When will you remove the chastity belt off your muse?

Oh for the love of beautiful bits and tits,
how much longer are you going to go through life covered in lubricant as your natural inspiration is all dried up?

How much longer will you live under your cloak of fear,
as you believe all the horseflies that there’s only ONE way in which you’ll succeed,
one formula that’s going to work for everyone,
one truth that billions of people have to live by,
and then you tell me that you believe in miracles.

I call balderdash,
for you either fucking BELIEVE that you came to this time space dimension
born with unique gifts
a unique voice
a unique purpose
to share with humanity
or you don’t.

If you choose to believe that we live in an unimaginative universe
where one size fits all
that is your prerogative.

Billions will back you up as they’ve given up the fight against mediocrity and choose to follow the leader,
obedient little sheople,
ones head up the arse of another,
and wondering why life stinks to high heaven.

They might even tell you that’s all they need.
It’s all they want.
respecting the choice of the sheople.
I’m simply not one of them.

I REFUSE to buy into the belief that one size fits all.
I REFUSE to buy into the belief that we’re supposed to do life in a way that feels as though our creative muse is wearing a chastity belt,
chafed raw pussies wearing Chanel lipstick,
but hey,
‘Look at me mommy I’m such a good little girl I’m sure to get my reward.’

Pat pat on your head,
as if
you’re a domesticated bitch
hoping to receive a bone at the end of the day for all your sacrifices.

You know what they can do with their bone and lubricant…

I choose to live in the realm of the unknown.
I choose to live in the realm of uncertainty.
I choose to live in the realm of the wild, where the dark welcomes me in her warm embrace and my thoughts can run rampant, unrestricted to see monsters or angels.
Where I get to create that which some find atrocious whilst others are captivated by my work of art.

I choose to believe that I live in a friendly universe where failure is applauded as it always gets me one step closer to success.
I choose to give my muse free reign,
even when at times I cringe at the shit she shares about me,
because quite frankly,
there’s nothing to be ashamed of.
I’m human as fuck and if you want to judge me for that,
go right ahead buttercup, you’re not my people, you’re not alpha.

I choose to tap into my emotions and be guided towards that which feels even better by that which feels good.
I choose to live from my heart,
not my head,
been there,
lived that,
respect and respectfully evolved.
I choose to speak to the heart of humans,
not giving a sweet damn of your work title or your pretty suite or your high heels or the building in which you work.

I don’t care how much or how little you have in your bank account.
I don’t care how low of how high the number on your scale.
I don’t care if you’re finding yourself in a fucked up relationship right now and you don’t know how to get out.
I don’t care if you come from an abused upbringing and the shit that happened behind closed doors would make most vomit in disgust.
I don’t care.

In my eyes,
you’re magnificent.
You have purpose.
You have immense worth.
You are beautiful.
I see you Darling and I will continue to show up every day,
speaking to your heart,
and fuck their rules dictating what I can and can’t say and how I can and can’t say it.

They say we have to be ‘professional’
but what does that even mean?
That we have to all walk around with a stick up our arses
speaking posh
and intelligent jargon which nobody understands but they don’t want to look a fool so we all nodd our heads and continue to weave the energy of fear and shame for all around us?
Fuck that shit.

They say we have to post ‘feel good’ sunshiney pieces ‘uplifting’ humanity
all the while simply giving people a boost of false hopamine whilst they’re sitting in misery
instead of holding up the mirror with love because we BELIEVE in the goodness and power of each and we have the opportunity to create pockets of introspection which can lead to massive transformation but nooooooooooo
that won’t get you a gazillion likes so let’s not do THAT.
Fuck that shit.


It’s time for alphas to take off the chastity belts that’s stifled their creative flow,
to courageously throw off the cloaks of fear that’s been hiding their radiance,
to remove the shackles of conformity and


This is OUR time NOW
and we’re motherfucking ready
for we have been preparing for this moment our entire lives.

My name is Anel and I AM the instigator of a THRIVE EVOLUTION for ALPHA FEMALES

Hear my call for your suffering is no longer needed!
Hear my call for your power will no longer be contained!
People are dying waiting for YOUR message…
How much longer will you deny us your creative perfection?

Death might be inevitable,
but thrive is your birthright.


PS: You are NOT alone and you don’t have to do this on your own any longer.


Anel is the Instigator of a Thrive Evolution for Alpha Females.

Her work is aimed at empowering women to trust themselves and their intuition, reclaiming their authentic voices, and creating a life they’re madly in love with.

Through enhanced self-love, self-worth and self-confidence they know the satisfaction and pride of a woman who lives unapologetically aligned with her purpose.

Those ready to step up and receive support on their journey are invited to connect through a potential partnership consultation.

I am creating a community of brave alpha women who know they have a magnificent purpose, and they will no longer be held captive by their old stories and limitations.

The Thrive Freedom Program starts the 2nd of February 2020 and I believe that you DESERVE this.

If you agree with me, I can’t wait to see you on the inside.