Change your perspective, change your experience

Find the silence.

Shut out the noise.

The voices of everyone telling you who you are.

Telling you what you should want.

Telling you what you should feel.

Telling you what you should do.

They don’t know you.

Shit, do you even know yourself?

Have you taken the time to figure out who you are, what you love, what you value, what you honour?

Or are you terrified of the silence?

Because it’s in the silence from without that we finally hear the voices within.

I know they can seem motherloving crazy at times.

Screaming at you to take that leap of faith and do what makes YOU happy.

Others bedamned.

Even when they never tell you how to fly.

Even when they never tell you where the bottom is.

Even when nothing they say makes sense according to the laws of humanity.

The voices in your head is not human Darling.

Instead they are what you truly are at your core


For the longest time I refused to believe this.


Probably because I didn’t really like what I saw in my day to day life.

I didn’t like seeing the chaos and pain and negativity I had created.

I didn’t like seeing the average results, the codependent relationships, the bruised and broken body.

The mundane routines.

The uninspired thoughts.

Hours spent sitting in traffic, cigarette lit hand hanging out the window.

Dying to get home just so I could kick off my stilettos and drown myself in a glass of wine.

It was so much easier to believe what everyone else told me.

That I’m simply this little woman who needs a man to look after me because I’m one of the weaker sex.

That I shouldn’t think too much for myself and just have blind faith in the words of men.

That I should blame everyone else for my demise because after all, I was simply a wee pawn on this great big checker board where billions of faceless others make the decisions for me.

That I should feel ashamed every minute of every day because I wasn’t pretty enough, smart enough, hard working enough.

I wasn’t pleasing to others.

I didn’t say the right things.

I didn’t do the right things.

Always the rebel I continuously found myself in the principals office graduating to the managers office.

Questioning the insanity of the system because the system still doesn’t make sense to me.

I could have continued on this treadmill of existence.

But I knew that ultimately I had a choice to make – a choice that nobody else could make for me:

keep the same style of writing

or choose a new way to express myself.

I have since discovered that YES,


I and I alone get to decide the emotional tone of my chapters.

I and I alone get to decide what I focus on.

I and I alone get to decide if I’m going to tell a story of heart-ache and rage and rejection

or if I’m going to tell a tale of hope and love and freedom.

From the outside the events might look exactly the same

but it’s the experience of the events that truly matter.

And since it’s MY LIFE,

I get to dictate the EXPERIENCE.

When I shift my perspective, I create an entirely new experience for myself.

I get to look at any event in my life and decide the meaning that I give to it.

Now honestly, when I didn’t question the meaning, when I accepted the socialised norm that the end of a relationship meant heartbreak and sorrow and misery, it hurt like a bitch.

When I blindly accepted the socialised norm that failure on the way to my goals meant I failed, I struggled to keep going.

When I simply accepted the socialised norm that not having contact with members of  my family of origin meant that I didn’t belong, that I had nobody, that I would die lonely, I panicked.

Do you see that none of these are true unless I choose to make them true for ME?

Which I now don’t.

I made the decision that nobody can tell me how I am meant to feel about the events in my life.

I made the decision that nobody can tell me how I will feel when I make the hard choices and the outcome isn’t what others think of as positive.

I believe that all outcomes are positive.

Everything happens FOR me.

Every outcome is the seed for my next step in the journey of life.

When I change my perspective, I change my focus, I change my actions, I create new results.

This is the power of your mindset Darling.

You get to dictate how you EXPERIENCE YOUR LIFE.

For me personally, this has been the most empowering understanding of my truth thus far.

Considering I’m probably only halfway through my life, I simply can’t wait to see what I decide to learn next!

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

With love,


PS:  There are times in our lives when the noise from outside is so deafening that we can’t hear ourselves think.

There are times when we are bombarded with so many contradictory opinions that we feel pulled in a hundred different directions.

I found it’s in times such as these that coaching is my most valuable asset.

Coaching is not about me giving you the answers.

Coaching is about me holding the space for you to find YOUR answers.

It’s about creating the silence so you can clearly hear your voice.

It’s about asking the questions that empowers you to go deeper to connect to your truth.

It’s about guiding you to connect with your magnificent vision and then taking the aligned action to bring it into physical form.

Whether you’re seeking the space to liberate yourself or to become the legend you know you’re meant to be, I’m here to hold that space for you.

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