Come out, come out, wherever you are – if you dare…

Isn’t it absurd how ‘visible’ we have become?

How our lives have become open to scrutiny for all and sundry via the world wide web?

Just last week I commented on the fact that I’m sooooo grateful there were no modern cellphones when I was young.

God, I would have been in constant shit if everyone knew what I was getting up to LOL.

I’m not even kidding.

I was the rebellious party-animal from the time I left school, and I did it with the same levels of enthusiasm and wild abandon as I do everything in life.

It would not have been pretty –

seeing those pictures plastered everywhere.

And yet,

that’s basically how our young people grow up.

With their private ‘indiscretions’ following them for all eternity,

or until something ever happens that has the ‘cloud’ disappear.

On the flip side,

I look around and I’ve never seen people hide this much.

Becoming ‘invisible’.

They hang out in hundreds of Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, and never say boo, never introduce themselves, never give others the opportunity to get to know them.

They follow thousands on Instagram and never make a comment or give an opinion.

It’s as though the world has become a movie-set and most people only show the ‘cut’ version of themselves.

Even in private.

Maybe I’m alone in this, but I actually care about the REAL person,

EVERY person.

I care about the human on the inside with all her crazy,

the one who is messy and unfiltered and raw and sometimes ugly.

The one who is beautiful and creative and funny and driven and focused and kick-ass.

That is who I desire to connect with,

in every area of my life.

Even myself.

As a coach, it’s always been easy for me to receive my clients as they are – no judgement.

I don’t believe there are good people and bad people.

I believe people simply act in accordance with where they find themselves on their personal journeys.

Which means,

it’s always perfect.

They are perfect.

It took me way longer to take this stance with myself,

which is why I have so much empathy for the fact that others often feel judged in my space.

They simply can’t comprehend how someone can listen to their ‘sins’ without thinking badly of them,

when they themselves feel covered in guilt and shame.

Causing them to hide in plain sight.

They feel so unsafe to be seen and heard because,


they judge themselves,

feel judged by others, and

there are some people out there with seriously asinine behavioural patterns.

People who have created challenges in their lives and instead of taking responsibility and course correcting action, they blame and lash out at everyone in their space.

Right now I’m conversing with a very angry and frustrated woman whom I don’t know from a bar of soap.  Yet she felt that it’s her right to spew her venom out on one of my posts, and after I discreetly contacted her in private explaining that I simply don’t have the connections to assist her, she turned her fangs on me and showed me her nasty.

Does that mean I’m going to go into hiding?

Fuck no.

Does that mean that I’m going to call her out by name in public and shame her?

No.  I don’t believe in that.

I have compassion for her.

It’s just where she’s at.

My point is that so many DO choose hiding because of these unfortunate incidences which is rife in our modern world.

Humanity truly is in a lot of pain.

But I don’t think hiding is the answer.

Well, okay, I can only speak for myself –

I know that for me, hiding is not the answer.


I choose to show up even more.

From a space of love, even though that love sometimes says the word fuck.

And yes, I also choose to show up in my private life.

I choose to speak my truth,

to share my feelings even when it feels vulnerable AF.

I choose to stand for what I value and honour even when people choose to turn their backs on me.

I choose to keep on living a life that feels in integrity even when others choose to judge me and speak about me to all and sundry.

I choose to be visible,

to take up space,

to sing out loud,

knowing that for ME, this is flow and thrive.

But enough about me, I would much rather hear about YOU!

In fact,

if you’re feeling a breath of courage right now,

why not comment below and introduce yourself to me,

and to the world???

Stand on that stage and announce yourself,

your beautiful, brilliant, perfect, magnificent, wild, crazy, self?

For only physical death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving, and shining, is always a choice for the brave.

With love and appreciation,


PS:  One of the reasons I’m always hesitant to present group programs, is the fact that the numbers are often so big that 99% of participants HIDE.

And then wonder why they don’t receive iconic results.

And yet, group programs is one of the ways in which I can impact MORE people as they are an affordable investment for those not yet at the level of income to work with me privately.

So I gave it some thought,

and created The Mindset, Business $ Money Evolution in such a way,

that there’s no where to hide (evil chuckle).

By combining coaching, teaching and mastermind calls where all participants have to show up and speak up,

I’ve created an intimate and safe space for entrepreneurs to courageously be visible!

And the results are spectacular.

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So if you’re ready to commit to your victory, pm me for details and let’s get you showing up and making money!