What lies in the darkness that we’re being told to fear?


What is being hidden in the succulent depths that has the puppeteers fill us with fear so that we will stay away?

This is the question which haunts me today.

It might have something to do with the energy of the full moon as she continuously calls me outside to dance in her radiance.

I’m starting to suspect that our true power is cradled within the dark which, as reflected by the Lady in the night, also resides deep within ourselves.

The side of us which nobody wants to talk about.

The side of us which we turn away from because we’ve been told that it is somehow bad, a little evil, and therefor we will be shunned by others if we dare to embrace it.

But what if that is all a lie?

What if instead the dark which is within us holds the key to our wisdom?

What if the dark is the missing pieces of self which we’ve discarded and without which we can never become whole?

Never become all that we came here to be?

No wonder the ‘powers to be’ doesn’t want us to go there.

For can you imagine how awe-inspiring we will be when we heal ourselves and rise up in our true form?

We are constantly told to walk in the light which quite frankly feels overpopulated and restrictive to me.

I’ve left the crowds who just shuffle forward, trying desperately to stay upright because they know if they pause to sit down and rest they’re likely to be crushed by others.  Sleep deprivation robs them of their senses which is exactly how conformity is reinforced – people are too exhausted to think for themselves!

Which is why I have chosen the solitary path where I can actually hear the voice within.

The voice which is calling me towards my dark.

The voice that tells me that I am safe, regardless of what happens around me.

It is when I sit down on my meditation pillow and I shut out the light that I can find peace in the dark.

The peace which is a deep inner knowing that it’s time for all to stop searching for the answers from the ‘gurus’ and instead focus their attention on awakening, on remembering, on connecting with the answers which lie dormant inside of them waiting for a sprinkle of water so they can bloom to life.

This is the path of the rebel.

You understand that nobody has THE answer for you.

For you quest is unique.  Your gifts are unique.  You are unique.

So you open yourself up to be inquisitive.  Instead of blindly following the steps depicted by the mentors, you sift through it all.  You let go of that which doesn’t feel right and you trust yourself enough that you know it’s safe for you to do so.  You look at what is left in the pan and you arrange it in a brilliant new way which through a new combination gifts new outcomes.

You see Darling, it’s when you constantly surround yourself with the lights and the noise and the perceived safety of the crowds that you stop trusting yourself.

At some stage you had an experience where the results were less than satisfactory, maybe even painful, and instead of understanding that there was some precious learning in there for you, you decided that you didn’t know how to do it.  You stopped being willing to fail aka willing to learn and grow, and you became impatient with your journey.  You decided that everyone else must have it right and that ‘instant’ was the way to go.

Except what I’m witnessing is that instant does not bring people joy.

Instant does not bring people satisfaction.

Instant is leaving you feel empty.

My soul tribe is craving richness in their lives.

They are craving the deep satisfaction which is brought upon the savouring of the moment.  The expression so deep that it stirs the soul.

My tribe is craving the dark, the silence, the moments where breath mingles with the waves caused by the silent beating of angel wings.  For it’s in these moments that we connect with our truth.

The truth is that we are powerful co-creators of our lives.

The truth is that we’re not here to do more of the same.

We’re here to upset the systems which has people enslaved in mindless obedience and suffocation.

We’re here to bring healing to those who are no longer willing to exist in the pain of a fractured self.

We’re here to fucking thrive!

We’re here to howl our passion in the light of the moon.

We’re here to rage against the storm whilst others are choosing instead to escape their reality with Destiny 2.

Today I beg of you to start questioning.


I’m not asking you to take my truth as my own.  It’s my truth.

You should question my words and ask yourself “Does this feel true for me?”

And if not, then let it go.

But until you start being courageous enough to question, you will always be too afraid to trust your inner knowing.  And as long as you don’t trust yourself, you will be disconnected from your true power.

The power that lies sleeping in your darkness.

Stop being so terrified of yourself.

Stop being afraid of your darkness.

You will not find a monster.

You will find your passion.

And know that you will not burn out when you unleash the fire of passion in your soul.

You only feel burned out because you’re trying to take the limitless extend of your passion and squeeze it into a little square box handed to you by society driven by insanity.

Burn the fucking box.

Unleash yourself onto the world.

Your frustration is not with how incompetent you are.  Your frustration, your overwhelm, your depression is from you not allowing your soul free reign to make the impact she came here to make.

Go inside.

Reconnect with her.

Your wise woman.

Trust her.

Believe her no matter how crazy her voice may sound.

It’s your crazy that will create exceptional.

Be wild.

Be different.

Be you.

It doesn’t take a genius to see how many people are walking around dead.  They’re not choosing to thrive because thriving entails making the tough choices which leads to exquisite growth.

What do you choose today Darling?

What do you choose today?

With love eternal,


PS:  The path of the solitary woman is not always easy.  There are times when we think there must be something wrong with us because we’re just so different from everyone around us!  But you’re not alone.  I’m calling in Wild Woman Rebels by creating a safe space of learning, sharing and expansion.  If you’re seeking such a place of belonging then join us today.