Change your viewpoint to get a new perspective

Today is moving day!

It’ so much more than just moving day though, and as I was busy packing up boxes yesterday, I decided to press pause, take a step back and evaluate where I’m at.

I had the inspiration to take it further, knowing that we have some powerful filters in the way we see things.

Especially when it comes to our home environments.

We become desensitised to the little bit of worn fabric here, the out of place cable there.

For me, EVERYTHING matters.

I understand that our environments have a HUGE impact on our energy, our creativity, and as an artist it can either be uplifting, or crippling.

A  realisation I had a few years ago as I was out running and saw the insane amount of garbage on the pavements of Johannesburg.

I knew that even though people didn’t ‘notice’ it in their cars, their subconscious minds took it all in.

The filth,

the decay,

the destruction.

No wonder the levels of road rage and other shitty behaviours is so high.

Bring it closer to home, and the message your mind receives is multiplied – it becomes PERSONAL.

So I took out my camera, pretended to be Steven Spielberg, and literally filmed my home.

From the front garden, the entrance to my home, the garage, the lounge, the boys chaotic teenage domains, everything.

Okay so when you start moving things look a little different as the ‘dust balls’ come out of hiding,

but this is also the most honest, real state of affairs.

I was shocked.

I’m a neat-freak.

A trait I proudly took on from my grandmother.

In fact, years ago a therapist diagnosed my desire for cleanliness and order as a pain in the arse to my husband and unfair to my little kids, so I had to take a chill-pill, compromise and let them make a mess AND leave it.

A bitter pill I’ve swallowed over the years.

Now I realise that actually, COMPROMISE is bullshit.

It’s nothing more than a lowering of your standards because those with lower standards are too fucking lazy to raise theirs.

Take a page from my book Darling, and tell them to go get knotted.

What I saw through the lens of my camera did not fill me with joy.

There was very little feminine beauty having lived with three boys/men for the last 19 years.

Too much shit from living with a couple of hoarders who won’t let go of anything just ‘in case’ we need it ‘one day’.

A home filled with ‘practical’ instead of artistic, creative and luxurious.

Understand this exercise was not done for the sake of feeling bad about dropping my standards, allowing others to dictate my state of affairs, or any other crazy ego-shit.

It was to get PERSPECTIVE.

To know where I’m at with the clear INTENTION of deciding where I want to go next.

I’m throwing out 90% of the old,

and brining in 20% new.

No more clutter.

No more keeping ANYTHING that doesn’t fill me with joy.

No more compromise.

It’s time for those in my domain to raise their standards to meet mine.


This weekend will be spent settling into a new space, with new beauty,

and although it will start on the sparse side as I allow myself some time to settle before decorating,

it will be gorgeous!

I will be bent over my journal for hours,

designing my life going forward,

creating the vision for the next year.

Really taking advantage of the opportunity this move is presenting me to not only clear out my home and deciding on how I want it to look next,

but also my body,

my relationships,

and my business.

So be ready for some radical changes coming – I promise it will be FABULOUS.

Well, for me anyway which means if you’re in alignment with me it will be for you,

and if you’re not,

it will be horrible.

And that’s okay too.

It’s time for us to stop dimming down our true selves and our desires for the sake of others.

It’s time for us to show the world ALL of us, and those who can’t take the glare, will naturally turn away.

But enough about me.

What about you????

When last have you taken out your camera and gotten a new perspective through a smaller lens?

When last have you been honest with yourself and seen where you’ve stood fast for what you desire and believe in, and where you’ve compromised?

When last have you cleared out your home, your mind, your body, your relationships, your business?

When last have you allowed yourself a clean canvass from which to create your masterpiece?

Monday is the 1st of October – last quarter of 2018!

What better time than THIS WEEKEND to tackle the above little exercise?

Only if you want to go next level of course.

Otherwise you can just spend another 48 hours sitting in front of the screen, mindlessly killing time.

Which by the way, is you killing your thrive.

Just saying.

For death is inevitable.

But thriving is always a choice available to the brave.

With deep love and appreciation,


PS: Would you like me to be your secret weapon of mass destruction in the termination of mediocrity?

Pushing you harder than you’ve ever been pushed before?

Giving you no opportunity to think about backing down from what you KNOW you’re meant to be doing?

Setting the goal and smashing your bullshit left, right and centre?

Then it’s time for you to step the fuck up and be the POWERHOUSE you’re born to be.

I’m watching you take two steps forward, three steps back.

Pushing with gusto and passion and excitement,

And then shyly pulling away.

I’m listening to you saying that you’re just not quite ready to take the plunge.

That you first need to get permission.

That for now, you’ll be fine.

Fuck fine.


Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

It’s time for you to take that leap of faith into you greatness.

And if it feels terrifying, hands desperately clinging to anything that will keep you exactly where you are, I’m willing to be that loving bitch who has the audacity to pry loose your fingers and push you over the edge.

Because I believe in you.

I believe you have what it takes.

I want you to know all of your ‘reasons’ for staying put, is simply your fear dressed as ‘responsibility’ talking you out of doing that which is required for you to be truly successful.

This state of settling, of survival, feels normal because you’ve become so used to a constricted state of existence, your Ego working overtime to keep you the same as yesterday.

And the day before.

And the day before.

Except we both know that nothing ever stays the same and the longer you drag your feet to get the support you deserve, the more your true self is suffocating.

Enough already!

YOU were never born to crawl around like a slug at an agonisingly slow pace.

Take back your pride for god’s sakes and rise up!

POWERHOUSE is for those who understand that the real battle is not getting clients, it’s not implementing strategies, it’s not writing sales pages or figuring out the content calendar for the next six months,

The real war is the one inside your head.

The one which nobody ever gets to see because it’s ugly and chaotic and pure madness.

It’s you against you every single day.

Waking up with doubt and fear.

Voices of ridicule stating you’re delusional if you think your THAT awesome that anyone would pay attention to you,

Pathetic for contemplating the possibility that you’re THAT special that anyone would give a shit about what you have to say.

The voice that says you don’t know enough yet and if you have to create from within, others will publicly call you out as a fraud and humiliate you.

The one that taunts you haven’t done it before so what makes you think that it will be different now?  You’re just going to fuck up again.  Waste your time again.


If this is shouting to your soul, then it’s time you step up and connect.

This is me showing up for you.

But are YOU going to show up for you?