I'm at a loss for words...

This morning I had a choice to make: Do I write some frivolous thing about how to ... whatever and get way more public applause, or do I keep my agreement with my Soul and allow the message through KNOWING that MOST won't RECEIVE this. You think you're different because we live in different countries or have different genitals or a different skin pigmentation, and you're WRONG. WE ARE CONNECTED AS HUMAN BEINGS and this should NEVER have become something to be ashamed of.

Alpha Females - step back and observe the insanity

It's time to slow down, to take a step back, and to see how the masses are creating more destruction faster through their mindless fear-based behaviour. This is NOT about blaming. This is about observing. From a new perspective. So that we can see that which people have not been willing to see, to extract the wisdom of the collective, and to record herstory.