The unspoken conversations clogging up our arteries.

A few years ago I was invited to a school to address the forgotten art of communication.

As I connected teenagers with the power of words, emotions rose and more than one tear was shed for the first time in years.

I witnessed understanding sink in that our words create and that we have to use them responsibly as they form our physical reality.

I’m heartbroken to say that from what I’m seeing things have gone further south since that day.

I’m torn apart as the masses continue to disconnect from the power of the word.

We live in a time where people have become too lazy to create an entire word and we’ve replaced verse with acronyms.

A time when emojis plaster up true deep-felt emotions.

People are typing more than ever before and saying less than ever before.

You see them around the tables, each so caught up in their virtual world that they miss the fact that their physical world and real life relationships are falling apart.

All the time there are conversations that are not being had.  Because they are uncomfortable.  Because they are real.  Because they are true.

Instead people continue to swallow down their truth.

They continue to disown their desires, instead doing whatever it takes to escape through a virtual reality fervently wishing that someone else will fix the shit that is all round them.

When did we become such a pathetic society of cowards?

When did we stop being honest even with ourselves?

When did we stop loving enough to care?

I have no idea my friend, but I know this, we are actually poisoning our bodies with all that we are not saying.  All that we are swallowing.  With all that is festering inside turning into resentment and secret hate except we’re being told that acknowledging hate makes us bad people and so we swallow that down as well.

We are killing ourselves in the most excruciating way possible and we’re taking everyone around us down with us.

For as long as we don’t break the silence, as long as we don’t say that which needs to be said, as long as we are too scared to be the change, nobody else will.

It’s a lose lose for everyone.

Think I’m talking shit?

Look around people!

Have you even noticed how few truly healthy bodies are around us?

Majority of humanity are either obese or emancipated, riddled with cancer or diabetes or heaven knows what other disease.  Most people are taking some form of repressive medication whether happy pills, cocaine, alcohol, food, entertainment.  Anything as long as they don’t have to wake the fuck up and rise the fuck up.

How much longer is this going to continue?

How many more people are going to die this long drawn out horrible death before we start understanding that it has to change?

For our own sakes.

For our children’s sake.

For the sake of Gaia.

For the same of humanity.

For right now we’re ON the highway of hell except everyone is too drunk to understand that they’re burning alive.

I’m sorry to be so blunt today but I’m fucking over seeing so many hurt because we’ve forgotten how to speak!

Fuck man, it’s the first thing we teach our children.

Oh wait, that’s bullshit.

We teach our children to say what we want them to say.

We teach our children to talk in a way that pleases the adults in control.

To have the right tone of voice.

To not show too much emotion.

To not think for themselves but to conform to the current prevalent ‘truth’ because otherwise they get punished by failing in school.

We teach our children to keep the peace in the home otherwise all hell will rain down on them and if that’s not enough we scare the bejesus out of them with the devil.

It’s no wonder that the next generation figured out a way to create another world in the ‘cloud’ where they could connect with others.

Except in the process they are losing connection with Mother Earth.

They are losing true human connection which includes touch – remember that?  The thing that had you thrive as a baby?

They are losing connection with their bodies which is falling apart!

And I honestly don’t believe it’s up to our children to fix the shit that our generation has caused.

YES, I’m talking to YOU!

I’m talking to you because if you’re reading this you have enough of a brain to start questioning and opening yourself up to new possibilities and to start thinking for yourself.

I’m talking to you because if you’re reading this then like me you’re feeling the pain of everyone around you and it’s almost becoming unbearable.

For even though we were blessed with the gift of empathy, I don’t believe that we came here with the soul purpose of carrying everyones’ bullshit for them because they’re too goddamned lazy to do the work that will ultimately bring them healing.

I believe that we are here to bring change by creating un-ease through provocative conversations.

I believe that we are here to bring healing by healing ourselves and radiating self-love to remind people that love doesn’t fucking hurt!  That love doesn’t mean saving others.  That love is not codependent.

Love is love.

End of story.

Love is truth.

Love is forgiveness.

Love is being present in what is happening around you and slowly but surely doing the work that brings light to all you see.

Love is bringing true beauty back to the world – natural beauty, nature beauty.

None of that is possible until the time that we have honest conversations.

And if having honest conversations with others is simply too much for you to even think about at this time, then I pray that you will start having honest conversations with yourself.

After all, you are the only one who matters at this time.

Your healing is the most important thing in the world.

I ask that you have the courage today to look at your body and to see the story that she is telling you.  Ask her what you are not owning?  What are you not saying?  Which desires are you not allowing yourself?  Where have you fallen out of love with yourself?  Who are you putting in front of you and why on earth do you believe they are more important than you?  Because they’re not.

It’s my deep belief that this is the time for self-healing to be made priority.

It’s time to forgive and release poisonous energy from your body so that YOU can feel the weight fall off your shoulders thereby freeing you up to step into your true creative power and do the work you came here to do.

I beg of you to use all that pent-up pain and fury and through transformation with love create something spectacular that blows through the hardened crusts of human hearts because simply witnessing your raw emotion moves them to tears.

We need more people to start crying.

We need more people to start releasing all that is held down.

It starts with me.

It starts with you.

We can no longer wait for the gurus to show us the one and only way to salvation.

It’s time to save ourselves.

After all Darling, this is why we came here.

RISE brave warrior.  For it’s your time now.

Your days of slumber are over.

It’s time for you to take up your arms, your art, your passion, your words, your love and to create the change that you committed to brining to this time and space reality.

For death is already all around you.

Do you choose to thrive?

With love eternal,


PS:  You’ve got this.  You’ve got what it takes.  I believe in you.

If you’re feeling that you just don’t know where to start, then I recommend forgiveness.  Here’s a powerful Full Moon Forgiveness Ceremony which was my first step.