Why people-pleasing belongs at the bottom of a long-drop.

It’s my experience that without an excellent sense of humour,
you’re pretty screwed in this thing called life.

People say the most random shit
and you have a choice of whether you’re going to be triggered or intrigued.
You’re bound to fail,
well I mean only if you’re actually one of the few with some skin in the game,
and you have a choice of whether you’re going to give up or step up.

All the time,
you get to choose if you’re going to be a miserable hornet or keep the ability to laugh at yourself.
Quite frankly,
I prefer laughing.
Crying simply doesn’t look or feel very good to me.
All that snot and my eyes swelling shut and the hiccups – ugh.
NOT that I DON’T EVER cry, before I’m accused of not being human again.
ROTFLMAO – Whatever the fuck…

Alpha, here’s what I want you to OWN today:


At the end of the day it’s just life for heaven’s sakes.
All that pressure you’re continuously putting on yourself to get it right according to everyone else when they’re not even getting it right for themselves,
for what?
To look in the mirror with that down-turned mouth set in marble?
Acid resentment eating you up on the inside?
Going through your day,
interpreting everything that everyone is saying through your screen of bitterness and then wondering why you think everyone else is an asshole?

Sweeten up Sugar.

I lived enough misery to last me twenty lifetimes at least!
All it got me was more to feel depressed about.
All of my adventures tainted with the energy of self-punishment.
All of my relationships tainted with fear.
All of my achievements tainted with a need to prove myself as I didn’t feel enough or worthy.

All the time,
I kissed sweet arse in a desperate attempt for others to like me or to make them happy as I was told they’re experience of me is my responsibility.
I dressed up so that I could be told I’m beautiful.
Then I dressed down so that the accusations of being a slut would stop.
I spoke in soft words so that I could be told I’m a nice person.
Then I stopped speaking so that the accusations of being an insensitive bitch would stop.

Until I finally understood that there’s no winning as long as you’re living for anyone other than yourself.
NOBODY has the same idea of what a good woman looks like.
NOBODY has the same definition of what a good woman sounds like.


So whilst you’re running around like a headless chicken
trying so desperately to please everyone
all you’re really doing is being a traitor to yourself.


I’m done with people telling me how I’m supposed to live to be a good person.
Done with people telling me how I’m supposed to speak to be a lady.
Done with people telling me who I’m supposed to work with to be a good coach.
Done with people telling me what I should be thinking to be an Alpha.
Done with people telling me how I should show up online to be relatable.

As far as I’m concerned,
those who are taking the time to study me from afar SO THAT they can advise me on how to do it better,
on how I should be different,
without me paying them for that input,
should invest their time on themselves instead.

I understand that for majority it comes from a really good place,
and I receive that in appreciation of their concern for me,
but honestly,
this is MY life and I will live it how I bloody well find joy in it!
I’ve also come to understand that it’s not that I’m not doing it right,
I’m simply not doing it right for them.

Alphas don’t stick their noses where it doesn’t belong – they’re constantly focused on their own lives and how they can do better, be better, thrive better.
Alphas don’t give unsolicited advise – they understand that in order for someone to receive they have to ask with a genuine desire for change and growth first.
Alphas don’t criticise and attack online – this childish behaviour is simply not tolerated. You have an issue with someone, pick up the phone and have a powerful conversation with the intent of resolving said issue.
Alphas don’t humiliate others in public so they can feel better about themselves – what’s this shit about anyway??? It blows my mind and I simply don’t understand the point.
Alphas stopped living in a way so that others will like them – we understand that it has nothing to do with us as sadly most people can’t even stand themselves, how on earth will they ever like us? Instead, we focus on being the person WE like and respect and those who are able to appreciate us as is, get to share some fun adventures with us.

And then people wonder why I choose to play with Alphas…

live with honour and integrity.
Make the choices that feel aligned and good.
And for the love of all that is chocolate,
keep your sense of humour.

For nothing is more beautiful than the sound of your laughter.

Death is inevitable,
thriving is a choice which defies people-pleasing bullshit.

Live with honour and a lottle badassery,

Alphas are, and will always be, beautiful freaks.

Okay then,
I’m finally ready to admit it,
to myself first and foremost,
but to you as well.

I AM a goddamend freak.

I move through the world
most of the time thinking to myself
that somewhere I missed the exit
and ended up in the wrong dimension.

I simply can no longer relate to most of what I hear.
I simply can no longer relate to most of what I see.
I simply can no longer relate, and will not pretend to do so anymore.

I’m outspoken and you can call me judgemental because I do judge ALL THE TIME.
How else will I DECIDE what is right and wrong FOR ME??
I don’t expect ANYONE else to think the way I do or believe the way I do or choose the way I do or say the shit I do,
as I honour myself,
I honour you.

But for me to keep quiet
just because the crazy in me contradicts the ordinary of the average masses
would mean I might as well press the restart button right now.
And I’m only getting started Darling
because there are millions of Alphas
ready to
who they truly are and to answer the call of their soul to


I can no longer relate to people literally KILLING themselves
day in and day out,
poisoning their bodies with shit food in the name of filling the empty void inside,
willingly inhaling tar eating up their insides in the name of calming down,
drinking substances to the point of drowning away their humanity in the name of relaxation,
sitting in front of screens draining their ability to think for themselves in the name of escaping the chaos of their lives.
I can no longer relate.

I can no longer relate to good people
struggling to drag themselves out of bed in the morning
so fucking exhausted
from mundane soul-draining existence
born from a horrendous lie of responsibility
for EVERYONE else

whilst they are shrivelling up
walking around with dried out pussies no longer turned on by life in and of itself.
Yet NEVER finding the BRASS OVARIES to say
walking away from conformity
and choosing a life of thrive.
I can no longer relate.

I can no longer relate to the masses choosing torture
above questioning
and giving themselves access to the answers already inside.
To live in a constant state of fear to the point where they make their worlds smaller and smaller
clinging ever more desperately to those around them
even whilst sitting in a sinking ship.
I can no longer relate.

I can no longer relate to the idea that poverty is somehow more honourable than wealth and abundance.
I can no longer relate to the idea that we are victims of our circumstances.
I can no longer relate to people feeling soooooo fucking sorry for themselves all the time
yet appointing themselves as the saviour of others.
I can no longer relate.

I mean,
for sure,
I went through those experiences as well
but the one thing I NEVER stopped doing
from the moment I was born
was to QUESTION.

I continuously question
the system
the family

I use what life shows me,
the mirror of my relationships,
the feedback from my body,
allowing myself to go through the ‘human’ experience.
I used it so that I could hit the ground with wretched sorrow
crying for the abandonment of myself
and from the lowest low
choosing a

Reclaiming the importance of me.
Reclaiming the power of me.
Reclaiming the desires of me.
Reclaiming my thoughts.
No longer making my emotions something to be classified as good or bad.
No longer needing the approval of others.
Walking away from the clan
because the clan was NEVER going to protect me,
NEVER going to accept me,
NEVER going to appreciate me
as they never accept or appreciate themselves,
choosing ‘conformed belonging’ above the celebration of individuality.

I listen to the stories others tell themselves and when I ask if this makes them feel empowered or hindred,
they can’t answer.
Instead rambling into another tale,
and I can see the spinning of the web
as the ego desperately clings to the bullshit
so as to ‘stay safe’
because heaven forbid you should choose a narrative where you don’t need others
to feel fulfilled
to feel happy
to feel badass
so they never answer the question.

I hear them quote the great philosophers
with NO understanding of the words
as what they say
and what they live
is such a stark contradiction.
I hear them regurgitate motivational quotes
with NO intention of ever
stepping the fuck up to the level of the phrase

as this would require walking away from those who are currently in their surroundings.
So they keep spewing empty words
void of energy and intention.

I used to think that SURELY they can hear themselves.
SURELY there must be times when they quiet their minds
turning inside
for a deeper wisdom in the silence.
I used to think SURELY all people look in the mirror
and question daily
‘am I living my best life, am I striving to be my best self, how else can I improve today?’

I no longer think this.
I’ve come to understand that the insatiable hunger of an Alpha is unique.
I’ve come to understand that the never-ending internal drive of an Alpha is unique.
I’ve come to understand that our incredible levels of pain-tolerance for the purpose of growth is unique.
I’ve come to understand that the lone nature of an Alpha is unique.

As I look at each of these characteristics I now understand how they serve me well.
To explore.
To rise.
To create.
To love.
To thrive.

if you’re an Alpha,
and if you have to ask the answer is no,
but if you are
then it’s time for you to just embrace the fact that you ARE a beautiful freak and that nobody is EVERY going to think the way you do, feel the way you do, play the way you do, work the way you do.


Oh they might say they do,
but when you take a step back and listen to them
you easily pick up the constant intricate contradictions.

It’s not about convincing anyone of anything.
It’s not about saving anyone else.
It’s not about thinking your way is the right way
and that everyone else is wrong.
But it is about honouring yourself in the understanding that the Alpha way is RIGHT for YOU!

It’s about living with honour and integrity,
staying hungry and humble,
showing up for yourself
with every meal you choose to eat
every activity you choose to take part in
every piece of content you create
every exercise session scheduled where you leave it all out on the floor
every orgasm
every conversation

There can no longer be half-measures.
For your time is NOW
and you’re ready to take that step.

Only death is inevitable.
Thriving is a constant and continouos choice available to all.

Live with honour and badassery,

It’s time for a self-thinking revolution.

As the wind continues to sweep lightly across my face
I feel radiant!

The single tracks providing no end of deliciousness,
from overgrown grass that has me twisting and turning like a teeny tot,
to unexpected puddles of mud splashing my legs, my face, my arms.
Absolutely DELIGHTFUL!

I can’t remember a time that I’ve felt more alive or more beautiful.

Which is ironic considering I’m not wearing a lick of make-up, my hair is in a messy ponytail and none of my clothes matches in colour.

Not so long ago my mom made the comment what a blessing it is that I’m not too pretty.
She felt that this made me more relatable to most women,
more likeable.

At the time I completely agreed with her.

I used to hate seeing myself captured by a photo.
I would cringe past the mirror in the morning until I’ve done my hair and put on my war-paint.

Yet, after my profound discovery that I was not loveable by another until I could love myself,
and I made the commitment to become the object of my affection,
the reflection started taking on a new shape.

Where my mouth used to be set in hard determination,
she now softens with laughter almost always bubbling behind my lips.
Where my eyes used to be turned down,
the light behind my lashes hardly bright enough to see in the daytime,
they are now wide open,
sparkling with the captivating secrets held in my mind.
Where my posture used to be caved in,
closing myself off in protective stance from all the painful relationships I held on to for dear life,
I now walk proud and confident.
Accepting, appreciating and loving the woman I choose to be every day.

It should not have come as a surprise when
a few weeks ago
my mom paused in our conversation exclaiming that I have physically transformed,
and that I am beautiful!

I agree 😉

Oh, I am not everyone’s idea of beauty or even attractiveness,
and thank fuck for that.
I think if we all had the same template of what beauty is, the Universe would be churning us out from a factory.

What I do believe FOR SURE
is that this life was never meant to be one of constant suffering and self-rejection.
Yet so often we get caught up with social expectations and mass defining of core elements of our lives,
which goes in direct contradiction of what life presents us,
causing untold amounts of pain.

Isn’t it about time that we bring about a self-thinking revolution???

One where we start questioning the stories we were raised with and asking ourselves if it feels GOOD?
One where we start looking in the mirror,
in our hearts,
and asking ourselves if the choices we’re currently making feels FABULOUS?

Because if your current approach to life is one where you simply can’t win,
where you feel like a complete failure regardless of what’s going on,
where you feel like a hostage,
or just completely fucked over by life,
hunney it’s time for you to start thinking differently!

NOTHING is set in stone by the way.
Not even my face!

Your entire life experience is derived from the stories you’re telling yourself from one moment to the next.
As always being transparent,
my thoughts used to stink like a blocked sewege drain!
I used to think the only way for me to get up in the morning,
is to make shit EVEN HARDER in areas that I thought I had control in,
just to make the pain in the areas where I felt like a victim more bearable.

Needless to say,
I lived in so much pain,
both emotionally and physically,
that I had not only lost my fear of death,
I eagerly awaited it.

I achieved and produced some impressive shit.
My results by any social standard, bloody awesome.



For me personally, NOTHING beats joy when it comes to a life of success and satisfaction.
And joy is a choice!

It’s waking each morning and immediately pushing your awareness to the elements that bring delight.
It’s sitting with your journal and setting the intention to find things that makes you happy everywhere you go.
It’s about sometimes experiencing the opposite,
and instead of getting stuck in rage and being disgruntled,
dropping into gratitude for the contrast
before turning your mind to something that feels better.

I don’t care what’s happening in your life right now,
and yes,
I acknowledge and honour that for a lot of people
life is feeling challenging in the extreme right now,
but I promise you that the moment you start questioning and reframing important things in a way that feels more aligned to who you truly are,
life keeps getting better and better.

For the love of twinkle toes
stop thinking there’s something wrong with you because nothing seems to work the way everyone says it does,
or that you’re not happy even though you’re living an Instagram-perfect life.

It works for those who are doing it in a way that feels good for them to believe it will work.

I often wonder what people would do and think if there was nobody else to tell that what to do and think.
Would they just go and sit on the ground,
dumb-struck and helpless?

As I head out to the wilderness for a weekend of connection with me, myself and nature,
I invite you to create some time and space for yourself
to question
in your life that’s not feeling good right now.
Ask yourself,
why isn’t it feeling great?
What would you have to think or believe for it to feel better?
And then,
choose to think THAT!

The only reason you wouldn’t give yourself permission to do so is because you’re more worried about what others think about you than your happiness.

Life is way too short and precious to continue existing in a state of constant misery because of what others think about you.
Quite frankly,
they’re going to think about you whatever they want to think about you depending on where they find themselves in their journeys. I’m sorry to tell you, but what you do and say actually matters jack shit in what they choose to think about you.

Just saying.

Death is inevitable,
thriving is always a choice available to you.

Live with honour and badassery,

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putting more frosting on the cake is NOT going to give you a oooh so delicious life experience,
when the batter is rotten.

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Are you still surrounded by shamers, blamers, and complainers?

You know when I have to shimmy out of my clothes
just to get started with this piece
shit is about to go down in a storm!

Let me just take these kid-gloves off
as I’m not talking to the weak of mind today.
Quite frankly,
I’m not here to save anyone
I’m not here to kiss any boo-boos better
I’m not here to make you feel okay with self-destructive choices.
There are more than enough others in the world who speaks ‘that’ language.

today I’m being politically incorrect AS FUCK
and taking a stand
for the Alphas.

Men and women with an internal drive that has them up at the crack of dawn.
Men and women with a hunger for success and I’m not talking about making money but making impact in an energy of pure undiluted joy.
Men and women with a purpose so great that they’re willing to french kiss fear, taking action wearing a g-string of courage.

Everyone else,
just mosey along with love and appreciation.

sugar pie,
I’m going to paint a picture for you today,
and it is my intention to make it so vivid,
that you will no longer be able to live in denial.

I’m just DONE witnessing the feeding frenzy of the masses on your THRIVE-ENERGY.

For too long have we walked around
as our words are too strong for their delicate egos.
For too long have we crawled around
at snails pace
as our relentless drive and ambition to go higher, faster, stronger
is too intimidating as they wish to sit on their arses all day with indignation as they believe life owes them anything.
For too long have we lowered our standards of excellence
in the process feeling disgust with our puny outputs
as our true desire to create the outstanding is just too much to handle for those who would rather settle than lift a finger.

There was a time when Alphas walked this earth
with pride and conviction
with honour and integrity
not needing to be integrated into the tribe,
but instead,
knowing that our purpose is to fight the good fight
every single day.

We had the discipline to rise and practice our craft in private so that we could perform as artists in public.
We had the discipline to train relentlessly in the arena
so that we could win on the battle-field.
We understood that there is NO competition amongst Alphas,
as we are each so unique and powerful that our only competition is ourselves.

Oh make no mistake, we love sparring.
We love tossling around and seeing who can get on top today,
expecting the other to train harder
so we will find ourselves on the bottom tomorrow.
We valued ourselves,
appreciated ourselves,
accepted our wild and uncontrollable nature,
respected ourselves,
and there was no need for the co-depenedent bullshit dressed with a diamond ring as love.
We formed powerful partnerships with our allies
so that
we could be even stronger.

We were the kings and queens roaming free
not reigning over others
but creating abundance for all.
Not needing public praise and applause.
That’s NOT why we do what we do.

We create because we were born to create.
The end.

As the cult of mediocrity kept growing there came a tipping point of extreme laziness of MIND,
and they decided that since they could never defeat us,
they would turn us against ourselves and each other.

They started putting labels on our core values,
covered us in shame for being
too much
too driven
too ambitious
too structured
too disciplined
too outspoken
too out-of-the-box
too honest.

Their cacophony of lies
drowning out your truth.

It’s time Alpha.
It’s time for you to run the hell away from the crowd,
to run away from the toxic relationships,
to run away from the insanity,
to where you can reconnect with the truth that resides within you,
because until you do,
you will suffer in discontent and disgust for the beautiful face in the mirror
as living out of integrity
distorts our vision of ourselves.


You have to run away from the shamers – those who are continuously publicly breaking down the work of another, finding fault and then pretending to be the honourable saviour, shouting their warnings so that they can rise higher.
Understand that those who do not want to create something original, will always tear down whilst taking the work of another, putting on a different ribbon, and then selling an imitation.

You have to run away from the blamers – those who are not willing to take full responsibility for their thoughts, their feelings or their actions.
Little victims who want to sit like a helpless infant, pointing the finger at whoever IS showing up for themselves, whailing loudly so that the crowd will feel sorry for them and turn their vengence on the one deemed ‘responsible’ for their discomfort.

You have to run away from the complainers – those who will find a problem for every solution. Those who have no desire to use the opportunities gifted by life to grow stronger. Those who expend their energy with their words of hardship rather than life-changing action.

I know you’ve been raised to believe that it’s your responsibility to make others feel better about themselves.
I know you’ve been raised to believe that it’s your responsibility to make others happy.
I know you’ve been raised to believe that it’s your responsibility to bow down so others can get higher by standing on your back.
I know you’ve been raised to believe that you need them.
That you’ve been raised to believe that you’re born a little fucked up and doomed to a hard life of having to prove your worth.

I’m here to tell you that none of that is true.

this is YOUR life.
YOUR responsibility is to rise every single morning with the sole intention of being your best version self,
continuously improving and growing,
continuously releasing from your internal and external environment that which is not in alignment with your next creative vision,
and from a space of
you SHOW THE FUCK UP in the world
taking a stand for excellence once more
bringing back pride, honour and integrity
understanding that the more you are willing to be true to your core
the more Alphas will be attracted to you and we will reunite in our true nature of support, encouragement, playful daring and tumbles,
and we will bring back

My name is Anel,
and I am the instigator of a thrive evolution for Alpha females.

For death is inevitable and the one thing we don’t fear,
thriving is a powerful motherfucking choice my Darling.

What will you choose today?


Are you showing up as queen or princess in your life?

Holy Mother of Hot Fudge Sundays,
I’m hurting like a mofo LOL.

Sunday I climbed a mountain,
Monday I did my FFF max test,
Tuesday I pushed on my bike like a demon,
and two hours later,
as I started doing my squats,
DOMS hit me like a truck!

There was a fraction of a moment
when the petulant toddler in me opened her eyes wide as saucers,
a tad incredulous,
surely I wouldn’t push on?
Surely I would say
Not today… I’ll just take a little break… Nobody will know…’

And in full confession,
for a fraction of a moment,
I toyed with the idea of sitting down.

I’m not a fucking princess,
and I know when it’s time to rest
and when it’s time to just suck it up!

This was NOT the time to rest.

Here’s what I invite you to connect to today Hunny:
right now,
our world is crammed with soft-minded toddlers in the bodies of adults.

Wounded little boys and bitter little girls,
sulking all day long
because life didn’t quite work out the way they were told it would.

Waking each morning
hating what they see
yet so wrapped up in their disempowering beliefs
that all they can do to cope with another day
is finding escape in whatever form is socially acceptable and readily avialble to them.

Prescription drugs.
Online gaming.
Binge-watching TV.

There’s nothing wrong with any of these
when used in celebration and experience of how good life is.
There’s a HUGE problem when these are used as a form of escaping what YOU’RE creating and then telling me that you’re just doing it for fun
all the while
letting your REAL life
go for a bag of horse-manure.

I believe part of the infestation of stupidity,
keeping adults stuck in tantrum toddler mode,
is the insistence on learning knowledge
whilst sacrificing gaining wisdom.

Our system is breeding mass conformity
by forcing children to sit in classrooms,
where a hunger for experience and experimentation
as cause and effect is studied through the senses
thereby creating pathways in the mind
whereby the individual can question and reason,
is beaten to death through fear and shame.
‘Failure’ is deemed an insult to your parents,
often leading to depression and suicide,
yet we continue with the insanity in the name of a ‘progressive society’.
real fucking smart.

Our culture is breeding mass obedience
by saturing children with guilt in the family,
having them believe that they have to honour their father and mother
by upholding their traditions,
even when said traditions are often violent, abusive, and fucked up.

I’m not interested in blaming the system or society or politics or the economy or whatever,
I’m simply observing and thanking my sweet bottom that I’m curious enough to look at what is,
and from a space of self-love

This entire planet is your playground from which to experience and observe contrast,
and in the process,
without needing to be the same as anyone else,
figuring out what feels best for YOU
and choosing more of THAT.
Always staying open for more contrast so that you can know even clearer what you want next.

For you to start having fun with this thing called life,
it’s time for you to open your MIND Darling.
And the fastest way to do that,
is through your BODY.

Your body is wired and filled with EVERYTHING you need to have an exquisite experience.
The way to tap into this,
is by moving your arse.
Allowing your body to BE in her environment,
fully present,
fully turned on.

When last have you delighted in the exquisite pleasure of lightly caressing the palm of your hand?
When last have you experienced the burn as mass amounts of oxygen flood your being whilst out on a run?
When last have you connected to the power of your mind in determining when you give up?
When last have you closed your eyes savouring the deep flavours of your coffee or your lunch?
When last have you inhaled a fragrance deeper than ever before, taking the time to let it light up the pleasure centres in your mind?
When last????

Because if the answer is more than 24 hours ago,
you’re not LIVING!
You’re existing.

What the actual fuck Love?

It’s time to decide if you’re going to be a princess or a queen.
From this moment forward.
Simply because yesterday is irrelevant in your choice today.

A princess is constantly running around
trying to look cute
seeking attention and approval.
A queen stands grounded,
soaking up her environment,
inviting those who are on a similar path to join her party.

A princess is available for abusive behaviours
in the name of love
whilst wondering what she did to deserve this horrible treatment.
A queen is simply not availalbe for anything less than respect
as she knows her worth.

A princess never questions,
simply obeys,
because she’s told that’s just the way it is.
A queen lives in a constant state of curiousity,
allowing herself to stay open to being wrong
so that
she can replace a current belief with something even better.

A princess feels the DOMS and sits down.
A queen feels the DOMS and HTFU,
feeling even MORE empowered as she smashes out the last rep.

A princess reacts to her life.
A queen consciously creates her life.

You get to choose.

For death might be inevitable,
but thriving is the choice of an Alpha Queen.

Live with honour,

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Four weeks of romancing yourself into alignment with your true desires,
by reconnecting to your body and the power she holds,
by releasing the old from a space of love and appreciation,
by reclaiming your inner knowing, beauty and grace,
and from this space,
choose what you desire to invite into your life experience next.

Find the details at https://anelbester.com/c2c/ and if it speaks to your heart, now is the time to act.

Whose life are you living for?

Sitting on top of a mountain,
with no technology,
no interference,
just the view,
has a way of putting life into perspective.
I highly recommend it.

As I sat basking in the sun like a lizard
the thought occured that if the earth should qauke and shake
I would go tumbling into the abyss
never to be seen again.

And quite frankly,
the massive big world beneath me,
would simply carry on.

Shocker right?
One would think that the entire planet would stop rotating,
everything floating off into the galaxy,
the world revolves around me LOL.

You might never even know I’ve croaked.
In fact,
you might feel a moment of annoyance that you didn’t get your soul-smack for a few days,
you might even send me a message with a
“WTF Anel? Why aren’t you posting?”
If you don’t get a reply you’ll write it off to just another online asshole gone bottom up and carry on as you were.

Oh, let’s just keep it real.

The truth of the matter is
we give ourselves way too much fucking credit
for the importance we have in the lives of others.

In the process
we focus on all the wrong shit,
putting so much pressure on ourselves to say just the right thing,
do just the right thing,
be availabe to everyone else,
even take their abusive behaviours when they’re in a crappy mood,
all so they will like us.

I know they tell you that the only way you can be happy is if someone thinks you’re special.
If you’re their ray of sunshine.
If you make a difference in the world.
I know they tell you that you’re here to serve the community.

can kiss my sweet round arse!

In my not so humble as always opinion
the days of our lives
are gifted to us
to have an experience!
get to choose what kind of an experience you get to have.

Will you choose an experience of misery because you’re not ticking the socially approved boxes of success even though the boxes bring you not an ounce of joy?
Do you even know the name of the person who wrote the “CRITERIA OF SUCCESS?”
Do you?

Will you choose an experience of suffering at a torturoulsy slow pace of living because the cult of mediocrity says your drive is something to be ashamed of and you should stop making others feel bad about their choices to remain the same?

Will you choose to be another goddamned martyr sacrificing your dreams because someone said your testicles means you have to take the ‘responsible’ route ensuring you bring home the bacon to a family of vegans
or your vagina means you have an inborn need to nurture and take care of everyone else whilst you’re lying on the bathroom floor sobbing in complete and utter exhaustion because cleaning up after everyone day in and day out drains your life force?

You think I’m exaggerating except I’m not!
This is the bullshit I hear all the time,
and then they justify their choices with
“I don’t have a choice!”

And just before you think I’m being all hoyty-toyty,
except for the testicles part,
I used to do and say the same shit!!

In fact,
I was a hot mess
with a pretty outfit on so nobody would ever know the difference.

and it almost killed me.

I want you to really connect today to the truth that

You have NO IDEA when that moment is going to come along.
One moment you’re here,
the next you’re not.
And yes,
some might miss you occasionally for the rest of their lives,
but they will carry on.
will give you a thought for a day or two,
and then,
they will forget your name.

Even if you make the history books your story will be misconstrued to fit the political climate of what the current regime want the little children to believe.

I don’t know about you,
but I’m not planning on leaving anything behind except for energetic impact.
No tomb-stone.
No grave.
No nothing.

I’m committed to living a life of thrive
every single day
understanding that by choosing JOY
I’m in fact making a difference in the energy of the universe.
And energy
is everything.

Does it make me happy to ride my bike?
Fuck yeah.
Does it make me happy to write?
You bet your arse it does.
Does it make me happy to eat well?
Does it make me happy to get on a call with an extraordinary woman committed to her own thrive and support her?
Does it make me happy to prepare a meal whilst playing music and dancing in my socks, sliding on the kitchen floor?
What do you think?

So guess what I’m going to be doing today???

Are you brave enough to give social expectation the middle finger and ONLY doing that which brings you joy Darling?
Or do you have a story going on that life has to be hard for you to be worth your salt?
Are you daring enough to ONLY engage with those who choose to be happy in and of themselves?
Or do you have a story going on that YOU can make others happy?
You can’t.
Are you audacious enough to surround yourself with beauty that leaves you feeling like a queen?
Or do you have a story going on that you don’t ‘need’ beauty and so you should just be grateful for crumbs?

Thrive does not come from others.
Thrive does not come from sacrifice of delight.
Thrive does not come from conformity.
Thrive does not come from settling.

Death is coming.
Thrive is a choice to LIVE in a state of thrive,
every day.

Live with honour,

PS: Clearance2Clarity kicked off

What really lit me up on our first group call,
was the shift in energy
the sighs of relief
the nodding of heads
as I set the scene for the coming weeks
which is 100%

Doing what feels GOOD and ALIGNED.
No martyrdom.
No self-flagelation.
No guilt.
No shame.
No bullshit.

Done are the days where women act in suffering thinking that doing ANYTHING in this state will get them to thrive.

If you’ve been wondering if this program is right for you it’s easy, ask yourself if you’re ready to fall madly in love with yourself and your life?

If the answer is yes, then Clearance2Clarity is indeed where you’ll set the foundation.
If, with love and true appreciation for your journey and your choices, the answer is no, if you’re wanting to hold on to the stories where hurting makes you a good person a little longer, then no, it’s not the right group to join as we’ll just trigger and irritate you.

Find the details at https://anelbester.com/c2c/

No title required.

My recommendation is that you listen to the reading today and allow yourself to receive the full message from your heart https://soundcloud.com/anelbester/no-title-required

I want to ask you a question,

but before I do,

I would love to invite you to just close your eyes for a moment,

put your hand on your heart,

take a deep breath in and release on the exhalation,

drop into the now,

connecting to the fact that you are alive.

What a miracle you are my Darling.

What a blessing to the world.

With your quirky habits and eccentricities,

so misunderstood by most,

which in my world

makes you delightfully unique and a true Alpha.

Have I told you lately that I appreciate you?

Do you know that I got up this morning,

diving deep into my mind to sort out some kinks,

so that I could write this piece for you?

I’m not even kidding,

I asked the Universe to ensure that ONLY those who are ready to receive will even see this.

That is you.

I’m so excited!

Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Thank you for taking the time to breathe into the message.

Most of all, 

Thank you for being you.

I love that we are getting to play in this time-space reality.

I love that thousands of others whose names we’ll never even know, over the decades, have created the technology that has us sharing this moment.

Isn’t it fabulous?

I love that we are energetically intertwined for this breath and that we co-create something new for the world to enjoy, even when they’re not aware of it.

How amazing is this crazy life????

Keep your hand on your heart,

and feel the space I’m holding for you right now.

Feel the deep and total acceptance I have for you.

That I think you’re spectacular for the life you’ve chosen to create up to this moment,

and yes,

I know,

some of it seems a lottle fucked-up on the surface

as you’ve made some interesting decisions which led you down a path that felt like complete failure and insanity,

but it’s not,

I think it makes you a rock star

and just so you know,

I’ve made HEAPS of ‘interesting’ decisions too 😉

Feel the deep and complete appreciation I have for you.

Did you know that every experience you’ve allowed yourself to have has impacted the Universal fabric thereby expanding the life experience of ALL?

Do you realise that all the hard knocks you’ve taken over the years

created within you a certainty of what sucks like a blister on your little toe

and from this space 

you said enough of that,

I want more for myself and those who follow,

I deserve better for myself and those who follow,

and in that moment you set in motion a brand new possibility for generations to come.

How awesome are you??????

Feel the deep and complete love I have for you.

I’m often accused for being a cold hard insensitive bitch

as I have a tendency to call bullshit when I see it

and I’m simply no longer available for destructive, disrespectful, hateful behaviour.

Especially when so much of it is directed at the self.

So I’m willing to be that cow who looks past the behaviour and connects with the heart,

with the soul,

and it is always pure and brilliant love Darling.

That’s what I see and that’s what I speak to.

Can you feel it Alpha?

Can you allow yourself to feel the deep and complete acceptance, appreciation and love I have for you?

Can you give yourself permission to receive it?

Will you?

Because only if you say yes,

only if you open up and just for a moment connect to it,

do I want you to ask yourself:

From a space of deep and complete

(self) acceptance

(self) appreciation

(self) love

are you creating a life you’re madly in love with?

Are you creating a life that has you waking each morning feeling beautiful, opulent, connected, meaningful, joyful?

Open your eyes and take a moment to look around you right now,

in your physical environment,

what do you see?

Look at every item from the cup that holds your coffee to the chair you’re sitting on to the carpet on the floor to the paint on the walls.

Is it beautiful?

Does it make you feel happy?

Does it make you feel delightful?

Does it make you feel more creative, more excited, more?

If it doesn’t,

I want you to start raising your standards for yourself.


you DESERVE the best of everything and 

everything matters.

Don’t freak out if it doesn’t yet!

Pumpkin seeds knows there was a time when my space made my skin crawl.


it made me want to hide in the corner,

not to be seen,

please god don’t let them see me,

so ashamed

so fearful

so small.

How could it be any better considering I had so completely and utterly rejected who I am at my very core,

I had abandoned my desires,

I had locked my true self into a big old safe

and dumped her into the ocean to drown

over and over again

every day.

My external environment simply reflected the hell I was living on the inside.

And today,

I’m so fucking appreciative of ALL of that!

I understand that I chose to experience just how bad it can get

so that 

I could wake up

and remember who I am,

what I’m worth,

how I deserve to be treated,

which infuses my passion

my mission

my message to you.

My BIG learning,

my BIG remembering,

for this life 

was clearly to reconnect to 


Real love,

deep love,

unconditional love,

infused with acceptance and appreciation,

starting with myself.

Here’s another thing I want to share with you:


is a choice my precious friend.

You get to choose

right now

in this moment

in this breath

to release



all that horrendous self-judgment and self-criticism and self-blame and self-hatred

just release 



and as the space opens up inside of you

experience the RUSH of LOVE flowing into you

infusing every part of you with what you truly are!

Oh Hunny,

if only I was there with you right now

I would throw my arms around you and hold you so tight.

But I’m not

so embrace yourself

don’t worry about what it looks like

just wrap your arms around you

as though you’re the most precious being on the face of the earth

because you are.

And you are so loved Alpha.

So deeply and completely loved.

Death is inevitable.

You’re worthy choosing thrive.

Live with honour,


PS: Will you start your thrive evolution in Clearance2Clarity?

To receive your deepest desires,

to receive clarity on your true desire,

you have to create space!

This is the missing piece for most women!

Their internal and external environments are so overstuffed with all that no longer serves them,

weighing them down,

making them exhausted,

having to work so damned hard to overcome the same obstacles day after day,

and they’re not even aware of it.

I’ve created this four week journey in a space where you will feel fully supported every step of the way

to finally clear and release that which you’ve been too afraid to face on your own

and receive the clarity and confidence which has you connect to your certainty.

I invite you to find the details at https://anelbester.com/c2c/ and if you’re ready to start claiming a life you’re madly in-love with, and this program feels aligned, it will be my deepest honour to guide you.

The Alpha Females’ Guide to Buying a Car – and anything else in life.

This one is for my amazing friend Dave who thought writing about buying cars would be boring.

Hmmmmm, as I allow the topic to brew a little in my body,
there’s such a sensational thrill of delight running through me.
Kinda like when you’re getting ready for date night with the man who makes your toes curl in bed.

Whether buying a new car,
sexy lingerie,
the laptop on which you’re going to write your best-seller,
signing up with a coach,
seeking to connect with your soulmate lover,
soulmate clients,
delightful new friends,
it’s all the same Darling.

First off,
fuck practical.

The moment people tell me to be practical in my decisions,
my soul rolls her eyes
knowing that what they’re referring to
is mundane living
leaving no space for creativity, magic, opulent thrive.

At this stage of my life
I’m only interested in surrounding myself with those things and people which causes my bloodcells to have mini orgasms every time I get to touch, view, lick, embrace, slide into and push the pedal doooooooown to the floor.
Vroom vroom baby.

For it’s when we allow ourselves to be delighted in the impracticality of what is available that we continue to say
“Thank you Universe, more please!”

THIS is how Alphas create abundance in the world.

So it’s time to buy a car (replace car with whatever you’re wanting next)?
Well Darling,
first things first is clarity!

Not just on the car,
but on your desired THRIVE-STYLE!
Creating the BIG vision of your empire including your body, your lover, your business, your friendships, your family, your home, your travel, your car, your training, your eating.
All of it.

How do you want to feel when you wake in the morning?
How do you want to feel as you move through your day?
How do you want to feel climbing into bed at night, ready to celebrate and rest?

What is the energy you desire to live in?
What are some of the words that will capture the experience of the life you desire to have?
Is it
a little badass with a swirl of danger?

Maybe it’s

Nah – that sounds way too vanilla for me,
But hey, each to her own.

Next it’s time to connect to the WOMAN living this thrive.
Her internal environment including her beliefs, her thoughts, her conversations, what she simply does NOT tolerate.
What does she KNOW without a shadow of a doubt of what is available to her at any given moment.
How she gets to be supported.
How her life works.
Her decisions.
All of it.
You want to saturate yourself in her energy,
writing it all in your voice as if she is you,
because of course she is.

From this energetic space,
drop into appreciation of your current mode of transportation.
Find every single thing about your car that you truly appreciate.
DO NOT focus on what is grating your tits in any way. We’re not giving that energy.
If you’re serious about finding your Alpha Car,
take out some paper,
spritz on perfume,
and write your current car a love letter from the heart,
praising all her good parts,
thanking her for all the trips she’s taken you on,
infuse it with genuine love because seriously,
she’s brought you to this point in time.

Now you get to play in an energy of delight
thinking of all the things that would be

A little heads’up:
so often when women get to this stage they feel guilty for asking for more.
They think that appreciating what they already have means they should keep it.
What the actual fuck?
How does this create MORE abundance in the world???
It doesn’t!
Just as you expect yourself to keep growing,
to keep improving,
so life in and of itself desires to keep growing, improving, expanding.
It’s the law of thrive.
The habit of holding on to shit from a space of guilt is what’s causing so many people to die on the inside whilst suffering through life.

Are you feeling excited yet?
Are you allowing yourself to open up to the possibilities?
Do you feel the expansion caused in every particle of you????

THIS is how we connect to our desires,
and Alpha Females are INSPIRED through desire.

Action time Sunshine.
Call in your partner in crime,
aka the Universe,
and give him instruction to seek and bring to your attention
ALL possibilities that will match the vibration of your desired experience in a car.

The next part is essential:
your work is to PAY ATTENTION!
You’ll be blown away by how the Universe is EAGER to please and cars will catch your eye whilst driving, whilst browsing the internet, whilst closing your eyes in slumber.
Allow yourself to remain in a playful energy.
If you’re just getting ready to be ready,
this is where you allow yourself to be.
Once you know the time is NOW
start test driving every car that seems a match to your desired experience.

As you slide behind the wheel,
how do you feel?
As your fingers curl around the steering-wheel,
how do you feel?
As you look in the rear-view mirror,
how do you feel?
As you start the engine,
letting that big machine purr into life with a simple turn of your wrist,
slowly pushing down on the accelerator
the purr growing into a roar,
how do you feel?
As you let down the hand-break and he rolls forward,
how do you feel?

If you’re NOT getting the feeling you connected to in your thrive-style vision,
it’s a fuck no!
Get your arse out of there with even more clarity on what you truly desire.

The moment you hit that sweet spot,
the one where energies are aligned,
and you just FEEL the

connect within you,
it’s a hell yes!

And THIS is how Alpha Females buy cars
and everything else they desire in life.

Death might be inevitable,
thriving happens when you create your fuck yes life.

Live with honour,

PS: We’re days away from Clearance2Clarity

I remember a time when I honestly had NO CLUE of what I truly desired.
My internal and external environments crammed to capacity with the old, outdated, run down shit that weighed me down.
It was NOT condusive to my thrive.

Which is when I realised that all the goal setting,
the new visions created,
was a mere reflection of what already was.
Oh sure,
I could change the colour of the dress,
but how it made me feel,
was basically the same.

For Alpha Females to connect to their THRIVE-STYLE,
requires clearance of what no longer serves.

This four week journey is where it all starts Darling.

If you know that 2020 is the year you’ve been getting ready for,
the year where you turn the page and start writing your legacy,
then you and I both know this is the time to clear ALL that no longer serves.

When you’re ready, join me in Clearance2Clarity and let’s get you shifting gears from the humpalumpah to vroom vroom 😉

Which tune are you swaying to?

It’s the most glorious of mornings!
I can hear the soft soothing crashing of waves onto white sands,
the awakening of birds as they sing their greeting in joy of the new potentials of the day,
the buzzing of bees as they’re already harvesting the sweetness of bright purple lavendar flowers outside my bedroom door.

my darling friend,
is good
and it keeps getting better and better.

It’s a peculiar thing,
how majority of society is not tapped into this energy of thrive.
Took me some time to figure it out myself,
of how we get to create our own experience
through our focus.

We all know that saying that what we give our attention to, multiplies.
What we focus on, grows.

But have you taken the time to really CONNECT to the physical application of this?
Or is just more words you recite like a parrot
the way you did with history dates to pass your exam.
All in the head,
never in the heart.
Considering heart is where wisdom resides.

For heart pumps blood through your body,
infusing your limbs with life-force
and when that blood is energised with life experience
your body is alight with wisdom.

So let’s dive deeper and maybe after today you’ll choose to look at the world a little differently,
which will completely transform your experience of life.

Two things I would love for you to connect to first, is emotions and energy.
Everything is energy –
Emotion is the indicator of the energy you’re focusing on.

Everything is created through the combination of energies
which comes from our focus
which then takes manifested, aka in your experience, form.
We then call it our reality.
our so-called ‘reality’ is our history as our true ‘reality’ is where our focus lies energetically.

Okay now I’m just sounding weird so let me speak like a normal person.

Think of it as musical notes!
When we bring together certain notes, in a certain order, with a certain rhythm, we create a melody.
This melody sets the tone for how we’re going to feel whilst listening to it and how we feel really indicates the tone of the melody.

We can make it a happy, shake my booty kinda experience,
by taking the same notes and putting them in a different order, a different rhythm and pace, we can create the feeling of the world is crashing down on us, sobbing on the floor because OH MY GOD life is so hard and he doesn’t love me anymore and how can I possibly cope without him because the prick has found a woman half my age with bigger tits and that means I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life.

Have you noticed how the longer you listen to the song, the MORE you feel the emotion?
You can start off feeling a little happy and by the end, you’re dancing and howling like a wild woman,
laughing out loud,
your smile radiant,
and life feels simply lifegasmic!

The opposite is true as well.
You can start off feeling a little down and by the end of the song,
you’re wailing in misery as though life is not worth living.

Let’s take it further.
Let’s say you’re listening to the song on YouTube,
and because you’ve picked a certain genre,
the wonderful gods of the world wide web lines up a similar song for you which starts playing automatically.
Now you’re feeling the same emotion even stronger!
This will continue until you CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE another song with a different beat.

Now every now and again there will be a song with a different potential emotion – creating an experience of contrast for you.

It’s simply an opportunity to choose again.

I guess even the gods of YouTube get bored with monotony.

Life works the same way!
You get to pick the first song through what you’re giving your attention to, and the Universe will keep bringing you MORE thereby enhancing your experience.

Isn’t she kind????

Every now and again a different experience will pop up, creating contrast, and you get to choose again.

You can look at ANY scene in front of you
and you can choose to focus on the things that makes you feel good or on the shit that makes you feel bad.
The longer you focus on it,
the more it accentuates the characteristics you’re looking at,
the more energy it creates,
the more things you attract to make it MORE and BIGGER.

The way you’re feeling at any given time is an indicator of whether you’re looking for good joobjoob or bad pooh.

I understand that right now society LOVES the tragic songs. The ones that sing about fear and hardship and doom and gloom and oh my god how will we ever survive this era????
It saps energy,
making people sluggish and slow and depressed and most are walking around as though they’ve already given up.

you’re not a fucking participant in the musical of another.
Get your arse out of there
and choose to start dancing to the beat of your own drum!

When you actively LOOK for things that are pleasing to you,
when you consciously search for things that delight and surprise,
by giving your subconscious mind instruction,
like a hound dog,
‘Here girl, smell the pretty roses, now go find more!’
you will set off on a wonderful adventure filled with delicious unfurlings as she will come running back every few minutes,
tail wagging,
mouth drooling with enjoyment,
and you get to give her a big fat kiss
“Good girl! Thank you. More please.”

Sometimes she’ll come back with an old shoe.
You’re not going to kick her and tell her she’s stupid are you???
So stop doing that to yourself.

Here’s my invitation to you today:
Take out your journal,
look at your environment and write down EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that makes you feel good.
I don’t care if you’re sitting on the toilet reading this.
Then write down ‘toilet paper’ because heaven knows, you’re not making a number one whilst reading this long, which means, toilet paper is pretty damned good right now!
Write down why you like it.
What about it you like.
What you appreciate about it.
How it makes you feel.
Why you’re grateful to have it in your surroundings.

ONLY the good things.

Now how do you feel?

I bet pretty damned good if you actually committed to the action.
Go to the next place and do the same.
And again.
And again.
At the end of the day,
as you’re sitting in bed,
take a read at all you wrote and go to sleep with a smile on your face because life is good and keeps getting better and better.

After a week,
let me know what’s changed for you.

ONLY the good!
Become unavailable to anything else.
Come on – it’s only a week for god’s sakes.
You can commit to finding good things for a week, can’t you??

Death might be inevitable,
but thrive is a choice of focus.

Live with honour,

PS: Clearance2Clarity is starting next week.

There was a time when doing this exercise would have taken enormous amounts of will-power and effort as my environment was FILLED with old, run down, outdated, pooh pooh.

And I’m talking INTERNAL and EXTERNAL environments.

So I decided to make it easier on myself and increase my good vibrations by clearing the old and creating space for the new.

This is how Clearance2Clarity was born and Darling, you DESERVE this program.

Four weeks that will transform your entire experience of life and rekindkle your joy, creating an environment and platform for a life you will be madly in love with.

Why now?

Because I want you to end the year in a beautiful energy so that next year, you will create the vision and thrive-stones that truly light you up!

Life is supposed to be easy and fun and beautiful Alpha.

When you’re ready, come play with me and we’ll have you dancing barefoot on the sand long before Christmas.

Find the details at https://anelbester.com/c2c/

We are who we choose to be…

As the garage door slowly rolls up
the gust of wind creates a moment of chaos around me.

the weather app screwed up again.
The prediction said 11 am.
It’s now 7 am and already nature is blowing like a baby hurricane.

Which means,
it’s going to be one helluva ride!

I set my intention to complete the ride,
to not turn around before hitting the new halfway mark,
regardless of how hard it feels,
regardless of how scary when being blown about.
Commit dammit.
And then,
just be the woman who completes the ride.

As I set out it takes a whole ten seconds to discover that it will be a headwind going out.
Which of course also happens to be the direction of the most climbing.

In all transparency of the fact that I’m more like you than you would like to admit,
it felt like chewing tough old leather shoes and more than a single cuss was uttered.
I kept holding on to the thought that the Universe is fair
which means
for every headwind,
there will be a tailwind.

All I have to do is to keep recommitting,
every kilometer,
to not turn around early.
Even as my ego shouts I’m burning too many matches.
That I’m going to hit the wall if I keep this up.
Which means,
I won’t have the energy to get back home.

Keep going.
Every kilometer completed a small victory in and of itself.

I’ll be going out further than before
which means the countryside is unknown territory.
More fear piled on the heap of tinder burning inside my mind.
And then,
just to show you that I’m NOT what anyone would call ‘fearless’
which by the way
is a complete and utter fallacy,
I pull up next to the field of

with sharp horns
and cold eyes
each head lifting,
gaze following my every move,
as I go by.

The teeny tiny fence looks ridiculously puny to me
as all I can think of
is the charging bulls of Spain
pearcing human flesh.

I know
I know
pretty pathetic right?

Except I have a VIVID imagination Darling,
remind me one day to tell you about how werewolves chased me on the beach LOL.

As I finally reach the end of the field with a sigh of relief,
having pumped my legs even harder
just in case one of the bulls decided to give chase,
I reach the halfway mark
and have to turn around.


No time to rest.
Turn aroud and peddle even faster as some of those horny bastards are starting to walk towards the fence.

Which is when I feel it.
The BLISS of a tailwind
giving my legs renewed strength
and I FLY across the road!!!

Two things register:
one – I’m having so much fun I’m actually laughing and howling out loud as I get into my ZONE of JOY, and
two – instead of sitting up and having a break, I keep pushing harder and faster and my body switches over into the sweet sensation of high performance.

Do you know what I’m talking about Sweetheart?
That feeling you get from hours of training and focus and proper rest and hydration and fueling coming together to flip the switch and for a time you know that THIS is what you’re here to experience.

Oh sweet orgasm,
this is the stuff I THRIVE for.

As I finally come out of an exhilirating seventy kilometers later,
I notice that except for one group of racing snakes
I’ve not seen any other riders out on the road.

Of course,
because the weather is not ‘ideal’
which means majority of ‘fun’ riders
won’t venture out.

Their refusal to embrace the headwind means
they’ll NEVER experience the sensational thrill of a tailwind.

And this my friend,
is how most people choose to live,
I mean
in their lifetimes.

They only want what’s easy in the moment.
They only do that which doesn’t take any effort or training or discipline.
They have no desire to go out and consciously choose scary situations.
They have no inclination to embrace the pain as muscle-fibre tear to grow stronger.

More importantly,
they’ll NEVER truly know what they’re missing out on.

Which I guess is perfect for them.

But sure as fuck not for us!

We’re all born equal.
We’re all perfect and powerful beyond human comprehension.
We’re all creators of our life experiences.

Yet this is NOT what will give you a life of thrive.
The determining factor is who you CHOOSE to be.
Every moment of every day.
You can choose to feel the power of the wind
and stay at home
not getting any stronger
not testing your limits
not increasing your confidence
not feeling the satisfaction of the ride
and yes,
this is a metaphor,
you can choose to be an Alpha.

You can choose to commit to the vision,
the outcome
to becoming a little better today than you were yesterday.
You can look at ALL the Universe gifts you
and BELIEVE that it’s all for your highest good
and instead of bitching and moaning about the headwinds,
the obstacles,
the puzzles,
you can drop into appreciation that this will make you STRONGER and set you further apart from those who choose to live in a state of mediocrity
and you can get your sweet arse on the saddle
and ride your heart out.

Only death is inevitable Sweetheart,
thriving is the choice of the Alpha who CHOOSES to BE alpha.

Live with honour,

PS: Enrolment to Clearance2Clarity is open.

Most don’t understand the reasoning behind my programs.
They look and think to themselves why on earth spend TWO WEEKS clearing,
why do physical exercise,
why detox,
just so I can have clarity on my next version self?

Why not just set another goal?

That’s because most have no clue what it takes to shift themselves into enduring high performance.

Here’s the thing Alpha, I play the long game.
I understand that for you to go far,
you have to travel light.
You have to let go of the shit that will not empower you on your journey.
You have to release that which will weigh you down and make the path even harder.
You have to clear all that is obstructing your view so that you can stop straining your eyes and see that which has always been inside you.
Most importantly,
you have to start activating the energy which runs through your body which infuses your mind with confidence and certainty.

I like to think of Clearance 2 Clarity is a little-known secret essential for alpha females who are serious about MASSIVE transformation and a commitment to thrive.

Preparation work is already available and the community is open and ready and eager to meet you, support you, encourage you, play alongside you, ensuring 2019 ends with the foundation required for an incredible 2020.

Find the details at https://anelbester.com/c2c/ and if it speaks to your heart, it will be my honour to guide you.