But is your relentless complaining getting you epic results?

One of the human behaviours I truly struggle with,

is complaining.

It irks me to no end.

Probably since, like so many other ‘normal’ behaviours,

it simply doesn’t compute for me anymore.

Yes, we all have shitty days.

We all go through times when it feels as if the entire universe has smoked weed, doing crazy stuff not remotely funny.

We all get tired when we’re relentlessly pursuing our dreams.


toughen up!

Let the valve pop and release all the pressure in a moment of 3-year old mania

and then refocus, recommit, and take the aligned action.

Without complaining that you HAVE to take the action.

You don’t have to do jack-shit – you have free will!

Start enforcing it.

You GET to take the action.

You CHOOSE to take the action.

Because you’re committed to being the person who shows up for her dreams and gets the results.

You’re committed to being the person who takes full responsibility for his life and all the outcomes.

You’re committed to being a badass motherfucker in the zone!


The end.

This insight, was a game-changer for me.

I used to be a complainer (oh, and yes, as always, an over-achiever in everything I do).

Especially not enjoying the socially depicted roles given to a woman.

Honestly Darling (she says rolling her eyes), do I look like the kind of woman who wants to wash the dishes and wipe arses?

Yet since I was born with a vagina into a culture with some seriously asinine gender expectations, there was a lot of that in my daily routine.

Driving me nuts.

Making me miserable.

Until one day when I realised that it wasn’t the soapy plate in my hand that was making me unhappy;

the plate was gorgeous,

she just presented my meal beautifully,

her patterns bring me joy,

it was the voice in my head poisoning my experience.

Literally years of my life was spent in agony because I didn’t have control over my mind!

Once I recognised that, I started looking for the inevitable patterns of sameness.

All the little things that I complained about to myself, to my friends, to my therapist.

Guess what?

The more I bitched and moaned about it,

the bigger the issue at hand became,

the more irritated I felt,

and yes,

the more of the same crap I attracted into my life.

More importantly, complaining NEVER solved the issue and NEVER got me epic results.

Complaining keeps us apart from gratitude and just how blessed we are in life.

Complaining keeps us apart from conscious creation as we feel like little victims.

Complaining keeps us apart from fun as we don’t enjoy our tasks and actions.

Quite frankly, it simply comes down to self-discipline.

Taking control of your thoughts.

Taking control of your emotions.

Taking control of your focus.

Taking control of the voice inside your head.

You get to dictate the story she weaves into your energy.

Before you complain that it’s hard to do –

fucking DECIDE that you’re going to do it.

And it will be done.

It will take practice.

There will be loads of opportunities to become aware of how easily you can slide back into old habits,

especially if you stay in old company.

There will be plenty of times when you catch yourself skulking around for hours before the lightbulb goes off, having you pay attention to your story-teller.

Just keep your sense of humour about it.


a good sense of humour is the antidote to all the chaos created by your ego.

Simply pull yourself up by the jockstrap,



and carry on soldier.

I don’t work with blamers, shamers and complainers.

I work with those committed to success.

To their desired results.

To doing the work.

I work with those who roll with the punches, lean into the storm, and put cement in their morning coffee.

I work with those who kick their own arses and then I challenge them to kick it even harder.

If you’re a powerhouse determined to achieve your next ‘impossible’ goal and you’re not willing to tolerate bullshit, including your own, let’s connect.

I just might be the coach you’ve been waiting for.

With deep love and appreciation,