What does it mean to choose Alpha?

You’re a stubborn one aren’t you?

On the one hand
you’re telling me that you already know,
more importantly
that you already know it’s all bullshit,
on the other hand
you’re still fucking DOING it.

You’re still upholding the old beliefs
of precise STEPS
a list of ACTIONS
that need to take place
in order for you to receive
all your desires.

You’re still DOING it the way they’re telling you to.
Continuously doubting yourself
and in the process
of pretending
that you’re their darling little ‘angel’,
because what you truly are
what you truly feel
is so uncomfortable to others
that they call you
except the pretence is costing you

It’s bloody exhausting to hold yourself down
to swallow your truth
to shuffle your feet
when all you want to do
is burn the whole place down
along with every single piece of paper that you’ve carefully crafted
they told you
it is how it’s supposed to be done.

It’s excruciatingly painful to hold yourself back
to walk in fear of doing it ‘wrong’
of offending ‘God’
and then
he will punish your arse
by not giving you your greatest desires.

But what if
the reason you’re NOT where you want to be
the reason you DON’T have what you want
is because
this pretence
has you out of alignment
out of integrity
which means
you’re too WEAK in your structure
to HOLD the ENERGY of that which you’re calling to you?

What if
the reason you’re at that
‘fuck this shit’
is because you’re still not ‘getting’ it
and you can tell yourself,
and me,
you know
until you’re blue in the face Darling.

means nothing!
It’s only once you
that you’re an energetic match (the feeling is the resonance of vibration) and in that INSTANCE
it is done
and it is fucking fabulous.

And once you receive your ACTUAL desire,
the one you’ve said you don’t NEED,
the one you’ve given up on,
up till this point
everything has sucked unwashed balls
and you figure that clearly it’s not meant to be
that good
that delicious
that intriguing
that fun,
once you receive THAT desire,
everything else you thought you wanted
and in the spray of the pieces
it will fall into a new collage
and it will be a breath-robbing
Way beyond your previous imagination.

For now,
it’s no longer about what YOU want for yourself,
so you can ‘prove’ you can do it,
so you can ‘achieve’ the goal,
so you can show them you’ve got what it takes
because you no longer care what ‘they’ think about you,
but what YOU get to birth FOR the world.


Because you’ve received,
and in the joy you feel your cup runneth over
and there’s no way in hell or heaven
that you can contain it.


The way it was always meant to.

Let me break it down for you Alpha:

The very first thing you need to remember
is that you are not your personality,
you’re not your job title,
you’re not even the size of your titties,
you are energy vibrating at a frequency of your free will
which pulls together
in a way that matters.

Majority of humanity
is vibrating on the frequency of FEAR at this time.

Through their free will
they’re sacrificing their free thought

for the illusion of being protected
of being provided for
by another
which they’ve given a specific title to
which gives that person certain ‘privileges’ or ‘power’ over others.

Except their ‘leaders’ are vibrating on fear as well
which has them in the realm of
needing to defeat to claim as theirs
leaving death and destruction in their wake
not only of people but of EARTH,
which sheoples then celebrate
as their heritage.

The impact of the frequency of fear is very simple:
it has them bend over and stick their heads up an arse,
any arse,
and then complaining that life stinks.

Go figure.

When an Alpha chooses to upgrade her frequency to LOVE,
the most powerful frequency in creation,
she pulls her head out of her own arse,
wipes the shit off her face,
looks around at the consequences of her previous decisions,
not only on her own life,
but on LIFE,
the first feeling that rips through her body is DEEP sadness as her creative self witnesses the destruction of the sheople mentality.

As the salt of her tears BURNS ACID in the deep wounds in her soul,
she rises
and god helps any
who chooses to stand in her way.

For hell has no fury to match
a woman with PURPOSE.

Finally embodying her Supreme Feminine
she will call to her side
those who are on a similar mission
starting with her Supreme Masculine
and together
the pack
will bring LIFE back to THRIVE.

It takes a new willingness to be humble.
For just as she calls,
she answers to the call of others.

No longer buying into the lie of the Lone Wolf persona
which she’s clung to so proudly
for so long.

I hate to tell you this,
but LONE
is FEAR frequency.

I know
I know
it was a fucking bitter pill for me to swallow as well.

I’m going to say this as well Darling,
waking the fuck up
is NOT pretty
and it’s NOT pleasant.

For me,
it felt like,
and continues to feel like,
not only being stripped down naked
but having pieces of myself hacked away
leaving me scarred
and ‘ugly’
and then
I’m asked to show up
in humility,
still raw, dirty and often bleeding,
having others insult me
calling me a freak
telling me to shut up,

and every day
I have to choose again:

Do I give in,
put back my protective armour and socially approved masks,
take their little white pill to dull the senses and the pain,
blending into ‘safety’ once more,


do I stand with my head high
even as I feel their spit drip off my face
and fucking fight to bring thrive back?

Well, you already know what I’m choosing.

What I want to know Darling,
is now that I’ve broken down the illusion of what it takes to choose Alpha, every day,
that there is no ‘getting to the top’ to sip Pina Colades next to the pool every day,
what do YOU choose?

Death is inevitable,
so few will choose to truly thrive.

Live with honour,