You are the creator of your relationships!

#RiseAlphaFemales Guaranteed, not even 1% will truly receive this message today as the impact of responsibility is HUGE. Guaranteed, of the 1% not even 1% will commit to their excellent selves by doing the work. My question to you is: will you choose to be the 1% in the 1%?

The insanity of living to impress others...

#RiseAlphaFemales There comes a time when you have to figure out who is actually in control of your life. Who you gave the power to that forms the driving force of your decisions. There comes a time in your life when you have to take your power back!

Are you The Ugly Duckling?

It's time for alphas to go past the illusion, remembering who they are, reclaiming what they stand for, and to rise proudly once more.

Self-respect is not given, it is earned!

Who are you choosing to be today? Does she fill you with pride? For every choice you make, from the food you eat to the conversations you have, is either filling you with a sense of pride, increasing your self-respect, or detracting from it. Everything matters.

The immense power of attraction which comes from a woman's desire

There is no such thing as a frivolous desire, for all you want expands your energy which means, it expands your capacity for receiving which means, it expands abundance for all in all forms. It's time for you to stop DOING more by BEING more through receiving MORE of what your heart desires.

Alphas are, and will always be, beautiful freaks.

Stay open, question everything with compassion and a willingness to be wrong, a willingness to learn, a willingness to explore, and always a willingness to remember more who you truly are.

It's time for a self-thinking revolution.

When you're not having a great experience, it's time to start changing the way you think. For until you do, you'll never identify what will actually turn your life into a stunning experience of thrive.