Will you DARE be one of the few courageous enough to create a life you love?

Hmmmmm, I’m feeling a tad mellow this morning.

I’ve just come in from a 4 am walk.

The moon is full, shining brilliantly in her mysterious way.

Every surface covered in frost – sparkling diamond autumn leaves finds me catching my breath in appreciation of beauty.


I LOVE my life.


As I continue to walk, I drop into every aspect of it –

from my body,

to my epic ride yesterday,

my boys,

my company,

my clients,

my friends,

my steaming hot coffee which was ready when I woke,

my day ahead,

every person,

every event,

every moment,

that got me to this exact place.


It’s a work of art which fills me with so much appreciation, my eyes leak love.


Thank you Universe.

More please.


It surprises me that I’m the only person out there,

taking the time to greet the day as night still lingers.


Walking for no reason other than connection.

Connection with myself,

my higher self,

my Creator,

my desires,

my truth,

my current environment.


And I realised that the reason I’m out there,

tears of joy dripping down my chin,

is because I chose LOVE.


Real love.

Starting with myself.


To get to this moment in time, I had to release SO MUCH.

Like so many of my fellow travellers, I was brainwashed to believe that my joy comes from the happiness of others.

That’s such a load of codependent crock!


What I’ve learned in the process is that NOBODY and NOTHING can make you happy.


like any other emotion,

comes from within.


It’s YOUR responsibility to choose to be happy.

It’s YOUR responsibility to figure out what happiness feels like.

From this space, it’s YOUR responsibility to create a life that fills you with joy.

A life you love.

A life that honours your values, your desires, your dreams, your purpose.


If others choose to share periods of that life,

because they’re on a similar vibration of love and joy,

that ‘s FABULOUS.

If they choose to leave,

that’s perfect too.


It’s about bloody time that we stop putting self-sacrifice on a pedestal!


Think about it Darling –

self-sacrifice is nothing more than you abandoning what matters to YOU,

what makes YOU happy,

what makes YOU grow,

what makes YOU thrive,

SO THAT you can be in service to another???


How the hell does that make sense?

Let’s all be low vibrational miserable old farts and then create a thriving family, thriving community, thriving world?


I’m so over the idea that it doesn’t matter if we tolerate behaviours that directly contradict our core values!

So we can keep the peace.

So that we can live in harmony.

Every time YOU ‘keep the peace’,

what you’re in fact saying to yourself is that YOU don’t matter.

That something external is more important than YOU.


How does that feel???

I’ll tell you how it felt to me – LIKE SHIT!


Every time I ate something that felt out of alignment to me,

I was telling myself that another’s addiction to the poison they put in fast food was more important than my HEALTH!

Every time I watched a movie that made me feel physically ill,

I was telling myself that the decensitised horror called entertainment of another was more important than my VIBRATION!

Every time I sat in a conversation where others were complaining and gossiping,

I was telling myself that being available as a dumping ground for another was more important than my INTEGRITY!


I was telling myself that MY LIFE DIDN’T MATTER.

That I was simply born to be used by others.



I’m the MOST important person in my life.

It’s MY LIFE we’re talking about!


You might think that I’m over-dramatising.

This is what the system wants you to think.

Because when we take the individual out of the equation,

we think that the collective will thrive.

Except, the collective is made up of individuals.




It’s simply not possible to live in a state of self-abandonment,

and connect to true love.

It’s simply not possible to live a life built on lies,

and BE your BEST self.


You have to choose!


Do you want to fit in with the sheople,

or do you want to think for yourself,

choose for yourself,

honour yourself,

be your BEST motherfucking self,

and from this space,

create a life reflecting LOVE?


It takes courage my friend.

In the beginning everyone tells you that they love you.

That they’re inspired by the vision you’re committed to creating.

That they support you.

Until you become scarce during crunch times.


And make no mistake,

for high achievers there will always be crunch times.

When you’ve set the next incredible goal,

and it’s head down, arse up.


That’s when people will show you their level of connection to themselves.

Those who choose to love themselves,

to be committed to their own happiness,

their own lives,

their own purpose,

will remain stable in their treatment of you.

They will always be there.

No dependency.

Simply appreciation.


The rest,


I don’t have to spell it out as I know for sure you’ve experienced it before.


In the past I used to get so caught up in the drama of others.

I would sit on their emotional roller coaster.

Every time feeling myself abandoning self-love,

choosing fear instead.

Fear that they will leave me.

Fear that they will blame me for them feeling bad.

Fear that people will think I’m a selfish, cold, inconsiderate bitch.

Fear of ending up alone and lonely.


I’m no longer available for emotional blackmail.



Love is NOT dependent on the behaviour of another.

Love is an overflow to all around you.

And it starts with the self.


I choose love.

I choose to stay faithful to my life purpose of bringing back art and beauty and creative expression.

I choose to stay committed to holding a space for alphas to connect to their truth, their pride, their thrive.


What do you choose today Hunny?


Will you choose to keep sacrificing yourself for the greater lie?

Or will you find the courage to create a life you truly love?

Will I see you out at 4 am,

cheeks wet with appreciation?


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.


Live with honour.



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