Choosing to live in a state of love.

Taking full responsibility for our choices in life,
our personal well-being,
our free will…

The voice in my head is already saying
“Bitch please, don’t even think of toning this down”
rolling her eyes
as my ‘nice’ part wants to keep my halo straight
just so one more person can receive this message
in love.

in a messed up world that has to a large extend forgotten what the hell love even feels like,
rarely sounds loving.

So am I going to sound judgemental as fuck right now?
and that is because I happen to know
what actually resides within every single person,
and I refuse to talk to your addict, your victim, your prostitute, your stiff-upper lip ego.

Breaking this down for you:

  • everything is energy
  • every energy has a frequency
  • opposite frequencies causes dissonance
  • harmonious frequencies creates symphonies.

Love vibrates on the frequencies of

anything in opposition
is NOT love.

The kink in the tail of this story is that
you cannot possibly talk of love
are vibrating on the frequency of love.

This means that
YOU always speak truth, not drama, not fear, not bullshit to ‘keep the peace’;
YOU ensure that your life is a reflection of opulence by living in a state of acknowledging the miracle that you are and that life is;
YOU allow your natural beauty (internal and external and yes, everyone IS beautiful in their natural state) to radiate through exquisite self-care;
YOU commit to growth every single day;
YOU wake in a state of lifegasmic thrive and go to bed in a state of satisfied and proud thrive;
YOU bring compassion first to yourself from which compassion for others is simply a natural occurrence;
YOU appreciate yourself, your life, every single person choosing to share this experience with you;
YOU respect yourself, your values, your boundaries, your desires, your VOICE woman;
YOU honour yourself, your values, your boundaries, your loved ones;
YOU live in integrity ensuring your foundation in life is built on a solid set of values which guides your every decision and action.

For those who are still choosing to breathe in the air today,
that means, that for the most,
we salute the cult with our middle fingers
breaking free from the conditioned desire of belonging
tearing down the allegiance to our family of origin if said structure is built on fear and toxic codependency
and we sort out our personal shit
understanding that our frequency
sets the tone
for our kids.

Okay, I’m going to let that sink in for a moment.

drop inside and FEEL what’s going on inside of you.
Are you feeling a sense of calm, certainty, faith, love, expansiveness, excitement, a glow of truth and pride as you know with every cell in your body that YOU are living in full integrity in every word you say, in every action you take, in every meal you eat, in every person you touch,
is there a trill of dischord, worry, fear, anxiety, stress, doubt, shame, frustration, resentment, anger?

Now understand that THIS, what you’re feeling, is the frequency that you take with you
wherever you go
and those around you
will either be in dissonance,
thereby causing conflict,
and this is especially true for your children
they will adjust to your vibration
to find harmony
and that will set the tone for their internal world
from which they will experience their external world.

Which means Darling,
and I know this is going to feel like a fanny wax,
if your kids are ‘out of control’ right now
it’s simply because they’re living in environments
which vibrates on option B.

As a woman
as someone who calls herself an Alpha
zero excuses
or blame of others
as WE set the tone!

Which is why
Alpha Females ensure they are in a pack of Alphas
so that when the shit of society starts piling up
we have an environment of truth
in which to keep our tone clear.

I could buy into the preaching that I should be a little nicer about this,
that people are fragile and I need to take responsibility for their emotions,
I could buy into the lies that you don’t have what it takes to cope with the truth today,
that I need to speak in a way that you will receive it a little easier,
putting a spoon of sugar to make the medicine go down,
I could choose to speak to MY soulmate people and let the other billions speak to the other billions.

I choose to speak to the Alpha within
so that you might feel her rip out of her cage of conformity
allowing her howl to echo through your mind
as you break down in deep sorrow
for the conditioned choices you might have made up till now
and as you lie sobbing on the floor
you can allow your tears to wash away the guilt and shame
forgiveness can flow through you
and the love of your Inner Being and the Universe
will finally be FELT again
and from a space of love
you will rise.

It’s time for truth to come back
so love can set the tone
from within
for our world.

You have to bring it home Lover,
you have to start owning up and take FULL responsibility,
you have to start understanding the role you’re playing,
you have to start getting real with yourself.

For every day that YOU choose to live in a lie,
every day that YOU choose to numb the pain,
every day that YOU choose to be LESS than your BEST self,
you’re setting THAT tone
for everyone you SAY you love.

Some pills are meant to be bitter to swallow.

Live with honour,