Unleash your inner child for a creative explosion in your business.

Not sure about you but whenever I become all ‘grown-up’ about this thing called life and especially business, I loose my spontaneity and joy. My energy slinks down the drain, my thoughts become sluggish as I try to follow the processes and strategies I’ve been preached.  I start seeing lines.

Lines freak me out.

So I become insecure and a little desperate that I’m doing it all wrong.  Thinking I look like a floundering fool just waiting to be caught in her mother’s high heels.  I nervously look at others for the answers on how to stand, how to speak, how to plan my day, how to eat, how to work, how to build my business following the seven steps so that I will look respectable and all grown up.

I cover my dark-chocolate-tequila-swirl core with vanilla and paint a perfect smile with my pink lipstick.  Transforming into the Stepford Wife saying the right thing at the right time, fitting in, becoming liked for my softer side.

I shrivel up.  A slow trickle eventually becomes a stagnant pool reeking of stale mud.  I feel uninspired, my business feels uninspired and stifling.  I might as well close the doors.

That’s when she wakes up.

My two year old rebellious bad-ass who throws a supreme tantrum which rocks me to my very foundation. Her voice cuts through all my bullshit and forces me to sit up and take notice. She demands attention at all cost. She throws her small fists into my face and gives my nose a mighty whack that brings tears to my eyes. She looks me straight in the eyes and asks “Why the fuck are you here?”

That’s all she needs to ask. Why am I here?

I go inside knowing this is the only place to find my ultimate answers.

I’m here to play.

I’m here to have fun on a massive playground with billions of other youthful souls.

I’m here to have magnificent, challenging, exciting, scary experiences.

That is after all why I left corporate in the first place.  The rules didn’t make any sense to me.  Instead of providing me supportive structure from which to create, they suffocated me and left me working within the parameters of a job description which was never written for me but a clone-like version of some of my skills.

I embraced my entrepreneurial spirit because when I am free from rules, I fully step into my authentic brilliance and give my clients permission to do the same.

Rebels who are curious to learn, adapt, transform and produce new and unique products and services for the betterment of humanity.  Rebels who love the hustle but not the grind.  Rebels who every now and again look around because they feel frustrated with their progress and start doubting themselves, thinking that maybe it’s time for them to grow up a little and do it in a linear fashion as indicated by an expert in the field.  Rebels who every so often come to me to grow the fuck down and play in the mud to access their creative muse.

If you’re a born rebel for whom life is feeling a tad serious at the moment leaving you uninspired and run down, it’s time to grow down a little.  It’s time to remember that you started this business because you thought it would be fun.

Take a deep breath and walk off the field.  It is the best thing you can ever do for yourself, your business, your clients.

Walk to where you find an open piece of land, connect with your two year old and ask yourself “Why am I here?”

Reconnect with your special purpose, figure out what brings you most joy and what feels really supported by your natural talent.  Be brave enough to do it differently because it will give you that nugget feeling when you get it right when everyone else told you you’re doing it wrong.

Then come back and do it your way Darling.

Your game. Your rules.

Ready to play?